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news 'Leave us out of Ekiti's woes' Sund_}' Aborisade, AIru~

IMIKO Campaign M bas Org.anisation advi!ted Ule FJciti


of the Action Congres& of Nigeria to provide solutions to the probletrul f!IClng the stale instead orrocuslng on Saturday's governorship election in Dodo StAte. TIle Ekiti ACN had AIIq,ed th:lt Olusegun Mimiko administration was out to frustrate !he. ~Ith-West int~ration by refusing tojointheACN, It also saki the SouthWest states had benefitted a lot under the party, But the MCO, in a .st.olemcnt by its DirectOf" of Publicity and Media RdaLions, Mr, Rolawole on Monday Olabisi, condemned the ACN ·for lying that ,m'emAnc:e In all the ACN states was not at its lowest ebbI~. The Labour Party campaign team said, "TIle posturing of fa ntastic ol1goin, projects under the At.'N in the South-West w:\5 nothing but ~tale5 by moonlight", The group urged the ACN -to attend to iLS leglolllll of problems wbidl luts brought Ekiti State to its kneeu". It added, ~It isCOfllJllOO knawM!dge thai teachels. workC'5, students were all

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othe!- sundry entitlements .... hile thq' OOIICt'I1lrate on capturing Ondo Stnte. "In Ekiti State today, the ACN has put a knife to the wnbilicll cord that binds Ondo and Eltili people together as brotbers by allowing ils to-...-119 to be osed by their godfllthers as the beadquarters of Ule o,J6fltiOrt 0000 Must Fllll agelld.,. "ltisvt(},sadlhattOOaY, nothing is M IlJX!Iling In

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Ule AQ{ by the.people. '-eacherl are on strike o\1!r their emoluments., tertia(), institutions an! closed down, local gO\'e1'IImet1t staff and workers genenlly are up in armJ: with p:M:mment, infrastruc:ture are begging forattentioo. "lkspile tbege, they coukl allow !heir leader to fOra! them 10 contrioou.. to the WIlT chest to capture" Ondo. "WithintwoyeaI1lorUte I.Y administration ill Olldo State,"'e have been able to put the state on the path to sustainable devclopment and we had initialed and t'>.mpleted lalKlmark !.rojec:ts; let Ule ACN tell theworidwhntithaddollc

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Security beefed up as Jega relocates to Ondo Fenli Maki n d e, Ak u n HERE were restrictions T of ffiO\'t'ment within and around the Independent National Electoral Commission, Alagbaka, Akure on Tuesday by soldiers and policemen ahead of Saturday's gO\'emorship election in the state. Meanwhile, INEC

Jega, was expected loaml'e in the state on Tuesday to 0\'t't"See the election Our correspondent, who visited the INF£ headquarters, reported thai there- was a heavy security presence at the office. The street leadiug to the office was manned by policemen who questioned pedcstrians and 1II0torisLS usll1g the rood

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scheduled official busincss at the offict' were" tumed back bv security officials manning the gate. Howe\'er, those allo.....ed in were subjected to security checks. APllrt frum vehicles belonging to the electoral body, no private vehicle was allowed in. l'le Head Public Affairs of INEe in the Slate, Mrs. Celina Reekley, said Jega

was expected to amve 011 Tuesday and was scheduled to hold. meeting \\ith election stakeholders on Wednesday. Among those lI1\'ited 10 the lIICt'Iing Are" the contestants, party chaimlen, traditional mlcrs and the media. She said, -rhe mCt:!ting will deliberate on issues con~rning the forthcoming go\'t'nlOrshiJl election."

At a similor fonlill In /\.kure last montb, Jep appealed to the 13 parties for the election to ~hun \iolence nle workshop .vas organised by the office o f Ule Special Adviser 10 the President on Inter party Afflllrs Jega, reprt'St'ntetl by Amma Zakari. also called on the particip;mts to ensure a fret' anll fair election ~ It is our hope lIS a commission that as ~ build confidence amoug stakeholders, we call ~in to deepen the culture" of tolerance in the political and eI«lornl processes in Nigeria -

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Kunle Fa la)i, Akure A cnON Congra<; of l"\..Nigeria's candidate for the Ondo Statego\'erno",hip dedion on Saturda}, Mr. Rotimi AkerMolu, has promised to establish a regional uni\-cnitv in the South. West if elected Aker!'dolu -;aid dunng

, Ondo State Gouernor Ofusegun Mil1l1ko ockllolll/r.dging cheersfrom supporters on hiS tooy to Ihe l){>mocrotic. Pork . ueTlut'!ortflt' Labour Party's rolfy in Akurt' on Tuesday,

the 113r1\,'S last calnpai~1 ra"y in /\.kUI'!! on MO!lda)' Ihe III11\'ersit\ to ~ named Ihe Gre-at Western

El""'" ral body must assure vot ers 0 fcredible pon- ACN """"",.. ~O "u"le Fala yi, Akure

A mON Congress of .l"1.Nigeria has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission to embark on mOre" \'Oter education to col1\ince \'oters that of Saturday's election in Ondo Slate will be free and fair Fornler Nigeria liar Assocalion President, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, is the ACN's candidate for the poll.

lIil runnm~ lIulle, Dr. Paul AXintelure", who made the call in a telephone iute-mew with our col1l5pOndent on Tuesday, said ....;!.h INEC educating the electorate, tbey would be assured o( a (ree and fair 1)011 lie said, "11lere ha\'c lJee:n TUmour; that some indhiduals ~re IlJmbpnlllillg in different parts of the slate, ·We expect INEe to stand up 10 this lind let 1IS

know thai we have nothing to worry about. I am not saling !NEe is oomplicit in an)1hing, we just need the commission to read out the riot acts to those who plan to rig the election, ~We need more eduCltion on the pages of newspapers. Once the people have lJee:n assured that theelcction will be free andfaiundareeducaledon how to thllmlJprint ",ilhol1t \'Olding the ballot. e...en the international community

I'll revolutionise agricultw-e _ Oke Sunday Abo risn d e, Akure p EOPLES Democratic Party's candidate for Saturday's gO\-emorship election in OudoState. Chid Olusola Oke, has promised to bring about n"\viution in agnculture In lhe state if dected. Oke said this while addressing a rally in ldanre" lawn on Tuesday. lie said, -If \'OIed mlo office I will inject a lot of support and innovations to increase the cocoa production which used to be Ihe mainstay of Ule regional economy before the discO\'f:tyof oil. '"We know thaI the majorityofthepeopleinlhis

the ouUying ones are cocoa famler'S. A tillle WllS when coroa was a nlOnt!)'-l'pinner 8nd everybody was looking at c::oooa famlers with envy. "We were on the \'erge o( bnngmg bac:k Ule okl gloT)' ....·hcn the last PDP adnllnistration was ellt short. ·1 want to assure" VOII Ulat w~ are" gOlllg to make coroa lucrath't' agaiu. We will support our fanners. We will introduce highyield \'3rieties. And ....e ";11 encourage, ....ith financial and input support, our )'ouUI.S to engage in cocoa \JrodUdion ·We have s.,id it severnl tunes thAt lJur state, with all our ogricu!lurn! endowments, has no

~;"::DO ~·U~·;~"~t~wo ~",c:~~:"______~<o::m~"~.:":"=i~c'~(I=d~'~":~:)~,=nd =-~b=,:"~;':,.. :::b<=;~"~gl~r

·We are going to USC! !.he 8,,"cultural sector not only to bring molley into our pockeL~ but to also solve other social problems like unempkJ)'menL Industries will spring up and our youths \\-il1 be profitably engaged: The PDP chief also pledged to focus altentioo 00 the tourism potential of the ldaure Hills. Oke saKi, ,Ve are" going to complete the golf resort started but abandoned by the current administration. ~In our blueprint for tourism d~'eloJlment, Utese exotic hills of Idanrl.'! will playa pil'Olal role as we are" going to ensure that the place hAS enough facilities to attract international

will be happy with us: Akinttdure urged electoral body to ....-am all political parties that no one should be allowed to displa) part)' paraphernalia around any 1)OIIing centre". On the preparedness of the ACN for th~ poll, he said his party was "good to go. Aklllielure luilled, , ~We are committed til service ami putlmg smiles 011 the facesofth~peo"le .

-nil.' ACN is <:oncerned aoout giving the pt'Ollle the rigllt to Ji(e. We WIInt to encourage f~ enterprise, which is why .....1.' plan to make soft loans availnble to

ent~eren:u~ WlInt to encourage job satISfaction and accountability, which detennine good

lea1~ers~~.~~ that the b d I a UII ant natura resources in Ihe state would be tapp....d in the interest o(the people. ~We are going to gh'e perc:cutage local colltellt to areas where" th~ natural ~ources are souleed because Ihat is a sector ollr adminislral10n will eXI)loit for the de\'elopmcnt of Ihis state Ilnd for the empowemlent of the


"",I" h",

all the SouthHe said, ,"his party is particular about South. Wesl integration This h h' l' . is w y t IS e cdlon IS important Ondo cannot be apart from other state'S III the ~ion if it is to deo.·e!op ~If all the states are together under one party, we c., n team up to establish the Great Western Unh-ersity. This state ",il] be more developed than it

~~=I:~I~~~~~~~~ter TIle fonner President of theNigerianBar!\SSOCiation called for a lM!aceful poll Akeredolu said, ~I ha\~ nodoubtin mymindtbat .....e are gomg 10 \\-;n S.1turday·s election. OUt state is a \'e(}' rich state. E\'en Edo State. whkh is also an oil producing state, does not ,et as mu c:h r~'enue from oil as Ondo - We have had a deceitful r;Ol-emment in the last foor yr-ars but our gOl~rnmelit will do things in the right way ir~ "in this election ··We hal'e spoken mlll'h about the southern part of Ilu' state lIaje, which borders the Atlantic, ....ill Uecome lhe tourist centre" of this state under ACN

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I'll revolutionise agriculture-Oke