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Monday, November 14, 2011

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helnlmlational lllS' for Tropical AgJiculhll!: (UTA) has II.IrMlIIfJOthcr impor1m JllF in its aIrmsI 45 year hisaay as it ~1coTC'i Mr. Nrcr.snYli Sanginga on ':Ioard as its 5Ie\'mth ~ Gt:001lI to govern !he atram oC Lre U"l5ti1W. Sanginga takt:s O\"CI" the hdm of !he instiWle frt,m Mr.

Harumnn. wooofficiallyended his JO-year rmn on Oc:ober 31. According to Ihe C!lairman, Board oC TTUSlecs D["A, Mr. Bryan H~~', 'Sauginga ~'8S sdccted from In ou.5landing pql of candidalf5. ''His ~a.ns in ~­

vigornting the Trop!ca1 Soil Diology and Fertility lllstitute of the CenlrO lulem3C ona1 de AgriC\dlUfll TlOpil."al (f'SBFClAT). IS weil IS his eJ.1!::nsi-.'e experience in 'l'O\i OlI IgrituJ~ , make Mn an ld.'aI dloioe to take on the much br:Jlldcr IIISk or guiding lITA inlC !he ral

IITA Welcomes New Director General By Crtlsoe Osagie dccadc:;' h~ added. HaJ'\'ey was refc:ning to Sanginp's lc:adc:r.;hip orTSBFClAT during which its portfolio rose from S12 million in 2003 to O\'C" 51 45 million in 2010. and ilS rese:ud! OO\.ttage expanded rrom)lSl wcstc:rn Kmya to east. amtral, and southc:mAfiica.


welcome: event 0fglUlisc:d by the: UTA Oirtttora\e o.nd atte:nded by IntI::rn:Wonally Rccroiled Staff I


(IRS) and national management saaff on NO\'c:fTlber I , Sanginga said thai ht: wouJd be: focusing on three aspects during his tenure:

organisalion. "II is i~ dlllt wc:cootinllJUSly improve the quality r:L rcsean:h am our R:Seart:h ~ if ~'e are to main our poSIUoo as !he lOp agriruIlUr.II re:se:arc h- for-de: ve lo pme n I aganisation in A6ica. We also oc:cd to do chis if we: are 10 remain ~'e c:spedaIly in light of-~~donor funding:·

hc:said. He: also e:mphasised !he: ~ of partnc:fShips wltich helps in building the tapaCity of its partren. He sajd its growing in~ with pannm ~115 cuciaI in ClTryu18 OUI its mission and vision. bn can only dl'c:cti;oc:ly ~ chis if its partnerS an: highly

""""""'" "'" """'<. aoo VACANCY "()f~1 orlhc:se~ """"" A new investment company In Enugu Is in need """'"

e:lpaci'Y·t:uiJding and intc:mal

of competent Business Development Officers. REOUIREMENT; Minimum of OND in any business related field and not less ttlan 3 years cognate experience In either an Inv~ent or marketing company,


He (X)inl!:d 0lII thai in this is ~'elI~ 10 prtl'Vidc diem with traming IcdInic:nI supp::t;t to deo.'dop ttcir ~. IITA

be: lc:a1istd without h:umon.y ...i\hin Ql.I' 0\101\ aganisalioo:'



loor Mills PIc. nllll:en of Goldc:n Penny Pasla, has n-oved ahead in c:nsurin& tIw: their CUSlOIl1m get the full doik: clthe range oftheaJrrl.ClllY·' productson offer, by IOOYing from jist being sn;d 10 food. lbrea1isc lIlis fully. flour "fills PIc nD:IIlIy mpniso1 I motin& ~, wher~ pasta pnlduas wm~ II:5Cd ~ith dilfem1l ~ 10 make flXXl f~ bOO! childrm and ....Its, \\ith 10 ~ from the NmIEm IOlle of the counuy. Each of!he ODIlIl'SIarUdmY up recipe for their dish tI&FI ~ith


All appl ications and resumes Induding phone numbf:rs should be forwarded to, not later than two weeks from the date of publication ,


080 6345 2669. 080 3500 4681


From Yem; Akinsuyi "'''bjG

different lI81l"CI,and Wefe gto.'c:fl 30 rninulcllO bing fMh ~ meal for the pccpJc:.c::spccially !he panel of j.Idges, rrostly drls from diffc:rc:rt food industries. Thiny minutes 0Ytt and cadi COIlIC$WII ~-as

asked to stand

behind his or her food, while: the judp W~~nl round 10 tasZe the food and passed jud~ ba9Ild on how fl5l each could cook, how anr.:tr.'e the: food was. and the tasIC: of the: rood.1tI11Orl8 ocba con· sidc:ntions. E-wJy,Ihm:.OUIoCthe: to ~.

amxtg thc:m

I 1tIIIn,

auc:rgcd the: \\iru1m of the c0mpetition, \liming I SIlIndin& gas cooker, mic:n>-\lI1I~O\'UJT\.iI sc:tof pot. and IlW1)' boxes of pasta r-o:tucu. ComoIation pria:I were abo given ID the: remaining 5Ic:\'c:fl aXTle::swltJ as they wc:nl ~ with boxes of p;tSta proWas. Speaking II the: c:\'CI'II. RqionaI J'.1anagc:r,Qokb Pasg,1 dMs10n of flour J'.iilI PIc, Mr. Albina Jirmh. said the: whole c:ss:nt:e of


a:dtin& tune

a.npdition was 10

dm~ the fact thai pasb. ~ \\~ II1C3IlI for food m;I

IlOl snacb as aJI\SLlfflm had been

vie:..... ing iL JilT'dl c:xplaimd thai. ~ilhc::adl 00fl1C:SlalltS COITU"B up \lith !heir OII..n ~pc. it ~'OU1d be eIS)' fer consumer fO krow the kind d food they w:IIIt 10 enjoy \lith pas1I


"PIsIa ~ ~ nude fn:e Durum wheat. \I hicb rc:tains aU

!he~TJOIIIifICI''''''''lcmr; i Iasu. Durumwhcal is lOO~CmI

good Ind it is the best \liat in iii:

wcdd,contalning all cb: - r ~ ncukd forlhc body 10 funaion properly. AlttIJugb chis pankulIII' wheal is ~, pam produas IR proci.Ioed lcaIly in Nigeria. " II an be enjcJy«llt any time IlOlIS I sn;d b.II. IS I CJJIJ1IIet meal. 'Th:aI: is why we: Illowcd the mnICSI3IllS 10 cane up \\ith their recipe for variom dUa: b) cb: COflSU/llCn . We are poised 10 ensure: tb:II ~ get maxi- • mum mj'Jymc:rrl for cxfl ~ spenI on Illy 0( the: range:' he



IITA Welcomes New Director General