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r merit co nstitutes a desirable trait or ability by a person to attain excellence and gTealness that deserves or justifies ceward and commendation, then Alllaji (Dr) Bukar lijani is not only a distinguished personality of m~rit but also of repute owing to Ius commendable qualities a.nd acts to achieve uncommon success at all levels of his carecc a.nd endeavours. To bim , humility, diligence, committment, vision, as well as bard wack are the hallmarks of success. Having identiried professionalism. discipline and strength or character as the patb to greamess, this ebullient man of many parts bas never negotiated for anything lesser to excellence. His incredible history of many firsts has also helped to enhance his eminence. Suffice to say that he has won public confidence through Ws penchant for quality service and knack for due process. Before his appointment as Minister of State for Agriculture and Rural Development in 2011, Bukar was the National Coordinator o f th e Third PADAMA AqricuJturaJ Project which recorded a huge success. To him, he is just an individual that embraces every opportunity tilat comes his way 10 contribute 10 the betlennent of his society. Thus, blowing his trumpet even wben he has achieved rare feats does notarise. .

Bukar's humility and modesty

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that leaves an interviewer wondering what manner of man he is. Hedoes not like to be hyped because he would Dot have bee.n


We are working with relevant ministries, department and agencies including local and international organisations towards delivering our mandate

able to achieve anything but for God who deemed it fiL to bless him willi qualities that stand him oul everywhere. "It beboves Db any morally uprigbt aud right . thinking person toadd value to the society. Although, I know I have some attributes and quaJjties thai enable me to leave a place much better than I met ii, thai does bot make me a superhuman. So, I

don't like to talk about my achievements in career 0 .. personal tire. I like to be modesL Please, takenoteofUlat,"'hestated


t goes without saying that Bukar, in coUaboratiou with the Honourable MinisteT for AgTiculture and Rural Development, Dr Adewull mi Ad~sina, has transrormed th ~ agncultural sector in line with Ute President GoodJuck Jonathan's transformation agenda since they both took charge of the affa:ils of the ministry. According to Bu.kar, the ua.nsformation agenda of the President in the agricultural sector has received a boost with llie aim of restoring the glory of the sector. "Having realized the enormity oI

the challenges and significance of the sector, il became incumbent on us to key into Mr President's agel!'da to l~fonn the country. We, LD the WJw.stry, are committed to enrichiug Ute Nigerian people through agricullural revolution. We are working with relevant mini s tries, d epartments and ~gellcies. including loca l and loternatlOnal orgauisations towanls delivering our mandate," be slated_ Giving some insight into the minislry's achievements, lhe Minister. enumerated, among other things, value addition initiatives on the nine crops路 based one . Uvestock , poulby, fishery: horti - and aqua-<U.lture fanning as key perforJDance indicators of the l 1-value路chain programmes of the Jonathan administrnLion whicIJ he said, has yielded ~endo~ success. He hinted that the entire programme, which has mullifaretec;l obi.ectivesof ensuring food security ill the naLion in particular.and Ute world at large, is also looking at wealth and job creation for yOUllg graduates from Ute angle .of .agric-business. He

added that quite a nwnber resources have already commi tted with i1 view encouraging large scale f; by small scale farm ers . andsemi-ulbancomm .



ukarPOinted utthatas th e M 'i/!listry . decentr?lizes its operations across Jhe stales and zones of the federation, inputs suc.~ as farm implements, fertilizer, chemicals. processing plants, electricity. water and roads are also to be provided by government to ease oU the transportation problems of small scale ranners in the locolities. The Minister's expertise ilnd international experience have helped in facilit ating the intervention of foreigo collaborators to revitalize the Nigerian agricultural Sector. He infonned that bi路lateral relations on resuscitating coll on export and production for lDiUimwn utilization in te.rtiJe Industries between lndia and Nigeria have rurtlJer been strengthened by the Ministry.

'11.te venture is as no avenue for promoting agricullural activities betweeu the two CommonweaJUl nations. He alSo stressed that in asmuch as erfor1s Continues on pg 49

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stoppage of rice importation and poverty reduction. To bring this about, government is facilitating the acquisition of equipment [rom China for the setting up of 100 rice mills to process 2.1million MT of parboiled rice in the country. "The present admi n istration is committed and passionate about agricultural revolution to the extent that every necessary step would be taken in it's realization, Due to the value attached to rice as a t ransformative crop under President Goodluck Jonathan's ad ruJuistJation, 100 rice

a testimony to the fact tlHlt the current administration is keen to revitalize the agricuHuraJ sector towards taking its rightful place in the economy.


ndeed. Ule transformation agenda of the Jonathan administration is taking sbapewith a notable professional like Bukar as a co-pilot of the arrairs of the Federal Ministry of Agric and RUIaJ Development. He is an example 01 Peter Druker's definition of leddersWp when he said that "eCfeclive leadership is defined by results and not about making speeches or being liked-. in lhe area of livestock farming. he disclosed that arrangements have heen concluded for the procurement of milking and tanning equipment in order to ensure that livestock fanners' source of income are enhanced, The Minister asserted that in Line with the need for quality processing of meat, milk and dairy production, the Federal Government bas taken adequate measures to improve the utilization of goat and sbeep skins in the country. ill addition, Bukar said : "All these Me happening as part of the value chain additions which brought about the NI RSAL initiatives on empowering Nigerian fanners. where issues arfecting livestock farming are being looked into lor livestock lanners access the micro credit from the Nigerian Incentive¡ Based Risk Sharing Lending,

Continues trom pg 48 are being intensified by the Nigerian government as part of the transformation progranune of President Jonathan to fully ensure operations of textile industries. emphasis on gTOwtb and hygienic processing of colton lint is in lOp gear for commeTcial production of qulllltitycottonn , he stated. Bular added that achjeving both ginners and all category of cotton fanners were given the necessary encouragement such as mic ro ~ credil scheme and qualit)' seeds to guarantee timely cultivation and growth of the right product in areas with higb yield for both Nigerian fanners and marketers across the world, According to him. despile the climatic conditions of Nigeria as a coastal. Sahelian and semi ~ruid or Savannah zone, Nigeria's cotton is still adjudged the best in producing quaiity fabrics. garments, texWes and oUter materials. Bukar dispelled the notion on cotton contamination, saying that the chances for such are minimal due to its transrormnUve nature as the present government attaches value to its growth in the country lhan before. The Minisleremphasized that. as the basic component for

not only sustenance of the textile sector in the wodd, cotton, as a foreign exchange commodity

between economically prosperous nations. bas received a boost hy the present leadersWp of the Ministry. He explained that Ule Ministry bas, in for Ute past 11 months, successfully championed the value chain additions on both cash and food crops such as rice, cassava, soya beans, sorghum sesame, oil palm. aqua. horticulture and cotton Jor the benefit of our fanning communities.


e achievements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the past one year deserve commendation. It's foresight to include cottOIl as one of the transro[lDative crops under the Agriculture Transrormation Agenda. This will bring about the desired impetus since India. despite last yene's production of over 33 tn.illion bales of cotton and textiles export wortll over 33 million dollars. is now a potential global market for h:ig b quality cotton from Nigeria and beyond. In the area of rice production, Bukar said that the Federal Government is committed to the

miUs would be set up while 40 of Utese will be commissioned in the next teu months in states wiUl high yield oft h e commodity to guarantee food security in the country, Rice is a staple food and very important to us. At


commissioning ceremony of a rice factory in Iwota Local Government Area of Lagos recently, I emphasized that it is part 01 the policy 01 the Federal Government towards making Nigerians engage in the local production of the commodity and said that 111 serve as ft morale booster to farmers in the area", the MlniSleremphasised. The Agricultural 1IansformaUon Implementation Council, beaded by the President and Vice President as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. is

towards sufficient production of livestock products. Let me also use this medium to appeal to Nigerians against buruing and dwnping of goat and sbeep skins. Such skins could not be seen as wasteful due to their level of proteins and can also be consumed like porno made [rom cowskin.-

VANGUARD, 24 JUNE, 2012  

'We are passionate about agric revolution'

VANGUARD, 24 JUNE, 2012  

'We are passionate about agric revolution'