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India Center is a non-partisan and not-for-profit organization working as a catalyst for a stronger India-Japan partnership through it’s various socio-economic initiatives. India Japan Global Partnership is one of such initiatives. Inspired by Japan’s process of successful nation building and vision for India as a democratic, progressive, peaceful, contributory role model for the world, India Center believes a Global Partnership between India and Japan is symbiotic in nature and shall contribute globally. Several unique initiatives are taken to catalyze interactions at various levels between Japan and India, based on empathy, mutual respect to encourage cooperation and trust, to motivate both countries to build a strong partnership that will grow organically by synchronizing mutual strengths. It is our resolve that such Global Partnership encompassing socio economic framework based on energy efficiency, environment responsibility and sustainability will not only form the foundation of peaceful, stable, economically prosperous and united Asia but also rest of the world.

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IJGPS Report  

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