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OCTOBER 7. 2012


Guinness boss explains brand's long survival G


Nigeria Pic

'0 f:lida}"I~led its iC.'I'l'I5t' n,ers as the




2012AJUl'li G~innessDay. The !;lUbal 11-en1 to celebnlle he ~ III d r of the

Guilln~ Ir:mJiFkc~ebrated

workhnd. as I wa~' of "'m~'ntin~ L!Je g-eal fth~

vision ur The:






Itn~ "~¥:h took 'he Mango


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v;:ls dttced by consuo ., c.eJd nties and lop dig"i illeS. Al:a It.! to Ule


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Nigeria Pic. M~.I i Metu, Ule Mlnll Gulh. _ Day on Ule ca"·n(lar of Ute tompuy is RS illmortant as the

Guinnl.'SS brand itself. ~It is no doubt that for O\'et" 2')3 years a brand like GUillll'.:!';S has tr'aI\5I%nded all lhe ch.lllenges of 1\ produd life circle ..nd. flOW \\~ are still celebrating the vision of its founder. It simply shows that it \\0'3$ a good concept in tlw lirst place.. Today. we tt1ebrnt.e gn!atness and

bllt also our nu merous consumers who hn\·e stuck by ollr quality bl1lnds since Guinness debuted in Nigeria as a company. The e1ectriljing atmosphere "~ have here shows the I~ Omt our consumers ha\-l! ror the bnmd and we so much appreciate them. We

vision of. r,re:tt mnn Arthur Guino!'!'lt" Smi said. Also, the Marketing Di~. GuimleSS Nigeria PIc, Mr. Austin UComba, thankl!rl their numerous

~joined our consumers in Nigeria to con tinue 10 enjoy Guinness Foretgn Extra Stout a mongst other q uality products from the stable of Guln ness Nigeria as "~ promise them impro,'e(\ quali ty which has been mai nt ai ned since 1759~ Ufomlm said. It would be recalled


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aPlnrel d~ and

"ll.l1um:tmr. RuB Tu'JI1-tt. hOI prganiRd

mlo.-ati"1e fun-lik~ promotiq" 1,,&\1!4, 'Rock


'Ur &)~ Promudons and Fashion :IIOW til shm-~ tnlents i dliJdI'e11 ina trendy manner.




ng rt !he &rand be kldllil:!5' fashkm

consumers in Nigeria ~"IO have continued 10 patronize Gulnness products o\w the years. 'Today'a celebraoon of the Arthur Guinness Day is.not only about Gumness

Pet Blow Machine - 1unit (N1.5m) Bottle washing, filling and cappi ng 3 in 1 machine - 1 unit (N3m) DXDY-1000AAutomatic liquid packaging machine - 2units (N250.000 each) • Mold· 1 unit (N200,OOO)

show. ' t 'hid ·:xecuth~ of Rutrn ~~II',bM!.!II"l.Adenike Ogunl!'SlO FotIid 'The aim of the p"',mt'l is II, lind the next !Jel of 11I0'WioI III represent the br"lrIIl. insJI o.mfidell(r in ow <lhjkh~ II while also showctSl,~ til It kids can be lrend} • A <tah."nel t IJj the finn 011 Fn.In)!aid lhnt~t the end of tbt IIt"~~. 10 modcls w~res~tde(hfl fll rigorous

For EnquIries plaase contilr;:t NiX!, 08058748638 080587.8783

.seewou process. In all. hUlldneM uf ehild~1 tunlt'd up for the: auditioning. The highli&ht or the e.~1I1 heW 'It the AtriUIll of the Si\\.tt'bird Galleria, Vx:loria b land. 1..1&050 was the fashKln show durinl whkh ~

o,.unlesi descril~ Ullle ~'t'llt as fun-filial. with musk and lDmraUon felled ONe nir as childml from diffl!mll schools nntl their parents attenoled Ule show Islle said.. "Sponsors, wh" lent lheirsupporl to thee\'t'nl indlllied Coca Cola, as the offlcl:,1 drink partner, Skin


or '\' ~'\If

ADEVERA: Ibmelybtow!>...t

_ ~II SS. ADEVERA ADEN IKE I'STlI ER. now ....... 10 t. Irnt;own ..t ..tdr..-d • HRS. AJ IBOVt: ADENIKE ESTl-IER. All torn.« dc>r;unwrb r.maln VlIId ~ 910ft"" p.t16:

J;!-.NQJ To N'lgeru..


"ul»idiary 0{ th!" ted Kingdom Balton Omur: h 15 un\'!'ilala new f:: m ler's \ it III Ni,geriJ tu boost tOl natoJ 1(\ oduroon Th· \1a~1& Din!d.oc, Di2enlOlr H lerill. , Mr. rucba'll I 'Ye, said al the p1l.luct. ntupil1l00n on TIIUI.',!la) II LagO!i 111111 the a""I'tn)1i mission was to b'befllt·· d,d Slnan seale 1\


by prmidiB;: a 1'1 en:n approach


to becQl,,' lUI ~lt. with 11 lIl1ddJ' 'lass intOfllt on a p!nIUU~OI sustainable basis. II! ~-eD lUI 0 bring fresh huit an j \'t'fctables to llw sunvlujoJlng I q nmunitie5 at aIlon\dk ".;c.,. Hl' s.Jd. 11 'Ia\'e been to Kenya l"VUly U oes to study at depth Ole If ms(ormation that tw. laken 4aoe Oe-e. I M\'t' o;et'O nUl"'fOU!I Amiran FllrmerJ Kiu.. I tuM! ~II

iusicL.· ti ll m. t l.aloe talktd to ofl" 'VY Facebook fnrtDt.~ man.,1 {Ulemha\-;ng stD rtcd ... ith I'D~ kit each.



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r ..... .B. ~nb~ ILf '-" \. OSl '\ "1''\ rr r ,o 110 :\ 113'''. l" r..J \.L\ (.O' .•'\Il~ ~ IU \


Uniliai. which ynl!

l'erii.llne5; GET Arena; Adam&; E\l!and Fun !-'acfOfl, nil gaYeool free tickN.



.. Tum lNder of in ArMoicMt lI\ulli·l~ lUrtt"tlnt company de.nnlln Hutritloo..l producu k ~i", for _tetic: .net .mblrious IndivMtua\s to build I robust U!AIfI of hith M:hi~s

Dize n goff unveils farmers' kit: for tomato p l'oduction A DEl\If) lA ALAW n rE

.0, OrUo R~d Ageg9. t.agos- Nigeria

li t U IllIOI d t n , Ilim "" lr. l l _

models shOWl:asal Ruff'n' Tumble's



- ._. twin g tonfid t nl o r t hh 'to Ihinjt.lhlll II,. " ho has beg un II good " or t.; In )o n .. ill c"'" lllr lc il uolil Ih t d ll) of J~u~ C"hriI I-

\'3riOtiS kids acting as


Larget', Malta Guinness Low Supr and SNAPP, Ihe first female alcoholiC' drink III Nigeria.


Rtrl!f 'n' Tumble introduces l)romo for kids


that Guinnes5 Nigeria Pk rettlltly launcl1cd in 2012 has la unched thret' new prodUC'.lS: Dubie Extl1l


TI~' kits art'

working; these are now working; Ilnd much ItlOll! rood IS beIng grown ush~ less and koss ""-aler,· I Ie noted tIml the rannef'S' !til 1'-oukl address so rna",of II e issues that plagulltl Ilgriculture in Nigeria,lIdding U13I. -tt gelS gOllE'rlllllenl oul 0( 1M £amling bllsiness and puts It back into the hands of mllTl':!ni



A..x:vniing to hm!, Ul~ {utme of Nigeria"s food sa:urity rests with th is Ilexl genel1llioo of new ~-oung r~=

IIa rsnwesaid, -roday, W1." bring 10 Nigeria Ote Farmen Kit from Oizengoff. w~ h.we combined the \-arious elt'IIIents into one fully

inll!f,.T1lted solution wiN!!? ~ ha\'e increased yields 011 B per hectare basis by 75 fidd, e\'eIl !!ere in I..a.gos, withm the heart of Ole humid trop!C3.1 bell We haveoone it . ,Id so an)'Ofle with our help can do it. We know il can be tIono-, not o llly already 4,000 tinn in Kenya. but now, al last, 11m: in N'lgeOa. -

For enquiries, please contact : Nivi: 08058748638, 08058748783 Or 40, Orile Road Agege.




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