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aMES & PROPERTY ~ tion warning eli ate change migra d I h A rom~::";;";"':;';:;"~,'ai Issue t )fOllg report MONDAY. OCTOBER 24. 2011




becllu..-e of clima1(" change. Il,t'W bbc.COIII rept..'I1ed on ~

It sayslhe cosI of lIctmg now would be much k'5!' than the rosI of the conntds ... 00 huge loss 01life that v.'OU1d 'lIher.vi5e emue

lhe repor1 locllso' d on Ihe issue o f human migration paltem5. The MigrCIlion and Global Environmenl..1 Change ForesIght Report IS the most deIaUed study carri£d out on the efJed ol lloodill2". drought and rising sea levels on human

migRJlion paUerns over UMl nexlSO years


The Chief John



Bedding1'Jf' who conunmtoned the s'udy. Si"lid

that environmental change would hit Ille l~"Cdd5 poore5I lhe halde!I and trel miDions of !hem u..oold ina-.Jwrtenlly


migrllte !O\·.'<lrd. lather thM lIway hom. an!M U\at are mosl vulnel1lble.. One of the reasons the report ""as a:rnl'Tlissionro wa.§

10 examine concerns thaI the environmental degradalioo cauwd by dimate d l3l1Qe would Ie!!d to minions 01 so-called climate refugees a.oondOl1iog slerile farml<md and migrahng to oountries Jess affeded by Ihe prOOIem Detailed ana/y5i5 commls5ioned !pI!rir~ for the study found that this was unlikely 10 be the case. Threequarters of the migration. it says would be wilhin national borden . ~11y !10m rurnllo urban <m!i'IS. TIle issue. acrording 10 Prolessor Beddington, WlI5 to en5\Jre lhat the migration W<I5 Pfcpelly managed . olherwise. he said. il was likely there would be widcspft'oo disasters on an unpRc.edolnloo

tax revenues

projected to plummet r



'-<:ou111y'~ spending plan for 20 12 h ... s some 9'JOd 1le\\I1 Md~news .

Aa:ortIing 10 a lepert by u:wlUooildoilj.\rorn. SIIes lax collection! lor 201 1 are ~ ~

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anllcipllted <md COlUl y finance ofrlCials bdieve lhal . vhen Ihe year ends, ~es I~ receipts wiU be up by.siK pi?!" ,;enl from last year TIIe!'s go-xl. nl!\\IS considering ~\es ta~ numbers

in 20 10 were dO\VTl by 6.1 per cenl from 2009 and those

seNe ~It i5

essential that I,O.-e do all we clin to both address envbonmenl<1J change i!IOd make ,.,1It! !hal people are as

resdtentaspossible.Thismeans recognising the role migration can play in helping people cope.~ he !RIid. But the idea of managed m igration is conbover.;iill. Traditionally. migration has been !em <'6 .. bOO thing by Ihe ad agmaes as it uproot!

communities and can ~te connld.. Bul ~ think the challenge lew many policy makers trying 10 tMJde dimate change will be to maI!e lin itk!oIogk;aI Ie.ap 01 fililh in beginning tosee migration i'IS a good thing Professor Richald Block. of Sussex University. ....ho ct-.aired Ille expert group thai produced the report. said that his \earn's ~~ proo.ticIed a ~subslantial eVdence b;ueP 10 justify such a

shilt in thinking


will ...... policy mlIkel"$ l.Ioilh a rtrm """,I

basis \\;Ih which 10 tx:kIe lhe migration dlilflmge5 in l\w future.~

he said

One idea i!i 10 make it easier few one or two family members 10 Ie<we their communilies to WOOl elsewlwre and send money home TIlis has the effect of mainl ... ining comm unities and avoiding the need for gea ter migJaUon of enUre communities The report <'IIso ~ thai greater thoughl oughl 10 bI! put inlo planmng cities so IMI lhe!.' "~ be ~ 10 cope: with ~ m gmtion. This would indude better ""ilII!T managemen t. Some cities ijkely to ad as a magnet are in IIood plains. In these instances. ~ments should comider truikling enUrely new cities. \~~Ih lhe suppon 01 richer governments Ihrough aid agencies il fll!Cl!3SiJry. the report argues. The: cost 01 not developing poIioes 10 plan For the inpi'Id 01 climate cl0nge on 1XJPU"'1ions wil be much greater. and I11OOi! InIgic. the au~ say. lhan pre~pting the problem now

2009 fI!JUfe$ plummeted by 26 per cent com pared to the prvv;ous year Th rough 5eprembe r o lthis year. lhe coun~' has collecled 1-8 Sm. and lilal r.gllle i~ up by $425.000 0V'eT lhe sam~ penod lasl year In plan n ing for the 20 12 budget. Ihe county is anticipating n;:al sales lax reve nues n eK I year.


~A n ice plo l In <..'eveloped. Area , perime te r fe n ce

C or 0 . u .... c ompl e t e d bui ld ing . A .-e eo 47Q J\73 s qrn , o f'f Arinko Rd .

SE'lr'lQ oe t~ t"t: a- C>g,--" n Stetoe Price 3.4M cell : 0 806E977948 . 08 1 54884391

An uncompleted 6 Bedroom Bungalow with two sitting room s at a prime location In IJebU-Ode GRA. The wooden roof members a re In place. Contact OWner Tel: 0802331.8495, 08055458922

.Fenced warehou se on 4000sq mel res al IbalO. Lag os- Ibadan Expressway. C of O .Prlce : "2 00m Neg . 2 . 3 a cre s oftandalAsukoro .AbujllwUh appr oval of 50

housing units. C orO. Prlce :Hl .26IJ Neg 3 . 140 ocres of ' ....d afler R edeemer s Univer sity. along L ag ()s-llJadan Expressway. C of 0 . Price :'"t o III per IIcre .Neg. 4 Fenced sl ol y lJu ldlng sullab le for COl/Ul/ 9rcla l and r e si dential use al Challenge. Ibad8n. C of O .PT lc!!: U 3SntN!!g.

PERKINS 20, 40, 100, 160, SIP PERKINS 250, 350, 500l<VA SIP CAT 250, 350, 460, 500, 600 t\l/A CAT 820 , 1750, 2 180 KVA CUMMINS 250, 720, 1000 KVA Contact: Kelvin Chukwudl


~.t,]~~;i i


GBAGAOA ESTATE PHASE II j Astorey building of lNo. 4 Bedroom flats in a low density choice residential area of Gbagada Estate Phase II. Title: Cof 0 APAPA: One acre of land aIoog Kirikri expressway within Aero·Maritime premis~, Title: Cof O. VABA : Temced 1 bedroom duplex with BQ at Tajudetn Olanrewaju Housing Estate, Title: Cof 0 IKOTA: Plot of land at Iiota Village on Ojomu Chieftaincy family layout. measuring 1l0,645m ' Title: Governor's Consent· ~ SAMBIO RESOURCES INVESTMENTS NIG. l TO


CONTACT SOLlCrrOR : 08062336 829 . 08023 256476



owner occupier basis to the present is being offered for outright sale

IFeatures Include :

Gt:NE:RA"I'ORS --. -- - ~

~OR .




Sitting area wit h dining Guest room ensuite Master's & Madam's bedroom ensuite 2 Rooms all ensuite Family sitting area.up stairs Balcony & ope n terrace 2 Boys' quarters Court ya rd & Ga rden Garrage Imm ediate possession


Climate change migration warning issued report