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STATE OF THE STATES _______--="=u.... = .~""':::;"::; «h=13!..: , 2=012

POise 10, THISDAY, Vo l. 17, No. 6168

NAFDAC Uncovers Fake Pharmaceutical Products Warehouse LAGOS By MaryEkah Orilii .....110 s:Ud tim; new Imld was gl\1l1g ~ Agent) I lot 0( a:nzmalir._~1IO')' ditrlCUh to dTcaively ~

""p "'''''''''''funtw:r IhII NAFOrfii ~

DAC op:r.rtives had 10 tttak into !he \Io~ 1O.gDI Xl%SS 10 the tkug. -..Jill! IhaI die 04JeodIng prodllCl. di5CO\'Cmi were evJCWICd kI NAfDAC Wllre..

howe • ()§tni and ~ ~ housIe ~ m hokI whik. the Agerq _ still inlc:nsirying cHon 10 tnd:: one Mr. ~





am1gnrrE11t bnlllI. 5tqJ 0t8 In! v.-ardlouse kxk: ~stq:I 548.

sad::5 10 hide their Idolluy. TIle Managing Din:dor 0( L Obinaco lnYeStment Nigeria Unuled of Not m. Mik 2 Osb::di &~. Lagos \10115 .said kI hAve IITIJ'OIbd the ~

'""'" ,""_.

t11CSe puduas. appealed 10 nltfJlbefs rLthe fUJliC .cspeciaI .. Iy !he market unions. 10 come rorwan.t with inf~ on any Iocabon in. !heir ITIIrter where drugs 1ft; -.M. "It is fTlOR tiIt& Iy !hal ItIC:!lC ~p am not genuine hc:noe their SItlr:l&'C in Iiae pI:u:s. 1t is abo 110')' irTlJutanIlO note IhM. the sUage t'OIXtilOl in this place can rleY'I::I" be condudYe eYefi kI genuine drugs:'

"" .....

Howe\"er". !he Agency ~YeIICd n.1hc:r that III the time rL mYeStiption.noams _made It'l 00 one carne 10 cbim OIIoTler'

Renewed Cult Clash Claims 4 yes-- OAYELSA I *' dead


mc:n:iri Belt ~ \\1M. II:rdIy il Yenap. !he Ba)dsa SraIe~. 101-

lav-q. p i bEll: kl\\\'DI t\!oO ""a! ad! gn:qJ5 ficm Ihr DIC-

-w.y_. tWo-naj

From S egllli James


N"TF Defta UnilOC"5ity

(NDlJ).~ .

TIE ..."hdI1OJIc pb;-e _ !he I1OO"Uls y~ R'rl IjgJw di.\tritt. San-611 Mong ~ ll5P

~ It'l prq* r.:lII « their lives. The batIk .,hId! o.xum:xJ ~.5pm ...:I8~


!he ~ do5te rL mo;I business tMIea in Ihe . . TIOIbIe .$IiDI:! _ :OM 4pn ...tEn • 23)'::n (ltd SIlJIb1. rL the (NDU). ",110 ax:kb1U1lly a1so maII'irulaftIld Slutby Ihe DIIIM12 -=-bnic CSSIfIn was 5hcI: _ cbe rolDF' on SurdJy new • rlSl. focd }CirI. alai! A1.i;rru


Eyewitness IIaXUlt :said the \Ir"3!i .surding wid! me rL near Ihe p: r;i the !bod tUId wbm Stn"E gurnx:n ","3Ikt!d cbIc ...:I opened ,.,. on !he IWCI" qioo do hi.<; riJs • naim

lao; frienI5


ThC' vicbm.5Iid t> be • COll5in

10. mcrrb:rrL Ihe ",kwC'tl1O!t IU the




rL Niger Deb Paul


Commander ()gunbo5.s1 ","-as

s;al.y "'-hm Ihey rma.tas well as ftron::n. if 1ft)' IIo1g silk IICI""Virw ofIiccrs.lhey.-e ~ pMtty It'l menhly poRon_ Ac:cmtin& ., twn. we feci_


~is.ripdJ"'kftad IMblsbbc~bylh::

hh.rlies. ~ tal: the scmt:

currniaeem f'emIon shroId k:d; IflIOd.:.-CIl'IC an:! addn:ss the ISSI.lC of bp!C5 so tid d1C)' can rcr:eM:: ,~


THISDAY, 13 MARCH, 2012  

Govt Introduces Rapid Agricultural Programmes

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