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ISI Web of Knowledge Page 1 (Articles 1 -- 1) [ 1 ]  Record 1 of 1 Author(s): Scrivani, PV; Bednarski, RM; Myer, CW Title: Effects of acepromazine and butorphanol on positive-contrast upper gastrointestinal tract examination in dogs Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF VETERINARY RESEARCH, 59 (10): 1227-1233 OCT 1998 Language: English Document Type: Article KeyWords Plus: SEDATION; TRANSIT; TIME; CATS Abstract: Objective-To determine whether acepromazine (ACE) and butorphanol (BUT) combination can be used for restraint of dogs during positive-contrast upper gastrointestinal tract (UGIT) examination. Animals-6 healthy dogs. Procedure-In a randomized crossover design study, weekly UGIT examinations were performed on each dog for 5 weeks after administration of normal saline solution (0.5 ml), xylazine (1.0 mg/kg of body weight), or a combination of ACE (0.1 mg/kg) and 1 of 3 doses of BUT (0.05, 0.2, 1.0 mg/kg). Gastrointestinal tract emptying time, GI motility, pulse, respiratory rate, and quality of restraint were assessed. Results-Total gastric emptying time was significantly prolonged by use of an ACE and BUT (0.05 mg/kg) combination. Xylazine and higher dosages of BUT significantly prolonged gastric and intestinal emptying times. All anesthetic protocols significantly decreased motility and facilitated nonmanual restraint. Xylazine and BUT (1.0 mg/kg) significantly decreased pulse and respiratory rate. Conclusion-The ACE and BUT combination prolonged GI tract emptying times, decreased GI motility, and facilitated nonmanual restraint for duration of the examination. Although GI motility was decreased and total gastric emptying time was prolonged, administration of ACE (0.1 mg/kg) plus BUT (0.05 mg/kg) allowed morphologic examination of the GI tract within 5 hours. Xylazine prolonged GI tract emptying, decreased GI motility, and provided flood to excellent initial restraint. Clinical Relevance-The ACE and BUT combination prohibits functional examination of the GI tract; however, morphologic examination is possible when low dosages of BUT (0.05 mg/kg) are used. Addresses: Ohio State Univ, Coll Vet Med, Dept Vet Clin Sci, Columbus, OH 43210 USA Reprint Address: Scrivani, PV, Cornell Univ, Coll Vet Med, Dept Clin Sci, Ithaca, NY 14853 USA. Cited Reference Count: 14 Times Cited: 2 Publisher: AMER VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOC Publisher Address: 1931 N MEACHAM RD SUITE 100, SCHAUMBURG, IL 60173-4360 USA ISSN: 0002-9645 29-char Source Abbrev.: AMER J VET RES ISO Source Abbrev.: Am. J. Vet. Res. Source Item Page Count: 7 Subject Category: Veterinary Sciences ISI Document Delivery No.: 135QR ISI Web of Knowledge Page 1 (Articles 1 -- 1)  [ 1 ]  Acceptable Use Policy Copyright © 2008 Thomson Reuters

Effects of acepromazine and butorphanol on positive-contrast upper gastrointestinal tract examinatio  
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