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STATE OF THE STATES ______-'W..;:'=dn..::":.:d"'.'''-,S:.:.,!Cpt",.m",b:..:.""28:::c,:..:2=Oll

fag!!! 10, T HJS OAY, Vol. 16, No. 6001 s pan of eITOfl~ .) emun: du


N"p becomu xIf-sutrlcimt in food pn:Juctioo, dJe f'Cdernl <Jo>..~ llment has said it ",ould fSI:IbIi!Il 3 Cassava fl. larketing and Truding


FG to Establish Cassava Marketing Corporation ... I ._w. t:

F ~..



q, ~=nr""~

Fro", l'emi AkinsuJ; -.u-;.

lIS \11:" as O'eale II m~tIcet for dJe comnodity in dlC gk>ballrnde. Mini:s!~ r:I Agrbliture and Ruml Ikvelopm~t, Mr. Akinw\b1l1li Adcslla \\110 statal dlis in Awp. at :I meeting with chicof exea1li1'l:5 of flour milling companies in Nig-:ria. I:UT1Clltal lh.1I. despite Nigeria'sc:um:nt posilion tIS the largest pIOltnrof CISsaVlI in dlC "t'lltI,l'li~a was not II pllI)'Cfon tJr. g~XlI m~et A('C(ln Iing. 10 him "Nigeria is dlt world's Inrgest producer of ca.~\';\ wilh Mnll.1 {XOdI1C1ion culmuly III .\0 million metric

ttrlIofthegJcOOltrodeinCJ.SS1V3. value-ao.kbl pnxb.'Is." Adesina said. when cst;lb. lislK'd, the ccrporntion would !!ddre!s the nagging dJ:lllenges coofrorlling fnrmas in Nigeria; such as lack of aaiss to high yielding v:trietie5. limited aca:ss 10 WUPria\e cas5a\'lI p0cessing ItrlmoIogic:s and highly \"OIatile pritt swing<; for dlC comrttXI il)' due to ~y de>tioped


poc:r market

"Nigoia 0C'C'0Ul1t5 for ttrO per of glc:bd trnd~ in value-


added C\'15IIva pnxluets. while nni1:uxl, \\hich rer~1lS only 10 rer Cttll (If ttJe u: I production in !he wmll. :nom's flI" I) ~

~~cas:;al';l~. A~,dftmd Fku Mi~ A.'I.<;oaalJoo, led by Ahko Oanp.105lJbstilUb: 10 percen( of QsswlIl10ur for \\i1eat flour. A 10 per ~. substirutim of Cl'I.S1I'3. flour, In his words, woukl bel 10 an incmtse in the market

for (Z!;3Y3 lubM ofrmre tin! lOJSXXl~~, He ~ Slid dE ~,';\ TrnnsflllTRlliD1 Pbnofdleprc;al: aIrninisIr.Jtio ....'OOkI exp:m C!lSsa,,;) production 10 51million nrt· ric IOOfleS by 20 1.5, as well as gener:ve 311 atldibon.lI 1.2 million

j;lb5.~ nmtets flY Ni~ fafTTCfSaoostlbiliscthepnof cm:W3. ~8, die of the ddcg:ltion, A1haji Aliko Danp. calkd on go'o~ 10 cteaIe:an enabling enviroomr:nt (1I".mr ru~ to du1ve.



OangoIclXlinlalrndDIlmll)' agro.aUied irdu.<trics had c0llapsed in Nigeria due 10 unfaVOUfl'ble gu'o'tl11lTrllt poficies,ardcall ftw'dlCpmO.Jction of high qu:wl)' c:tSs:l1'll in order to Il1lU their dronrls 3Jd intemationaI best pr.EtiI:c:s.

SIGHT? ...


The miniSlcfcxplained th:1I the de'~lopmc"l had ClIlI'Sed ttJe price of =va to plummd from N2DIm per mdric tOllne Wing ttJe PrmdentiaI lniti:llh-e on Cassava tu as law as NSfXX) per nEUic ImrIC umy. As pM of lhe ~ tu

Kadw1a Eastern Bypass _ Conh'actor Gets Ultimatum lIIisterOfSt11l ! forWOfb, Mr. n."\Wr Vuguda, has issued lhe C01ltn1dorhanling (he tor"'Qroction of the S9 kilometn"".s Koounll Ea51ern BWass rrad. fl. lessrs Eksiogulari (onslmction Nigeria Umited. w·lh a 6().dI\Y ultim.1rum to comp' elC the pro-jcct. He added UIN go'·emnlCn!


CO'liinued with it~ flow pace of wm. llte minister g:w : tile ultimalurn in Kadurt.:J, alit r an on-thespoIl!sse!\Slncntofllleruadprojcct and II c(Jun~ visit to die Go\mllIr 0{ Kadw. SllIle. Mr. rabid YakowI, in 'tis-offICe. VISibly t1ir.lurbetl at the slow paoeofwuk Ul3Ihldlnsledovcr 10 )-ean;. 'rugOOl ..'lid: "'Thi.~ contr.W;t wu aWllroed since

No~mbe.. ending 10 finish this




From Dele Og/JQdo I!fAl'!9o weset'acoolr.ldor~Uydoing the wert( he is SUppo5C tooo, we gooot of our way to fuoo it. Bul this (:t.o;e iSIlOl aca:ptable al all." He staled Ihal: "So. for this fi!"!t portion from K:umu to die

;;~~r~r"'~~k~,::; :;:h:'~"':'.w;::~t".::i

rood comp!dely and afler Ihat \\1: witl determine tllC next line of aciion.M gonmment cannot :ltt'eplCOOtrac:1()Blhatlltt; rold-

ingthcirarrtJ!li~da)' andthey

m: t1l:1l it is government

fau ll, it is not acx:qlIable'lo £01'H


ExJl!1=SSing displeasure :lillie finilnci::al capabilily of the contractortotleli'"tf.hesaid:'"There

Afenifere Flays Govt's Handling of Nation's Challenges IJeLeadc:roftlle PM YoruI.Ia 5Ocio<uItllr.ll organisation, Menirere, alief Reuben f'3SlClt:lrlti , yestenby said the Federal Government WM noI handling dl3Jlengc:s dtrealel\ing the II:Ition wilh the seriousness


they~ ,

f"llllOlallti's position was COIlIJIirlt\l in a Ictlerm dJe "'StlI\eor Ihe N...tioI\" addressed to






lel1~ 10 be ~pected. \\~ am ,vonicd th:u UleY !In! not being tw' llddressetI with serious attention dley dcsm-e,H he said.


From James SOll'ol£



bJt with .Jcn.11lWl dictating tlJe pace.. ~ C'OIlI:nTl is thai whik such anm~ at disililegnting and undermining devciopment and progros an: parts ofchal-


negligenccohecurityagencieslO h:n.lIe ch:lJkngcs in ttJe mmtry, and II ~ned 1h.1I JOllllthan had allowed Bokoll amm 10 take theirtiti.1ti,'t!_ "Hcnoeforul. \\1: slDIltJ not


ally let out vital piec:es of inrorm:uion of our Slr.I/l:gy ror IlJCln and lJItir likes to w~k upon and fOf$aU Ul.llq hal~ so far bP!en dicUtingdICpaceandtakingll1e inilialh-e Ihw; bealing (lie Go>1:fTII1ETlt to the game. "Crimina1san! oow h:J"ing dlC ~ hand as any suarss 11C!rmally m:orded ~ Ihrnl 10 f'I:m far MlI ~ecua: a IIlOn:' d:IstWly 3Ction." he said.

!'i",.i,;~,~;:;~:t;= ~:;~'-;:'''';:::[:': "'t:;nt:!:iJ~~ .. ""', Assembly Workers Lock OutSpeakel; Others

ron~int, tlJe dplCity of the CCI1tr.lChJf 10 ddh'e! on llais road is I'n)' doublrut . "fi:Jr the Inst 10 Y!Iln, tli:y 3l1! onI)' able to ochicv, oo]y up III 16 kiklmetl'e!l. Wel l. the budget ~~~~ Ibm but fOf serious mUll...:U conlrnCtM U~y go out of their way to ilnrrtl!iSI!1vm1' lI~tth:ttthey ha ''t iobehelped. "And in terms 01 fllooing ..we h ~''e criticnl1Jmjo IS Ilnd once

' E


from Ihc bank. HowC3n \\egi\'e. a sovereign guar.unee 101l cootrn;.dol1 That is not JX1"'5ible, bul if II conlIlJ.1.or is perfomrillg and he has Ijs b:\nkm; that c:an seriOIIsly gh'!: him lilt auiil wonhi-

~."tI~~ Iet,.~",~~ard,., .,"'"","",

u .."U ....... un" . "V. qtJestiun of)~ funding , like I lold you, but it is alsu the queslion of die CO!!IIlIdof not showins·seriousness:·

, .

n~ovan T(~st, VICt::i.Ins: .,~ by I ~I


I>:: .....


, I-aym lere~

dJeNigeri:JnClJ¥omsatiiExcbe Act at the lime of e,~porting the

hi Drug Admir1islr.xiOn of ~ IJnilcd ~ r<l" if11JOrting aid p-eservifIg:ihe fluids in the US fer

protesting because of the non· chalant belmvioor or \!1e OO'JSe ~ .:~ .o r



Yr ..... . O A'-IU....

Ni~~,:,~~: en! leSt of its drul TroYan the

F,tmi Jbrof,;mS/ruaib"

19IJ6icstin 1'.:Il!),u'JJcrIl-:.~

Prim" l!l!d in the (l'i5c1aiItnlllJ

.. K_

I ~ icums oi the



Iiouse of Assembly. ulKkT the auspi~ of Parli:unent.:uy Staff .Asso-chtion or ~Nigeria (pASAN), -yesterday shut lhe assembly in 11mtest agalpst the oon-p:lyment ofthcir wantrobe nJlowanccs, whidllhey ~:timerl amountqt 10 N63 million. 1he workers locked· up the gale:fli9 brought activities to II standstill, i . 1 Icao; b' the Speaker, ~ g PTerhlmen Tapogr, for i1*m to ~lum 10 \\"t.'ric. '<l1alrm."U1ortheAssocialion

Pfizer Breached.Agreements

at: ON.\test on 200

proP, 0( lilt

=s=~,te;,.,.,~n..~y i9.10 inclWe i~-;;:,· ;":""m SIrike and wltmploynd....'''''' He aJ§o liSIc'd Uecrisis rodting dJejudiciruy,naturIII andenvUOOnJelltal t.Iis:astc:a, lind the 105 01sis, which IYtte )"et 10 be n:soIl'td. Fasornnti, \\I!O~ tilt events \\~~ too many On the neg:ttie"e side of scoreboonl ca1le!l.01l' ~. Nigerian to rise~ theOO!a-

~~~~~.:1~ Mr. n~n M<;Ia.said tileY w~



.. ~,0bt-6

• ~d\'~~~cused , . U!C 'W", .. t'B, sal u"" ..... :ly rn the payn'Jent of tile II110wanCe was as a lC5ult of the set back in the ~\e.'1Se of this IImlh's federal Ill1ocalio/\ to lhe Sl~le . He Matal IhAt he had tnkcn alllleressarYstcps lOensu~tl1.'\t .the 1]IOney- was" paid and enjoinedthe}~ Of~\()e.(qeik •• .. •



theyh!!d.. Chairm.1I1oflhe froJm.AHJ:Iji


1ky\llJegL'dthal1hedrugoompIfl)' kJOk3waythe fluid ~

,vastryinglOhandpam, victims out d de 192 members af

themembmdecidedtoembarl:. on ~te peaa:ful ptotest after tl!C'

, , _ ~_, ' ,mlt ,Oy. . . Ii rtetm

orrhcy dlMfon:. askeS ifPfim" ccmplied"\\ith the pnwisioos or

witlUJtpomsingtheirDNAte!it n:su11S. ·

manlm .8J,-m the k~IP of the ~bl v on MoodIiy.

~ d JeIt'Sl~t ofttJe DNA SIfI.lpIesofmcmbelsofhis8!,'Ollp wh~w:tSmkcnm a,'Iarch,Wlthl\ prOIlllSC '!m.t tIlt " ....:tJuld be



d'31 the victinlS >~

,:=,"~~=:':~t:"'y;; .


l':lel~~ .ryiln '0

fI.~mngJllS IMI

tht Pfiler 103S ~id ~)'.

dung aJ:o'lt the flleR:\Se .5111Ce Ihen. \\hid, su'g$~dmt 11 h~1

:lgtf1IL~beI~U1C toW(XlJ1~1S unfuldi~ 111 ~e :'OfIlpcnsatJon ~, he s.tid.

They also \\O ..... 1eT IIhy both Pli7.ll:f md 1I.x: Tnht Hul wm ?, IIY ~l1l'haslSl~ c nDNAalone.

1~1!' OIhl.'!" V1t.~ d:!ta such as dr dlirtlt!n( 5 1111 1.1Is. dlle of binh, ~ler :1011 locturcs (lr }he ~lCtllru 111 !he ,ompen..:'tlOf1 ~

.\a:{'!lhy It' T VF


lOits l ~intheUS.

dlC~ rcrUli I ~~l



ACN: Tmubu, Aregbesola Didn't Impose Candidates URJm.Js()( ben



or Ihe Adion


CongJ1:s5 or _ N~a (ACN) ydl:cnlay SI01lt1Cd Ihe state liouse or ASsonb!y romple.'\: in Alausa, rrotcsting :lg3i11Sl dJe~ ctJndU1le..t primaric:sofdJep:1fty. in \\ilich they 1Il1cged I1I3t sonlt COIndid::ues (0 CXlIlte51 the O::tober 22 l..oc:lI Government electioo we~ impo5led on them. but LDgos ACN Qairm..tr1, Otunoo Obdc:le Ajom:uc:. denied allegations d1.1l ACN National Le:U.,.. Sen:IIt-r Bola Tinubu and O<un St:lle GoI'e!TIor_ Mr. lbuf Arq!hesob. irr1p:Rrl :Illy of tilt c:tIwJwes con~ing the Cl:-l::6011 (''I1lhcpl:Jtfom1('(Ute~'. A~ing 10 him: "1inut:u


, .- - ~ s .•• :




4GOS ,



~ -

By GooJtga IHc;nsanmi

dJe p.:trIy IeOOenhip froOl the beginnin~ UI:Il he \\'OOkI Ill' be il1l'Oh'td 111 dJe IoclIl 0CllllCi1elcclions. He did 1101. impose Blly of Utecaniliumcsas 9Jll1caggJicvm IIS{lironts claimed. He has not been around. So, how coukI he ha>,e ifl1XlSCdCllXlid.lleT TIle chairman justirted Alcgbesolll's iuvoh-emcnt in L..'1g<lS politics, ~tin, WI AqlxroL1 tWli ..ed:lll his life in L..~ and die fact that he 1~1d ~ c:Iectcd go\1:Il1OTofhis S1:!to: woold OOl llUltWTllIDUytlisqmlify him flUn making illp.rtintod~

po!iticnl(k;>~atd~ 111 LagosSIaIC. AjomaIe al!;o IOkITIiISDAY lMt:l1l die c:mdidaiCS th:ll ernergcdJcrdlC~!cilr.i:e$Ol

the stwort of their ~~ kxaI govemmml and loc::1l 00111lcit dcl'tiol'mem areao;,stating that dltparty ww ld notbeu1\'oll'tll in

3lIy lIDu1nlerome ~ Ih:u IIwld sutr.t'rt (XllllIar will. 1l1t d1.1irm:ul e"pI:uned \h.,t LngusACN I1"13de dlt proc:css 0( the prim,1ric:s open from tilt ~ingoftllCraceandCJrnled

a,'t:I1uc: 1I11l.'Ugh which !he party's aggrie>'td a>:pIr:I1lS:nI membelS coold ,ch~mel their gnc:o.'3I1Ce and objcctlOll by fornally petlticruog Ult stJlC~·


l3i:n.oftilt~ .

for 1\'.."0 da,fS for the aJlo\\'~ to be pai\l. But :U,I pleas by. the SJraker .for the wmer.; 10 oprn the gale and aJlO\\'1lim into hi\office. as - \\~11 :IS for . ()(her WOdl~rs 10 ~tum 10 t]lClr duty posts. W~ reburr~ . 1he speaker I~ad !O leave the MSeIlIbly premises 11\ anger and ~aded to governmen! hou~. . . . . -. llJe. w~ers ,,, ho SMl.ed plocanb w4th V:Jr\OIIS IDscnp=5 \~I"e'd , ~I totherelurn 10 , If ~,1ttS un TTIOI}Cy WlISplIl .



FG to' Tackle' Negle~t of .O "al Healtl1 _~ J:

:::~~~':rn~~ =~pa"::~w~ such~~=-~~~~. ttJe~fOUf)-eafs~ F~;;i:rd:a~~~te::: btr.!dted nn{l of d t ONA coUld be ~. ,'alionson ttJe way d.:1Iu:sI fUnd Mcla loki tJw.: speakd' thin hcaltn sy~em: the Fcdc:rnl (R


·Co:: -;ticr:.::1

Go\·emment ye5!Cftlay in'!a PoIiJObi ;"Ahj:J Abuja said it intended to tackle !he Iect rom! denaJ • health actlvities,~ 1he miniSler deaied'\Jte altineg 0 and I heath &ry 5yslem 10 prt\·ent , mde or Nigeri:tn5 lo dental care, dental ~13Jed diseases in tile st:llil11 tilat: "Nigerians Mnlly \'i5il denlist for tlrir oml care: ~"ory, Miiliiler orSt.:lIe for l lealth, , oeeds. nlOllg~ WC: don·1 hal'e Or. -f.,}:u hlimmed Pale,4st':lIed Ill! resources 10 romb:u some this during a press briefing on non-communicable diseases, the maiden edilion of natiOnal most Nigerian.<; do not even 01'lI1 llealth week. He said oro! nuelld 10 tI,,:jr 0r.I1care needs." health had noc n:ccivcd much ~\l so, E:o;ccutiye Oin::ctor of tile Inlemational As.~ociatiOI1 allenlioo in the ooun try clue to for Denl:l] R~se!lf'Ch (IADR). negloxt, :ldding Ihal govern· Dr. Olrislopller r-o:o;. said "Ihe men! w:u m:lking plMI5 to body Wi15 making plans lu aool't a prevel11ive appruach Stre$1line irs policy in oolcr to for elTfXtil·c dcmal ClIre :uncnS mist in roIating researt:h fincl· t'ligerians. inK~ into prlIClk'e:' Pate lold thc gatlJering Ihat: Director Gc:uclOll of ~he "GoI·emmen!'s inlcntKMI i5 to N:ltional Agency for FoocJ :lChiel'e Ihe g0.11 of ;;ppro,·cd and Drug Administratio n jX"lic)' for opIimum onl heallh (NAFDAC). Dr. Paul Orhii. for at leasl SO per cenl of a~su red lilt dele!illioll of tile Nigerians Ihrough ~u ~l:Iinalllc: lI!ency'~ ~I IJe5.S 10 integ rale ~ awareOCS$ c:rt'alion. sttlue,ic ils ~arches to surpon. Jlmrc5C:lIrll. workfOft"t (k\·elopduclion or dl:ll(il] pnxllK.1.S. Il1l'nt and coordinallon of om!


FG to Establish Cassava Marketing Corporation