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Mandy is with LH5B in Ikasbide Ikastola. We are going to carve two pumpkins.

Jon is drawing the pumpkin’s eyes and Maider is looking at Jon’s pictures.


Esmeralda is drawing the pumpkin’s eyes too. Look at that!! We have another pumpkin ready!

There is Ekaitz , he is drawing the pumpkin’s mouth. Mandy is helping him.

Now, Julian is drawing again the pumpkin’s eyes but in the second pumpkin, Mandy is thinking about the next step.

After Julian, Andoni is drawing too the eyes. Mandy is helping Andoni.


Later, Ibai is drawing the nose in the second pumpkin. Meanwhile Mandy is pointing the picture.

Then, Mandy is cutting the top of the pumpkin for the lid with a big knife. They are looking at Mandy .

Later, Mandy is speaking to them. They are moving the small pumpkin.

After, Ana is opening the top of the pumpkin. Our lid is ready. And later, she is going to clean it.

Now, Iria is carving( scooping out the seeds and stringing ) the big pumpkin with the spoon. Meanwhile Mandy is cutting the small pumpkin with a big knife. She says . “ I LIKE MY FINGERS”

Naia is carving the big pumpkin with the spoon. All the seeds are out! How disgusting it is !!!

Mandy and Oihane are looking at the lid of the pumpkin. Oihane doesn’t like it. She says: “ How disgusting!!!”.


Naiara is scooping out the seeds with a spoon. Meanwhile , Peru and Mandy are scooping out the seeds from the big pumpkin.

We are looking at them( Naiara and Mandy are carving the Epumpkins)

Our pumpkins are ready‌ Esmeralda is pushing out the mouth of the big pumpkin.

Ekaitz is putting the lip on the pumpkin. Can you see it’s face?

Julian is pushing out the small pumpkin’s eyes with his hands.

Look at that!!! Andoni is pushing out the small pumpkin’s mouth with his Hands.

Mandy is pushing out the pumpkin’s nose.

Mandy is putting a candle inside each pumpkin. Later, she is going to light them!!!

Ane has got our small book in one hand and in the other she has got our favourite pumpkin.

Finally … CAN YOU SEE??? We put our Jack-o-lanterns in our ENGLISH SQUARE.

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