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IITA, ABUAD sign MoU to help Africa

HE International InslitJte of Tropical Agricill ure and Arc Bababl;, Univen:ity Ado-Ekiti have signed a MCnl •• r:lndum of Und('rsUnding on (resl.






potential of D ;ricullure and

natural res(>Ul"ces in Mrica. Astatem-!rt on Fridayby the iIlStitut~, which gave the indication, also said IITA and AJlUAD hd a common interest in improving the nutrition and illcome or the rural ami Ufbt n poor.

The Mol would provide link lhe tv.'O

institutions and fostcr cooperation to complement

each other's research efforts, it said. II quotM the DirectorGeneral of the institute, Or Nltran).. Sanginga, as saling, wWe are \'ery excited in signing this Moli and we are also confident that

together, .....e can work to tackle the challenges of hunger and poverty.~ He said the MoU would hdp in building the critical human capilal to address the presenl and future challenges of not only agricullure but also


Sanginga said, "Today, if you take agriculture. you ....i\l diSCO\'er that the sector is faced with several constraints such as climate change. emerginr; pests and diseases, These constraints can be tackled if we de\'dop the human capacity lha t will pro\ide solutions to them,· According to tJle statement. under UTA's revised strategy, research, partnerships and c.lpacity building are key drivel"5 for IITA's S UfXeS,S as the institute aims to lift 20 millionpeopleoutofpoverty

and Cree 25 million hectares of degraded land in the next decade. TITA Deputy DirectorGeneral, Partnerships and Capacity Building. Dr Kenton Dashiell, said, is one way o( meaningfully engaging the you ths, .. giving them the tools to be producth'e'Specific areas oC interest Cor the two institutions in the MoU listed in the statement are collaboration inresearclJandde\"eiopment ontopicsofmutual intere:slj development of joint research and deYelopment





[Jroject proposals for submission to prospecti\"e donol"5 for funding. Others are organisation of joint research activitiesj of joint organisation conferences and workshops; and placement and/or txchange of students. with exchange oC researclJ materials, publications, and other ma terials of common interest. The Vice-Chancellor oC ABUAD, Prof. Sid. Osho, explained thaI the MoU, which was of great int~1 to the unh'el"5ity, would also help in increasing

food production and Cood security, According 10 her'. the MoU will conCerlremendous benefits on the uni\'ersity in terms oC international linkages, exchang~ programmes, organising and strengthening research and proffering qualitati\,e strategies Cor administrath'e capacity,

Minister challenges wllvers ities on agric trans forntation HE Minister fo r Agriculture and Rural Development, Or. Akinwumi Adesina, has urged higher institutions oC learning to play crocial roles in the nation's agricultural transfonnation agenda. The minister, who spoke while deli vering the 2012 lectu re of the Adekunle Ajasin Unh-ersity.AkungbaAkoko, in Ondo State, said that uni\'ersities had a \ital role to play. He said, ·Unh'ersities. especially Faculties of Agriculture. need to wake up to the reality around Agriculture is them. changing r-,1pidly, Today, only countries that mo\'C into commen:ial agriculture and agricultureasa business have a chanct to, We must change the \i'aS' we train students, what we train them on and whal W~ prepare them for," The minister also challenged the institutions to retrain the students to .become job creators, not job ~ hunters, .. !he faculties of agriculture and the universities of agriculture need 10 change their curriculu"1 tn be in line with the renlities of the labour markets and prepare students with practical technical and business skills they need 10 set up agribusinesses. "111;s will require linking of the faculties of agriculture and business administration to set up agribusiness entrepreneul"5bip centres. nl~ centres should be used to provide technical farnling s kills as .....ell as agribusiness management skills for young commercial Canners.· He also traced the main reasons ror the low lC\'el of use of modem agricultural tech nologies to lack of a functioni ng agricultural extension system, ·Slrangely, since independence, Nir;eria has not put in place a federated system or agricultural extension. and as a result, there is \'Cry .....eak link between rcsean:h and extension, We are addressing this," he said,





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IITA, ABUAD sign MoU to help Africa

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