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MORE BUSINESS NEWS mediwtHGlJe industries In 53 identifiable areas in the

Okon8u5@y inl)yo As the Akwa Ibom State (j(n.·emmenl wUolded its nlusb:iali:satim road IMP CI'-'8 i'O foreign and local ifl\'e!'iIOB have keyed into the unveiled opporturutJl5luwaItb nlol58ive : hldustrialisation of the state , before the exit of the present administranon U\ 2015_ Already, the state government has ~Ied down the 6arIk of Industry (801) for the IIigning of a Memorandum of


its industrialisation policy or drive in v.torious types and calegories of industries in the state. The Speda1 Adviser to the Governor on Investment and Industrialisation. Chief Senas Ukp.mah. woo mnfifTllC.'d tim, said various applkations frcm in\'estors wiUin~ to invest in the stale are bring subjected fOf" \.etting by the Akwa !born Investment and Industrial I'n>n-. CnunciJ iAKIlF\X) 10 ascertain the 5t'Iiousness of the investon.

interest had been shown in respecl of the ~coc:k Paints efed:rical sectOfS, gent.>r.11 in- at Etinan. the Ceramics facdustries as wt!Il as rt'activation tory at ltu and the Sunshine of ailing industries; UlM!fOl'l", B.1ttery .I' Essien Udim local gu'o'elIl!JUlI"'O.lId no! hesitale government area. to partner with any genuine Ukpanal\ a one-time MIllim'eslOB willing 10 key into ister of National PJanning. the industrial master plan of reafrumed the rt'SOlve of the the slate. Stale GOI:er~ Otid' GodswiII Among the industries Akpablo. to establish at least identified include cusava one indusl:Ty In each 01 the 31 $1'I:h plant making. ~ I..G!! of the stale by 2015. In partnership with the private sector operators. f.rung""" factory. .1I in the agru-allied The Special Advi!;er hmlm thai an InchJ5trial fund of 0tl1f!I"5 mdude those in N 15 billion has been set up the building materials sec- in an e5CIUW account with lor including nails factory. the Bank of Industry and roofing ~ factory and other commercial banks for floor/w;d15 tile!! foclory and would-be Investors willing to general industries. including partner gO\"eI1UJleI1.t to act:'e"iI!Ii ~lbIprod""_ the account after dUl' dearara and C05metics among others. and readiness to establish an He disclosed !halon Italian industry ill the slate. firm has indicated inlen!st in On whether the stare would reactivating the Akwa Palm achieve its goal of establishing industry in Esil Eke! local an indwtry In each of the 31

•..,...... buildn1g""-

Investors, Banks Stonn Akwa Thorn over Industrialisation Policy "We ha,-e disan'erod that out of 100 Jlpplications from people who have indkaled interest to in"'esl in Akwa Ibom Stlte, 70 are fake, ~ it was proper to GUT}' out due dili~ (WI Ihoge groups and would be lnveslOTS that had expressed inleresl to establish or revive ailing industries 10 ascertain tmr ~ and cmIibillty", he added.

Presently. Ukpanah saki opportunity abounds for the establishment of srnaU and

governmml ;ue;I wh1le similar

""""'' ' ' ';;;J=~ ' ' . "'"


lGs of the stale considering the fad only Ihree )'S15 I'I!fNIIn till 2015, Ukpanah declared. "There are no short-ru15 to IndustrWisation. it is a ~ and cannot be ncromplished within six months. ~ NL5 billioo is.l budgetary provision. it is for us to put inID ~Iy the govenor's vision of industrialising the slale~

He opmed that the stale was not interested 10 embark on establishment of any industry by il'lell" Of" direct disbunlement d loans because d !foe fear that $lith in:fusIIy might roIlap!ie In future due 10 bid ~ ~ going into public pm...ue partner.;hip and competent b.lJ1ks in b:m"l"l!07>ey!deded. "Our people must CDttk" out and be part of Ihe pr"0(ft5.. If government establishes 1Ildustries, they will fail. V'ie want people to l.UIlte forward and take part in !foe ildU5trialisatn1 of the Stale ~·emmmt. he "';d W

ADIC Insurance Pays N63m to Keffi Market Fire Victims Nnamdi Duru

wro hod ""'.nap. domog<d by the rll'l' ~ compensated

A DlC Insu.ranre PIc. one: of the wlderwri~ group!! in Ifoe country. said it has 8ctt1ed cbllm5 totilling N6J miJIion to ITaders who weJe affected by the rln! thai gutted the Keffi maJIl mad::et in Nasarawa SIalI!' recently_ The Head r:J a."1im5 it!. ADIC.

for their los5es," he added. "'Ire COJ1"*1Y hots trt in any way done: anythins unusual or extr.udinary by honouring to pay the poIk:ytddeB their claims 115 long as their claims ha\'e been satisfactorily pfOo a55ed by all parties Invnh'ftl.

I\.'k Ejaita Usude presenlL'd !he dleques to claimants number-ing 16 .II a. C!m'mCrIy in till!' I1lIId;et ~ He said Ih1t tty

highest stardarW and Il"e"l all their" commitments by way 01


to the traders <15 they would be able to repliK!! their bumt goods and rehJm 10 their trade.. Usude re;:;.illed that fire 1".1\.aged the Keffi main nlarket, and before it couJd be put elf. !Ie\·eral prtlpl'rties and goods which value TUnS into miI1ions of Naira had alrmdy been ~'ro,.<d by the fi .. Some of the affected traden had the foresiXhl to ha ..·e insured their stocks with the company belen the incidenl "11w 16 KftIi madet l.r.Iders

.. ADIC insurance rn."1intain!i

"""_",.,.....- h\1>

1I.o\"elIed profe5Isiona1s, "'~

for clients' satisfaction," the claims 11\IIDagt'!" stated Usude encouraged NIgerians to further embroce insuTiu-.:e II.'! il remains the only f"lf!XU5 for ~usine55 mnlinuity and effeclive sustenance ol a growtng eronomy like that 01 Nigeri.l. He gave credit to policyholders In the company for their continued support and patronage over the years and

~od "'" "'"""",y ""'" continually to work hard to impl"lJ\.'t' 5ef\'Kes thai meet the netrls ()f its cust0rT\E'f5.


R-l: Chairman, Vono Products Pic. Mr. Bashlru laslsL Dealer,Vona Beddings Centre, Mr. Eduard Aklnrinade and his wife Afusat shaking hands with the Managing Dlrector of VOIla, Mrs. TItUola Bakare during the launc.hing of the Centre at Agege Motor Road In lagOS.

FCfA to Improve Productivity of Small-scale Fanners


Y.mIAklnsuyt il~

n., l>de3leap;toI

Admirustralion,. FCTA. has

"pressed its determination to imprm·e the agricultural

~mducti\'ity or small scale farmen. Thi5 is by ensunng they embrace modem farming methods and take fuU advantage of abundant market opportunities 10 boost their 4.""CIlOmic base MinisIer of State the R:T. OIajumoke Akinjide, gave the prrome at thi!! nag-off of 2012 subsidised input distribution under the Growth ~ ment SuPPOrt (GES) scheme Tunga Gwagwalada Area ol the Territory AkiI1ide said the administr.Ilion was rqually committed In the dew1opmen1 of viable



agria"lural entrepreneurship through provision of free tedmiCilI experme and rann subsidil'5. '"1lUs underscore our firm cuwiction that agriculture., like 50 many other facets of our national e:onomy, Is e:r;entiaIly a private sector driven ente-p~ that requires adequate

D:mmU ard ~ potic.y support", she ~Ied Ao:onib:JR to her. the FCrA ha!i iniliilml \"anou!' lannen' friendly progranuneo; tha. are geilred lowards attracting domestic ilnd international private investment in the FCT agriculture. ~Not:abloe amongsl lhese prognlllDlt'S is the Public Prh'ale Pa.rtnershlP (PPP) in Agricultural Land DeveIot>menl ProgTi1mme at Piri in KWilli Area Council whefe

15.(XX) hectares of agriculturaJ would support fa.rn'IC!B in and eat loc:alIy produced food. He added Ihal (~ were land are being dean!d and lhe entire agriculture value adding thai it would dr.'e5ify 17 collection centres. made a\'Iilab1e to potential chain. adcIiIlI: that through the the ecmomy away from oil. The Secretary, Agriculture inveslOB. scheme, small holder farmer.; '""11 will enable us to crea.te and Rural JRveloprrell .. It is .I deliberate policy In the FCT would obtain SO a lot of jobs ~,"d also reduce Secretarial 01 KT. t-.IIS. G...ti to promote the development per cent subsidy on fertiliser" our dependerq on using our Bema Madayi_ said that the or ~ susillinable rommt!rdal and improved !Il'eds of maize foreign exchange to import secretariat would ensure thai agriculture that will not. and rice. . food rather we will begin to FCT farmers had easy access only guarantee increased "Good. quality ngfOolnputs exporl~. he said. 10 markets for their pmdUCIS farm Inc.ome but 1t00 ftlSU~ will. be made available through The rrunister said thai £ann- through ciI-takm; and mntriIct a\"ililabiJityd suffident I"ood for the certi6ed private agro- t'f"S lvoukl. get fertilliier" direct fPlnning system. Madayi added "\~ will enthe ever growing population deam, the era of divefSion. from thr: ~y Ituoogh the ol the lerritory"". she sIrt'!I5N. of subsidised ferlilisef- by e-waUet programme, adding courase pm"illr mtrepre'n1!w5 Akiniide Mid under the middlemen has gone far tho,1 then- would not be any in the FCT 10 complement famler technology empow- g()()d~, she slated. middlemlln between the gO\·emrt1f;!II!'5 efforts in lhe emu.'f11 prograrrune, the In hi! goodwill ~ the govt.'n1lnCnt and the (armeT"l. llreilll of value addition by administration had provkled Minisrer AgriUUture and Rural lie m'Nled that the federal investing In pmce5ing and tractors and implements to Clevclopmmt., Dr. Aldnwuruni goo.'mU11eIlI.hadl'acilitaled Nl) produd marketing" farmm'tl"!'¥. lIfMIiJUi ..idtlllf. AdeSna. &lid.the governrneu billion 10 seed and ferl11i5er ~ havt' made a('propOale corpomleWn1sarsu6sld(~':lY;IHtlliUnitfedinmodemis- rompany to enable them ~2D12budge1kJ Til~toA!d~Iand~' -tnt.~!idrt'tlfs fl:~·.·SIOCkpU~.f~~· ~ .'II'w-qp~ fann produce 1M • It\If1CJif'or noted h t .. ~iulllWoUld ll\OI\I.'f"!I'·the,· Ad~M ",,-~",.JJtri!i). ~UY~ re!Ort dunng GES was the beginning pockets· of BllTK'rI. farmers had registered in the current farming 5eiISIlIl so an era where' the federal Adesina ~rved thai the FCT to rolloo r;eed and as m mJnllTUse farmers loses", government .....d the FCT Nigerians should prcdllre, buy fertiliser. she said.



THISDAY, 25 JUNE, 2012  

FCfA to Improve Productivity of Small-scale Fanners

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