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Dr KK Aggarwal An Introduction Receiving Dr BC Roy National Award 2005 on July 1, 2008.

Receiving Padma Shri on March 31, 2010.

Dr KK Aggarwal is a doctor of allopathic medicine with a keen interest and entensive knowledge in other systems of medicine. He integrates the philosophy of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga and Vedic Sciences in his clinical practice. He is a Senior Consultant Physician and Lifestyle Interventional Cardiologist at Delhi-based Moolchand Medcity. He is also the President Heart Care Foundation of India; Editor in Chief of eMedinewS, the 1st National daily medical newspaper of the country. Currently, Dr Aggarwal is the Chairperson, Ethical Committee of Delhi Medical Council. He has been the president of Delhi Medical Association and served thrice as the president of IMA New Delhi Branch. He has also served as the head of the academic and research wings of India Medical Association.

A Paul Harris Fellow, from Rotary International, Dr Aggarwal has received many Professional honors, namely Dr. D S Mungekar National IMA Award (1991); Cardiology Society of India Mumbai Branch Dr KK Datey Oration (1993); Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award (1993); IMANDB Health Communicator of the Last Decade Award (2002), IMA New Delhi Branch Swasthya Ratna Award (2002); Rashtriya Gaurav Samman (2002); Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award (2003); IMA New Delhi Branch Life Style Interventional Cardiologist of the Last Decade Award (2003); IMANDB Life Time Achievement Award (2004), Delhi Medical Association Swasthya Health Ratna (2005-06), DMA Nursing Home Forum Medical Statesman and Communicator of the Last Decade (2005-6); Delhi Hindi Sahitya Sammelan - Sahitya Shree Award 2007 (Doctor and Philosopher of Indian Culture); Mohammad Rafi Award of Excellence (2008), Dr BC Roy National Award 2005 (Govt. of India) in the field of Sociomedical relief (received in 2008), Delhi Medical Association Sunder Lal Roopwati Memorial Award (2009), Delhi Medical Association Award of Excellence (2009), Agravibhushan from All India Vaishya Sammelan (2009), Padma Shri from the President of India (2010), Best Teacher of the decade by IMA Janak Puri Branch and Vaishya Bhushan (2011).

He is known to have pioneered many ‘firsts’ in the country. On two of his first events, “Run for the Heart” and “Perfect Health Mela” in 1993, the Govt. of India released national commemorative postal stamps. Dr Aggarwal has had a brilliant academic career. He completed his undergraduate medical education (MBBS) from MGIMS, Sevagram, Wardha. During MBBS, he topped Nagpur University in both 1st and 2nd year and amongst male candidates in the final MBBS. He also topped the University in the aggregate of all the MBBS marks taken together and received two University gold medals. He received distinctions in Physiology, Ophthalmology, Forensic Medicine and a medal in every subject (four Gold Medals, nine Silver Medals, and five Bronze Medals). At MGIMS, he was declared as the Best Graduate of the College in 1979.

Dr Aggarwal is the very epitome of talent. He is a leading Sr. Physician, Cardiologist and Mind Body Consultant and a world-class Clinical Echocardiographer, Writer, Author, Anchor, Orator, Columnist, Health Communicator, Social Worker, Educator, Teacher, Trainer, Conceptualizer, Visualizer, Creator, Organizer, Preacher, Administrator, Advisor, Social Activist, Researcher and Meditation Teacher par excellence.


Foreword I was brought up in a middle class God beliving religious family and lived my childhood in a single bedroom flat with nine brothers and sisters along with my parents. When I joined MGIMS, Sevagram, I learnt Gandhian philosophy and was exposed to our Vedic philosophy. Ever since, I have been engaged in learning the interrelationship between Vedic Philosophy and Allopathy. When I came back to Delhi I joined Deepak Chopra’s father Late (Col) Dr K L Chopra, a living saint of that era, and learnt all about humanity. Later on, under Dr Deepak Chopra I learnt about the allopathic science behind the Vedas. This helped me to understand the allopathic science behind any traditional Hindu Ritual, Festival and/or Religion. I first started writing my columns for the UK edition of Hindustan Times and later in Navbharat Times. These were later compiled in the form of a book “Alloveda”. I was always fascinated by marriage rituals and wanted to know more about their scientific aspects. When I was approached by Neetu Jiwarajka to compile the same in the form of a book, I took up the challenge and the book is now in your hands. Marriage, as I understand it, is not just a union of two to satisfy the sexual needs or to produce children but a union of the mind, body and soul of two people who want to live together. It is also a spiritual bond between the two families. Out of the Four Ashrams of life described in the Vedas, marriage marks the beginning of the second, ‘Grahasta Ashram’ and signifies that the person is now entering a phase where he has to act like Vishnu and take over the reins of the family and the society. Marriage is the state of righteous earning to fulfill the desires of inner happiness. The three main spiritual rituals in marriage are Ghudchari, Jaimala and Saptapadi. Their spiritual significance is leaving childhood behavior and tightening the reins of our unstable senses (ghudchari), learning to let go of the ego (bowing in front of each other during Jaimala) and a sankalp of commitment towards each other in front of the Fire God and the society by way of the seven vows (saptapadi). Other rituals are beautification of the bride and the groom (haldi, shringar, mehandi etc) and help offered by the maternal uncle, brothers, sisters, parents, friends and relations in their future life. The wedding games give an opportunity to mix up with new people in a short period of time. All the pooja ceremonies are so designed to know the importance of a satvik lifestyle and obeying the laws of nature. The basic purpose of a Vedic marriage is to shift one’s awareness from sympathetic to parasympathetic phase, to let go of the ego, to attain humility, to increase spiritual network in the society, to be blessed with children in future and ultimately to become the soulmate and not the body mate. I hope this small attempt of mine will inspire the younger generation to know about and respect our traditional rituals. Dr KK Aggarwal



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The science of wedding Ritulas  

The science of wedding Ritulas

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