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Disquiet in Delta oil producing communities over 13% derivation


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tu-11OSI I'lfIlmuruues If cole ljaw oil Ir~."'. orEa~.


In I O&ul.'&ha leila State.

Kingdools III

O\'er Iht' fa·1I I'fI of lllf' Feckr:,1 Go\e'nmH1t to pa\" tm-m nile' Ol'Dl ~ (rom t~ I) rt r !'ttll usually aIJoca-t'WJ to .x producina

Lh.. ra)Urm 01 lhe;r oil communilteltothil!mwllon

Qr th·· host

~ In Della Sbt.e, thr Iw,uiou has beon ., mlhf,rnainK and Jw, contf' 10/1 '.)ilin! IKMDt ",.~ tM host l'Ol1Imulllties M\"e ~n drivt'n IQ the wall .. rommurubes in ~


It'ltff upl'ela"d frtllttralion

the ~Ila St.t.. Oil Produan! ~~·lt'f'm .. nl Commiaioo. .dc.lm« Ih"l tht' comma 1 on ItaJ ~ 10

hijacked b) politicians. 1be1fOU11,1"1 tMp"lti,,". noted tlut the monthl) alloation of SO JW't' cent of the &tate derivation fund was

not piud to DESOPADEC III at \OIh"1ldu< It ald. M in Ihr last thrft' ~-ean;. jot» compNotl'd and ('Ofl1miluoMd by tltf' 100~nmr halT DOt befoo rull), paid ror ·Contractors who bo"""", ......" fro .. banb are already ha\ina

~tel Ir:)lo lit! ~tion





Ihn .te 11,1 to ahut

down ~,I ~ if the .mount was n·A jlri'id lho m from the dmvation runJ 1'b! pluhon ,i ~ thlft

oomnun I,. .'u tonLained U1 • ~I"" tt PresKlent GoodJwl Jonathan stptd t,. :ttl <.'I1Ie&. .nd IlJenlbo!n 'TOII!

-ad. of the




till' WId

W'T • copy of obIa ned by our

a)ntsro(ludmi )Q Friday thrySiid 1IfJl'111 ·n~tion was f'f':{U1T1 10 .VOId cribl thai rnlK,h1 ko.ed II. thedc.urr of ~ fIo\, SlilU)fJI in l~r Ian........ Tllilid "Tbirt 'eft pft"cml dem..tOI tlUHlll not part 01 any mnsuhliat.!IC. m'alue of IU~ I(lft'tDm-1 I; It .. not part of aJl\ Ibll aDoation. ~ ., t'rfI derr...tion fund IS a ~"' hmark (or rn~u" I hJOlt~ III (Of holt romrmlnltl~ ilillil~ .

-it • lhere- Oft' il)rpl aJho,lp I, pn- c:ent domvai.IOI1 (unol throop a thmt .. rt) t I the host romn:Mlniti.s. H~, in DeltA., FAu. o..d" lmo and Aba Sbt~, oiloommRions have besl cns.It od throup 10


per cent drriV,ltoa IV.nd is j:OIlOtbr·lacQ mmllDlties ~ the ..,1" p.'f'llfnents as

• thm:I pl."''': II al .. ,



prooedUrt .lnd I rucea hu a1~1 tl .. ~"I( p>fmOf1 to tab: (T .... r ft U ronlroi of

·L-R: &ttcutil.'f! Directo,.. Corporafe Bonking. Ecobank Nigeria, Ms. Folun Aboderin; Managing Dil"f!efo", Bollori AJrico Loguti~ N ige,.ia Limited. M,.. Jftlll-Ch.ri6toph e T'ranche,Xlin: and MaJluging Direc'o,., EcooonJcNigmo.lUr.JibriIAku. the inuuguration q/the Eoolxmk Maritim e Ce.n' re in wgo• .•. o n ,...,.idny.


We'll work with PPMC to restore supply - IPMAN TilE





Aaocia.lion ofWlJeIU. westmI zone, baa promded

tosul'port themana~t of the Produc:ll and P!:peline M~I Company. a

ubsldial\' of the Ni~

Nallona) ~m Corponttion. In mIRInn& adeqwte dutn'buOOn of Ildrol 10 the western 1Of\e through U\e l)'Sterll 28

The .....:iation sud it would asstSt tn whall:\~ action t.he NNPC would lAke III nslon'l& ptlmptllJ 01 produc:u into the System :t8 piprhne III the shortest

.-blc"...,d 1be weRrm

~, whdl COfJIpruei 5U d.'JlOI.I ""thm

the weIte11 stat.... madr the ~ in a joint commuUlque

Camel''Oon adopts UTA's cassava vaJieties (;amt'rooo.i",n MtnlSttt lOr

Aykulture. Mr nu Men)'~; and t.he Pumant"llt Secnury. ItIs Ebd1e Eta11M' Rcbetta. who ~ltd

tlw Ministef"oCRc:scarch and Saenltfic In ttQv.ltion.s. With aneslimaled)"ddo( bdween 20 tONI and 35 Ion. pu h<-ctare. t.he improwd

haW! imptV\'ed nutri liooallflUbltcs and aft rich in cantlmoids, iron and






thai WOfkd in tltt' '-anetal de\~nmt as


lilt' J"roKn.mmr Nalional dfo I>--Ioppemelll det

KacIDf!S d Tubrn:ulls the Institute of Ag1cuhural Raearch for l\eYdoptnmt • the International Fund for Aplcultural ~It. non-Iovernmental OIpD.1Satioos and local fitnncn. Dire.dorGell~1 of UTA, Dr Nteranya Sanlinp., aid the variehm 'fIOUki hdp de. t.he y,dd I"pa. IntprO\"e yield and rut mnre money in f.rmeq' pockns. I Ie alao said lbe rdease of the wou\.d help unpr'O\"e lItt' fortunf'8 0( hodfop·ndaton L1\e crop for tOOr h\~il~



i.ssued after their zonal

they ",1.11 tau in Ifttorinl theSy!;tem2Bplpe{inrm the shortelll possible penod.• IPMAN Western 1ICInt


. . . appealed to the "'ederaJ GoYemO\eflt not 1 01u~

11te South-West Zonal Chairman, Mr OIumidr III the a')lIlmunKpW. condemMd

10 vaodab in ensunnA the rrpairs d System :tB pipt'lil\e. as the.mTtXdf"Ct of not hannl the: ptpe{lI1fO IUnc:bonaJ wookl rault In acartity 0( producUi an O\"er

meetJnl on ThuBda)


the attack

at PPtotC officiaJ

tbr ClOUnte oJ doInl theu offiaal duty. -.khDJ that such IICt of .. bou~ Jhoukl b...,,,,,,,,,," Ill' said that the Of\PllJ product nttJOnalisation \OI,thm the South-Welt drpou as a rault of t.he III

vanda)iMd Jlf'IliJ.ine al Arepo had rauted the enure nalJoD a ad-bItck in IheRdor.

Iluatd. ~'eOOl'nmilrnlte WIth the mana~t 0( NNPC/ PPMC on their

staff mmtbm; that


Iltxked al Arepo ia tbr

caUle of rrJ*irins the vandala.d pipeline and ",ho.e "'"t~bouts are unknown tiD now We pray the A1mi&hty God will kffp

FGneeds N56tn to tackle housing deficit -P2J


The IPMAN 1.- that the ''llodaliled line had arrmet! supply of products throttd1 the l}'5Iem 2.B to an

_both ""'_ond

wmtem put.!! of the country




appealed 10 the FedeRI Cm"nnmenl 10 put III ITM. .UfS that would addrea iaue 0( pipeline vanda lism holistically 10 curb Inct.lanl vandalwn of lht- l'IIJeiinr

""'"SIron1 ......

mechallialll alKJUkl be put in placr to chedunate acti\,ties 01 vanda.. wililln NNPC ptpdll\e Itt'twon.. We aOO

u"''' the Nalional


themafe. ·We prombe to support LIM' mana,f'ffW'Ol of NNPC/

ahoold ptll 111 pl:ta' III"", that wlIl ensure that \'llndab arr

pr~lc In ",-bat~""" ac1J<1f1





Nigeria's trade relation with lndiahlts $17·3bn -



Cameroon adopts IITA's cassava varieties

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