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N270b saved on cement import in three years, says SON DG N Stories by Tob, Agbool.

GERlA has saved about N270 billion on the importation of .:emen! in the las t

Government's policy is working. most especially in the cement sec-

three years, Direi.:tor-Ceneral,Standards Organislll ion of Nigeri a (SON), Dr J<Rpll Odumodusaid. It spent tboul NJO billion com-


-nus wiil also save the country

five years. we hope to see more

he said. Speaking d urb" fadlity tour of




govermenl"s agenda plan


transformation '

lJdumodu sad no licence has been issued for cement importa-

tion this year. "We are happy thai the Federal

'The next phase is to define a new framework to make sure that policy conce rns among stakeholders are ad· dressed with the quality of prod ucts produced and used assured'

of foreign exchange. In the next

pared to N300 bIllion that was spenl in the preceding three yeom,

Odumodu 5llid :his Is in line with the Federal Gov~auftent's plan on import sul:>sti tu:e pOlicy. adding that it also conform s with the

three main cement s ites in the country, followln& which a stakeholders' forum Will be held. Hesaid the forum would be used


Nigerians in this sector. This is the reason why SON is doin g everything to support the sector. Today ,we are aware that Nigeria can actuaU y meet the totaI demand," Odumod u said_ He announced plans to put in place quality assurance measures. Odumodu said the measures are aimed at ensuring compliance with~lobal standards in building malenais manufacturing. According 10 him, SON will begin the process wi th visits 10 the

as a platform lor the development o f a new framework for quality assurance along lhecemenl manufacturing. sales and usage value chain. The framework, according 10 him, will soon be developed and .d0:r,led by the agency and stakehoi ers 10 ensure that ROHcy concerns among s takeholders In the cement vaJue chain are addressed. "The next phase Is 10 define a new framework to make sure that policy concerns among s t akeholders are addressed with the quality of products produced and used assured," Odumodu said. Odumodu said the visit had become necessary, due 10 the rising challenge of building collapse, noting that the agency was looking in-depth into the sector to

make sure quality is assured . He said there is more IISsurance on the cement'lroduced in Nigeria, comp;!re to thr imported ones. The Managing Director/CEO, Dangote Cement Pic, Mr DevaKumar Ghai said the company has been in the front seat for years. .. This effort s tarted in the year 2000 and today, Dan~ote Group has 12 of ITS subsidiaries certified to the quality management system ISO gool ; 2008 std among o the rs 'Our management has approved the Immediate commencemen t of the implementation of the quality, occupational health and safety and envuonmental management system based in lhese," he said

Nigeria's export to Ghana rises by 38% oToimport NIO.14tgoods


GERlA' >l lon-oU export 10 Ghl~na increased b 38 per cenllasl, the ~8enan Ellport EroDlclion Coun cil (NEPC) hfj5 sai.1 1 Direcluro(Tr,lde lnfonnation, NEPC, ~·15 Ali,,\! LawaJ, told report ers th n t fllseria exp~ [ted goods worth 511;-- million (N 17.52 &illion) to lGha U' last year, com~ pared with SS I 7t> milllon(N12.67 billion) in 2010. He sale : '" h ! bulk of the exported p~luc l s were cosmetics, footwear , textiles, confcctionaries b\5CClicides, plastic (emply boWel), electric cables, food and bevci'ges, including noodles." The direct, , who described Ghana as \lne o().Jigeria's biggest markets in Wed Africa, said-the e.l(port data co'feted only official transactions ard registered b usinesses beh\ een the two countries. "The fi~e only puts re$is~ tered no~t1 t!Xport transaction Into accounL 5I: ".,fficiaUy, the volume lsSl lil milli , n excluding unregis tered. bUSln'!5se5. This is because mO!lt o f t u transactions are not regis tered. ~If the unre ~ istered transactions are Inc1 u:j.od, then the vulume should be more than d ouble the uffidd Vol'JI"le,M he said. lawai slid tte 'eat was achieved through prcacti"e trade policies and incenli ves fn non-oil e~ports introduco!d b:'! the MinistT)' o f Trade and In\ll stment. In a related d !\<elopment the International Mcndary Fund (IMF)

has revealed tha t Nigeria will import goods worth 565 billion (about N I0.14 trillion). Regional Head of Research, Al· rica "Global Research, Siandard Chartered l:Jank, London, Ms Razia Khan, said the country has foreign reserves thai could only take care of seven months imports, adding that with the IMF data, it then means the country spends an average of $5.41 billion on importation monthly. Ms Khan saJd if the recent figures beinfl shown as amount losl to bunkenng was any to go by, then a wnole month's tmport money meant for 167 million people was being guzzled by a few people. The Managing Director of Shell Petroleum Developme.nt Company Nigeria Pic., Mutiu Sumonu said thai Nigeria loses S5 billion d o llars annua lly to oil thrfl. Khan sa id theamounl going by other estimates given by other indepo?ndent sources was small. Other analysts who do not want their names in print said, if government I tightened . b the k n oose. s lrong y aga\f'lst u n ering. so much mo ner meant for other deI ve opmenta purposes would be realised. According to Sumonu, Nigeria loses apr.roJdmately 150,000 barrels o f 011 to oil bunkering daily, and that the COWltry lost roo barrels daily behveen 1003 and 2004. He explained thai the acti v ities of oil thieves have s hifted [rom pi!fering '0. high.r dim .... .........,'·on.


. From L~fI: MiniJt~r of Youth Oe .... lopment, A t h~ji tnuw. Abdu l ludlr; Co-o,dinallng Mintslu for the Economy, Dr NgozJ Okonjo- twula. and Minister for Nation.! r"nnin g. 0, Shamsudd Hn U,OI.n, ,t the rt"RUY S"ssion of Ni&eria" Ec:onomlc Sodety'. 53n:1 Annual Conf,,",n(It In Ahuja on Tu".d ay -


Minister: farmers earn $136m from cassava export to China

ARMERS may have rMlled $136 millio n (about N2 billion) from cassava export to ChIna in the last few months WIder ~ .~eraJ Goverrment's Cassava mllahve, Agrku lure and Developmen t Minis ter, Rural Dr Aldnw'Unmi Adesina has said. Adesina in Abuja, said thecounIf? h.ils 10 fllr I!li:~rted I.lmillion mel"C tonnf'S o f Cilssava chips to Olina. He added that farme~ rowe earned close to Sl36million from the export of the product to China. TIle Minister said it was sad tha t Nige ria waS spendin g NS.6billion yrarly on importation of wheat flour , when farmers could earn N254 billion from the su1...-0·,ooon of hIgh quality cassava "" flour for wheat nour in bread production. He lamented the waste of over 4Omillioil mt tonne of cas5iI\'a produced in the country. He stressed thrneed toadd value tocassava produced in the country:, as against the con\'entionai oMri, ·"I"· and starch .. J ' ~"

Ions of cassava, one million metric Ions of sorghum and two million m."~ , -- ~'miII · · " - by 20"..... V"" UI nJ ...." ~ Adeslna said ~ government was ~ding N36billion on y~th d ~,.- .. e\'e1opment in the a~a of agnculturr arid rntrepreneur business so as to rncouragr youths. In a relaled developmrnt, the minister has rxpressed con<ems over the i;fu0rtation of nnished cassava pr ucts of being the lars,pw'ood"d,",. er of the commodity In Ad.,,· n. m.d. ,h,· , known ,." Akur'".. during tho '".o~o~',·on of G u, rowth Enhancement uppert for ~istered cassava farmers III Ondo State. IGERl \ has o\'er 9,000 Adesina, who was represented nLtural ., -soun:es yet to be by the Southwt'St ZDnai DirectOr, than SOUlce their raw materials 10Federal Ministry o f Agriculturr, Dr. lappedbi rna Ifacturers asraw II f ' . TalabiOdeyrnu,said:"ltisdistwbmaterial! for lished products, ca manu actunng comparues ing that Nigeria. which is responthe Rillv /l.latcrills Resea rch De- pre er to buy Utem abrlUld. sillie for thr l ar~f'St percentagr of \,elopmentCo.d ci1(RMROC) has He said the miniStry of science cassava production m the world, and technology has commenced dors not process what it produces. said. Directo r-C,,,era1, R~'I RDC, moves to tap the un tapprd re"Thailand,whichis thethirdcasProf Peter On 'i 1alu told Har eisa sources by promoting knowledge sava producer, KC'OWlts for 80 per IndU5trial Ocvriopmeni right in the past beausr of tack of cent of thr finished cassava prodState Co:nmi! stoner for Science based dusllE'.l'S of small scale Indusand Technolo ~ that each of the tries. Organisa tion (UNIOO) has consistent long-term vision uct5 across the world,H he SOlid. 9.555 wa;d s itI:r,)S5lhe COW1ITy is Onwua lu said this would disblamed the power crises in energy acces.s with indusbial transIfe said it was imperative for thr blessrd ",ithoflJ ' natural resource courage migration from rural to the coun lry on the Federal formation. Fede",1Gove:mmentto harness thr or the otlwr. I urban a reas in search of jobs and Ciovrrnmrnt's inconsistent poli"\'Vhat we do in Africa. is ad·hoc potential in the sector with aggresOnwualu u .d Nige rians a re would also im p rove the capital oes. policy. When power supply goes sivlE'. processing drh·e. Spcakingat a forum in Abuja, the off, WI' get the generator. Ondo Statr Governor, Dr. silting or wea ti l bul many do not base of most JU.I1II business people. know this. I Minis ter of science and TCclulolDlrector-Cenrrll!, UN IOO, Dr " We never sat down to ask where Olusrgun Mimiko, who was repreHesaid RMJUX:: had p roduced ogy, Prof Ita Ewa said sciencrand Krutdeh Yumkella, noted that while we want the nation to br in thr nrxt sentedbyhisOliefofStaff, Or. Kola a compendiUln of the natural re- technology is the driver of the the C\I.J'T"efII administration's efforts 201025 years, how fast do we want Ademulimi, said the state had a sourer endOw .11 ~nt of each n4 10- economy and the country can only at fixing the age-long power chalto grow, how much jobs lYe want to coml?arath'e ad\'anlage in the procal gO\'frnm !rts and the 9555 neglect It 011 its OlYn peril. lense was yielding results, politiCleate and what sectors of the ductlon of the crop. waras in the (Quntry. He said the government would oaru needed to be told that the eneconomr; we need to develop. In· He said the present dimatic facOnwu;,lu lam ented that rather use technology to bring o ut hidr rgy challenge cuuld not be ovrrstead 0 putting thr &enerators on, tor,',,,,obthta~~~b'ti!'ho'f~:.t;..s.up~ den wealth in the country. comr with quick-fixes. yo u would havr bUIlt the hydro u. .........,... Ih" _____________________________________________________N ~ig~.~ri:.C , ~h'O.:~~i~d,~~~~ld::n~OC'!g'~'Ci:'__~po~"~·~:!p~I'"::'~'"~d~N~ig~'~":.~h~'~'~.~I~o~'__~'"~g~'h::.= n d::b~~:.~d~th::of~th~.~'~'.:'.~.___

9000 natural resources untapped, says RMRDC I



being pnxluced_ According to the Minister, Ni. was r--·-_",,""""";n - - _ . . . . gena ·g '''''''''........ U\5 , 1tutions to crealI' beSt seed varieties fo r farmers and to accelerate the cassava p roduction. He wiIolded plans by the govemment lo distribute f~ I, 293,000 bundles of improved cassav... cu ttings in the nellt few weeks 10 cassava Sf!1wers in 2B stites. "In (}gIm State, 200,000 bundles of improved varirty o f Cil.SSilva will be given to farmers: cassava farmers ..... ·1III Borno I d State f ' are to receive 90f u,,1 er- oa e lmprov<:u vane y 0 cassava cuttings for planting on ISO hectares,~ he said. The Minister 5Ilid the government intended to increase foOd production to 20 million metric tOM of food. This, he said was achievable with additional 17 million mrt ric


_.I ' ,

UNIDO bI ames power crlStS . . on inconsistent policies





Minister: farmers earn $136m from cassava export to China

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