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~EWS laitama 5ule rges N igerians ) resist isinlegrdtion


from Kolad't Adeyeml, 1'" ORMER I\igeria's Per· "'"'I rna.nml Ro-pr1!5mtabve • to the Un'ted Nations Io,J),AlhajiMaililmiJ~.yes­

liay urged Nirerians to re., thOR pmmoting the !.ion's disiri~tion. He said it wot lld not bt in vane' l intee5l if Nigeria 15 owed to 'lpi t. as some .1p1e play up die C\.Im!flt in-

Jonathan to Nigerians: eat cassava bread, confectioneries



JonalilAn OIl lhe weekend Ja unched the

l'UII\merCialistkln cJ C35l>.WiI bn1td IOIxut If~~~,. pdqd~-30percentll5-

into bread and other COIlfectionaric5. Sit\-lI

~~.t=~:c:=! llour nrum and ~

Nigeria, he /laid, would N250 bUlton foreign a-


rrom n.:ducaltmport and w,heat nOUT,

:"!"ty dut~e:'l ethnic and ~..-.:"'



- New tax incentives for cassava flour millers From Vlncenl IkuomoLe, AbU,.

policy and pleaded wHh baker; to key Into the polq Dr JMathan \-estt'rrlily aslimed thase implementing U,e poliev of. U'fO per CI.'l11 (lutv

01 aD agricultutal ~pmerll and prt'lO!3Sing t·quiprn!Jl1.

He, said he hilS 'kepi his prmu..-.eofl'iltingca5bavaSIR:e the rre;entahon (i thr (;8!;iIva bread, l'I'ilh 40 P!f Cl'I1t hidt quality ca.'''uva Gour ilnd 60 per cent wheat flour, The bread v.'iIS developed h\ the lnternational Imtilute for Tropical A!riculwre (TrTA1. Ib.1dan. O)-u smlI!. The im~ the caMaVU btNd. the . ~ noIOO. "w our as501''<1 farmets and P~, most 01 whcxn tell

uth SCa~' Peace Parpreo;enled the.r resolution :~ri~roI'lt'm in the

Acarding to hi n. Nigeria 15 its trying pen KI and will

l'ndla-'lly and cam little for their dlam, now have aw.e to dream again L~ the ~'em­ ml!fll tw ~ the III'LplE'mattabon of a b'an!IrOnJlllHon action plan'" Dr Jonathan add~; "Our goal is to np;md the rna"," rar c:assau fartntn and tum Nigl!1'la 111\0 th~ larg~1 proC'l-'SSOro(ca!ISilva in the v,:orld II is oW' earnest ~pectatioo thai the action plan Will 1.3 million lo~ In the nC1o.1 four years .l5 we_ mQ\e into food m.lI\ufadunng and If1-duMn"~ 01 Cil55o\va.. ""A'e believe that the p~ JX'ri~' er NigeriJ must .. tan .....ith the IiH~ and


tntproVfl!i U\-ellhotKi of



and m·itall5ing OI.II rural ecrJflc>mics ac:ro'IH Ihe l\iltian.


Ii1 hne with this p l wt' are irrevociIbly mmmitted 10 re. \'eloping Ihe foe ;ute!'nati\'\' t95 of cas&lva and ri-"duciJlg the d('~ndence (In food import. wTo promote rillpid commercialisation of~.

wllh wheal flour for bl'C.\d ilI'ld confucti0nerie5. we-


""""""'" ~ ""'" pol",. measures a.o. part or our 2012 "'"' """•• _ .

plMllS. n- will bP localm tn areas of high cassava pmduction. II Is not ~lf1g to be

based on polibcs...

The MilfIIgmg Oir«tor of




Aklnyanju, noted that the grov.>th of cassava products would 1$!i\51 the locill consumption 0( r::a:55aVI flour iIIId create jobs for Nigmans. PI't'Sent al the eo.-ent wert!' the

budSet. neeindudczeroper rent dulles on allllgricuJttinU eqUipment and proct'!Uing eqwpmenl for c~\'I pro~ilI'ld fIt"W taxinomtives

for rJOUr millet!! and pr0ct-'5who embrace the use of




'"The FOOer.t1 Go¥emmenl is already f-ilIcllilaling Ihe manufacture and imporl all8

n! out stmnge

Ine group. letl by Alhaji rima Usman Shelhma, ced inlecurity h the North thr, Boko Har.u'l sect.espeUy al1e- theextrr judicial Jan.

;!l oll~ membe, IU1d leadby~.,. ... ~ .-fe nott.'d ihal go IYeI'IlInenI'S

usallOMreStthe .. ~ IJ'dfaloBoi • _ ,ponsible (01' th ' fSCa ation thP !«Wltv eng So

IRS collects 11.7t in Ql

· t~e(ond lefll wiLh Aklny.nju lid!); of Allnc an'" N.lural Reou,c~, Dr. AdQina Ilhird left); ...hnalllnil DiRelor, UTe PIc. Md. Follaho Ot=I",," and Mlni.~tltr of finane., 0,. Okonlo-Iwnla at the 1.o1ln~ of euU~-bilHd products al P~ldUlli.1 VUl~, Abuj ..._rHtuday. PHOTO: "ION OLADOKUN

Ogun returns Abeokuta Golf Club to trustees


HE Osun Slate Gov(-'mIJ1ftl1 ~

returned the Abeokula Golf Gub to its bo;ud of trustees, ~ Nation learnl yesIl'rday Thi5lscoming as Ogun residents ilIre yet te knOw- wkat aused ~ deilth 01 the E&I?a chief. Apagun Oluwole Olumlde, who was found dead inside the illtifidallake ,lt the gelf course on March

From Ernest Nwokoto, Abookuta to use the opportUl1Ity In it!; recommel\lfililions, the cemmission noted that " the said parm clland in issur was mdeed origina1I aIloc,lted by the Oiun ~ate Government te Xbeokutill Gelf Club and not 10 Abeokuta GoJf Intcmilticnal


Limited ~

The 18-hell'!l Abeokutill Golf Dub WilS estabtished by w military ilIdministnlltion of Col. Oladayo Popoolil in

It submitted that the government was misled into issuing ill Certificate of Occupancy (C ef 0) meant fer Abeckula Gelf Club to Abeokuta Golllnlert\iltJonal Dub Linuted where ApiIg1U\ OIumkie was the promorer_ A government 50lUt:e, who spoke in confidence. noted that the slep was to ilddres&

1986 II was learnt thai the handover WilS CIIl1ied oul before OIunude'l death. Through Gilzette Vol. 37, Number 6, pubUshed In Abeokuta on February 9, the ~mment had accePted the rKOmmernialions or the report of the Judidtl Comnt1§.. sian of inquiry on the dub The commluion. headed by Juslice Abiooun AKm yeml, re~rI~ly summoned OIumide to give his kCOUnt of the ownership of the facility But it was siud that the late Olumide failed

3: ifIJus:f=:~ty of ~source <;aid' "What the

state government did was simply to abide ilInd implement the rem.runend.ltionsQ(

:!'!J:'~P~~':~~ en ~It was done in good faith. to oort1!d the wfD!'8S of many years perpetuated by ilJ\ wh-

vidual ilInd his cohorts who think they rouId use machin-ery of governmenl to cornef" goventmllflt's inten:sl" A member of the goll dub, Chief Adewunml Adefolu, hailed the government's decision. Addrl'!lsing reporter! in Abeokuta, Addolu said: "We made ill preentation to the panel Q( tnquiry and the commission foUnd ladS in our pi!'-

tition. ru a result. the gov~ ernment KCepted the recommendations ef the pand ;md handed over the dub, ill govemrnent'l property, to us 10=

"We ~ happy foe thm deGovemar

~, blnuse

lbikullie Amasun. through the

judicial panel has addiessl'd the in~ the f"IS:I admUtistration refu.oied \10 ackIreia. We h.lve t.lken over the rou~ for

good of the

~Ie of the and ~-t'fli OI~" Members ef the club are willmung up for the maiden edition of the MillY o.y Goll Kitty. Thedubwilltddagen--



" " ' _ ....y ..... !;UI

course in Oke-Mosan. Abt-okuta. Commissio ner (o r ~rts, Mr Gbenga Drenuga, IS ex~~, Ie be the guest o f

Ikeja blast victims ask for compensation

T urpJ


By Jeremiah Oke

after the lke;a Military Can-

Ionme'It explosions. the victm'ts have ~b aleU

le\u to pay

... rom,..,..tion ..." prom;.ed. The CoordinalQr of the rillmilies of the vicUms of thl' 2002 biasi. Mr Majekodunmi Olaruran. ilddressed ~ In lagos He saki the gevemrnerlls have to iISI5lst the victims ilInd ameliorate their plight. Attording to him. the: gO\-'emmen1!! promised many things to the -families Q( the YK. tims but hilve not fulfilled ;lOy of them. OIanir.ln said, "Sino! the wUortunale incident. our governments at ilIlI levels have failed to ~ to the aid of the victim5. They p!'OlTU5l'd but ren:eged. They said 50 many sweet thinp; but have done so many bilter things.

"After the I"J[PkJ5ion. the ~ ~t promised to pilIy com~tion to the families e( the victims. put in place the Okr-Afa omal.

:-d ~~U-:~J~~~~: waIted for the feder.t,1 Government to fulfil il5 ~

but it has not done anytlung.

"We see the children of the vjctilN on the .streets without Rood educabon. That WIS not their pilrenl5' plms fer them. We still dream about those memorable moments with our love ones_ We demand justice for the blood ef the n!latioru thilt _ spilled at Oke--Ab and other plilces in Lagos. We ilISk aU and sundry to help U5 remind those at the helm of atfain; of theIr p~ "

THE NATION, 30 APRIL, 2012  
THE NATION, 30 APRIL, 2012  

Jonathan to Nigerians: eat cassava bread, confectioneries. -New tax incentives for cassava flour millers