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William J. Barry

Is Modern American Public Education Promoting a Sane Society? Abstract: This article discusses the concepts of intelligence and quality as core issues which are driving American school children to accept a way of being which encourages orienting themselves toward other citizens with disdain, mistrust, and with a suspicion toward the importance of working authentically in collaboration with other people. I propose in the article, though a research based and Transpersonal Living Educational Theory (TLET) approach, the need for American public education to evolve from places of information into places of transformation. Transforming public schools into learning communities which understand and respect the multiple intelligences of oneself and others and of a concept of quality which aims at developing holistic health. The article promotes a concept of intelligence and quality which celebrates the diversity of life which makes a democratic society strong in the face of serious challenges to the fabric of its existence. In essence, this article is about how we can reform American public education to create a sane society so as to contribute to an imaginative world community of collaboration, creativity, and competency. Key Words: American public education, quality, learning, sane society, critical theory Transformational Quality (TQ) theoryŠ, intelligence, social justice, bullying, discrimination, humanistic education, pedagogy, Transpersonal Living Educational Theory (TLET), empathy, world citizen, Congruent Nero-Linguistic Programming (CNLE) Š.

Is American public education through its understanding of intelligence and quality promoting a sane society? As an American and American educational leader | International Journal of Science

International Journal of Science, Second Issue  

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