IUCN Motion 101: Presentation for NGOs

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IUCN Motion 101



of Nature

For conservation NGOs ready to ignite long-term public enthusiasm for the defense of nature

Challenge Validation

THE PROBLEM Biodiversity’s relevance

Sustained, long-term public interest is important to be able to effectively address the global biodiversity crisis

and relationship to other, more top-level issues related to climate change and the economy will help keep conservation front-and-center

Accelerating public adoption of conservation solutions will drastically benefit the conservation sector and biodiversity protection 2

Solution 1

MOTION 101 & COP 15 WILL...

help raise awareness world-wide about the urgency of protecting, connecting, & restoring nature at-scale. 3

Solution 2

The Nature Needs Half network and its Motion 101 campaign are elevating the relevance and importance of biodiversity for humanity’s survival

ATTRACT PUBLIC ATTENTION with partner stories from around the world.

CULTIVATE PUBLIC SUPPORT by organizing global communities around important calls to action.

PROTECT THE FUTURE by leaving in place and restoring the wildlands that are at the foundation of human health, well-being, and climate stability. 4

Historic Opportunities

This September we have the opportunity to expand the relevance and importance of wildlife and wildland conservation by voting for Motion 101 at the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

When approved, Motion 101 will make setting aside Half to protect Earth the official IUCN recommendation to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.





Why Protect Half

Wild nature is our best ally in the climate emergency.


Protecting nature stores 100s of carbon ppm and halting all deforestation would reduce annual carbon emissions by 10-15%. 7

Why Protect Half

It’s the scientific consensus.

Landscapes precipitously lose functionality (like the ability to capture carbon) at certain tipping points, typically 50%. More fragile landscapes, such as rainforests, need far more intact (80%) to remain functional.


Why Protect Half

Protecting and restoring nature is good for the economy.

400 MILLION The World Economic Forum

predicts that nearly 400 million new jobs will be created by 2030 to protect nature, reduce economic inefficiencies, and restore naturebased solutions. 9

Why Protect Half

Protecting Half of nature is good for people.

High levels of biodiversity and intact nature are top predictors for the success and security of small landholders and subsistence communities. These factors also have a positive benefit on urban areas where they can help reduce flooding, mitigated disease spread, and purify the water supply. 10

Where is Half


Not necessarily regionally Protecting Half is the global

for biodiversity protection

scientific target, but it does

and climate mitigation than

not need to be achieved in

others. As a global community

every region or country. Some

we must work to protect and

landscapes are more important

restore these areas. 11

The Case for Half

BY PROTECTING HALF OF EARTH’S LAND AND SEAS WE SECURE THE CORNERSTONE OF A SUSTAINABLE AND SURVIVABLE FUTURE. The science is as clear on protecting Half as it is on carbon emissions. We need Half of Earth’s nature intact to survive. 12

Half and 30x30


In 2017 at the Paris Climate COP,

World leaders adopted the latter while

two targets were proposed: keeping

formally recognizing the former.

temperature rise under 2 Degrees (the politically feasible target) and 1.5 Degrees (the science-backed target).

The same could be true in 2021 for spatial targets. 13

Indigenous Peoples & Half

MOTION 101 RECOGNIZES INDIGENOUS LEADERSHIP IN THE PROTECTION OF EARTH’S BIODIVERSITY and wild areas and supports the full rights of Indigenous Peoples to their traditional lands and lifeways. 14

Half Endorsements



More Resources

RESOURCES Nature Needs Half Global Deal for Nature Why protect Half? Area-based conservation beyond 2020 Nature’s Dangerous Decline Global Safety Net


Your Vote

Your vote this September will help decide humanity’s future. Together we have the opportunity to move toward a nature positive, people positive present and future. Consider voting for the science-based recommendation and a healthy planet by supporting Motion 101. 17