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ROLE IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Working Together for Equitable and Sustainable Development: A Special Forum for Youth, Culture, NGOs & NPOs

Panelists: Sanjay Bapat, CEO,, India Kenta Izumi, Member of the House of Representatives and Former Parliamentary Secretary of the Cabinet Office, Japan Madhu Khanna, President and Founder Trustee, Tantra Foundation, India Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Chief Executive Officer, Wockhardt Foundation and Executive Director, Wockhardt Ltd., India Ryo Takahashi, Member Committee, AIESEC, Japan Shoko Uchida, Secretary General, Pacific Asia Resource Center, Japan

• Forming informal committee to draw out some broad generalization and policies mutually agreed upon to creating business partner-



Suvendrini Kakuchi, Journalist and Correspondent, Inter Press Service, Japan

• Japan and India can come together based on human values shared

The session focussed on discussions on the NGO, NPO landscape in the two nations and its role in Nation building, Environment & Social issues.

between two cultures which can be a investment or gentle pressure group which believes in peaceful negotiations.

The Youth aspirations, Intercultural Exchange and volunteering, enhancing

• India and Japan have very important role to play in international

role of youth and community engagement in policy decisions and Enhanc-

peace because the tradition of both these counters have lot of toler-

ing individual support and investment – for local, regional and interna-

ance and peace.

tional activities. This session structure set a platform for Youth Organizations and NGOs to share ideas and discuss perspectives and challenges for equitable and sustainable development with the objectives to highlight worthy social, economic and environmental best practices from India and Japan to empower youth as leaders in building alliances across two nations and help address emerging local, national and global issues in the nation building process.

• Cultural exchange make people broader minded and tolerant and integrate with larger humanity and plays very important role in the promotion of world peace. • Provide schools programmes for the Japanese people curriculum and sometimes organize overseas tour. • Put online separate section for India Japan NGO so any Japanese NGO who want to interact with India and any Indian NGO who want


• Japan India need to work together not just on business and diplomatic issues but also NGO’s and help to make youth as future leaders.


to interact with Japanese can raise question, give solutions and recommendations and corporate volunteering.

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