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an h h a z l fi


h a i ap

my biography

birth place mentakab pahang apiah full nam e nur filzah qatrunnada bt mohd han

bi rt hd ay 5 december 1993 blood-type


n ic k n a m e filzah / ij a

my guitar

hobbies drawing playing guitar listening to music

my family

rs embe ly m fami e six i hav

ma iblings d n s ra g 4 e m n o ame ls o r n r i f r e g u v o i h a v e t h i r d l i n g i s nnada’ in u ib a I h n t i r e s have ‘qatr name e M y ers and I us that s ist h’ My s om give d ‘ A b a y a ’ m My l l my d m ‘ U m i named Kik o t I c a l l my m orable pe ad one I ca had I d An

my s e i d u t s

After I graduated from Methodist Girl Secondary School, i continue my study in Unikl Foundation In Science and Technology at Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang for 1 year. After that, i continue my degree in Unikl Malaysian Institue of Information Technology. Now i’m in semester 3 of Bachelor in Interactive Multimedia Design

my friends

my dreams

My dream is to go to Mecca with my parent. They really want to do Hajj but our money is not enough. I need to study hard and get them money so they could go to Mecca before it is too late.

This is my dream since i eas in middle school. I really love the culture Japan. The place also seems interesting to visit and untill now i had no chance to go. I will choose this country if i got chance to study abroad. I do learn some Japanese language and it is not hard for me. I hope this dream will come true. Just study hard and smart!

I really love music. I start to play guitar in 2011. Without taking any proper class, only the help of youtube videos, I play for fun. When I am able to play it, I’m in love with it. I can release my stress by strumming my favourite songs and singing all by myself. My dream is to be good in playing guitar. If i got a chance to take class, i will take the class. If not, i just need some time to practice and practice. Dream High!

MY FAVOURITE singer and songwriter

吉岡唯 I have one favourite singer and songwriter. Her name is Yui Yoshioka. She is a great musician and she had a beautiful and sooth voice. I really like to listen to her songs. Most of all her song was about life. It’s really hit my soul. Yui now have her new band called Flower Flower.

Real name: Yoshioka Yui Gender: female Birthday: 26 March, 1987 Debut: 1 March, 2004

Main occupation: singer/actress Official website:

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