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Ribadu· Blames Energy CrisIs-on ~orruption ~ idential Candidate of the "-ction Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and fonner chairman of the Economic and Fmancial Gimes. Commission (EFCC). Mallam Nuhu Ribadu has blamed corruption in the Peoples Democratic Party (pDP}-led Federal Government for the crises in the Nigerian power sector Speaking at an interview with

'From Yinka Kolawole inOosgbo

journalists in lla-Orangun, Osun State country home of Chief Bisi Akande who marked his nnd birthday on Sunday, Rib,.du lamented that this development had denied Nigerians

the opportunity of enjoying stable power supply. He vowed that his party, the ACN, would discourage corruption and restore adequate power supply to the nation if elected to run the government at the centre. He described power supply as the central infrastructure to the smooth running of the economy, promising that the ACN administration would put an end to the

corrupt practices that have bedevilled the sector. The former anti-corruption czar accused leaders of the ruling PDP of awarding power sector contraets to themselves without perf9"ming on the job. "The corruption in the Federal Government administration crippled the power sector. They awarded contracts to themselves in the Peoples

Democratic Party (PDP). They are very indisciplined. They denied Nigerians the opportunity to have stable power supply", the ACN presidential flag bearer said. In most cases, Ribadu explained that tuIbines necessary for the generation of electricity were imported but abandoned without heing taken to the sites where they were needed to produce power. 1his situation, according to him, was compounded by the insecurity in the Niger Delta region whereby gas supply needed to run power plants effectively had become short in supply. Power supply would h~v'.: ITnjTtuv·tii, accorciing to Ribadu, if the insecurity in the Niger

ACN Warns Adeleke over Looming Crisis I 'OSUN .1


ction Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has called on the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) Osun Staie, Commissioner of Polic.e and the Director of State Security Services (SSS) to call Senator Isialca Adeleke and his ilk to order to avoid an


~iiunineni oreakdown of la~ and order in the state.

In a release signed on behalf of the party by the Director of Research and Strategy, Hon. Sunday Akere, Osun ACN said it was wrong for Senator Adeleke to be going around registration units in both Ede North and Ede South in company of more than 10 fully armed policemen and thugs insisting on registering mercenary voters ahead of the 20 II general election. According to Akere; Information made available to our party indicates that Senator Adeleke imported five buses load of prostitutes from Shogunle area of Lagos since Friday of January 14, 20 II with intent of registering

them as voters in the coming

From Yinka Kolawole inOsogbo

election. Additional inforrnation received by us info_nned

e recent signing of the constitutl.·on (First Alteration) Act by President Goodluck Jonathan has been described as a victory for all Nigerians, especially the civil . society groups, that have perse-


vered in their constructive .engagements over the constitutional reform process. Making the observation in Abuja yesterday. the Chairperson of Constitutional Reform Dialogue Mechanism (CRDM). Pmf. Patricia Donli. said the assent of the president has also brought the reform process to a logical··cooclusion and has laid to rest the controversy surrounding tlle necessity or otherwise of presidential assent. Recalling the various intralegislative crisis that have dogged the constitution review process at the. National

University of Technology (LAUTECH) was found to have imported students with the intent of registering as' 'Ecomog voters'. Three of the arrested students were detained at EiiQ'ho P{lli ... ~ gianon ~n Saturday-;ve~i-;;~~

~j~~od~';,d ;~:.:~ Pf~:;


~:';,~~:ee1~i~~~ as voters in

He noted that around lOam yesterday morning Senator Adeleke while not taking into cognisance his status as a former No. I citizen of the state went to the said polling unit in

15,2011 about the PDP House of Assembly candidate in Ejigbo State Constituency, Dr Joshua Aworemi who using his influence as a Lecturer at the Ladoke Akintola


judge of the State High Court, Justice Sunday Oladokun Ishola as advised Nigerian politicians to desist from fictitious petitions during the coming elections in order to move

b 40rc Clinlate Change PIunges Rice Prod'uction y 0 o



g0S State Government yes-· terday expressed concerns bout the impact of climate change on crop and animal production in the state. saying global warming had clamped down rice production by 40 percent hetween 2009 and 2b 10. Permanent Secretary of. the


From Kunle Akogun in Abuja

Assembly over the past two years, Donli said the final assent of the president to the amended constitution was "a major milestone and an indication that constant and persistent engagement of the stakeholders in the democratic process can produce positive outcomes 11 • She however urged the National Assembly to "carry on with the business of constitutional reform in line with the aspirations of Nigerians." In particular, the CRDM boss drew the National Assembly's attention to certain critical issues in the constitution, which she said, "have the potential to bring the nation to its knees".

By GboyegaAkinsanmi state Ministry of Agricultore, Dr. Yakub Basorun revealed this at a forum with journalists at the state secretariat, a situation he said "has been a source of con-

cerns". Basorun said rice production specifically suffered much setback as a result of unceasing rainfall and flood, which the permanent . secretary attributed to about 40 percent decline in the production. He said the state "witnessed too much .flooding in 2010 which affected rice oroduction. There was lots of warming which went on in the northern hemisphere and brought in lots

of moisture in our land". But Basorun ackuowledged that the rice production in the state had improved from 0.5 ton, which the permanent secretary said, the state used to prodUce before 2f:IY7 to a production of about 400 tons in 20 I(}\ He said: "We expect to yield 600 tons of paddy (raw rice) annually. When -processed, this can come up to about 400 tons of processed rice annually. 1his is equivalent to 8, 000 bags of rice

per annum. "Before our rice for job pr0gramme started, the yield on our land was SOOkg per hectare. Now we reap two tons of rice per hectare and that was when we were producing on 200 hectares. But the impact of global warming has been enormous.


He submitted that an ACN Federal Government kuows what next to he done in Nigeria promising, ''we will not allow corruption. We shall run an bonest administration". He expressed joy at the large turn out of people at various registration centres which he saw as he travelled to lla-orangun from Lagos and urged citizens to he patient as the exercise continues. "Voters registration is a milestOne in the democratic process of a country. It is a critical step towards choosing leaders that are not selfish through the process. I believe a ne~ !'!!~~~~ -v..;i·:i:rG people's votes will cOunt. A new Nigeria will emerge", Ribadu assured.

[: __


By AAinwure A ntu .


LAGOS ,-"--,-

. nde

the country forward. Justice Ishola gave the advise on Sunday at a send-forth buffet/dinoer organised by committee of friends to mark his retirement from the Lagos State High Court hench. He also urged the politicians to learn to accept defeat like their counterparts in some advanced countries across the world. According to him, since it is a kuown fact that when two parties are in court, one of the parties is bound to win, adding that a situation whereby every decision made by the court is appealed against will amount to waste of time. "I will advise our politicians to learn to accept defeat. They should kuow that when two parties are in court for a reason, defmitely, one must win. In Nigeria if you loose, you call a press conference. telling the world the' judge does not like your face or is biased and so on." The retired judge described

by his friend as a complete gentleman and very diligent judge said while there may he petitions, it should be limited to a rare situation when parties are satisfied, the decision of the judge ought not he biased and not when counsel are trying to save their face from their clients. "Some of these petitions are filed by counsel just to save their face from their clients.They just want to tell their clients that they have done a velY good job because a~. Nigerians we never accept defeat. 1his is not done in some advanced countries. Justice Ishola who said he did not have any regret serving on the Bench of the Lagos State Judiciary for almost 10 years also cornmended the state government for taking care of the Judiciary. "Lagos State government has heen very good to the Judiciary, to a large extent we are satisfied with the way we are heing treated by both the state government and the Federal Government. So. I don't have any regret heing a judge.

PUBLIC NOTICE UJ"'A CENTRe FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT This 1$ tQ /nIQlm 1M QOIIOfG! f)llbI<c thaI !tic ;'lWVO n"mw I!!!dy Itu ~ppllI!d Itlr<ll> wilh t/>oI Corpor"''' A!f~Tll ~~ II'ldI!f PIlI! C 01II1II !AmI/Wit",. lind Al~jItj M~!!f!(

N.t 100{). IOAAO Of mUSTEES

The ~ of !he Bo..1fd ot TruSl!.le5 aro as ~"s' Chaimllln .1.CIIiI1f G!IgO OlllldiMn AYII£Mn

State Varsity ASUU Calls-off Strike tudents of A. nambra State University (ANSU) may now have reason to heave a sigh of relief as its branch of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) yesterday called off its six months old strike with an announcement of an immediate resumption of academic activities at both its VIi and Igbariam campuses. The suspension of the prolonged strike was a fallout of the branchASUU congress held at the Igbariam campus of the university following the signing by the University Governing Council Chairman, Pmf. Elochukwu Amucheazi the agreement hetween the union and the Anambm State government after a long period of negotiationsinvol ving leaders of thought in the state, traditional rulers and religious leaders. TIllS DAY checks revealed


~;t~~~tE!a~;::~~ ~:~~~£:~~:~::'~~~~ April Polls: Politicians Advised ~a:rn~~n~~r ~~~thpu~:~ Oth~e~:e~!?r~~f~te~port against Fictitious Petitions

Constitution: 'Presidenti~ Assent Victory for All Nigerians' ] .

the company of his hordes of prostitutes harassing the villall"rs lbat insisted they will not allow non-nativeS to register. Even if ones position as a Senator entitles him to have assess to police escort, instructions sh~~!~ t~ ~~~td iliUl

Delta had abated and promised that the ACN-Ied Federal Government would bring stability to the region so as to enhance the supply of gas for power



3. Mill Glad N. AjRyi 4. Mr. Igwtt 0iI<1I

Ml!mbtlr Ml!mlHtr

5. 8M. Zacdlaeus I\danIIO


Il. MI'll. Charily DlIndi!lOtl 7. Mr. Mkibofori J Sunday




TOO alms and objectives of II1e OIgooiz3tion, inter-alia are: 1.To senilizlland empoI\'1lr rum! communl1ies OIl $\Iitainable


development llI!ltlfl!!.lhrougll adion-orienll!d tI!lINft:h such

.From Cluules

as pal1idpatQry Rum! Appraisal, Sustainable lJv(,rhood

Onye~uo in Onits/..

. .Auel;smanlBlIs1IIina Studies: 2.To inifiata emplDymant Cf'IIMioo and IIfl1IIOW\!fIl1I pIOgf'8lllll\OS Ihrough technicaLlvocalionaf $kills ICquisilioo training;

that the state government was given up to March this year to fully implement the conttuversial ASUUlFederal Government agreement of 2OJ9 which was the bone of contention in the first place. It was also gathered that the union accepted the implementation of the W% increment to their salaries offered by the state govemment in Novemher 2010 which would tenninate at the end of this month. while the 100% increase would take effect from next month-a reason the union gave the state government uptiII March for the full implementation of the said agreement by the university authority.

t&!'!jt.!J!!:tf'''~J!I'i!J!l!I!r.£!,~''(f ..~ ..! ~il"E""". £f ~~,. ;,e.;.'(



3.To cany-out Income generating l!ctivi1ies SIId1 as micro· emerprllJe de'felopmen~ 4.To facilitate !he dltV"lopmenl of sU1llamabitl livl!!ihood

Ihrough mlCfO..credlt admlnlslIalion; An~ objltcliYe 10 the. rtlgimtion of Ihe body 8bould be foIWIlrded to tile Reglstrar. Oooer~I, Coqlorato Mairs Commission, Piol <120, T1!Jri!I420. C",lICfmi, Oft Agulyi Imnsl S1t'91!l, MllitRmll, AblJjlo. within Iwt"ty. (281 I'll Ihill

08076290487 0807 629 0488

0803 322 1584 0802 316 0385

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VlCI\)!' C. It. 0!aIlW a to.. aMi.IO'. S<liiffloM. A ("",,,,,,,,,,,, <'.... I\ll1!lYtt.

100 1Iirl~ Rnnrl. P.... , '''''''''111


Climate Change Plunges Rice Production by 40%

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