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:-"Ie-PJ'Od uct News -: Making payments from ' he comfort of your office to customers now easy with

UBA PayManager (!

Repairs on

Bridge started yestl!fday from the Iyana Oworoniokl end

Ob(lsanjo: The World is Trre1d of Poverty in Africa Tunde Sannl



generation. These He my !ask anJ .tva on A⁣sn ales... The I'ormer leiIdet- note:l tNt II Wll.'I natum that the tools

FormI!r fft!5idmt. O'lief Uuse011 h · ""~ 5tatcd dndt pt~ natioos a~ rum 01 st1'lrieJ tlf poverty imd unemp~nl in AfrioI.. preferring thai Atitm ieadm harp on de\'eiopnlll!!ltal isriues !hat would ge'e'31 '! wetIth and employrnrnt. Clbasutfo v-'ho i:! mo the In6emaIicralIr'6lih te oIl"mp1aU Agricu!ture (UTA1ilJnbiBsador in A&b. streEed. the need kw Afrian ~ tc Flay down on powrty and kol inwards. The foone plI'sUmt who spoke at the ins itnte'. 45th anniv"rsuy, lOUd. 1 have been !Old and I am takin3 heed. I will no rnDft" speak on fIIM.·rty and ~menL I "in riIIher talk and ~trnte I'" issues on

gun a-njo

usa:I by UTA in the I.Jst ~ >-S wen! obsokoolr now and QUed on 5lakeho~ to njuvenate d~

al,'1'icu.lture institute.. "Unless lITA rejuvenate and update ib II:JoloI lOr ~ and moye along with tile' times, it will remain 51atic and be::ome ir~k!van l 15 to 20 yean from no w. Cbtsanjo p raised the Fon:I Foundation for Ieeding H

others in M\ing the vision and understanding Ioestab&h UTA 115 • fust dHi ~turaI Institute fit for AfriI:a 45 ymrs


for tomonow".


said CIS the host

country 01 TITA.


had •

.."and~N"prdotlw AEriem counlries not to expect the FoundIItion to baillITA out

biR. roeroeloplayby~otte­

again 45 years after.. IV said Afrk:a was lucky to


have an institution like JlTA Iootted on 'the continent It!!I the institute was capable of CI1!ating wealth and genentIns ~Ioyment for now and the fu~ and urged African



1nvet0r5 and stakeholder.!; to invest in (ITA II11d make the institute work.

Earlier. 1M ~ oIlITA. [k Nleranya 5anginga. said if the tools al the international institute Wen! not upgraded. the instihtle would bcaJmt: ~ failwe iI5 the preen!

African couUrifS in ~ in the institute and subsequently

Itt! mum needed food aecurity for Africa. The DG also expressed the belief that a pawtrlul credential like ability 10 ptVVick Africa with Food secwity through an lnstitule like JJTA would give Nlgerlll an edge ~ rival African munlril's in M bid In ~ a seal on the Security Council 01 the Unib.od NaDon!L

Sanging;t urged Claasanjo and the Nigerian investor.!: and stllehoIders present at the forwn lagged "'Rejuvenatins IITA" to help eoovincr the Federal ~ in ~ in the ru~ of UTA.

CBN Moves against Excessive Italy to Help N'ageriaFight Terrorism Bank 01 atrges Oblnn. Chlm;t thai charges

The Centraf I~ l.f Nigeria

has _ eq·n'SBI . its preparedne95 I') address. complaints .of and exa5!Iive c:baq;es 111 h: bank, irdu",",. (CBN)



... itt..

dIal! for gukIe 10 bank oo~ to dfepaSl l101eY bi~.s (DMBs)

and otnd''SIa:kehn dus,. a ropy of w)o6ch ' w~ ob'ained from its ~te yesterda y.


10 ~

induslry align with present a .''Onomic reaJfties. The dOCUIJient eJqJlained: "'The CDN is!ntly rev1ewinR the extant guide to bank ctwges. which.has been in ~ since Januarj 2001. The reo-iew is intended 10 align. the tnriH regime in the banking industry with pnosenl eo:roomic

realities and offer a platform for standard application of dtarges on diff~1 types of banking produds and l!eI'Vices.


"An important component

years.. ootinued to

of the review exettise was the

~ about a.rb trary and

development of a minimum

ovet ~


tdilr cnaJges bank, usually

~ from thex accounts. lffl6DAY ched.s showed ~.!ome o i std t charges C!ibtomers usuaJ}-{ complain ~I border on hgh Com~1On on liun}\!:"!' (Con, pi meB1ge!.Jelt .:targes and

.~~rnr~ · 1

dis::b;ure to all QIStores prier 10 the aJnSWJUIlo'lIio of ~ trM15iKticn. -rhe goal of the R!'Yiew i! to produce a gw~ that is collectively owned by all stakeholders in the bankmg industry with tb= curcomitant feature that it wiU accnmmo-

Senator Iroegbu ~


Wit/I USA Pa ymanager odo it OU'5f.'lfpaymen r pr ,:1u:t, 'QltIllO"~ "llymMBPJpctmr'lr !yfr, ~·tj om'.:>, of)·ourcf(;ce I O)oiJt.r r del JIJPPI'·· uft ·mers, empleye p ('tt' (cre,gn cu rr t!ncif!s.


Imply wal~ ;nt(,01n.v , e J(UBA n~a( Ie yt.. ,1 moke ele.:lmn/t; PI1\'" n


fv m" IT'!


!r.c: /uding N' OmiUion un! Did You Know?


• You can ma ke paymenl to account In any bank (Naira or any cu rrency) • You can eliminate the h ~ 5 s le o f wrlling dleques: • You can eliminate cash handling and Its associated risks • Realtime notlf1cation of transaction status

• Online access to transaction history for easy reconcillallon • M~ke individual and bulk payment

counter-terrorism... she..,· _ The...,.,. of the d>Iegotion' also deliverm a condolince

The Government of Italy tw: ft1e98age of he!' munlly 10 the • expn!!I!II!d Us ~ to IL'I!Iist • Fedem Govt!mn-ent oYer u... Nigena in the 6ght against 10M Of lives in n!U!nt bomb terrorism and intema1 lnsW" blasts -=rtI!Il ~ ~ 5Iying reman by tJaining members Nigeria will defeat lertoOsn. of the _ P"O",J'"." "'" Reopondlng. Mom> 9 otlleI' para-miliwy agencies pre5l'led satislaction over the on counter-terrorism. , olfer o! assistance, whlch he The Italian ~ of for. said was coming at the right egn Affairs, MIS.. ~ta Baniver, made tim known at the w~ whl>rt she led he< """"Y" ~tion of the ~""""' .. H~ ~ (II. a c:ow1l!sy visit on the Minist!:"!' of Intenor, Mr. Abba Morro. • Boniver romme:nded the steps taken by the Federal Government to comb.,t the menace of tenurism and assured the willingness of Italian government 10 assist. ""VW> will hP rP1Irlv h' ~~i'"


He assured delegation that ItlI.' Federal GoYemmenl woud ","""",Ie



..... " . . - . ............... terrorism in the country, "'Terrorism having assumed inb!malional dimension. the Fcdml GoYenment is expIclring all possible avenues to era.rethattheacti!;:~

nqn up m, UPA AJymQtIaq..- todDy_mol? J'CUr~ tI

... ". Cou Fo r run"'!!!, <!'nq"irl~ 1 pi.... . COf'\I~l UB A. C~tcPl'Tter t"tl!f~~on C~f'\'.-e {(ICI

• rel: ~1 ~2808-UBA'1.&1 210" 1122 1. +-234-1OO-QL1.· !!II. {(!-~ ,!':',35 "-.1

• dc" ' • UBA Houu', 57 MIn ,.. 16th Ft.,o,· P.O. 8oll5S51 .


~g ... ~


eradialred in the rountry," he stated. lie ~a!i.llured Nigerians I h~1

F.>rl"",1 r.rwPmmPnl


THISDAY, 09 JULY, 2012  

Obasanjo: The World is Trre1d of Poverty in Africa

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