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Four killed in Ogun robbery

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oFour-man gang storms house



• Another opinion poll gives it to ACN candidate • Akeredolu to Akoko, llaJ· e: vote wisely "OUON · ANI) · CPC over voter .........

Moredams to


ill' tY,uf th~

fl~dln8 i !hl!


(OU Rlry Wil

posoed ., the





onII~«I Lh .. ""'I . (~ r food cri~i.. I h ro ' ilnd , - e5p« 'I I\, .,tduclion (,lIIlin! f M fit I'JIp«llIlion.

Pr..,i d"nl Go<tll u ck Jon.,tlwn y~ tt1("'Y " hi. h om .. t blt'


Sol,.. SOl -

whith is ..if1\lflll,nder willer, uid Itie ttl .. n l Co-mmrnl "",ulolt.uiJd ilion! dams III p r . ... . 1


1I..... h;nJ~""'" pI.n

lIt~ •• , .. I n . f· fKHd by the 1 ock Dr. Jon.1lthil pet,. .. fter i_pKtmS th lfr--Nd .,...

to import ,

farmrn who


n!.'':'::~~' :':.:t::.:

IU ri!! Ih., we !,Iihl "ore d..un. in the ue "11. ~. AI p~'" w II! b<~. dins the Kol.umbi .. 0.. Ih.t will be tomp 201. <lind e"en Ih tommihnrnl i il 10 m.lIkc • with the coni



f.~'~. ..-e oj c-. or

rn if


....... enkill 24

Gang of 10 in dawn reprisal IIMilitary 'not involved' T! was "II tnrs In.l ~. ..l~una"UI.~comml!n~whrt-run-

~~wr~~tacf!'" Don-

goo."'.IvIJI.lgu'IGwant.oe.IGov. enuncf'tt An-a ft:fn.all~ uncJoto.r lat night Soml!' Il!'p')rt!l Pld thl!' gunm.n Wt'ft (>n /I nopnsal llU!I5ioo aftn hf'.. InS di~lod&t'd lrom tilt' vi~~K:~-




w~ arml!"j

A ~dft'tl rq'OrtN th.Jt thor gun· rn,," dl"'fllUlwd In pollet' unl forms as ,.".... 'lklf"l1"led.l ~Uf' lust



~. CEo.

'This morning, they went to the house of the man they s us pected to be respons ible for identifying them. They killed him and two of his children and cut the hand of his wife, III!' Mid "On 14110/2012.1t about

t-t"fore 'lUnn""4!'. thooting worship' ".... KadUf\ll Police chi.' Olufemi Ad~ nailu~ coofirn'cd lhr CMla lly figur. Mr Adftv,I~ •••lId foor !11!~ KunJl"Wrl wft, .. rr...t...t by ~ viglfarw;r ~r in ttw ana

R28 -lOBS

O5.lIJhr5, • SU5p«ted g&r11t 01 a~

b.Indlt.,. numb.ring .bout 10, ~Iortned Dogon o.w. vIlI.SI!'. kill· InR 24 pt'1"5OIU_ Infoonallon hIId II tNt. Jew of the vlCbrM wen return· InR from thf'1r morning rr.~er!l whllf' the ret ~ .. ttack«( In ther



H. pid "The command wung mto action by mobddU'l& a umt 01 ~ Pohet' M~ Force (PMF) f't"'"~ and CUI1Vft1h~\II1 ~tJVI!5 to ~~, w~ .Illhi' Wft\O pmpe-Iy mannrd by tho> pnlk? and .umy u hlml kif thfo ~Ion. 15 in lop SNT MNnwtufco in·\o'f'IIhg.hon ha5 rommmced and wcunl) pm""'" marntained~ Ackna,b addnl "Some ~mbPn of lhr vl[9lancr ~roup frQrn ~oo


Conbnued on





NEWS Presidency wants N9lm for landscaping in 2013 • National Assembly

-.....""""_ """'"-

lo ge! NlS(b


NiUIII Di!fnI. ~


oC mup f-hna1.f."'; r : r (GMD) UBA 1'1(. Mr. Phillip' Odu<IUIOnl ri.nU and officiAl. of PmpatrO. durinl. meribli bdween UBA and I"rop'u'co, held on lIM: lillellne .IIM weekend. From lell .~ R"lIiu.i Mln.s". North of t~ Annu.1 I II' of the 1"lnniltl.,....1 MOO1d.ary Fund IIM F) .nd tlie World Sank C ..... p. In Tokyo. .. Sou th-East II fll: a rm, Pi.. r ..... "d; Depu ty Hud, 8,,"kloll6: c..(' ltil Market.; Sophllt I... RO)'; Otrpuly Chid' Execul i.. om~r and ~1 ui"," H ..I _ Lou.m. :hId Invesbntlnt o ml", DlrKtor G.r.n" ... I, r rop"fCO a""d .. pmou. On the r1g.h1 .. Sol. Yom l·Ala ,.!,. D1. ljiOfl 1Ie,Jd" Int,,"u lional Sankin8- UBA Ph:.


'Govt to build more dams to combat flooding' Contln" fT'C!m pege 1

we will parlltcwe maney. - By the tim .. ~ bu Id two or three 0'I0Il! dams ~ ~ Be--

nur section 1H1JI1he.NIgt!' river . WI." may stll~"'lm ft wam- coming in" ~t t lVill not br 10 this levt! bet... '-Se the dams hold tfw. ."V1d re~it~wd

g'f ,-

:rl-.ed the

The PmideQI


~o "':'~nd,~.... Dr. Jonath.irlaiso ~

ol '~ ' lheeilem5togh-e them. ,.00 . at hoW we can get VIUieties plants thai w ill ma lul'" in II v~ short timr. something Ilb nwze thai can ma l ~in thn.oemonlhs. Weare abo looking al themes thai will matu ..... in 50 days, rio! that will endu ..... 'Dnf' leVels of Roodins

.... ~on.

Ihesoe ;I..... the areas the Min-

is!'},' of Ayicu.ll~ is working ~.

I're5idt!flt Jonathan recalled the 1969ik>od that hewitnessl'd in the lower pari of the Nigel"

"".. ~~~~~~in ':i:'li:i when the fl;;;r; nood victirrul . ,

I l~



howwillthey • ~ Wea ..... workingyef}' .llI3IeaU the;r crop~a SOIICt . whole r~ is fli and n m<l6t CiIS('!Il!Venihe g seedlings, planhlin b.!n cas5II\'lI cutti~ etc \If' bl'ft1 dE"-



Ht-said the~nI"" "" workinJt an he to pr0-

vide plan~ 0 .t 01 t lime growlh that l!d N1Lhstand flood to farm a,rq.g: ~e ~Iookingat


In his vW-w " the current flood i5 ~en ~ m go!ng down" "'This onr ~ e\'eR faSter. I br~-e before the middle 01 N4> vember. n"0It of the rommunitie will beoulollhe flood," the

Preldent iilKi ~ M~ indkations tha t the Oood may Ufeel rice production and other food items II wall 1150 learnt thai ~ ftJroos art' making moves to iII5k the govenunenl to re\'Jt!W the JO per em! duty on impomed ria>, whkh it hils included in the 201l budget. The mUSIYe floods have

washed away many fann Ianch wheR.5taple foOds, such as ~ maize. yam. ~ being grown. Fannlands in ~ue, Kogi. Niger. Kwara, Adamawa. Kailo, Kebbi, PS.teau and Edo haYe been washed away. Accordi~ to,. !JOW'a! U\ the Federal Ministry of AgricuIturt', thegovemment 15 alrNdy ~ stod: ci!he Sltu.tion, espeOaJly 011 ill implications on riae pro.:IuctklnTIle !IO'llra' said: "We ha\'e gol .'lome repo rt5 on how farmland5 , especIally rice Hf'lds, were destroyed by I1ood5 in 9I)fI"lr 01 IheM' stille.. Wf' ~ ta~ D'I(Inf stodc..!he governmenl IS on lop 0Ilhf' 5ituahon_ ~For inslarU. 4,700 mNlbitanll of communilies in Edu Loclll Government Arell of KWllnt State, namely Bdt', Eml. Faigi, TSWlItaliO, Patako, Tada., Shonga.!d Dukun. Ymulgi, among c:J4&r.o., were rendered homele:ss due 10

heavyr.uns.. "Sirnihtrly, over 3200 hectaff'S of ~ planlatlOfl undl'f

the authority ofTada-Shong;!.

loigatb! Schetnf' in Edu I..ocal Govemmf'nl Area, al50 in Kwara, have been was hed away by Rood_ "Some ricf' ~rod ucing areas, like Warawill. Uogu wa:W udil, Gabasawa, Ajingi and Gay;t ~~enunents in Kana, are --rht' flood d.isa5ten in rice (~came at;t lime Minisle!" 01 Agnculfun:o; Dr. Akinwumi Ade!iinll il dr ivina: a massive 10011 policy on n~ production.~

It was em! that some pressure !pOJP' and exptrts have been rrWtmg n!presenlatiOO$

to the go..-nnmenl to rerxnsid· er~mtan1&ooricf'm

the ~ 01 ..equate local prodllCbon which could '-1 to Skyrocketing 01 ricf' prices, The 5OIln:f: added: - It is but'

thai some peop1t! are ai* :!:l the ~1t'W of the P tariff strucIurt' with ;t Vl('W to maintaining Mnlty in rice prices for the .\'ft'ii~ COI15tIIneI" 01 this .'ltiIple product. - But. as. responsive government. it needs to Iakr stock of the situation before detemlining whether it should change (or

Its pO/JCy on rice as AN10WlCfti m klI3 'Budget." Another .'lOUI'Cf! in the Nationa l Emergen' l Management Agerq sai . '"We have rqxwtson I'aimJand.'l that wen! washed away. Mast of the 19 states affected by floods had ther farms hit 100. " in Plateau. aboullOOvillages and 4.(00 h«wes of tum· lands Wen" destr-oved in ~ local governmentslike J<anam. Wa!!le, Shendam, Lantllnn North, Lantang Soulh, Mibn&-and Qu'an Pilf1. los East and J05 North "1n Benue Sta~, thousmds of farmlands were abo submerged, with ~ to hat-

V~&!I~~~~oE the Environment. HaJIYiII Hadiu M;tilan;t, rece n tly confifTTM!d Ihe magnanimity of the disasters on I1irm1ands. "She said the ~uences oE the floods are that ~ are huge Ias&es of farmlands; there arelikely lhrNts 10; we are likely gOing 10 have challenges that have to do with the health oE the ~ pie in 8Ort'It' areas."

HE _dmcy

h~ ~

QUf'Sted lOr N91 millim

lOr 1Imdscapingand 0th-

er related matters U\ the Stair HOWie. aexording to ill break· down d the 2OlJDudget. Pn!sident Good1uck Jonathan [ast week ~ted the eshmates to the Nabonal Assembl foe an;idenition Ihe N91 million,




President, N20,110,300 for land!icaoinltlSll!J'Vicr of veterinary arld r'ksm for Iarm.:..p:" ............ mOd

:S-theStaIie~~=Cen­ "(SHMC).



for over h;tt! a billion (NSSO,949,502) to construct a new visitor'l car park, a ZOO and a .siauithler slab in Ahuja. The Auditor Gener.l1 of the FedemID1 i:s asking fIX NUll million to . .... Toyola Carmy .mdfei!oyota fGiux ~

A I1f!W Toyota Hilux ctl6ts ;tbout N4,J20,OOO and 18 of Ihelt' will translate to N7l.]60"(xx).

The AuditorGeneta! plamto spend N53 million 10 buy 50


~ at NI06.(OJ

uch; W million on 10 apJo.. sM- deWctors and NZ3 miIhon

on mcnitoring and ~uallon of Mini5Iries, ()eplrtmenb and A . (MOAs) pro;ects. ~ Pre!idency isal'lOaskmg for N475 million 10 build a visitor'scarparkatlheSlale how;e (opposle thI' pilot gale). There ~ 10 build a N60.600,JO(J :1:00 and a NIS..)C9.21lZ slaughter.slab al ARUda Hou.<le, the Official home the V-~ Pre5KienL


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Unknown gunmen kill 24 in attack on Kaduna community o.~ :':;:;"i' ;:"

10 village, aq-.tedI lUT per50ruI 8uspect"1 to e membeB of a noll!i:lout<~.tng lerrorising their lire ... nd"took them 10 Dogt-n Da , vUlage fOf questiorilhl .. An Army SI .d ; - It is • clear ca~ ~ Jlnaed rob-


Defence H ead quarters: military not involved T : I E Dr:fence Headqu;trien yesterday JI!tributed the killin8lliO repnHls by some anned robbers. II aijo denied thai the military was In · vol ved in the killi np. ronlJ1t)' to what had ~ reported by some intemiltional media.

From yu.tIt AlII. ~ "This I, m nlnry t" reportli by other 10who reported tha t the Ittack wu arried oul by unknown gunm~. "'In vesli~illion revealed nul the killin! _ a reprisal by apng ofanned robben

the m;tinlenOUlce of l~w.HId Omf!'r in !hi! lociety. ~Weare commiUed tO lhedefenc:eand protection of our c:ounlry'l hard earned dunQCnCY .. nd mon' impo rbntly, Ihe NigeriOlll Armed Forus beJon! 10 the Nigerian people and ~not be an in-

cvmbined dror! of the vmlgers and the vigilance aroup In that community. '"The Defence Headquarters wishes to state ClIt~oriCllll y in th e internt of the I~er 800ety tha i no member of the Nl· genOlD Armed Force!i was involved in the N-id altack which OCCUnH in the early hours of Sunday the 14th October 2012. -We w ish 10 rJeass.ue tnegenenil public of our readineM to ofkr auistance to the Nigerbn Police Fon:e ...,d other S«urit)' Agencift whOle primary responsibility IS

tm. as aJlevd by the ""poiU. " We u~e memMB of the public to go about their legitimate bll.llinf'55of'S with. oul any fear of mo lestation from any quar!u, OIIId 10 also T1.''por! ;tny b reach of peace and If!C\irily in the JOdety 10 l;tw eruor«ment ;tgencies. " Plene diueminale this information for the IW;trenel1 of the ge n e ral public.Tluink you for your Wiual coo peration Uld pleUl' KC'epI the w.rmf'!!14 ~ of the Chil'l of f.>d~ SlI.lf."

wOIIId in terna tional mMi.l.organiulion"

o::'l,'l'.;'~T,;:';,=--~; (ORO),ye5lerd;ty on Sundav

COfIb ,!:rrm.d"" .. ~ 'R~~>:' mmo.~ , .,ng ..,.. uguri,

.. _........ icf.the beluguered.

BOmor State Oipita[.

JTF spokesman, ll.-Col. Sa-:gir MU.'la, :illud in Maidugun ih;tt thco! blasl dId not record

~7.~01. Sari 1J5f1IaI ~ded: (~Rc~~~nt: liH,,::~~:.el'!.~~It~; =:O::i:O:;~~,t~~~e ,:~::..:::elh: :~e::J !=~~rt~~~~~:~C::= an.>jtC:=~t "'1ne last h",*Q I apc ke wi th

my (['()I\toct) .11 the uea, he soud it was ~1 ' dead" A trad itio nll, r in the village told i l a te lephone in lenl ~aw tN t a large n u mbt.-r of gll. meni~ld the viIJage CIIP!}>/ . , 004rled fire on w~r.stllp r. fl!I '"""0 were returnmg froro • me ~ue after the e . dy d lorning P rayers ~e said trt· un en w~ believed to hh1e m:l ed from Zamfara Sialello l ht area Tht N.UolI f.. tlte ed tha t

the th gunm~ .n e area ehf," ••1•'P!T'lted being chased ou l. r' gl"04 'f'd and murned to HiI! , -II' ge on;t reprisal. ha\l.J1g 100t .,me of thei r men. Sources said Ihllt he gunmen i1\ighh lIa"" r 'scllped from a pr~ ... in 0 e of the negbOUrin] " Iale , They have been d"ra.ti l g alona; the Kadun 713irh'l Cwan

it'l DiftClor of InfOnNlion. CoL M_M. Verb!!a_ The st.lement !!laid: '"The attenlion of the Defence Headquatters has been dniwn 10 Ihe unsubstantia ted d;tims by CNN .md A1lu«n alleging that the NI· guilin fllilitary C1irried out ;tn eatly morning lltude on MlI.'lllin wOl!l hlppet'l ina rno.queillt Dogo Oaw",11 vill.genear Bimln C .... ri In Kaduna Stale, ... he", twenty people were allegedly killed by unknown gu nmen. highWl)" before thecommu· nily let up the Vigilance group 10 fish out the criminals A hlgh1r dependable 5OU~ I.lid IOmetimes ago, there were !erie!! of armt-d robbery operation in the area especiall y a long the Kadu nil / 8irmn Gwari h ighw;ty Some women weTe even ra~ in the pr0ces6. So the community set up II vigiLance group to find out who were responsible and

pul an end to it. They haye being doing a good joba5 they were able to idenhfy

lOme those res~nsible for theofrobberies and other criminal aclivil'es In the area - A former /Ia.b"" (dlStnct head) in ~o Caw. wuln charge o(!he committee tha t was responsible for Ynihs· ing Ihe area ;tnd Ihllt W;tS wny , in the la51 three months, there Wl5 no rob· bery In thea~a. People W('f('

able 10 Identify the crim inals and the)' we", being elimina led 5ilenll y one aTter the

they killed Wf!rt' jusl coming from the e;trly morning prayers I can confirm to you

other 1ne cnrmnais must have ned the villilge. This momIn.&, they went to Ihe holHf' ofihe man they sus~ed to be l't';5poruible for Identifying them . They killed him and two of hi! childn!n and cut the hand of his wife. They also killed 17 other people in the v,lIage -Ileamt that those people

that it was a robbery operation, butnot it was thecrirrunals Ihe msdvl!:$ that nme for a reprisal albick breauSf' the people have Moen Identi· fying them". Another IOUrce Aid that the criminals sent • meJNge 10 the com munity tha t they were (()min~ back on ;t reo venge miSSion h;tving losl lOme of their m~bef.'l

W f!' had a blast along Barna Road In the earl)' hourS of Sunday. 1ne truth 15 that there was no casualty LI.-Col Musaexplamed that the bomb was pillUte<! on the road in anbdpation of the}TF patrol vans. ""They ~probably targeting our patrol VIIM or other ovilians. But. fortunately. the bomb wenl off Without hitting any laflel... Ae 5aJd 10 ~Idents of the llate 10 bevlI~~ and report suspicious to the JTF promptly



More dams to coming to fight floods: uncertainity over 10% tariff on rice

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