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Newsletter—March 2013

I I T R O O R K E E M OT O R S P O RT S The Formula Student Team of IIT Roorkee





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We are extremely delighted to mention that our team has successfully reserved the place in the competition. A Business Logic Plan was submitted mentioning basic design concept and a market strategy. Our plan was accepted and we got confirmation along with the news that there are total 149 teams from 32 countries registered in the competition and only IIT Roorkee team is entering with a Hybrid Electric car. This is certainly a matter of pride for our team, IIT Roorkee and all the stakeholders. Such huge project cannot see smooth operations without help and support of its well-wishers. We are highly thankful to Unitech Machines Ltd. and Rockman Industries Ltd. for their continued their support to our team. Again, they have sponsored the CNC machining for our complex aluminium hubs, uprights and other parts.

4 — 7 July, 2013 Formula Student, Silverstone UK 149 teams, 32 countries Only 1 Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Car # 77 IIT Roorkee Special thanks to :  Mr. C. M. Hatwal (Plant Manager, Unitech Machines Ltd.)  Mr. Sandeep Kamboj (Deputy Manager, Unitech Machines Ltd.)  Mr. Satish Banarasi (Plant Head - Haridwar, Rockman Industries Ltd.)  Mr. P. Mishra (Assistant Manager (Engg. & Design) Rockman Industries Ltd.) Again we can’t think of moving ahead without the support of our beloved alumni. We heartily thank our alumni whose timely

contribution in project funding during the past month lead to purchase of crucial components within time. Thanks a lot to  Mr. Ashok Soota (1963, Electrical Engineering) Chairman, Happiestminds Technologies Ltd.  Mr. Sunil Pahilajani (1984, Mechanical) Managing Director, Greaves Cotton Ltd.  Mr. Om Prakash Goyal (1967, Chemical)  Mr. Sachin Rajpal (1997, Computer Science)

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March 2013

THANK YOU SPONSORS We heartily welcome our new sponsors without whose timely support, we could not have moved forward. Its our pleasure to associate with following companies for their sponsorships  Bender Technologies (Germany) : Sponsored the Insulation Monitoring Device (IMD) which is a crucial part of our safety system.  Sensata Technologoes (Nederland) : Sponsored the Crash Sensors which are required in safety system.  Wilwood Disc Brakes (USA) : Partly sponsored the Brake components.  Unitech Machines Ltd. : CNC machining  Rockman Industries Ltd. : CNC machining

STUDENTS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF ROORKEE (SAAR) We are highly thankful to SAAR and Prama Jyoti Foundation for facilitating the contribution of Mr. Sunil Pahilajani for our project. Since its inception, SAAR has been supporting the lIT Roorkee students by enabling them to showcase their projects to alumni and encouraging the alumni to contribute in the project funding. Not only have this but various other student projects in the campus benefitted from SAAR. For more details log on to :



 Payment for team registration.


 Payment made for procurement of Battery, shockers, wheels, brake components, HV – LV wiring.

 Testing of servo-control throttle.

 Welding of roll cage and A-arms.

 Complete assembly of

 Engine-generator coupling & motor differential coupling  Engine, generator, motor mounting on roll-cage.  CNC machining of uprights, hubs, rockers and other mounts.  Aerodynamic analysis.  Fabrication of engine throttle.  Brake & accelerator pedal fabrication  Submission of FMEA (Failure Modes & Effects Analysis) form.


 Fabrication of body.  Brake System mounting on roll cage.

 Wheel assembly.

I I T R o o r k e e M o to r s p o r ts

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TEAM INTERACTION WITH ALUMNI IN CHEMICAL ALUMNI MEET International Conference 'Advances in Chemical Engineering- 2013' and the Alumni meet was organized by Chemical Engineering Department from 22nd to 25thMarch as a part of its Golden Jubilee Celebration. This turned out to be a great platform for our team to let the alumni know about our project. The event was marked by presence of around 100 alumni from India and abroad. Mr. Pramod Saxena, 1975 Chemical (Chairman, Oxigen Services Ltd.), who is also one of the sponsors, visited the workshop along with three other friends of 1975 batch and had a closer look to our efforts. We explained the project, car design as well our vision for the team. They appreciated our hardwork and wished good luck for the competition.

Mr. Pramod Saxena and friends with the team members in our workshop.

VEHICLE DESIGN METHODOLOGY Motor and Controller  Electric motor is the prime mover of the power-train and has to be selected such that it could cater to torque and power requirements for the vehicle at all the times given the maximum acceleration and velocity of the car.  Its selection includes consideration of efficiency, ease of control, availability, cost, the ratings of continuous power, peak power and peak torque required for the vehicle.  The process of motor selection requires a number of iterations based on the differences between the available options and the requirements.  The motor controller should regulate the power from the battery and engine generator to feed power to the motor such that motor runs as per the command from the driver.

Battery with Battery Management System  The battery is selected for higher energy density and better cycle life. These factors suggest the use of Lithium Ion battery.  The design of the battery requires calculation of battery capacity. Important points for consideration would be maximum discharge current during acceleration and maximum charging current during regenerative braking and normal charging from generator.  The battery would be connected to a Battery Management System (BMS) which is responsible for balancing of voltage among each of the individual cells. It also prevents overcharging and undercharging of cells which is critical in case of Li-ion battery. Further the BMS continuously monitors the Battery State of Charge (SOC).  The BMS connects battery to contactors which are connected to motor controller. The contactors are turned on by the command from the motor controller and turned off through a matrix of protective switches applied at different points in the car.

ARE YOU AN IIT ALUMNUS ? BECOME OUR ALUMNI TEAM MEMBER... For a team to achieve its goal, it is very important that all of its members perform to the best of their potential. Making a hybrid car from scratch and then taking it at the international level is not an easy task and an enormous input is required in terms of money, mind and matter. We students have been giving our best to fulfill the need of mind but to arrange the matter, we do not have sufficient money. This is an effort to create a history in IIT Roorkee. At this stage, we invite you to become an active part of this grand project by including your name among those who supported and nurtured the project during the real times of needs. All your contributions will go a long way in enabling the team to participate in the competition. It would be an honor for us to recognize you as our team members as below:

Alumni Team Member Club


Account Name

SAE Indian Institute of Technology Chapter


Rs 75,000 or more

Account #



Rs. 50,000 or more



Rs. 25,000 or more

Punjab National Bank, IIT Roorkee



Roorkee - 247667


Uttarakhand, India


Upto Rs. 25,000



Rs. 5,000

Alumni Team Member

On contributions above Rs. 10,000 you can also avail Section 80(G) Income Tax Benefits by sending a Cheque/DD to : Dean of Alumni Affairs Main Building, IIT Roorkee



Membership Club


Mr. Pramod Saxena

1975, Chemical

Chairman, Oxigen Services Pvt. Limited


Rs. 1,25,000

Mr. Sunil Pahilajani

1984, Mechanical

MD, Greaves Cotton Limited


Rs. 1,00,000

Mr. Ashok Soota

1963, Electrical

Chairman, Happiestminds Technologies Limited



Mr. Om Prakash Goyal

1967, Chemical

Adjunct Professor, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai


Rs. 20,000


USD 100

Mr. Sachin Rajpal

1997, Product Director, Dun & Bradstreet, (USA) Computer Science

BECOME A SPONSOR !!! IIT Roorkee Motorsports is a group of enthusiastic engineering students from IIT Roorkee who are involved in design and development of a prototype Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle for the international competition Formula Student 2013. We have raised sufficient funds to build the car and take it to UK and now we need to raise funds for team travelling. We request you to associate with our team and project as a sponsor. In return of your monetary or in-kind support, we offer attractive sponsorship benefits. Following slots are available for association: 

Gold Sponsorship  Silver Sponsorship

F O R M O R E D E TA I L S , C O N TA C T U S Dr. Akshay Dvivedi

Digendra Singh Rathore

Virender Pratap Singh

Saurabh Dudani

Assistant Professor

Team Leader

Marketing Executive

Marketing Executive

Mechanical Engineering




IITRMS Newsletter March 2013  

IITRMS Newsletter March 2013

IITRMS Newsletter March 2013  

IITRMS Newsletter March 2013