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Tuesday. March 13, 20U



RMRDC Seeks Production of Seasoning from Cassava he Di~lOr· Genem of


bw MalCrials Rex:ard1 and ~ Council ( RMROC) . Pmf Azikiwe o..wualu. his dexribed the proIifcnbOn or IJtten IA pbwc disposables. u.:1OO101 used ~ and ~ or water all (l¥CI" the COOIJb)'. 1:'1 • map cbIUenae 10 thc~ o..WUOIIu ~Jde ~ a jOQ

wtJfbhop en the rruJuction IA btodegrIdabIe peen plasilO and mono:so.llUm gluta matc (~lJIIg) cassava



lie ~coJ the need for a rna enlighle:1\fTW'nI fOl a '\bifl rrom the are·kIm! 1.."iC of non .................... po<D. inl: rnaImaIs (Of s.wne products.l(llhe 1liopI1IJrl. populan sa.tIOfl and r:pl:a.."e I1em wllh btodqradablc IMCugmg nutcnaI~ In'

'\lifer ad


SlorinJrom Tund~ Sanni

1111 of

much fCftlgn reseJYI'$ wouki be ~. If production of monosodium glutamalt; is cmbart.ed upon rigln t'mrn !he bcginrunglO the r:nd IIlId if all ~ ~ I.XInYmCd and


~Nigcna can be ant of !he llutamatc producmg counlnc:!i in the WOfkl and a'Cn become II map CAponing counuy of


like Olllll, Japtn. AiTIcnc"8. Bnzll. r'fW1Ce and

SQuth Afnca;' he

~hOD ~~ flom Lie \IO..·1On 1.( lJaNrJ 1~ UCCUI11'lIl' ... 1ma.M1f1 xdatza .. k1.IO!OII o;cal:h. 'UI/:tt' _ ~lltlk-...e ''SU111lan) ... tQn~ (cr·

k"ll1O prrulCl'~ ~


t-,.- I

"dillnl h\' .. -n I$"'l .;luI'l1r.alc "''f1lOI~,

\ •

_dol l-Ie l"C.'~on!d







t\a: ....Ionl 10 him thc

'(hndlll!\ -




\II trllll"tru..""'rc

II. !\l:l ,. tll1X~..1<'1l.- to:'

nll r"o:'fIual< '11 ~ IIIIlI j\lOCa! malo!mll~ "lI1d< !he L £M 1o!I.·!,nt"',,\ ITW'i'lnat~... ratJoje,j.

rnllrr In..n -;hcd mIIfr



""'tlIKt ...'Il



I~ 1'I'm:u"\..~. (II the


lilt' st3le R}. IROC.

Agrica: Kwara Gets BA: Isr al's Support

T Itt

he hn.. h



rr~ If"

r.10!'1tc JUm


From Hammell Shim,


Iu,. ~II!.I tI"\_ofl~

....11 ( ... ~ontc \Iolth tht' '" .... iIflI StllC (iO'll'fllmcnt un ':!JlCUlturt".·n lllkr 10 SUPPOr!

"hmed;,ddcd "If pruperly u... /laltCd


lI.1l11Cu h~

has the

Ram disclo§ltj hIS IIIlklnfl t.s we:ktnd dt.-u-II, I COOfIes) \.,sll 10 dr SLIt CioYemOl,

of pos,u\tly Cflg12' III! IIr youth. thereby rcdutIII, the Ie\'CI of Ins«unI) lInll aiM) Cl'CaUlig .... o:';dth for nllll()lW !fU'""'1h and develop-

AIMJ' Abd:.tlfilllll Ahmed



r ~ r]{ tie !IO\oemment


all ~ apiCul:u'" pmp:1S


' ' "'

The Amb.. I..s;Idor. ...110 CAJlfC$5Cd optu"Llfm abouI the raldincsso(tht K'\"VlII Sill'" t~ ~c the: ..1C.:cs5 of lhe Shoop O,pc:ntI1C"!. 5IUd Israel .... prepared 10 roIlaboraIe WIth the ~t:ltIl ill agncuhurc andKCunl). l ie ~ the ""-Ie ooukl tip from IIr 1$J"lId upenent'C' 10 promote « :-on(fYllC activilJell

bcrwecll KwarllIllI braeL The Israeli 'mblWador "litho aI.., prcsnlkd I propos:lI 10

the govm'IOt (ur 00II51do:ra,

lion said-the ~ ~mcnt WlI$ inviliCd 10 atI!nd the agn' nrllund uhibihon pbce ,n Isr.d Ifl ~t.a)' this)'Cal" Rc:spondm,. Ahmed. ~In­ .Ialed his lkinli nislration J commilmcnl TO fUm ing 3mUnd The lpi:uhural (or· ~ of the 51.rc Al:cc:'Ifrlu" t, lum . "ThIS IS one am where "''C have c0mparative .:Ivanu,o:': 1f<' .Jded:: "'Vt have the XlII ~'C ha~ l'le climate and ,",'C also 1ta\'C: the people ",Ito are deeply c:ornmmcd to IIgn·



UniYCf"!t;ity.Any'gt.. SUled thaI the producuou of monosodium glutamlle from locally ~

lead 10 addltJon of\-Wue tOat5u.arrlI as 100usrna1 raw IlUIlcnal. therc-by enhancing rT'I(n; economIC bendits 10 lhe cassava growmlfarmm and prooesson:' he atlded A \'I


~'r. r. "I'n Ih.,· ~ "'" .......... cklfI Il~ n1hettnt L~llfle..


the WOIbhop. Dr Comclill5 Onshagbmn or the Kost SUiI.c

ali '«10....... (II ,he 1'\.''0l'I0-

.dJltlrO "I 1'. fB1Ol... ,,,.

-em, 'in


,...,t mIIImaIi:' he



their M

.. It ....i11 save the indusuies from t..gc annual unporwlOn bills n:suitlng in foreign uclwlge nn Abo. k woukl


,1l'\'CkIped fmm ~ ~ .t\

I 'ft.oiHn. mtorm.lIlt1111 ta.-flf>nI. l!l. 1'""\lIIlf1fllrT1ta! rn"o:'l;Uon "1CI.!1I:tt'te Jnd ~:l!1l II!> \ en ~


r, r

VIIlIC ath~ f1(l5t


~I~ :rucn:H~·.all .n lIid .... h!:'11 [ht t"e!'U1llrt II, t:r ....1t 0lC"itJ


cap8ClbCS. he Iddod. In his ~ prc:sentabon III


ITIIIIenab "''Wki be of &l'l'l't bmcfJl.l1O Nigma 'l foot.! and pIwm..-.euIX:aI Industries !hal uuh!e MSG as f1a\'OUtlta.ste cnhancef. whK:h is usually

I'mp0a.5ls to utili~allon o( advanced malCnals and assoc;,


mmtafn' hf ttr(' 'ro.!

lIlid .... 1lh Ihc Itt 1..1 lJ'flfOPn'


,.t'd fCl:hnoloJ!eS ((II' mdll!;b1al


In manv ·B~.".ot~·,"",_

He hmtcd !hat the I(ltII'I% of platllll'l8 m.,1Olab detomines tlr quIIlilY IIIriI:mes or final ptdJds.ldding thaI.somc cas.sava vanctlcs are J'OOd fOl'

Ik: SlMCd th.r ADP

10 have pmduction taIJd 10 support prDVl5IOn of ~ • land and I«hnical JCfVICCS, ..,be financial irunllultons shoukl make loam freely a\-ail· able at a 5lIlgIe digtl. 1tlIIrn:5t!ll) \hal flflT1Cl' is ~ 10



~,pMy"1I;!" in .... hdl

"'" ""'"

!larCh production witHe some Iff; bet1n for pri 1lllIkm8. poidmg out thai the WlIlCf contoent. of the tubers Rlitablc for slan:h production is hlglta!han those for pri production. Awoldun mnarbd thai the challenge of mcctmJ the I1IW malb'lllls III'Cd5 of mcrea.slllg CMSI\1I proWtts docs not !'CSt on the shoulder 0( the c:MsaYa ~ akJnc. iI1:sming thai gG"t"'Clllll1Cnt bas I role or appropriate policy tlecisiom dJat ~ -.J proccct the f:armcn and processon

The RMROC dud \jJb,ned thai '" I'I'CftlI tunes, lhe WOfId of 5CIeIICC hl'§ ~tcd

ancd by bw1plt) ITIt"

"• Acrofdir:! 10 Ill" 0)0\"01. lUJIIl plastic:. "1.1~ be ~.

production Tn onb-IO meet its lripartllc rood , Livestock and indUSlriaJ raw Il"IIIC!'W5 ~ ,atltlina thai the gtoWflJ dlYaSificatJon of the usc 0( cassava e5pe1;taIly as Industnal I1IW maaeriaJJ ncces· S1b11:d ma5J pmducuon 10 meet cas:5II\1I


·!UWth .... hKtt IS gtVlng IfI1lClUS I" a p-..duaI tq'Iattmtnloflf1l. tilUonal nI'" maknals as Ulput'l f·r manll(klUnn~ ''lbest materials h;J\C : fU't'C.'n It> haYC pHlCf em-

"JOn: etn-lfllIIIlfElllll)- friend-

Ot Gabnel Awoidlln. arcsscd the need for aggressiYt ~,


Speallllr: further on


I)' • Ahmcd AKi II was • I!kIbai l-hallengc and hQ\o."CYef COllImended !he cu~nt cifons by federal 1O'"'Cl'TIffiC'nI 10 Cfl'il.lI"C: Hllcma.J SCCImtv nod proeea t1r tnntonal Hltq''')' or the n.111Of1


Anu . n

Sets Up Fanners' Skill Development Centre mon: ''''.:ur"""""""" "' " """'" Hi:.! .. ms mklng

41il' ...::q' 1<ltron ~"CnIrc f tr.un.Ine .td

... Ilh the !lUll ('(jUlpptnlf flC" rra:s:s;Jf) ~Ib.

f~- ~Ith

The t'C:I1Il'r Io..:dcd III A,a Arc III 0,.0 Stale IS .. ~ wmcrs "e .5Clr~II'pk'I)'Cd and be IIM.lMd III IlIf!r scale COOtrna'O3lbmung nn~ IS It'i IItt Oyo SIlIIe Gmanmcnl has su1 II earIIWkcd N 1 btlbon thts )'CW _ l'Ol1'lSllttCl&l IIIJICUlluraJ loin sdIcmc fIJI (IITTICIS 10 ~



.u.; ~J Ifllhe!r


Td..:c '. !"10!JU IBATM 1m ..el up ., Hl1C1Jhur.1l



'~. IlAT N'1fp1lI II.

/'oIc.Jrm:In • Yttl the sctl1III up d dE ~'Slhon·a::sm "'as 10

'\cffon:s III ~III' ~'Cft)' b) uncmpIoyn.enr ItvtJ.f!h ph crc:ntJOn Speabnf; • Dr BATN/BAT


Ise~in AI!1"IJI'IOII1~ IBAnAl J) J2 f:umc~' prodllClh II} ...mds ccmnon) w~ 128

fannc:r3 wen: fI:',I,-ankd for Ihar outslanl.ilng" pcrfonnance. Nona. noted d,.1he comp-ty ~1I5~1fII~'S llUillW"'C on ~ilurc III onJcr 10 ~·p05.f1l0n the liC't'Cor (Of

~ ~J!CtlCnlIOII Aa:orIJ~ 10 hnn. II IS 0lI"

hope: thai thIS ~p will keep plaY1flI1tI pan 10 5IIrI'lIlaI ..


If1!t \IUmS enccunt@.IIlI • po5lI1\'C ICIItltde 1OIOt""al'\k aptculn.ft and we ~iD oonliJlUe 10 suppon the fllnllCl'5 to grow !WId< k, earn


~dll."ltaxtl ~uti\."1tlJOn

"ill) tkll~ lttnLlIttul't' a'I an ltoooumhic

I BAn 4 TIlOfna. 0111011.\.: . ..;lid the .~. Olw:.-d ......"heme v.a!O., IIllllU\C dim:kd 1II ~-o¥Umt .oo.:m f.trmm for lIIUImnl dE 'id ctllen!! ~. d1l:: c001pll1\" 1:J\\o..,u.; tmpm'I'Cd YOIume thY<:'. ~ dd. 10 facdlL*: • SUSI:lInabic :ni pmOOcu\e nuu:aI1y bendi




\aid Ihr C:wT'J"U"'




bYICY II\OW IOIIIlrnCt rmrc ~ fanunl! :nl ~ pm-

r>iI' .,..,

....The """. l)\e'

~ '" i!tI farmers the)'ClrS he f'OU*'d OUt

yae:kIcd ~ wM IObk-co ~ ITICf"ellt;IIlB from a ilnIc abottc 1,00) IOnI1CS 10 O\'er 1..800 I(.QJCS O\a the past ~ IDIl f:umtt's saks value also Il'lCI't:aged from about N2241fl1O NS26m. Wlthm the same pen. ha5



Thl$. the BAT General MWlager said. enabled the

FAO Predicts Bountiful Wheat Harvest in 2012 IM: r"OOtl and AgncultUfe OrpnlSiltion (FAa) his thai 2012 wcrid



producbon will be

!he !lCOOlltl hrJhc:5t on record al 690 million tooneI abo anl10lJflCed lhal InIemII.ionaI


food prices I'05C' one per cml in FebruItry, the liCCOIId ~

months. In iu quancrly Crop Prosp::as and r'OOd Situation Rtpon. FAD f~ a 2012 wheatcrop 10 million IOIlne!Ii Of"

1\1 (l1li."0

1.4 pef cenl do","n from the record 2D I I han'C5I but Rill well IIbo\'C the I\'CRfC 0( the pas! flYC yra'S. Ahhooah plantings have In.;reased or are forecast 10 in many owmics ttus


By Crusoe Osagie


year III ~ 10 oonllnumg SlroIIi JI!1CC1. a mum 10 ItOrmal yickls is expect<'d In 1lrt"1I5 ",h!:re I'C'COI"d highs ""ere las! 'jQ6. the report


BIA h was RilllOocatly rora glotal fOl"CCll5l or 10 12 ~

oug:pit~ Iko noIcd a tirrnint:

or inIcmationll cmaJ pricc:s in ~ weds due 10 aa-n:n: wheat sup-


pf"=s and concerns

~ !he

Ifl1*t of ~ cold \OoUlhcl"

-""'" in




the or


thc SIlU!tl1Ol1 •

tqJOOII It:vd. the report laid th:II aID"CrX ~UlheI" in " bI Africa cau5tCd I sharp dIq:I in ttm1I and p$R pmductJon in large p:uu of !he Sahel. lM. combined \I; illt high foot.! pitts -S civil strife. has led 10 hiIh

food imecunIy and ~ malnutrition in ~ COlInIrics, nocabIy in Nigtt. CbId. Mauiblnia, Mali and Durtinl


In the Nmr EaQ. root.! sewmy ha:!i deterionled in the Syriln Arm Republk: and Yemen IOIlowtnz civil mnI1icr III the two aJUntries. In Syna about I A million peopc hnc become food insecure ",hilc Ihomands or (amilies IvYe bren




10 ~

thelt homes



SO:=CI~dr~ SIIU3l.ton of vulncnble groups r=Wns precarious. cspa:iaIl), in areas afl"cdtd by ta("hcr cktJu&hI .The food SCCII' my ~b.I:Idon in the SudIII.1 and South Sudan is or conoem rol·



In Southern Africa. overaIJ. crop p-05IlCCl5 remain s:aIISfklory





cycbles III 5OI1r 1mtI_ In Fa- East Asia. pro:speeu fi:JJ the 20 12 ""hell crop arc JE2EI1IIly ravouni* wnh output expcaed 10 reach IasI )'tfII"'S recon.llt:vd due in puucular to good pins III Ifldia.

Omofoyc "" """'""'" Gu¥crnmmI ~lfl!


thorit'd 0)'0 Sc.: for d.'S '\tWOI1 by pllbbc-prt\"2ll'

... '-'....-.

powvdy on the ~ by dr farn"lCflli and DAnA as well .. the mtm: 5QIC Mean ... tule CommlsslOf1Cf fOf Ap1tu~ III 0)"0 Stale. Bimbo Clade ~ !he WIle p . en>mcnt had ~ fin place variou5

pI'O@J1IlII11"1C\ anti prop:15 10 SCl"'C . . inc:rnllloC, rTOI\"IIhOfI and~ rorfarmcn. The i~II.IYCS and ~ prwra irdude IJ1IIaOf" ~.~agnc~


sdIcmc. tr"aIrIlrI& -.i empower. ment d fannen on oon-aop ~. !ChooI Ig11I.'UItWlll JrOITiIInll1C -.d )'OUlh anpow-



~ Ihe &.ncn 10 ~ the ~ by ma.k.inguseof the~~

mmt p.'Cn 10 Ihcm 10 booIt thcv efficiency fin pnxIuaion Y)in! dill: Ihis "wid Iho inIpro\'C: the so=io«tn:mic tra"Bl'orttIIDon d rural C'OfTIfIJ.IIliI.

The ~ p-..::n ., !he firm-

en • the a-.-ard ~y included moac:ydcs. water pur11J&.luqAck. spI1Iya"I and

wwr larlks.

THISDAY, 13 MARCH, 2012  

Agrica: K wara Gets Isreal's Support