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SmartCart by LANCER

Cool Beverages where and when

YOU Like.

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Energy Free mobile bar

Lancer Europe is member of

“Some people think cool drinks are a matter of life and death. We assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”

At Lancer we take quenching thirst seriously. Proudly introducing the

SmartCart experience.


Convenience Stores

Sport venues

Theme parcs EVENTS Cantina’s

Music Festivals

Cafetaria Bistro & Pub’s Supermarkets

Lancer is constantly upgrading and improving the technology to allow you keep the coolest drinks flowing out and the neatest profits flowing in.

Lancer creates the most efďŹ cient, tailor made, drink cooling systems on today’s market.



Lancer Olympic Class Performance. LONDON Wembley Stadium. The Lancer team ran 136 of Multifill and 200 PostMix machines. Result: Multifill capacity NOW up to 36000 Pints/30min.



You can’t beat Lancer when it comes to serving instant chilled drinks to 28.000 clamouring sports fans. The Olympic 2012 archery games took place at London’s Lord’s Cricket Grounds. And Lancer had to install a system that both accurately targetted and quickly satiated spectator thirst. All on the massive scale that the Olympics demands. Result: 75,000 perfectly cool pints per day.



Lancer makes your drink proďŹ ts rock. LONDON O2 ARENA added 20 SmartCarts to its drink dispensing infrastructure. Result: ad hoc interventions. Much smaller queues. Quicker drinks sales. And a happy crowd. Enjoying one. Or ready for another perfectly chilled drink.

SmartCart A.K.A.

Quick, cool and right nearby

SmartCart the Easy to install ThirstKiller.


A treasure island in an ocean of thirst.

SmartCart the perfect

one night stand.

SmartCart Easy Access

Coke Pit stop.

SmartCart Easy Come, Easy Go. Party Chiller.

SmartCart The Most Flexible

and Convenient

Mobile Bar.

SmartCart features • Dimension: width: 840 mm depth: 980 mm height: 1.410 mm (depends on the configuration) • Weight: 63 kg, empty • • • • • •

Front wheel turning over 360°, diameter = 120 mm Two rear wheels, diameter = 340 mm Merchandising system (easily changeable) Easy to install (plug and play) Easy to convert from beer to soft drink Easy to use, no adjustments needed.

• CO2 cylinder, much more easy to use than large CO2 cylinder: • No need to adjust the pressure • No need to do the mandatory proof test • No need to position the CO2 bottle with a chain. • Extreme movability • Double handlebar • CO2 and keg inside the smart cart, no electrical supply • • • •

Insulated with polyurethane foam No power supply required Cold/warm convertible Cool design, clever merchandising.

OPTIONS • Bumper, large wheels with holder for keg installation (option) • Tank with coils (option) • Easy tap (option)

‘Thirst bites’

‘Work is the curse of the drinking class’. Oscar Wilde

‘Never drink something you can’t spill’. Steve Miller

‘Beer is sunlight, held together by water.’


Raise your proďŹ ts by serving

drinks truly


call Lancer Europe

+32-2-755 2390

LANCER Europe — Research & Development Prosperity Court, Midpoint 18 — Unit 8-9 Middlewich CW10 OGD — Cheshire, United Kingdom Phone: +44-1606-837711

LANCER Europe — Warehousing & Distribution Mechelsesteenweg 592, B-1930 Zaventem, Belgium Phone: +32-2-755-2390

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Lancer SMARTCART PocketNote  

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