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Tuesday. April 10. 2012

age 42. THlSDAY. Vol. 17. No. 6196

tl BusinessWORLD


Employment: FG to Train Graduates on Fishery Fanning

,..Vows to Improve UK $25m Funding to Boost Agric Statistics Rural Agriculture

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More than one idea ahead. The All New Passat. With in actively d imotised seat, numerous assistonce systems such a s pork d istance control, keyless·go and its e speciolly economical fue l consumption, the Possat is mode for long tourneys. Test the new Possot and its ideos and arrange Q perKHlCl lest drive at your neare sf % lkswogen Centre.

iiotlinfl: 07028950910. 07051191157. 08191542005, 08051100468 I E~ : solti@_nige"o.. com

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THISDAY, 10 APRIL, 2012  

UK $25m Funding to Boost Agric Statistics

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