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Smuggling, Import Waivers Stifling Local Rice Production Crusoe~e

looks at the twin ofand smu impo du%~ WillVers and their debilitatin impact on Nigeria9s quest for self-sufficiency


in rice production

ymrty ~ 01 nr:r IS Du: 5.5 rniDbl D1nei WIth 100M productJm ~ fof.bout I JI rnillinn IorneIo. thus oece!I5It;I~ tty ~ for unportllborl to bnd~ thr ~ Unfomnllldy. so pet' ct'J1t 01 ~ rmpor1S"~ 5fT\U~ Into the counuy-; .t addrd Staba row fhJw fW: If' ba cllPoU"U' to the ~mcnl from t,hb llnw~ .ctIVlty For IN! pconod ~ng Janu.ry 2012 tiD datP i5 over $200 millJm. which. whm rolwertOO 10 "'in at the rurn-nl rate of NI58, IS about N32 billIOn IW~ Thf unscrupulous renore behmd ttus un!!tI1lD:s,.

w~~aA'mtonly~ but ~ ibtly intmsUy1ng And rdirung thrv

actrvlb1!5 therdJy urdmnuvng pernmenl's policies Mw:t pmgrammet dirmrd .1 boo8bng IocaJ food producbon. It • d~ 10 !"lOR tNt thee per!OAI CDY\nY WIth IIOmr Nd dements .-! 5«Wlty ~ 10 papdUoIte


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whereby thou5.1.nd5 of t.g.<J 01 ~ .re btomg thr country on /I ~r boW ~Dy through ~ mYni hnlmg Nigm. With thr RqNbhc 01 6eun. wht~ gmUIIW pnJCe!fiiOfS .re left in ill Iwch. Thr &'iI!iOCIoa1lOO'S caD I!I lOr Ihr fI.'deraI punmt:n11O Sbmgtnen It! ~ for robctr« the IiIInd borders ~1Jy the ~ Ilonk-r f\Jok ., ",dI .. OCher I\.-lak'd iIIft"IiIIS, "'~ muctt 5m~ into

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RiMDAN's oc,..~ in It-. ~ 1110 JM*-'C1

tht ncr ~ In N"lgftliII .nd rn'JUft' INt tht plillys It! role of 5UStauung 13 d~ C".tnM J:lomroMx I'rOOuct (GOP) COIltr'b.rtJon 10 thr NboN.l economy,~ thr ~bon ~It'd With Inl'mbmI: !ICiIt~ iIIOOSII ttw country. ttwy OWTI ~ fanT'15 thiIIt IvlkI thr JlfI4t'nbAI olll\illiung NIKC!N • kwbng ncl' pnlducer In ~

theu illiot acts.. The ~ 01 ~ ~ 5llnuggIcd through the world. land from the RepublIC 01 8rrun 15 mcrea5U18 . l:or l!Ump", Elephillnt Rkr Filion, Mlwuya. or1 • tWJy bi5a.lnvebgabonli n"\"Nltd th.ll an n-iBn. ~rOWl1!l. I~I\" ru1tn..-u etimatrd :J),lD) metnc tfnnc.'5 of ria' Is besng smuggled CWl ,. moothly t - Into Nigna The ~d"'. thiII ~...-0unt501 fTUle)" IrM!l!iIl'd ., rU' by ypun!' ~ would SO down the dnm .-nd .,,"-etmenl an the xctor will ~ wunlCfftbng bfauw ~ 2.."1: no rneaIR.U'l'S to protect "weston' ~ 10 .tWbon Ihr 1ntn1hon 01 the FedmaI



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umcrupolou5 ek.'ments.

Crux of the Mallu AtmrdJng 10 .W51~buf\!., Wlth:Kl,Ol) rrctnt" kn"lI5d ftZ~ ~'t'r'Y mct1Ih Iht> ~ ~ wuo.Jd br ioa'tg ~'e" Nt.] biDim ~'ft'Ilr ~"Cf)' monIh. n.. 15 In.ddlbon an Ihr ~ it 15 ~ b Ihr!roll dc"O'*'t., ..... ."I~tIi'--es 0( thc frdfml ~l

The unscrupulous .,ersons beliind this unwholesome business are not only unrelenting, but are daily intens:f'..:ng and refiiting theif;cfivities therebY undennining !;O'!:emment's policies and programmes direCted"at boostin$ local food production

(;wm, Cbn N"F'" Na<arawa 'ibWo 10JUl ~5aIbt~" ~~~ IJOJ


~",,","""N''''''''''_I· '1Ul iIIfId o..m.c.b. ('Io;ul ~.-d ~(lO

su~ (ltegu:n-'~ lMld ) 1('(1 iIICIt'" Tlw: ~bon 50iIIid ~ iiiit' thr ~ 011 ta~ whrn Ihto net! Indu9fy 15 thn.'ilk"nt'd b)

the ViIIl1I.JU5 elements thiIIt d ll not mNn W't'b flOr the nabum aK"' 'WCttlr "Thr .bu.... f1KtS and 'WiItl<;lIC"> g" In ~w." thaI RtMTDAN ~ mckord • molpo: .... ~~ In thr ~Iural and by ~I~ run1mK ~ 01 thI!I country hmtT ( "lUI 1\-..;.1, .. to f»l1JlI!fSO''l'I'T"IIlU1lsM \OIInOlt''i\lrl.~~1l''

c•.,. ........ a'd nJIo,"Idual!; Io.mft Ihr 0'ItIaIII ~~ ci k'Cd!iellIlJlO.on:y.-d ~ koI ncrptt'ductJm. "".....~!llJlU1~~ dt-riwJn to ~ rvy on Iml'llfW'd ~. "'~ ~ I\"Ilrr.ltr tNt fOf • Irwol rL-l\'v~ field " ~ ~kl ~


WaJ"," wh.o~,"

!he r - ' " With whICh thI!I rf\'"it'fll ..d mUU9nbon IS eo."oivIng pOOot-! lind I11('iW,JI\"5 to msure that Nigen.J iIIltlln!I thP sI<lt!.l!l d <;('il food prodUC'llOO IS \t'ry romN\,~ dtmomtl1llrd ttus by





Incmt5ftI m\"etmmt md OIJ'1~1 VlfI!'CbOn to ",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,",,,,,,,

-vJh:n you ~ It duII'f kl ~ ra 'I£dor. d ... attmbOn IS no Ifs f'I'llJ"f'wobc; 10 ttw o\lmlt INI thr hdenl GO\~.. In'~ umtd.1 bcocl'itJng l'"a ~ fof~. n(M" nrd Ulto blllicns 01 ~1.f1I ' " lib fNIfUl1'T. 'R.rppor1 10 ~1oB In ttw I1C? 'W'Clor hills II"lCfN5II'd All theifo go to ~ thr monty tNt thr Frdt-nil Go\Tmmeflt puts no tht .gnoilhlnll .wctur WIth reg.·ud to ~If w'hdmev In '.lCII.I prodUCbm.. • II Mkko.J CiarI). ttrc "Ie ~ I.I~

-.... who. RJ.\iIDAN

thr fNtonl ~t to ~Itp Ul ",nd tadrJr thr IWO miIIJOf cNl,"",~ 01 vnl.lAAlo~ iIInd U11port duty WAJ\~ tn ordn- 10 koep Nif;C'nii m ~Ienbon m thr ~ 01 \ "UlOU:S Nbons to beromt sriI"""'9I.IIfoml O('t f'"'dUC'tr' md ~ foI\"I~ ~t tamtf<;


Smuggling, import waivers stifling local rice production


Smuggling, import waivers stifling local rice production