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Food crisis: First Bank to partner EKSU FctID Makindc, Ado-Ekiti

IRST Bank Nigeria Pic said thai il is ready to partner with the Ekill StnteUniversityintheareaof

F has


The Group Hf3d Public:

Settor Sooth, OrKk,fEJdti, lItr Obdcle 8aka~ who led

othet-bank officiaIsinduding the Bustness • Pubbc: Sector, flcitj Stale, Mr. Del.! Addila, said this ~'hiIe: presen~ a cheque of N23-611l to Ihe WU\oersity 10 deve&op some

SlIOrts. l"resenting the cheque to the VIC!! -OlIlrxrlkN" of

the ullI\oen;;ity, Pro( OIadipo Ain., Bakare said thaI tlle money, ~illCb ~'aS the first tranche. would be tI.!iIfd to ~ basket ball, lawn teollls. nable lennis and otht!r sportS.

The bank officaaIsaid that it was hWt rime the nation staned to grow at home the food OOn.SUlnW by Nigen:ms. lie said that prices of food stuffs had OOfllinued to soor because of the oegIect

of apia1Il11re by N'~ youlhs. But be said that lhere

1I1lhemstitutiooaspanolilS social responsibilities to ilS


hostoommunities. He said, MWe bdieve that lOr proper mental development one needs to be: physically fit. Engaging in sportS will al90 assist to redind. the eoerr.Y of the youths and rather- than enpA in cultism, robbery and JWQ!ilitutioo they ~ifi haYl!! aYCllue to use tbeu ellCIV in productive ways. The \lice c:hance11or in hlS

COWIny ifindkiduals. pwllte sa10r IUId the g<M:rnmeftt rould inwst mCIn! III agriculture.. Aa:ording 10 him. the stale has fertile soil where aancult~ ooukI thriYe with limited inpulS sa)'in& the bank would partner wuh the institution.

He stated that tlus kind CJl initia~ 'o\llldd boa;t food production in the counny and make it self suffiaent in this area. 11esaid,'1~

is lJ)'W& 10 unprove on the internally- generaled reYeflue and \\1! wall! ID support tlle ~ty 10 ~ this. We are ready to partner" with the wuversity Ul the aJ1!S 01 oollunercal fanning.. ~\\'e are not a bank interesred III !ll'lI.'Ian& only <ieJlO!Nt, we want to panDe" with )'OU and we. will be)'

ilE quality 0( unh'efSity education in Africa is O\~ the past 20 years, mallY Afucan goyenunenl.s ha\'e steadily surved their univer.iities rI lI11x:h·needed funding and allowed these centres rlleanung to fall 1010 utter disrepaiT. With fewer boob tlWl fast deteriorating..

the bank for pannering with the univt!fSity to develop its sportsfacil.ities.

IDOSl primary schools In we!ilenIcountries,poortypaid teachers and ~-ded dassrooms. many Afncan WlJYefSities have become

-dlUmlllg ","ndMY """'" oot graduates with no real knowledge base or employability skills. For CQUIIl*. the Work! 8auk.hasl"elttdedthal bl.'rwoen 1991 wxt20IO, the nuniJer"d lItUdenIs in higher eO..2tion Ul 5IJb..Saharan Afric:a ItlIiII! &can 2.7 miIIiou to 12. ?million. ~anlllUll.lallWoI

about 16perrenr. Ilowever. public resources for expenditure on higher education g.n..'W by only six pet'"cecltoverthesameperiod,


withoul much support.. Aina slated thaI



8akareCXltlainedthat First Bank decided to boost spons

utilised fortllepurpose it was meant.

.-1h One ma)Or CQfl.!ii!JQuenre 01 tht- lno-ea:;ing decline in the qu.Ju" cl ta-tlaI)· «I,lC.1t1<>l1 1.1,



ttul U.., ......,..11< .. 111

CoUegeofMa nagem ent a nd ~Ia l ~iences B.Sc Sociology B.Sc. Entccpreneurslup CoUege of Scieoce, Englntering a nd TKbnology B.Sc. Zoology B.Sc. Piant Biology B.Sc. Chemistry

COMPLETlON OFAPPUCATlON FORl\1S Candidates are 10 register on-line by accessing the Unnerslty website: complete and subtnll ao appltcalion. They arc expected to prinl two (2) copies of the application fonn after lubnussioD. One of these two copies sbould be brought along together with a copy oftbc candidate's lITME score prinl-otJt 00 the day of the screening ellercise. TIle second copy is 10 besubmined upon admission 10 the Uruversity.

At the same time, thl: few Ilrorc:ssionals Africa is ab\e to IHOduce continue 10 IeaYl!! die oootinent in droves in

process as above and repon on the screening day.

produceyoungpeoplewlthtllC mruiSrte leduUcalla1Ul'tiedge I.Ixt QciDs to .sustain their eoonomac growth. It is YeI)' important to bear in twixt much d the growth seen in Afna (M'J" the P'b1 20 years has been

sean:b 01 greenet" pastures in the WCil. It is atm:ntly estnnaled thai more than 20.000 professionals leave Afrit::a annually 10 10 and coorribute to devdoprnent in

due pnmarily 10 a raptdly illl:reasillg world"oroe and less to 1Ug.hes" labour pnxluctMty. Uowever. as the economic ~1fICI\'nslowlyawayfrom


agneuIture loI't"ards indusuy, BeJVias and finance, ~ will be greater demaod iJr tedtmcalslrlllandJtoor,..~to


growth -



most Afrit:an oountries are nat

In fuel it is probably £air to say that OlIIC!" than political oorruplion. lad: of t«hnica.l capacity is by far the greatest bamer to rapid

olpnV-oIte univenoities and an


1l)C"C! is every indication that unless dmstic action is uq,ently taken, most African eoonomies will oot be able to

de\dopment in Africa. Cum:ntly many of the tedmiall skills drivmg A1iimn growth are proo.ided by expamates, un;rly &om Ouna, who have recently bea:mc hea\ilyinvcll\'ed in key 8«.'Icn, from mining through to railway COIISUUdion and inlonnallOll urlmoIogy. Africa spencb _bolll US$4bn annually to remut and pay -n o\w 100.(1)0 exp8tnate:. III wori. of! ti1ot' C'Ofltlnem ....'11. :00..·1.

arutedec:line in leaching and rt!Iearclt quality. Skills threat 10 ec::ooomic


DJRECf ENTRY CANDIDATES DII"«t Entry candidates should complele the form on-hOI! ollowmg the same


Africa generally. enroIrneut in higher aiucatioll bas grown f"asl:er than financing captlbilllies, "Ieadlnr; 10 the pmlifenlloll

havinl 90 per cent fA their pnvale fimlS managed by

The University is nOI admitting candidates for MaBS (Medicine) programme for the 20 I I) academic 56$100. Candidates for the MEBS programme may wisb to change to any of tile programmes in the University for which lhey are quulified or apply for a change institution to other Universities. The National Umversilles Commission (NUC) n:c,mtiy approved under-listed programmes and ca.ndidiues who wish 10 change to any the programmes in thiS screerungexercisc may doso.

-""''''' ·,1Ic bruin drain

mamIy on tuition fees from

""""' III ' -


lIesaid that the tmtver.>iIY would sooo begin 10 esoeI 10 sports while stating thai EKSU (Dlltingent 10 the WfSI African Universities Games 10 lIonn perbmed well eo.'ftl

purtUt:f in progress."

... """"""",,-



I1IlM!I'SilybadjUSlesbblished the Department of Human Kinetics while stressing thaI the money would be wt!I.l

may be unable 10 sustrun the promising ecooomic growth I'I!COI"lb it has l'tilnelii:liJed III



'African varsities must be urgently mended, brain drain stemmed'



Notice is hereby giveolhal the 20 I 2 Unified (UTME) screening exercise will hold 00 Satu rd ay 16- JUlit. 2012 al 10.00 am 001 for candidates who chose Osun Stale University as their I· andlor 2 choice, with II. minimum score of 200 and above. However, candidates •.... ho met the national mmimum cut-off of 180 may be considered for admission i;uo programmes in Agric uJlure, Education a nd An s (HumaRilies a nd CuUu rt) only.

.... I!;""1f'":',


western democ:racies.. The result IS that while and urban population spending on infrastrudw-al

SCREENING C.ENTR.Es. All ca.odjdates (UTME and Direct E.ntry) ue 10 r epo n fur Ic.reening III the d llfe and cenD'"e$ Indicated o n tbeir online registration pt lntout. Candidates must repon al least one bour bdor e the COT1UIlC!ncement oftheexacise.

ACCESSTOTITEREGISTRATlO"<PORTAL Access to the pona1 is through the use ofscralch cards with PlN. Candidales reqwre two scratch card! (one eacb for registration and resu ttlplacemenl checking), which are obtainable directly from any of the fill 0\\ 109 specific branches listed below. upon payment of fi ve thousand Naira inlo the account:

~uelll are increasin& youth fmcluding graduate)

unemployment is a1so raptdly g.t"'OI'o"ing - settinl up, as it were, the perfect acate lOr iIOdal uprisi~ and evenluaJ implosion of these


In the UK. when! I am

based. many


have embarked on _ new recruitmenl dri...e in Africa. Propelled by the need 10 increase their intemationaJ profile and find tnOne)' 10 plug the gap from faDinl bttdsets. d_ universities ~ inw:nled manyscbemes to entice some of the besl bnlins in Africa. Gwen that only one out of e\1!I)' du-ee srudenls ~ilo trn-.ti abn»d for .'JIudies

Africa. d~ 1$ a real d.1n~er th'h tile ptoblem or bralll dnull will grO'I\. \\ hil.e AfI"K'a J..Do....reasmgtv Mie. 0 11 L1U1lCSle ~L;al"" it:. telums to

own""""""', - U"orld llnil ... rsi,y

MQIE:' On-line reglstralion facilmcs at"e avatlable at the Co "puler LaboralOries in all the campuses for II. tokeD fee: for candidllL:S IMI had purchased their scratcb cards from !loy of the above hSlcd bank!'! CLO SING DATE: Submission offonns closes al 12 .0000410 un Friday IS" J u ne, 2012 F(j.r funhec mformation. please contact Inc -\dmlssions OftiC!. Osun Slale Ulllv~iry. Osogbo 00 TI'I: 081 -3 2690509, 070-'5372579, 13~2~~O

I. O. faniom. Phil 1!r!'f!lf""


THE PUNCH, 05 JUNE, 2012  

Food crisis: First Bank to partner EKSU

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