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IJSTE - International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering | Volume 3 | Issue 06 | December 2016 ISSN (online): 2349-784X

Agricultural based Information System for Villagers Mrs. Nilam K. Kadale Assistant Professor Department of Computer Engineering NBN Sinhgad College of Engineering Ambegaon (bk) 411041

Mr. Suhas A. Nale UG Student Department of Computer Engineering NBN Sinhgad College of Engineering Ambegaon (bk) 411041

Mr. Nitin S. Wahale UG Student Department of Computer Engineering NBN Sinhgad College of Engineering Ambegaon (bk) 411041

Mr. Sudatta R. Patil UG Student Department of Computer Engineering NBN Sinhgad College of Engineering Ambegaon (bk) 411041

Mr. Akshay S. Urit UG Student Department of Computer Engineering NBN Sinhgad College of Engineering Ambegaon (bk) 411041

Abstract India is a country dominated by villages. To develop India first we have to develop villages. Villages are backward as compared to smart cities, because lack of communication resources. In villages central communication system is not present, hence they do not have sufficient knowledge about current market status, important announcements, and crop rates in market, weather report, detection and solution on crop diseases. Villagers do not have proper management and communication system to get all this information. To overcome this problem, we suggest an android application for them to know all important information at one place. Android application that includes labour management system, noticeboard, weather forecast, crop rate forecast, provide detection and solution on crop diseases. This Android application provides centralize management system. In the era of Digital India, we can form the union of villagers through this android application and provide precise agricultural information to villagers through ICT. Keywords: Smart Villages, Smart Cities, Information & Communication Technology ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I.


India is a developing country. India is adopting advance technologies for development. Many advance technologies are used in different sectors but still agricultural sector is backward as compare to other sectors. About seventy percent of people from India are living in villages. So to become India as a developed county there is need to start from villages so to make India developed start from root i.e. village. To develop villages there is need to provide quality services as like in cities. There are too many problems in villages there in no central communication system, health services and all things are scattered. As absence of central communication system so information transfer become tedious task and most of the people can’t get important information like current crop rates, weather status, crop diseases information, and labour information. Now in rural area most of the people are using smartphones and internet. To solve above issues and to develop villages technology can play important role. With help of android application most of issues can be solve and smartphones can be used to make people truly smart in technology manner. II. ARCHITECTURE OF SMART VILLAGE SYSTEM This system designed by keeping mind is being used by rural area people. This application designed for villagers for their daily use. System provides feature that makes villagers work more accurate and efficient. People who don’t know English they can also use this system. This android application included following modules:  Crop Disease Identification and Solution,  Weather Forecast,  Crop Rate Forecast,  Labor Management,  Notification Management.

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Agricultural based Information System for Villagers (IJSTE/ Volume 3 / Issue 06 / 023)

These are the modules developed under the project agricultural based information system for villagers. This system has centralized database system. The main database server handled by administrator. This application can be used on any android operating system device with Internet connectivity. To access this application user has to register with mobile number then user able to access notification and other functionalities.

Fig. 1: Architect of agricultural based information system for villagers

III. EXISTING SYSTEM Crop Disease Identification and Solution Crop disease is the major problem faced by farmers. Currently for identification of disease and for solution farmers need to get advice from experts or from crop drug seller. In most of the case, experts or crop drug seller not available on time and can’t get solution on it so it directly effect on production and farmers income. Weather Forecast There is no proper source for farmers to get weather information. If farmer want to know weather related information then he has to surf from different websites. Sometime websites has complex GUI that difficult to understand for farmers. Crop Rate Forecast Farmer need information of crop rate for selling his crop in market, for that farmer need to go in market to know about current crop rate, but farmer not get full information about crop rate. Labor Management Agricultural work is hard work. Agriculture work require lots of man power, which brings certain importance to the labor work they are not easily available which degrades the production of farming. Demand of Labor for working in Agriculture is increasing daily. Labors are unaware about work; farmers also need labors to increase their production as both are dependent on each other hence, it is necessary to have a bridge between them. Notification Management Notifications are very important thing notification can be official or unofficial. New government notice can't reach to all villagers; only few of them are able to get information about it. Now important notifications are sending through post or by someone.

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Agricultural based Information System for Villagers (IJSTE/ Volume 3 / Issue 06 / 023)

IV. PROPOSED SYSTEM Crop Diseases Identification It is focused module of this application. In database sample photograph of diseases and relative solutions are stored. User has to capture photograph of infected plant or crop. After the taking picture user has to click on search disease and find solution then sample photographs and user taken photograph matched and displayed the result with disease name and solution on it. Weather Forecast In weather forecast module current and future few days weather information fore-casted. When user registered on system user's home lactation information also collected. There is on tab provided in application where user can checks weather information about home location. Crop Rate Forecast There is separate tab provided for crop rate forecast. Crop rate information fetched from main market's website. There no need to feed that information manually it is automatically fetched from market's website and according to user's interest it will we displayed. Labor Management Labor management is highly under estimated system in India, as it t is not supported by officials, it is necessary to encourage labors in having their hand to our general economical subject. This module is divided in two parts first for Farmers and second for Labor. The Farmer and labor work hand in hand to increase the opportunity. This app organizes the labors as per the farmers need giving labors their value for their work. Even the labors find their place of work. Farmer can easily find worker as per need using this module. Farmer needs Labor for the different type of work like Spraying, feeding, Planting, cropping, harvesting. Notification It is also one of the most essential modules which govern the regular notification scheme. Whenever government announces a new scheme, event, promotion it directly reaches in the notification panel. Villagers are up to day up to date instantly. Administrator can send any notification regarding gramsabha, devotional, spiritual, entertainment, financial using this app. V. CONCLUSION Current system has lots of drawbacks as it requires lots paper work, man power, and time consuming which is infeasible and over the more accuracy is low with high probability of financial loss. Understanding all this we have developed a system which can reduce all the hard work to zero and yield great result. REFERENCES [1] [2] [3] [4]

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Agricultural Based Information System for Villagers  

India is a country dominated by villages. To develop India first we have to develop villages. Villages are backward as compared to smart cit...

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