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OCTOBER 28 , 21)12


Small-scale farming, vital to food insecurity - IITA RASH EED BlS IRI YU



Intf'rnational Institute of Tropical Agriculturt'. Dr Ntenmya Sanginga. hll5 "'-arned that food sec:urity in Atria will I'!'main I!:lush'e with ISOlated successes. unless dec:isive actions al'!' taken to assist small-scal~ farmen to grow more nluabl!! crops. Sangingl'l noted that in ~pile of the progress made in crop impnn-ement, low soil fertility and nutrient dl!:plf'tion had continued to present huge obstl'lcles 10 s«uring l~ nf':eded han'ests. I-Iesplkf'al theCrnwfocd Fund annual confefl'1Klf': in Austrnlil!.. A statf'ment bv the institute on Fridav.said the Director Gt!nernl's position WItS supported by ~1I1 ~t\ldies by IITA in the Great LAkes ngion of Eastern Africa that showed that majority of the soilor; In Ihnt re,;ion ....el'!' now barren with vel)' little fertilitv The: oorrell soils were II re-;ult of~'ear;ohnil1in& and insufficient rl!ph,eemenl of lIutrienl.! by smallholder farntef5, ~tly pntCticing low-input agriculture. Ihe stalemf'nt added. SangingR SUMe!lled

thl!: adoption of Integrated Soil Fertility Management. definf':d as -the application of .soil fertility management practice.andtheknowlf':dge to l'ldapt the5f' to local conditioru;. which optimises and orpnic fertilizer te5O\JlU' u.c;e efficiency lind crop productivity'IS .."'" is also the topic

of an ongoing inlern.1tional conference in Nairobi, Kenya. where the Institute's nalUral resource ... pecialisl.! mnnllgemenl and I!:xperts. including the 00, are attending SanAing.a said that ISFM p~nted .. means 10 O\"'errome the dilemma of low Ilroducth<it)'. byoffering

farmers betler returns for in\'eslmenl in fertilizer . through its combination "ilh indigenous agmmillernls and a\-ailllhie of&Hnic TeSOUrttS. He, howe\'Cr. pointed oul that disseminating the knoWled~e of ISf),( and developing ;ncenth'es for its adoption now

Lagos underscores importance of fish farming PEClAL Adviser to



Gm'l':nloroftagosState on Ruml De\'CIOIlment. Mr. Babatunde HunlJe. has underscored the importance of tish f;trmmg. SIIytng it could help create empfo}11tent to significant number of Ihp tet!ming unemployetl )'OUths in the

country. I hmpe spoke as specia I guest at Ihp ~d f':dition of Ftllhparty. a public enlightenment progl1lmme, ol'&anisal by FISheries and Environment Sen-ice in ).1g05 recenth' The programme. tilled, -eelebrating fi~h with a vilal roll!: in !1IIstaining huge IIrea of dh-erse population and lookinp; at the effects of il.! disappear.m«-. highlights the economic prospects of

fish business

sure way of creating wealth. among Olher benefits lIunpe. who was represented by the i>irector (Rural Agriculture ~'f'lopmenl) i.agos Slale Ministrv of Rural ~"I!klp~nt , Mr. lIa~ Giwa. ~id holding more public I!:lIlightenmenl programmes like thl!: Fishparty could help RHl'lIct investors to the xctor. TIli~, he said could in lurn renecll)lJ$ilive Impacts on lIle economy. According to him. the platform creates oppurtunities for player'! and financier.! in fish business to nltd The spec:ial addser recalled thllt tlte l..agos Statp chapter of FisOc.n' Societv of Nigeria had r«ently just 115 ..

orpnisal a trip to Gambia recently 10 examine areas of partnership. lIunpe however enulll('rated causes of fash disappearance to include O\-erfishing. pollulion. habitat alteration. loss of habitat and inl'asiw alien species TIle de\-elopment. he noted could be ml'lnifeslt'd in retlnttdsoul'eeofincome., food M'CUrity, employment opportunity and gross domestic product. The Chid F..xcatth-e and Officer. Fishl!:ries En"ironment Ston;Ce5, of the oTgIIllisers progl'llmme. Mr Jdowu lIunyinho, also emphasised 1M importanao of fish m "meat ravaged societ} Iikl!: Nigeria -

stood as a challenge for nntiolllli planners and rural de\1~:lollment 51)t'Cil!.l isis. and if don~ ~fflCientlywould result in more producti\'!!

and su.~talllal.Jle af.ncuhu~. hl1pro"ed hou5('holrl Rnd ",sional food sccurih', and increased incomes among ... mall-scalp f;Jrmel1l




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