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in1dustry Operators initiate new scheme to boost cashew production Layi



HE N;lIIOI ·lI Casllf'\' A<;SOCt;lIlJII 01 Nlgena has unfold >d Iialls to embark on a !'Ix i;, I CashC\\, Production 'ich' me in 10 'itaLe<l1Il NI!,;.'n.l TI~ i'nsld"nt"fNCAN, loll Toll Fa:-en l, ISlOO the Slat5 II) be I~!-d as Pilot 'l(;hellJe! LO in,'lude Abia. Cruss RJ\'e l , ": •. gi, ":wara. Oyo, NlIss'ra \.... Osun,

l'k'iln, Edo.

AL.""... -Ibom



b. NCAN, a cop)' of which ~"s mnde a\lIila ble 10 our clJrrMipolldenl in La&05 on Wronesda} , l'asc-ru add~ tha i e:lch or Iht" stales "oukl make I\"ailable 1.000 hectares of land for


Fasettl wa... quottd as statin" till at Ihe comnlt":ncrmellt or the just concluded Ni~cri.n Cashew S<-a!lOIl 2012 in lIoOn, Kwafll Siole lie A id thai undes- lilt" ~chen~, a Jlrocesstng plaut ,,"'QUid be! estaWished In each or

the stat~ to be f~ by the cash_ lllantahons, lie also sud thaI the new 1)lall wou ld he ,lr{)\1ding JoI)5 and weahh crea l Ion OJ)IXlrtu nitl5 ror Ihe counlry's teeming Ullt"ml~l'd youths, Speclfirnll} he said O'''n" new jOb

OIllXlrtunities wert' bt:lIIg 61M'C1l'd from the scheme AttOrdm& 10 hllll, the slratetrwillnotoll1)pro'o"tde nC\. jobs. bill will .l~ promote entrepreneurship, U II IS structured to make the wurkers owllers of tilt" rarms li t" added that the

FDI, key to sustainable econ omic gl'OWth

- BAT N il E Brililih .\menean Tobacco Nig. nil, has describro I on" !,; I I>irect In'-estmC'nl as th,. key to suslainabll' HIC1fl-'COllomic


gm"1h III Ni~C1 I~ TIlt" An ' I llalla«ing I>trectOl of Ih, ''OlIIp"n),. Mrc 1~'nIt" st>enCft"-

Obatopnl"n, \,



as stating tltis dllring tilt" March 20J2 B~IIk(ast Meeting o~alllst' I by the Ni&Criall UnllSh Chamber of COIIUIlI" Cf' III Lagos, According 10 a 5ta1 f'lIIent b\ 1M fiml . in 1 ,.,-'eentation. lilled, I)li"';n ~ NAitonal G~th Iluou~h FOretgn DIrect hl\cslmcnl. C;pencrr-OOOIO\ ' n 10, Qld that the is.~le!I or ,,1ob!I1 or nallOnal l'OeIl}- 'COIIOlIll(' ~-doplllen t W!!'1"t" ph-otalto fftlucing. if not ('I'mplctelv M1Kiic:allnl! , th'" gl'O"-ing problf'm of ,1ob., llrlSKUril), and JIO"erty


• L R Bf-and Mllnoger, Lllcowde Booa, Kunlt: FoJoye, CQIlIedICJIl, JII/ILIS Agwu. Inl'lOUOtiolll MorlOgef. Consume" K/,tSI'on AIIemoh, and Mork~lng DIrf!dOf GSK Cvnsu~. Mar-Ir ptbte-, dUring a visiI' by fioolku ;'1 l..ucomde 800sr F~ ~'If!: 1. leuisiott Show 10 the cornporlV In /..agoI on Wed,1e!doy

Pharmadeko plans capacity expansion, celebrates return

'-");'-d <'o,< II ARMADEKO I>\c, 11161111faclurers o( the povular SANS C~alll Sodar among other products, has .saKI it plans to f'lllbark on mAS."i1\'t": calMCIty and llroduct expansIOn I)ro&ramrnes in furtl~flIl)cr Accordllll1, It her, FDI 01 its lIlarket recLll11alion is one of the mo&l dynlllllic adivilics.. 'l'If' c."OIlIj)3llya 1111011 need a"e:nUdi (or international resourtt nj " '~ into tins 111 the crlebratiOIl ofils de-\-e1oping C'OUlltnes, Ihus mum 10 prolitabilit)' alld lIIarie:et prominen«', willch bonging WIth II Ih' benefits thaI arf' cal),lbl . ,f d,hin& \\1lli ma rked "ith an alO""rd sust3mabif- AtoWlll c:ercnlOn)' In Lagos on Monda v, Aa:ordiug 10 lilt" SpC'lIcf'r · Oh .. 10)'! n bo saKi tlmt IIK'rt' was II managcmeut, the company p.n,";ng L'OnSl'n: l15 that i~ ellnently sourcing for ..-01 had bf'cotne e5Selltial facilitirs 10 lIchie"e the to atta; nmg t 1(" n_ obJertl\u, Addl'e5l!llllg joumallSts gools set by II.i: CUl'R'nl shortly after .11 awa.rd administrallOiI lind thai Nigeria as a colln' IY (gi\"en cf'remon~ he ld ror the ilsnaluralre9OUro' basealld romp.111)'s distributors lalJ;e market Si7C) qualiry to 1\1 l..ag06. the Managmg be a major R"Cip t' II of 1'01 DlrKlor, Mr. Kunle Abibu, She. IIrgo:od to la'leholders Slid Ihal the. decistoll 10 to aitiallv Ionk illio how rf'wllrd lilt' distributors the OOIlIItl) c:< u d utilise "all born out o( the n~ Ihe fl)1 ",ilidn ," to drive. 10 iI...~t "I tJ~m so as 10 Ihl5 ~rQ\oOI1h t'< I)o"Cially in bmld omftdenet' and renew the non-on ~1I ·r · its elnstm~ relalionshlp. She f'nJOI M'O 'lilgenanll "Inch had be.f:1I I)lult O\1!r not 10 gl\ t' "I' Bddinlt Ihf' years that till'tr was th ' need 10 Abibll !klld effOfU \~ert' . ollcclll1'-h "-"VI II: together u n 10 -.ect.lre a bail-out or II) creatl\d~ "" emilie all Nibil Ihrough Ecobank to the c:hallf' nltell f" f '1K'ralin« pr05eClllf'thf'bigexpanston .,thin thf' PC"()'''''' 'c'_ _ _~I ' ~'",ntl~ \\'Iile


upressiug confide nce in the process of JlttCSS'ng the fUlid, he, lalllcntl'd the df'lay in the processing, which he blamed on lhe: bUmluctaey lIIyoh1!d in the ~ct between lhe: l)ank and ronne t Oceanic Hank. ralher than Ecobank 8ySlem5. He said with tilt" fUlld, the company would bt: .ble 10 achit"\'e the lIIuch needed turnaround it wn pursuing, l)articularl), In the area of bnnging back 501llC' of ilS I>roducts, which 1K'1d sway ill the past 111e JlIa rIlulIl€'ko boss noled Ihat Slll("(' lhe: nC\'l "'.M......O' ao.. 00 board, III'-estment in human rt'!lOun.-:e. l'IOVlSlOn or appropriate rrmullt"T1ltion and motwalion h3d been IlUt III place If) enha nC(' greater performance, lie sud Ihal a llllOugh Ihe ClK111)'1I1Y'S (oc:ws was to expand and coMoUdale 115 local manuf:lduring ealJacit)' and Im,lilf', Abibu !laid the fiml I-OI"lb notlotally a\"t'1'5t" 10 consldcnng l)artne rshllJS, HJledally on francillSt' tenllS. Ill'O\'lded tht") we~ fa\'Ollrable 10 tl~ compllln)"'s \-isKII'l In '15 rerte",ed effom

to "·in back Ih ~ confide.rK:t" of its CUl;tl)lllcrs, Ihe management of Iht' coml)llny rewardat some dt.stribulors. ,,-ho I-OI"t're df':!Ic:ribm as haling made,"ding performanCt':5 ill the sales of its product offerings in 2011, TIIf' distributors. ....ho _rc awarded K"'t":ral &ift items. commended the company fot the laudablt' imtiatl\"e. lO"hidt wu auned III n',..arding thdt lo)"alt)", 1I00000'et", Ihe highpoml of thf' C"ent was the Ilt-esentalion or a Ku. l'ieanto car to Mr. Mahahu

Knet'm. who e~ed lhe: best distributor nationwide. Son~ other dlSl;ngulShed dlslrlbulors Wf'f'e ~nJed ,,;Ih \lIt1ou!i pri7.eS, ha"ng ~ outstanding performance:s ;n oll~d ifferen l c:ale&ories of awards, Other rI!CI»lt"nts o r Ihe a"'-ard included Ayi Venture l.imitai, Ma bro "hannac), UllIiled and camaco Pbamlaq' UlIlhed. a ntO nA others, but \'o,th differenl types of pnxes. ran&lng (rom heavy duty generators, llIotor bike lind refngerators 10 air comlillonel'S,

GQ\"t'mor or Kwara State, AbdulahlF.lal Ahm~, had given tM- ~u·.head for Ihe 5C;heme to commence inlhe state. On his 1",.-1, Ahmcd , who was reprt'SC'nlcd b,' the stale COlJlIIlISSK:lAer of Speoal Duties. Mr AII\'\I Mohammed, gid thai Kwara was IJroud to bt: a major pnxluc:er of cashew in Nigf'na a lso TIIf' r,O'f'rllo r pro)"'Cted Ihal lilt" s tale \vould Ilia} a leading rolf' ill thto SCPS iml~th'e as pre5('tlted Iw NCA.'l 1ltf' MIII15ter o( Tradf' and In\"t'StlllC'lIl, Mr OlusqulI Apnp , had f'il rl ~t called on NCAN and its promoters 10 pul rnaciuTlCn- III plaet' and "'Otk townrds doubhnA product 1011 lind pmc:esslll~ figures o( pr"t'VKlU5 years as a wav of ~nhallelllg cashew tmdf' in Ihe counlry Apnp. "ho was said to h:l\'~ been rell~ted by • dIrector III the mllllSll) Omolo lu OJ:tet"'\O"t', .said furthf"r Ihat tilt" 201.1 cashew Ruon "'QUid bor: tllf' bq:innm& of • patotdlr,m shift IIllhf'hlslorvufcashew indus try III NI&ena TIle,' t"'\"enl alOio \\;tnessed thf' signi"g or • Mf'ITIQr.mdulll or Undtntanding Of! Ihe raellitatlOlI or 1m- Nigenan ~ cluster financr scheme betweoen Ihe and Nigerian Export Impor1 Bank, Ecobank Nigeria l'Ie, Abod Su~ Investment Lt tl, ACET Ltd, KI> Foods. African cashew Alliancr, AIMS l..Imltf'd and NCAN F:tSf'nl, ouhisp;ln , said the:,pgllingofthe MOU would asslSl III ma"-ill~ funds a'"lIilllble to cashew producers ;lltllecOlllltry. He, thererore, callm on alll)3 rtlClllall15ll1theeashew ''alue cham, from bu}'ers to the kx:al bu,ing agents, lllC'rc:han15, cxpoftet"5 alld processors in the count.)" to takf' ad\"lI ntaltf' o( Ihis opportumty and IInlll'O\'e Ihe cashew subsec:tot.

TI'uth ConstI'uction bags NIS quality T.yo Famutimi award ha''e complied with the nUlllmllm rt'qUIrt'fllt"n15


Standards OrgaIllQtlOl1 or Nigeria has Awarded Truth Construclion CoIl1I)l1I1Y Limited. ~Ia!i, wilh lhe NIS qual;ty award. 11lf' award was gil"t'n III reoogmhon of the finn 's :ldhitle5, CO\"ering telecommunications eqUlpmenl, illstallBtions and materials sUI,ply. AttOrdingloastatement by the: firm 011 Thursday, the qualih' managemrnl

sysl~m certification camt' Oil the hrels of Ihe'$S menl work carried out by the inspectorale SON's tt'am III Jill) 2011 with 11K' main assessll\elll rollowi'll, in NO'"ember 2011, It slatm. -nle a,)6 standard rt"5uJatOi) bod). rolloWlng Ihe inc;pection 100Irs and a.s54!5Slllent lesL~ condllctl'd b)' its It'MII o f auditors. adjudged Truth Construction Compall), 10

for thf' rclf'\"lI1I1 industnal standllrds: ·With this hOllOUr, Ihf' COml)3n), has no .... rt'ceh'C(! authorisalion by 11K' quality assessment 81)U bod)' in Nigeria 10 display SON ~o on all 115 o(fldal communlcatiorupertaming to leleconullunialioll5 t'quiJ)mentinslallationsand material sllpply having mel nnnimullI reqUIrements ror the rt'1c\~1I1 industrial standards_-


THE PUNCH, 09 MARCH, 2012  

Operators initiate new scheme to boost cashew production