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2012 Trade Fair. ABUCCIMAto Promote Non-oil


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llTA Cassava Varieties to Boost Food Security in Cameroon Stories by CtusGe Osagl.

irm and DIT.. Partners thai worked In the varietal development

include the Programme National de Developpcment des RaClnes el Tubercules (PNDRT), the Institute of Agricultural Rest"arch for Development (lRAD). the




Agricultural Development ((FAD), non-govemment.1 organisations and local farmeT5. The varieties will help close the yield gaps. improve yield and also put more money in farmers' pockets, Silid the Oirec lor ~e~1 of IlTA, Dr. Nlerilnya Sanging~ Sanginga also said Ihe release of the varielies would help Improve the fortunes of (armen who depend On the emp for their Iivelihoocb. According 10 him, "rrrA will continue 10 support 4

farmcn! in Cameroon by offering Improved variet· les and lechnologies that address the const~int5 to development in lropical nations." The Minister of Agriculture said the new improved varieties would help Cameroon 10 take advantage of !he opportuni~ 01 (3!fiiIVlII. He .Iso commended UTA's eHorts in developing Ihe

varieties. Crown by mosl farmers. cassava IS one of the major staples In Cameroon lhal is mntributin to food serurity and wealtt c:reation. The crop Is eilher boiled and eatcn, or processed into local delicacies such iI5 Mitumba, Baton de manioc. Beignets de maruoc, garri. and Ndas among others. The rool cmp has also gained industrial importance with uses in ethanol pl'OchJC'lion.

'Thtde and Investment Forum Gets FERMA Support 1lr ~ FsBaI Roads

............ Af1«Y(FERMA~ M£ &ekieI Oajide Adeni. has

aI!Uld 1TST'b!I.5c:i h!~ 0mmineE of the Oil and Gas Trade and lrM5ttnen1 Forwn

2Ol2 d!he agerq's support. The pIedgo:J suppm IID'OIYes


!he ~ dire bad pertD1s ci Ih! road akrs Eleme 10

a-.w: jan:tD1. ~ P01 Han:nurt,

1h.-o-m..t.stEI ... wh:n

ewrt lOds

lrI ~:on


I had dim:Ied thai PJOl1't adD1 be taken to rehabiliIale the bad portKr6 d !he road befJ:ft the

"""" """""""' &rUer. l.abar.Jn, .wM

j<:. aI!Io

Federal Mirustry oI1iade the """'" """ " ' "an::! _ InvestmerV. had thanked the chairman b his pu:npI adio1 and directives lrI the nq.e;t ci the 0ganisIng CaranitEe.

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR has just Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr, GCON is an ADROIT Nigerian, Your testimonial will include the following:

-Adept -Adorable -Achiever

- Enigma - Jcon,and - inspirer We pray that God in His infinite mercies will continue to bless, guide, give you wisdom and good health ad infinitun, amen! Oye a mari 0. Amin.



IITA Cassava Varieties to Boost Food Security in Cameroon

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