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Odun Omo Olowu: Yam festival in another style The event took oH at 2.30pm foUow ing the amval of representauve of the Governor of Ogun State and Deputy Ctuef of StaH to the Governor, AlhaJI Salis Shuaib Omoyayi and the reltred. ludge of the IntemalJonal Court . of Justice and lormer MlOlSter 01 Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Pnnce Bola Ajthola (SAN) and several others incJuding chamnen of all local cowtcils under Ule traditional lurisdlction 01 the Olowu and other Obas, Daales and chiefs


~ Owu is another of

BY UASllIR A[)II ,\K,\

nlTlVAL N lOme other commwuues, eel ebrating new yam eating is called yam fesuval. But in Owu King· dom, where the veteran broadcasting



urnahst and unpretendmg evange-

1St, His Majesty Dr. Oluunya Adegboyega Oosunmu reigns on the throne as Olowu .utd the paramount

ruJer; yam fesuvdl has been


mlo a different brand. The anoent lungdom. one 01 the two communities said 10 make up Abeokuta, celebrates new yam eatIng as OduR Omo Olowu

-the 13'" of which was held on Saturday Occober 6. 2012 Owu 1$ another of the few Nigenan communiues that 11 uymQ hard to keep hope alive for Nigerian diverse cul · tures by not abandorong the festival because of the mfiuence of western cultures on Alne. That 1$ why the lesUval 11 sun celebrated tn the anoent kingdom. not really as yam festival but as the Odun Omo Olowu The Owu Kingdom's past 12 kings bom Dba Pawu (1855 - 1867) through Oba Salami Q)adela Althola 09-49 1972) to Oba Olawale AdlSa Odeleye (1993 - 2003) celebrated Uus feslJval and the Oba Alibola, father of Pnnce Bola Allhola (SAN), former Nigenan Muuster of Justice and Altomey..Q!:neral of the Federation remains a relet'ence POint as the longest celebrant of same being the longest semng monarch on the throne. Therefore, what wu celebrated on October 6 was not alten to hlstory of such traditional fes tivity In Owu Kingdom, where , through the able leadership of the paramount ruler, Oba Olusanya Dosunmu, the kingdom remains a major reference POlOt of cultural preservation in Nigena It was a week long activity that started Wlth a road show and rounded the popu1arN1,""ria" Octob...

pendetlce day. N part of activities marking the event, the Olowu, according to thl! Omotobase of Owu Kingdom and Pubbc Relations Manager to the throne. Chief AklOpelU Browne, paid VlSlts to some tradiltonal and historic sites WlthlO the Owu Kingdom such as the Amororo Royal Ruling House. the AlebtOlU Rultng House., Erunmu townstup, Apomu townstup.nd houses 01 some of the klnq makers SportlOg acttVllJes l.i.k.e table tennis and footb4li matches were not far from it just as they allculmlOated tnaspeaalJumat Service at the Owu Centra! Mosque on Friday October 5 belore the grand finale that took place the loUoWlng Saturday when glamorous cultural and traditional beaubes made the Odun Omo OJowu a standout turned out "What you are Wllnesslng today is grand finale 01 allihe. week. long event 01 actlVlties where sons and daughters of the Owu Klngdom are brought together to rejoice and further foster peace and development among people of the community, " Cluef Browne explained


The ceremony burst toto thunderous applause Wlth the amval of the Olowu and paramount ruler of the Owu Kingdom, the O lowu Kangunere. Amororo II, Oba (Dr.) Olusilnya Adegboyega Doswunu. CON Accompanied by the about 18 Obas from acrou the vanous tOWJlS ullder hIS rule Including the OOl)oko of 'loko , Oba Lallsl Ogunseyei the Ontfo 01 110, Oba Olu)ide AkUa:.:!i Alangba)o 01 AngbaJo, Oba eke Babajide and Ololoduoro,odu. Oba Satdu Hassan; the paramount ruler's maJeshc stepby.step dance towards the red-carpeted high stage became a ttung that thousands of ecstatic people all the occasion fell on one another to have a gllmpseof

'My experiment with solo and ecological theatre' Conllnued I~ JHlge 46

the better Solo plays .re poor theatres m every sense, they eschew all the trimmmgs 01 theatre produruon, such as make-up, costume, scenery, l..tghlJng and sound, so as to leave the actor free to engage dearly with the audience" Muumalism as you know is a 2()'1' century art movement wtuch strenes the importance of compressiorusm ; that is, reduong a work of art to ItS nominal essence. Through total redUCllOII of my produclJon matenals and the reqwred personnel. f was able to actueve theatn cal intensity. And recently too. you came out Wlth another novel play, "'Wake Up Everyone Can you talk. about the concept 01 wake up... 10 relalJon to drama and red.i.tection to ecologicAl Uterature and cnbCUm' M you know Eco<nUcalapproachei to poetry and the novel may be common to us in Nigerian but ecological drama. to be more specific, drama on chmate change is strangely absent m our country, despite iu threat all over our coastal regtons. Apart born the dlS enabbng facton: potnted out in my preface to U~e Up ... My further studIes have revealed 5Qme other reasons why playwnghls, actors and theatre prodllC'efl shy away from wnUng and proN

Dba Olusany. DosuJUlJU

the few Nigerian communities that is trying hard to keep hope alive for Nigerian diverse cultures

Oad in wtute agbada and wmte pi of shoes to match Wlth stmple bead. but truly high-class crown and Ugl blue wrapper tied round his shouldel the aged but VlbrantOba was greet. WIth explOSive songs and drummu composed by ladla dressed tnA-'O 0. Wlth wtute lace on the top and m' dress to same Wlth tradJ.bonal elelJ-a caps, respecllvely One of the very iIluslnoussons al tugh ctuets of the Olowu's cabin, fanner President Olusegun Obasanl was conspicuously absent as bu mil' seat - one of only two - second to klng ' s was vacant untt! the Ole Omoba Owu Kmgdom. Ponce 80 Ajlbola. probably, received instructt. to Sit to for tum In all, the day was a success 11 cuUurai dIsplays started Wlth a bnel 01 Owu wamors, dressed to black tr dltlonal war attires each beanng hi less guns In his hands and dancing catch the Interest of the Olowu, wi waved tus Jrukere to them from Ius Sf: 01 majesty as they danced and Sal theu cultural war songs, Just the w tt used to be sung In the early daYl Owuwamors There were also masquerade dAne female halVesters' dance and the Is, dancers'shows The ban dance w dance of etght men dressed In broY semt-agbada atbreS Wlth the tradtLlor e/elJ-aja caps to match The men wi appeared from both sides of the re carpeted high stage danced round pot wrapped round Wlth wtute do and el~ht thlO rods (Isan) WIth row stnps In It. Eac h dancer took or: danced round the stage and return. it into the pot and dJsappeared. -It IS for a completely dlHerent pl pose that the Owu people present, ban to an Olowu although It at stands as an emblem olthecommw ty 's acceptance 01 hun as haVIng a thonty over them In Owu. the [san used to record the number of yam (f lJvals or Odun OInO Olowu an Oloy has celebrated, - sald a palace relecu

duong works that will address the problem of chmate change In our land Some of the reasons are; a. The complex nattue of cl..tmate change creates contusion as fa r as the iUue of character and narralJve UI conumed b Mos' reporters lack spectal knowledge In the area of chmate change and climate saence. And our sctenUSt who undentand the subJect l«ck the techniques of pubUc enLtghtenment and the depth of public artlcuIalion needed to sooabze lhu complex pubhcsaence. c If the plot UI not very plausible, the science of climate change can be murepresented on stage which can lead to a playwnght bemg ndtcuJed for life. d . M ost theatre artlItI bebeve that saenlific art is hopelessly pretentious e _ The sCIence lS overwhelmmg and rrightening to artlSts and Uus feeltog of bemg overwhelmed IS the cause of their inability to help bnng about a constructive change. These are Among the many reasons why the subject doesn't easuy catch the tmaginallOn 01 theatre artlStes_But Wlth the 01 lt~e Up Every One some theatre arUStes are getting insptred and have started to engage the subject at lut. For example, Prof. Emma Emasealu of Uruvenltyof Port

Harcourt IS presenUy worlring on t own solo rumate change play Woke Up Everyone IS a commi slOlled play, why was II comtWSSlone Yes, U:;U-e Up Everyone began at commission by the Afncan 1echnoloo Pohey Studies Netwo rk, Nauol Kenya They used It for theu Intern Ilonal conference on dunate change Nigena to 2009 What relevance is IU themauc Imp cation for the Nigenan Environmer Uake up e veryoaem 2009 fore-il. the Oood ravagmg almCMit the enli country today Such plays have l polenlJal to spur nabonalleaden: well as pobey makers to acb.on. I • glad two post graduate students 01 Iide UNN are currenUy s tudying tl play lor thetr Ph. D programmes What are the cha.l1eng~ of wnUI and ECG-<"entered drama? Wnllng an ecologtcaltheatre that focused on the compleJ: science aJ problems of rumate change reqwre thorough undentandtng of scence For more p~ays on clunate c~ange emerge m this country, Nlgenan Cc emment may need to fund mator pl.e. wnghts to embark on stuches and I search on the subJf!Cl. I was able wnte ttus play because of the huge nanctalsupport from African Thchno ogy pobey studies Network, Nalu Kenya


Odun omo olowu:yam festival in another style