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Global warming seems to impact Africa much more than even the indushialised countries of the world, but the good news is that advocacy for going green by individuals and organisations is stronger today than ever before. By MARY EKAH the n~lling 01 gl;lCiers in Ihe Polar Rt'Jions. th:: li!;in,g e:u1hquakeoo. global ~ tel\t("ler.llUre etc. [n 1971. lhe United N31ions Conf~rena: on the HumJrl Envuunmen1 "'"as or,g3lt-.sed 10 1;l"-:lId~ peopIe:nJ furthercre:ue :l\I~1mIC55 of the e;r.·ir('lImc:nI. encooraging r:cqlIc from 1II1 \\lllJ..Hlftirelopn in I~'ing!hl! phUld.At theenu {lrt.l~ CQrlferClIce.1h.: bodv <b:lareu Jon:: 5:as World Err.U"f1melll l:Ry. a day'to I:e C"l:1ebaJed MlIU.1l1y tbmu<z.hout the wOOd. E:Jch )"e:lI'". live c:debrnt1OrJ WOttlJ highlight in its theme. orr Il11porL.1JlI envirolllIJenUlI i'i..o;ue :Ind highlighl ways ('Ift:lekJing !hi! issue. Global wanning !«fll'i to intp:ICI Africa much ,,~ than tI'e:n th:: COl1nu1cs like the UnltC'!J SUltcs of Amrricn. Brit3,". Jap3l1. China. Gennany. france . and Ru.\Sia eec:. AcoonIing 10 tlE stud). by British 5Cientisa. Hooley ~. Arrica ! uf· fer$ mon: 0( dle global "'-arming dfect Ihan the cortlirlCI1ts of Ellrope und AI11e1ic;t and Ih~ ~ bel":lUSC industrial pol hilion. \lhich emiL~ ItlC C:IItnl dioxtde th:II ~e.\ th:: green/"ur;c effect. aOO offen some localised proIectlOf\ againsl chmale w:vmmg anti bcousc: Africa is not :as indtr:;tmtll~ 35 the llfumrTlCf1tioned l'OOliIlCllts. it ~ rei produce the: poilu. 1:lnL~ 35 aerosol p011lClcs that C3I1 help 10 shield a!,atml !IC'a Ie\-d. exlmn!: chm.1Ie d\an~. :x:tr.~ \uk.<ulic octl"ilies 10 the rise: In


\"lith wnSlllllt gmoo.'ll1g aw<iJ"t"llCS!i. ~ peoPle 1"1\'e become: inl"1)jl"ed in Ihis queM for a r.uer and deaner em·llOIlll"Cl11. Individuals. coqxr.Yll.'ft.'. professiclnab. nlO\1e §IlIJ5. athJeccs.lellgJOm bc:die! I~ Ilddcd their tIme anti eneq;y 10 make a po5lU\-e ch."IIlge in 0111" ""U1kl. In HoilywoOO for inSt..~, the list of A· d3S5 SI.:Jrs 11-110 ;ue goillg ~n is incJtt.;ing by ~ moment. SaIne d them h;l\1: foundaliom gean:d towards combating !Iobal "'amun!,. Slars like I;.-::~: ;~" l.comdo \>iQlprio. Carnemn Diu. Angelim. )oli. /l lall Damon. ~ Clooney and a wOOle lot men:: ~-e pnai the caI.I for a heaJthJO" WlII ~ world. As earlief mclNioncd. ttqlOI'llle or-gani5ations rue flO( left OUI of Ihis awareness anti t1rh-e 10 Go G~lI . All o\W lhe worid. rnullillillion:lb h.11-e pined the mo;I o( the world to po5ilJl"C:I~' impact tllelf em·1IOI111lCf1l . corttributing !hcir(}\\1t quota 10 a pollution f~ I\'Or1d ~I!d p;trtic"ipllting aclil'el~ in lhe UN·s World En\"irorunenI l:Ry prufI1lIllmes. In Africa for I~ . tile M1N Gll11p. a \\\dJ clllSS le\ecoInlllunK:;uions company has Sod ~KIe 21 da)'~ within which it "ill irnpICI il~ nnmalialc cummunit~ ,-ia 1~1rious hun)3lut:Jrian II'" ~ :x:tlVllics tluwl!h its Annual 93fJ. \"runll.'ttlSm pmgr.tmll1e ta!~ 11 Daysol"Y'cllo Care. a prograinrTlC which i, n1l1s simultl'net.lusly in :11111 countries where il operatCS in Am::. nnd the Middle Easl. In line with thctltetne for the 201 I crlcbr.llionofthc • Ct\!, Corpornte Com""micnifons, MTN, Mrs. FlOnlnl Omogbr"(s"n, plm'tiI1g n tref" to fittg-off tile oNlwfll MTN 2J Dnys of rt'llo Cn" wlli/e bf"ing WorltJ ErMronmenl Da),. lhe group ntJopted the !heme TVotdrrtf by FOllllflrr, Fade ;\frictT, Dr. Nf"w tol1 Jiblll10/r "Mnking a Posilh-e Difference in OUT Enl"ironmcll(' ==.:.::.::-<..:..:== """-'-""'-.:"-'''--'-.:''-''---'-'''='--- -- -- - -- ro.- tins yrar·s ttlebalion. t has bttn saKi lime and lill1e agam thal:l dean tl •. ironrTlCf1t is a In:a world inhabited by approx imate ly 6.6 billion people :lnd growing.lrees are faSI dlS,'ppearing and giving way 10 nlOfe ~'l"ClJui.~ilC for a longer mrd qu:.litarh--e life with po5M-e impllCl 011 pI.'lIlIS lIrd animals alike. Sil1ce d"I'. turn of the IlISt u:ntury. shelter. lIeeess ro.,ds. desertification. dryness anti much more. Tree planting has been identified as one of the myriad ways by c.'pe!1S h;lI't cried out againsl iI1Ct5.53/11. e\1III01UI1e1l1aJ polluUoI1 th:!1 has ronunually a/fectcd the earth·s 'QJnacr and depicted the wh.ieh this growllll! concern COln be addressed. Trec.:s provide 0l0fiC Inyer. gi_ lIlg me 10 global warming with al l the problems shade and protection from Ihe harsh sun TIICY purify the air by as.'''ocialcd WM it antIthrCltening Ihc YCr)' c.\islcncc of mankind. givi ng orr oxygen while they take in c3rbo n·dioxide. Trec.:s IIC!p o.-er tinv::. Ihere has been itteteaSing a,,""aJmeS5 for a IGthicr and with dcscrt encroKhmcnl 3nd erosion. They beautify Ihe envIronment 3Jld ha,~ both communal and economic benefits. ~trrI·irolUl1CrJ:. All O\tt \tv:! 1I"011d. ~ 3te CIlCCIlIIaged kl L"UI · Rec)·cting 3wareness has also grown within comnlunitics. tiVllle eeo·frienUly Inbits like l!C.'e planting. recycling. and 1K o(r~il fuc:1 among othm.. rTOlTl our elcmetJllll)' biolcgy, II"C: know thai pI:J/lt~ schools, markcl plllCcs and the differenl seclOrs of Ihe economy and trees are \"tf)' it11pO!1lln110 Ihe ex~cncc of living thin.p because alKl e"tf)'ullC is eonstanll y encouraged to use more eco-friendthey an: a key element of lhec)"clt alire. fb:rpIc 11110 Ih-e 0\ an ani· Iy products. ronrnent w~ t11C1l: O\fl' a lot oftIt."CS breathe in crisp and unadutlCratTo COI1\I11CfIlOmI tlE Work! Em·irormrn' Day. MTN Nigeria kicKed off th:: celebmioo with the Y'elk> Earth WAlk . IIIl aeti\'ity 1I"1t ed air hec:Juse trees gh-e up 0.( ygen and L1ke in cwbon dio.tidc. as w~ll iI.'! 0C1 I\'i IIOllural rcrnedy for <ksenirlCallQll mrd erosioo IIfI10Ilg other aimed 10 cre:"e all"lJl"ellCSS ror presen"300n of the err.imrunenl. The WlllJt 1I"J15 joined by pt'Q(lIe flOll1 I~ "'":Ilks drirt ",·ith same interIhings. All (}I'CI'1hc world.the impanofglobal \\1IITIlinJ is lx:ing reb. From rH. chief:l!TDl& lllem being Dr. Nev.1OI1 JiWnoIt. a taJCIIIo-ned soil

engineer. con~istcnt eIJl',ronnllt!lllal t~ :tn,,] f'Otllldt!r of Fighl ApinSl. I:le5cn EncroadtIllClII (FADE Arric:l). For 21 Ua)"$. FADE. Afric:a ~ wIth q~rr of Ihe telC'rommulllc3lions !'ant 10 plant Iholls."Ifllk(\flrteSlnlplin!~ ror both fnnts mlll ~ In Cllrnnrunilie!; across the cnuru...·• Recycling also fmn a map pan of IhlS ~(3I"s L-':io:bMK., n:th:: learn wilt rfIOI"C: frror <dllllJhi; 10 Olph:ma~ ~. m;u\;ct.~ ... d pr.l~. lcaching them lhe §OemJ iUXI CCOf1OIllIC hendits (If Itt}'CHlig and rr.lft. lhey will aoo (1'IItJClp:ue in the clc:Uling. of hIockl'll ~. guttr:rs;ax! rtlIlds. • l\cconJing to the l'mp:t I\ lanagtf of 21 Imrs ufYelk) Otre. IIIr


B.on! lklo.1b.1"g. II IS not cnough 10 ttll poojl[.: ;.bout g~..oo.1 \\"llI1n~ ing and cUI'UTlnmental deyali."lIion. it is moo: ;mp!Cl:fullo go a SICfI rtmher by! "hat ew--rnendl} habits like uec p!anUng iIOO~ding c:ut do for CII.If tl\lironmenl.. He s:tlll ~illg ~ crtI'l · rt'!IIlT1Cnl l11C:llOS pr=vlllg the lire "OUIO:: of!hI:- C".u1h and in 3 f;l~t dumgin!! \l-utd like the one: ~ hl~ In .~ shookl be taken not In "r 'he delicate 00l:ma:. "We ;we then ent:OUr3ged 10 follow m the L1trloble ~ of /I. rrN '5 V'ello Care 1Cnm and contritJ.l!e'O ro.1king:\l1 impart in 3 fil'll chall~· ing en.. il"OllrTlCf1C he SoW .

NGO Targets PreB~lh.OOX Age Kids illTIC.' July 10. the ~Iec-p)' ~llIase or Osu-w. In 1~I~la /':,....." NOI1h l.ocaI Qr.·emmml:reaof AIlIiI Stale. Will tOllr a1;'"t.:tIa Non·


g.1J\'CTllmental Or!~I1I~lIon INGOt. lhe Onehrl;a Aliche /llernorial fat). Otildhood E<Juc;nion Cmll.".' leA.\ 1l!EC) ~

....hat i! prob:lbly Nigeria'~ lir.;t o:nueof c.\C1:lIence 111 early child· tu:xl edl.lC3llOll alld dcl1."lopmrnI. ,.1Ie br:llnclllld of :0 New USA ha.<ed ~ ("lI"tho; vdbj;:e .AZ\lbi~e Alidr theCenIJr ~ ~ IlOR-.!!O\"mlIlEntal.l1Cln-fnIlit priI":III!. r=neraJ.1JllIlX"'C c!wny tbi~ to J"U"iUc:. 31Tl("111! OChers. ~ or low roq cias.qu()ln IIl'InJC1IOr1 and <octal 'kills rochfk.lren of ~!lCtvJoI age In IUf3I Nisena. ~1Il!! lOi\lidr. ",he "'1l'i ...JOUffi3lt!.t 1rf0l1." blrn; forth: US about 1.'}"1."IIr< lI!O. the c:ern~. which ....1\S <ctIlP 10 IInmort11iOl(" hi!; !ale f~thet. "would Jlffi'idc: ~'ia:s ilia! pmpanlll'-'; I,"n n1«t thl' b=l<1<: !lu'nan IK.'l1Is of the child. IllCludill! healtlo. nutrillOl"l :lid earl:' chi~ ~ for the poor The C"eIltt III\~ in Ni...'tn3·~ yor.q~ chiklrcn in the],o 6)"e:n age bmdee.Alidr. a licensed <ocial wOIker III the Siale of New~ . .;:,,0.1 he ernlnted on the flmFC1 in 2001. ~ Ir \llJUmwds. lltnll.l!,'l> pet ~ exprnena:.1hc ~I\C JVl"a" of M cduc>t.ocro.'\l Of'PJ"um· I). f'Ol" hlm . .rt edut:;1IiunaI ~nily has J"U'"Cd a 1I"UI." amwer tn hd( . Ing tlE pmCfly qdc:,bcing live fim on both sio.b nrhl~ flUluly If) hold a ,


coIl¥~ .

''CMtEEC is. ~rae. tbigtrd to ctnIe edlcuiunal''rJ'OOUnlly ror milliom ofNiscnan driklrm II he llI.'Cd a lift;" he srid in a lelqJhooe intCf'lcw. :tdding that the centre rocuses on providing:lCCt5.~ 10 Itt·po· nny educatlOl1 10 hmxlmh of rur.lI c:hiJdn:n around the ~ 51.."11(.' of Alx:i ..... h= It ~ Ioc;dcd. by ~inl a nunwin, :nI ~r."C: c:rr.. iroornrnl. It i'I all about ~ic and soci.,1ernpllII"tTlTIC/lI for dill· t!ren. tluwsh ~IC prep:r.!lion rOf the rOllnd:lllon Lhal they nm.l to $UI."n'ed in pnlllal}' ~hOOIS :nI1:q'ond'. He said th:a! many in CM iEEes ~ "o:cmc from II}" 'Il! bockgrtlnh; from rRmiIic:5 in "'hich ITICrI1IC")' i'l1lI\\"lI}", in.'lO Yton A suppl)'!hal attendin! good primte IlIJISeryfJ"'im:lI), schools ",ill be a pnlbtern. These are communiUr:.< an:Illomc-$ .... t..-.e i~~mm1 afTecl.'i both!dwXJI Dnd home life -lind f:I'Cf)WIl! in bef,.-een:' Aim. who i'I the uccutil1: dileclor of CM1EEC. gill tho; ~ rums ill providing a/Tordablc: bullOl'"noICh pn::.p"1T131}' cduc1Ition in :vi m"UtllllllCllt lll31 rallCn 1carrun1! and 50CiaI de-"C:Iopmmt. " II ioIlT(l1e th.1n a ntncry ~.Ihoul!h-. he said.c.,pI."Iin~ thai "\I'hen fully de·.t"klpaI. the catU"t ",ill h:n"C: ~ ror public: ele· ITlt'fIIllry schools in U5 Clk;iunent 1lIl."a. 1Il5\J1UIing or ll"OIllOIing nrntor·

in8. rutorinl!,c:waa:umelirog:1l1d guid:uu:.. 1t '" ill aIsQ h:n-e$pl.'Cial gilb ror it; l1CIghbcrin8 communities. by instiruting :lid prumcrring proM\IIrition educalion and porenrin, ed\Jt:Ilioo.IIITIOIlIlOOas-

~ in


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