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W(])rking out Food Security ScJ~le111e in the·Chad Basin Michael Olugbode writes that the collaboration between the Bomo State govetnlnent and the Olad Basin Development Authori~ (CBDA) has'helped to Boost agricultural activities, ensure food security and JOD creation w~1er ~ stnrn.ues a t the prqeas; pt'O\isioo of rordush1! to the CBDA lOr its IaOO prep;ualion. also gave out N5 million wtddng erwironm3'11 and working materi;1ls rc.- staff; pruvision for the buying bid 01 ~ wheat whiql was donaled bock of bom1oIes, tube wells, wash bores, smaD earth dams ao; .....aJ a§ to the farmers as seed to be planted while money was made portable water pumps for farming and domestic CCl'6Umptm in available by the SO"~ to buy ext:e!5 onio"6 frcrn the farmers the 9(!\1(!1 9Inltorial districts 01 the authority's statutory area and the 50 as not to allow them to waste and by externion pre\-eJ\t the revitalisation 01 the 1h'e5tock/pouIuy, forestry and (isheries Wlils. disrouragernent which this rouJd have bl'Ol.lf,hl on the furrners. WIth all thee, the CBOA could only satisfy little from its large On the relaticnship that eri<m:I betv.'t'eI'"I1tlI! CBoA and Ihe Borre plIl!I'Itials and collabcr.ltion Of' support is needed.1his omr from State government and its importarce. the Managing Director of the Bomo State goverro:. AIhaji Kashim Shettima. who was a the authority. Dr:. niyil.said the Barno State Goo.'emOf was quX:k graduate 0{ Agricultural Emrunia.. Shettima is sUd 10 Iacw the to identify tNl (Of" any 5UCCl'5&fuI tral\Wrmation 01 agriculture importara of lapping the \u resoura!S ofkred by agriruIl:\.Ire in the stile. the CBDA has 10 be mvolved espedally in the aJ1"lI5 to take a ..... .y poverty. cl ClIpadty building and knDwledge sharing. Acalrding 10 him. the relationship has indeed IS5isIe::t the Basin One of the rna;:. poIky thrusts of the ~ ildministration is to create jobs and reduction of poverty and the stille being the on its an mandate al msuring food SIl'CIJrity by satisf.Jctorily soo:n:llarge;t in tt-e muntry in bodmas!J has what it tI.b5 for this. meeting the stakd'Oders agricultural and water demands m the To ad\icI.oe IOod 9X1uity the food.!il'ClJrity arc!;:c oealio\ the stile most mst effedi"e manner: governor had travelled i'CroI!5 the gJobe to 5II!ek for roIIaboraticns On how the relaticnship de..:eloped and grew, Wyil saki the in the area of agriculture True to the saying that charity begins at governor of Barno StIll' being an agricultura1ist. took interest in home, he had keyed into the available opportunities within ,Ib.- agriculture more than any prev\0U5 administration. ""\'e felt we stale and encotuaged the rolJilboration of the stile goo.'eITUf'61t should collaborate, I think I made the first advance to get aatII5l5 with tt-e FecIeRI Gu.l!ITVTIl'nt established CDOA. The relationship , siru v,oe have vast land.~ adding '1lhink both d us are benefitting is a mutually benefitting one with the authority gkw. the 1e\.'t'I"a8C &on tt-e <dWxnti01.. tt-elIWldate of CBOA like any othl'r Basin to ad1irve a. its IIWldaIe and Bomo State governmenl J'I'O"ided is to EnSUre food security. J'O''t'rty reduction and;:m O'a'IticrI aOO a c:hanneI to attain its rood security, ptOVide jobs b its people the state poernment ....'IJlJ.Id .....'iII1t to ~ this ESp1'daDy" viIw and take f'O"'erty a ....-ay from it!lland. al the security dlaIJense. if the )9-1ths are ~ in agriculture The area ci partnering between the 1\<.'0 irdude tt-e provisicn !hey woo't hllve time to be invoo.'ed in aU theSe killings. Both ci ci f.vm inputs. ~ Bomo State Governmenl rI!Ce\IIy dcna.ted us are berefitting. my ~ are bercfitting espedaIIy wt1!"n the 2JXX) ~ of fertilizer b the authority's wheat prognunme. The state goyemrrolI inI!r\~ in the area dl'crtili2ct the p'el:Rn31t oo~ of krtili.zas were distributed to humer.s within the project gave aboul2JlX) I»S"' cllm:ilizn to I'anners in my proje.:t. we are free of c:harge. II aha gave 132,.{XX) Iitres of die5eI for pumping idUeving OW' mandate in;:h aeation. food security am povert}' of wa~ for irrigation from Kirenowa to SClP D in Nga1a l.ocaI reduction and the stlte goo.'t'mITIl'Ilt is benefltting likewise.. Government Area in addition.1 joint pet conb'ol exercise which Speaking on the 5UCD!S5 of the ro1.laboration. the Bomo Stail' is being Wldertaken by the pest control Wlit of the Bomo State Commis.siooer of Agriculture and Natural Resowt:es, A1haji UsMinisay of Agriculture.. CoIlaborntion was also on both sides in man Zannah. said "The Basin is able to make quite a nurnDl.'l' the dn!dging 0( .River y~ in order to allow wtimpI.'ded .of5l.lCa5SeS. For irntance, last }'e'ilI', I saw that there was greatB' flow of wale' into the lake Chad nnd at the satnI! time impro'-'e harvest. the rannes evm mnfinned this. lhat they ha~ neo.1.'I' the agricuJlur'aI activitit5 of the fanners along the ri\'er chruv-cI. had good harvest for a blg time aJons the CBDA but last season They also partnert'd in lhechanrdiutioo &anAlau Dun IhJwgJt the han'est was !O good that the price of wheat aastv!d and, Maiduguri Town'ihip 10 Jere BowI!O as 10 ha\~ free flow d Willi.'!' this made the goo.'emor to provide about N5 miIIDl for them to to a\'ert, flooding along the Rh'er Ngadda and at the same time purtholse the e:l(aS! wheat and store thenl 10 be used I'tt the nl'Jd 515Ure that the ~ rio! and \'egetabIe furmers get ermugh water planting: season. Also in the crOl prod1.JC.1iol\ in the CBOA about for their funning activities. 5 ki1ornetre5 was rultiva.ted and the governor orovided money The 8on'O StIle &l"'~ also provided 20 brand fe\Y trado!s to putdwIe the excess onions &urn them. ~ W


Working out Food Security Scheme in the Chad Basin