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GARTH WALKER © 2003 SOUTH AFRICA “162 KOOS DE LA REY STRAAT VANDERBIJLPARK” 16h50 May 05 2003 Mamiya C330 6x6 - 80mm lens - Fuji 120 100ASA - f32 @ 1sec

C OVE R: P I N H OLE P H OTOGRA P H PHOTOGRAPHY STUDENTS • VISUAL ARTS & DESIGN DEPARTMENT • VAAL TRIANGLE TECHNIKON • VANDERBIJLPARK SOUTH AFRICA Photographers have re-discovered lens-less photography as a tool that allows them to explore ideas and spaces which no other means of imaging has yet been able to achieve. By approaching photography from the fundamental elements of time, light and an image receptor, pinhole photographers are limited only by their imagination and patience. Camera: average size biscuit tin with an image size of approximately 4x5inches. Drilled hole in tin lid covered by foil with pierced #10 sewing needle hole. Light sensitive normal multigrade resin coated paper, contact printed for positive image. THANKS TO: THINUS MATHEE HEIDI SAAYMAN CASHADRA WILLEMSE

I-JUSI # 19 THE FOTO ISSUE “ONE MILE FROM HOME” Several years ago, the shooting of a prominent city judge outside a Pinetown school rocked the idyllic lives of Durban’s Inner-West denizens. That it was a judge everyone knew made it shocking. That it happened in broad daylight in front of his daughter made it unforgivable. The incident, first erroneously reported as a case of road rage, was in fact linked to the high profile court case of a gang leader whose sentence was to be passed by the same judge that week. About one measured mile from the top of my driveway is the north gate to one of SA’s biggest penitentiaries, Westville Prison. Since watching The Shawshank Redemption , I have had a morbid fascination with the correctional system so, after passing this one every Tuesday night for a year during the weekly time trial, I resolved at last to visit it myself. This I eventually did under the aegis of a well-known religious organisation. But when finally dwarfed by the sullen bulk of Maximum A, I was soon overawed. Though impregnable, it could not contain the frenzied hum of humanity gone wrong, seething I imagined, with every evil conceivable. I was terrified. One of the inmates there is Irvine, the judge’s killer. Irvine is about 30, a normal guy with a wife and three kids. It is his second time inside. I encountered him after his first spell in prison, a brief internment occasioned by some minor misdemeanour I chose not to ask about. Sadly, the order to take the judge’s life came shortly afterwards and could hardly be ignored, particularly in light of the threats that accompanied it. Irvine has no formal qualification …but from his brief “window” of freedom, I recall his flair with the paintbrush. He had produced three stunning oils, his first attempt at earning a living outside of crime. Whether he sold them or not, those canvases embody an existence of which he can now only dream…two years into his life sentence. The prison commands views that must taunt a yearning artist like Irvine. North broods the Pavilion Shopping Mall, a throbbing temple of the material. Beneath this, the serried, smoky ranks of the Chesterville shanties. In the prison’s lee, Westville South with all its cosseted suburban haughtiness. From this fettered vantage point, Irvine thinks a lot about life. More so than most free men I suspect. When I look at my life…and then at the forlorn scrap of existence that’s now his…he could live a thousand miles away from the top of my driveway. BRIAN REA

This ‘foto’ issue is dedicated to the memory of “Bobby” Mohanlall Sukhdeo 10 May 1928 - 11 January 2003 Proprietor and photographer of Bobson Studio in Cross Street Durban, and to the unsung talents of studio and street photographers throughout South Africa

i-jusi wishes to acknowledge the generosity and commitment of The Fishwicks Group and Sappi Fine Papers for their support of South African graphic design

issue #19 : 2003 Published now and then by Orange Juice Design Durban as a contribution to excellence in South African graphic design. “i-jusi” (ie-juice-ie) - roughly translated as "juice" in Zulu Publisher: Garth Walker Orange Juice Design P O Box 51289 Musgrave Road 4062 KwaZulu-Natal South Africa Fax +27-31-2771870 www.i-jusi.com

printed on sappi avalon matt 130gsm

Copyright 2003© i-jusi ® Orange Juice Design® All rights reserved Reproduction in whole or in part of any contents of i-jusi without prior permission from the publisher is strictly prohibited. The publishers do not accept responsibility for images or statements expressed by contributors.


“I WOULD FUCKING KILL YOU, BUT YOU NOT EVEN WORTH IT…” The screaming had started just as I got to bed. The neighbours were at it again. It was the worst row they’d had in a while. The kids this time. Trying to kill the parents. I walked over to make sure no one was dead yet, made a pointless call to the cops and went to bed. The next day, waiting for my lift to work, I saw a photo album among the rubbish in the driveway. The fight was the last straw. The kids haven’t come back. The neighbours are quiet now. Found photo album - 4 McKenzie Road Morningside Durban - 07h45 Thursday September 04 2003


AUBREY HOLDING HIS FLOWER I have often seen Aubrey cruising the streets of Cape Town. I recently discovered that he lives around the corner from me. He is retired, lives alone and spends most of his day in his garden. I went to his house to take his portrait and was astounded by the immense pride he takes in the flowers that he has grown. Hasselblad 500CM - T* 80mm lens - Kodak 160NC - available light


INTERIOR WITH RED T-SHIRT The living environment and culture of the farm workers in South Africa. They are happy, kind and proud people. Hasselblad - 80mm lens - available light - f11 @ 8sec


No. 7 We are really detached from the animals we eat. Depersonalised polystyrene packaged cutlets and rashers for a few bucks a pop. Seeing this animal hanging with its throat slit to a few inches of being detached from its body in an utterly filthy fruit, veg & butchery in downtown Jo’burg was a bit of a sad realisation, I guess. Nikon - 50mm lens - Kodak 100ASA - crossed processed - f2.8 @ 30sec

i-jusi wishes to acknowledge the generosity and commitment of The Fishwicks Group and Sappi Fine Papers for their support of South African graphic design

printed on sappi avalon matt 135gsm

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