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ADMISSION REQUIREMENT INTO THE FUll· TIME DIPlOMA PROGRAMMES IN lAW AND ENGINEERING TECHNOlOGY FOR THE 201212013 ACADEMIC SESSION AppUcations are invfted from eligible candIdates for admission Into the DIploma programmes of !he FaculUes of Law and Engineering, Della Slate University, 0Ieh Campus for !he 2012J2013Academic Ses_.


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Patience Jonathan leaves German hospital, checks into hotel .flm~'KALU E


Fimt l.>dy Dame

lienol Jonathan bas the Hust Schmidt Klini i n Wie.sbaden. ~ny, wbl!teshewas ilran II.l'lIdisdosed ailme II for about a moat~, \.tlnquatd can a~ I't'pOrt.She

-"""y IE' Ihe ""'''"''' two~aqo DocLus a t the Horst Schmidt !'Jinik in Wiesbaden Last week wae reported to have told the tn~a U«!y had be!!n in tbuth wiU\ Nigerian officials on Patience's condi~on. -ntey wanted us to !discb.uge Mrs . PaJ:ien(e J ana than but we have noli lied tbe Nlg~an g('vemment tbrou its embassy here that will nI)tbeableto dischahJe au· patient at this time btcause her situatifm is <v,t stable," a doctorjwho d .d nol want

her ::lame used said last Wednesday, adding: "We still need to monitor her very well before we can ask her to proceed on any long..<fistancetrip."

10 bastet the recovery of the Rrst Lady, officials al German Hospital last week barred visitors and some top Nigerian orficials who went to see her. A source dose to the

presidency confinned that the daily morrung devotion whicbJonatban and his wife usually attend at 1M Villa, Is being used to oller special prayers for the first lady.The president's office had continued to say that Patience Jonathan was expected back in Nigeria by the end of the last week.

AIeged nnpositiOU:: CormuWty walls IT1IlIm:h sacked

grounds that his lrnposi· tion had plunged the NITSHA-OBOSI community into an un· community in ending crisis Idemi.1l North local gOY. Elders of the commu· emment aree.ofAnambra nity noted that since the State has called on the emergence of the royal state goverrunent to reo father, the commumty YOke the certificate of tee· had known no peace, ogrution issued to their and that his impositLon traditional ruler, Igwe ran foui of t he extant Chidubem lweka, on the laws of the community. ~Since his 'imposition' on the community by ~ fanners express concern some powerful indIvidu· als, in connivance with govemment o fficials, we have been having one II~-~I IA Stale aryand February, which crisis and another," the d the beginning or the elders said. fIrmer. have expr ue~ concern fanning season. Ana.mbra State gOY· H e over 1 te fmiHser dislri· ernment had in the heat butio ulthe1italewhicb however, commended or the kingship tussle has m de it ~1i.Uicult for the Federal Government that engull~ the comeUectiYe use )f the input for tile Growth Enhance- munity. issued a Cer· to entUnce rop growth ment Support scheme. tificate of Return to one hie h during plan~-ng season. w or the contenders, 19we Mr Uzom.s guarantees farmers Chidubem Iwe"-a. to Nwaqgwu lJwu, the d i rect access fertiliser at subsidised against Iqwe Chime:tie Pres~ of La Fann· Anene, who was said to ers Co operative ,.Ie. have been preferred by The pr~ident Uoio , stat Hhe (arm· majority of lhe people. ers' ilion In a state-. canvassed ror solt: loans Speaking with jourment uad~ pvailable to to enable peasant farm · nalists in Onitsha, a theN s ~~O(Ni. ers to purchase the terti· spokesman for the com· gena, NAN. in Aba yes. liser Nl,OOO per bag of muni.ty. Mr. Emelta. NPK .snd N2,7S0 for tenia Orlzu, said there was _wu,.;dlhe U ..... breakdown of law and He said: "We are work· distri utlonl of fert:iliser order in the community in July wocld not au· ing towards ra~ing: funds as hoodlums allegedly for our farmers from the gur wen for rTOpS sponsored by the Al:cordmg to hIm, fer· statego\o-ernment and In· monarch hac contlDued Uli5e~' distribution temational bodies . to unl!!Mh tEttOr on the '"That was why we at shaul. beb~ ....~Janu· people


DIPLOMA IN IIGINIIRlNGIICHNOLOGY (DIIlI Candidates must possess any of the following: (a) Five (5) passes at Cfedit level, Including Mathematics, English Language and other three (3) Science subjects preferably Physics and ChemistJy in SSCE, 0 ' Level or its equivalent at not more than two (2) siltings. (b) City and Guild. (Pao11) in any ..... of Engineering.

DURATION01 COUln The duration of the programme is two (2) academtcsessions.

IIITIIOD 01 APPUClnol 1. Candidates are required to visit wwwdelsuooline rom to generate an applicant's virtual pin of N10,OOO.OO (Ten Thousand Naira) only and make payment loanyofthe foRowing banks. Ecobank UBA Unity Bank


over laW fertDlser <lstrlbution


Candldafgs must possess five (5) passes al aedit level including EngJish language, English literature with alieast a pass io Mathematlcs or any ScIence subject in SSCE or its equivalent, at not more than two (2)

Zenith Bank

,ROCIDUII TO GINIWI YIITllIl 'II (i) (ii) (iii)

(Iv) (v) (vi) (vii) C1ickSlart Click Dipk>ma Programme ClickSlart Submit the form and generate pin PTinI ouIlhe pin generaled Visit the specified bank for payment

2. Candidates, should. with the pm for payment, aa:ess and complete the Delta State University, Abraka, 201212013 Diploma rorm online at with their recent ooIoured passport size photograph scanned to the JPEG fonnatand not more than 20kb In size.

Candidates are advised to use the vtrtual pin tmmedlately after payment becausa the pins wifl be invalid al'ter six (6) hours of generation. Candidates are to log In ONLY the courses they choose for the Diploma programmes. All Aw'k:ants are requested to print and submit all completed online fomls to the Oipk)ma in Law and Engineering Technology OffICe respectively. Candidates are advised to read the mstructions on the front page of the websiIe_compIetinglheroon.


On-ineapplication,.;n.lartonThursday, ~4 , 2012.

4. AppIIcaIlon websi1e closes by 6.IlOp.m. Friday, November 15, 2012.

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.. "..... Col ..

'ZJ4'..... "'_S020 ..I "ISU67JIO Signed:

Ejiro Udjo Registrar & Secreiary to Senate


Abia farmers express concern over late fertilizer distribution