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Agricultural engineers play vital roles to ensure food security.This has brought to the fore the dearth of this group of professionals in the sector. There is, therefore, the need, to engage and train more agricultural engineers to fill the burgeoning gap in the industry, writes DANIEL ESSIET. Runolllg thc!.e """'lure. It) .'loW! the <<l "f'I<.lo"",___ r~'1um.'lo ti", 'UII'Jl('Ii-'1",1Q uri .gn.ul tw" otngI'lL"t.'n. Bo..")'tlnJ Iho. lh.·y .u~)'loC Ul'o"oIll1""", I.."... IL,h~ .. k.I m w iI"-~ }Il.-kb 11I'i>f1l\t! L1nJ \.be .•oI.nJ n~""c ratonn:" looUdl.... :\.'\1 "'Olk!f, k'l1111""-"'" pe.h.."'IJ..,,:>, ~ tn.'t!I.IIlg.onJ Jr) 109


~~ WI,h ThrNoolu., th." Du\.'\:..,..l.o.·,ll.'l'alll1\1!.1 I~"U mo', 1~.. 1t..uIUk oIllldUllllrwl ~..m.h.l'\.huJl (1111«11. Dr

w..... EI..'Il>U. aoIioJ ~ oagno. ulturoll t.ongU"''CD Ml' Ol""-..J \0.)

hdp f.umo.-'1'!o "JurI nt<W ' .. mllng rr....-u....... anJ .",ulpmt'fll hi •• .nbaol tt-.. Io.I1.1nW'1g to.)J U'M'\ un!} A.....oriling Iu n..."f, wIlh thru c:"p.-'Jlbt', .tgn,:1I1Iura! t.'ftglllt.'t.'f'l> R'\ilk" crop Iu... lrum ho.-IJ ~ Junng h.inJ~ ~ pilLllr1c.and P1~ ~ .w ~ u--l.oItoJ b rbnUflg -!lUI ~~'f olI'IL1ampl.."lo.'nb 1\.If tw"e;,ung It) oI\'o.MJ k.... IX prurJuu.

'oIlII.' WIJ Ih•.')' an: .. \ II..J p.irt ut tht· I.kld "\/Jlbl')' !lo.lIllII.' Wold. ". PI\...-.u't( "Itl~ '" dt,."d....p eihnrnl rr'''-""""",,

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AI nJR(),.loi-.::>olId itJo:l1l:ul!uroal ~LI"-''Oo ,Ire ~~nJ Ill. n::.;.-.ud\..aJ J.·.. d.,.'Illt.,,1 urul 1110: ItbtI.lUI .... ~ w...I. tv.'"' .......... I"""-i..,..,, 1', OholJ..,.." "ooMl.'"np.....tcJ W pn ... ..Jo:.oIu· IItln!o lu" ~·im...'1\" u. rnt>Wtl~ Ihrou~ ~-"..n.h M..... u' th..,II. ~)oiI..! ,,"ufL ouw......n..•• Illflo'!>. \'bltulM;

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olIn-. bUI !hi, bull. oj ttllt'tr .... ~... L Il> III th.: labofal ~ I-klUlg ~.lfI..11 " ...., ~ ttll'k oIIl." h\t.· n"'~ An,""", of >f-'"l tMTtl


~ru..'''r m._,-ho1l1.1("II)O"'-'f, t'1t.'-tnh...1bon. )Ul.1 .md ~..l""r U.lIl!1l.'f\'o1l1tllt .u.,j •....oJ .... 1)(1tlI...."I1f1g 5ht- UI)I;I.'O.i mJl"\! Co4I\.iId.I_ Il. 1.1l.... up ,,'U,,"""'" IfI tilt .....: MNrIo lu boJ~..· lh.! !(ru...-IfI,: · Contlnu~d on Po18~





Why Nigeria needs more • • agnc engmeers · Conl inuH from p"se 37


Wetherheads Group elevates staff lY ETHERH EAOS Advertising Group Umited has promotfed some senior management staff. Those elevated, according 10 ;II

sta tement . include Mr Allred

Akhokia. who tws bem ronfltl"ned Managing Director. Wetherheadl Outdoor-limited and e:l«tcd to the brd; and Mr.!' OIamide Ble5smgKafode. Chief executIVe and A$-.!OCQte DiredClr of Wing Commumnliom LimIted (Wincomm). ;II subsidiary of the group Others are Adeolil Amusal, General Manillger. Media Auooatn. • Mrs Blcssing-K.ayode

Umversity), Ado [kili She started her adverti!;ing c.areer as a Client Service EXKutive a t Eminen t Communication! limited ...d late'" 1JQ\'t!'lI1I) Nao.d1 PottI as 51!.... &sne9s Dt'Ydopml'nt ElIecub\'e-

Before his promotion. Akhohul was Associate Director/Chief Executive of Ihe comp.. ny Bt.-fore joining Welherheailil. he wo rkl!'d at Advrrtising Practitioners Council of Nigeri.J (APCON) as Membership Aff<lirs OffiaT He obtlined hi! Higher ational Dlplam. In Mass Commu~hon from ()gun Stale PolrtKhnlc in 1996 ana hIS Maslt.'1"11 In Business AdmUli!;tnlKJn in Ad~ing and Public Relaholllli from Ihe Enugu Sta le Uniyersity o f TKhnolo~y (fSlTJ) Busine51 School. Enugu In

Victor Adu, Head of BU5iness in


Signcom <lind Toor Eguridu. Head ofPort Harrourt mAce, Eastern operallons

Mrs 8J~slng-Ka'yode is a J995 graduate of I..ingUlstta from Ekiti Stale UnivttSity (then Ondo state



Amlrding ., thr stUm1e1t, thr neOO

II) n.'IIIfir maximum benditol from the group's oo-gotng C'On!iOIidabon and

......""""" .....

mIrt of M r Chelan Mehan as heid of ils business de"eJopment and strategy desk. Willi Mr Abi Iderawumi uGroup M.aRaging 0i1'Ktof. the !ilatement said the group' is determined 10 assume leadershIp of the industry in providing effective advertiSing solutiolllli.


Career and job success skills for newly employed M

w thai you have made the big Iransition thrOugh job hunhna and li.nded tM tab. the nul gOiI is job succes Don't lake thai for granliKI The:re are spednc skills you need to know and use to be SUC'CeI'!fulal your JOb It's Importanllo prachse these skills prior to 5tlrllng lhe rob First unpresHJM .. hOw from day one You onl}' gel ooe opportunity 10 ~ale first Impression. What follows here isn't. complete list. It's a good Idea to check WIth your dU'e'(t bo65 abOut what's mosl Importanl.An important infonn.illiion fo r you employ~n say rniIIny people lose their )Db because they don' t use good ","Of"k habits and not because they are unable 10 do the tab.The following list of sug~tions IS based on feoedback a majorIty 0( surv~ employer1


Employers expecta tions • A po5itive iIIltitude is one of the most importanl facton In ilt hlevll\g rob success. Don'I c ...rr~ negallve feelings Into your new wor lace _ Resolve lhem ebew~ • A ways be on time. How long will it take to get to work? Allow a few extra minute for tUlfic r rob and ~e.lhng chi ldren to KhooI. Set an .iIIlarm clock to he.lp you get up

8, Olu Oyenlran

Being reliahlr.illnd dependable gatM the trust .iIInd ~ of your new empl~. • GoOd a ltcndaoa! and promptne5s itn! always important. It you're going to be UM· voidably I.illle or out SICk, find oul the proper method 0( informing them • Know.and follow offla' rule:<;;, polaaes and procedures Read the employee manuals Please find OUI the inlOflNI rules. • listen and Ie.illm. Be arm to new way'!! 0( domg thmgs. t!VerI if you !lave lauW-t dilft'fently in 5diooI or on a dlUermt Job. Don'I be qukl: to find fault, critime or complain until you can prowe you an do something a betle.r


• Mer; and e'(tft<i your mlplo)'ft"'s 6pKtations. • Learn aU you can illboot the job you Wen! hired to do before thinking about movIng up .

Communication • When you need to talk wi th your SUptm'lSOt, ask when would be a good hme to meet. • Take ildvantage of ~r perfonna.nce ~ views. Stay alm. Learn from them. Ask how yo u an improve Show result! or jobs-re-

laird das:se5 you' ve ttlen. Most SupervISOrs appredillte employ~ who are concerned about performance and in finding way" to Improve Your job success ~ .also theIr !ill("-

""'" • Be.ill t('am pla)'ft", Be willing to help Know

the go.d, 0( you r ;00 and how )'OUr ~ fils into the (I'\-erall ~rusation A\-Oid a know 11·0111 attitude. "Trv In fit In WIth the h~.illm Keep your .sense humour • A5k for help when you need it U you male a mistake, let your supervi!lOf knOw unmedJAleiy Find the proper ch.,in of COIllfNnd DiscuSs items with four su~'~ fi,..!.


Personal • Pnor to starting the Job, have all yo ur appointments with doctor.;, dentists. etc.., out oJ"the way. HaYe your Intllllip«?rlation and daycan!.' lined up 50 you don I immediately hive to takf! time ofr. Have .an emergency plan for daycare and transportahon. • Be wilhng to learn new skill!' Keep .. record of c:laMe5 YOU'n!.' taking thai relilte 10 the)Db- Review this with your su pervisor ill an appropriate time.. • Talce time in m.aking new frlt-o<b Find poI!!litive and uJll?eat ro-workers. Avoid nega' tive, mttcal and g05l';iping people:.

• Br dean and well ~ roomed Wl'itf Cle.illll and job-approplldle clOthe. PolY .iIIttenhon to how yourcowor~.aredre5Sftl. A ",oid we.illr~ ing !'Irong perfumes Of ~ • Keep you ~ I IIfe.and problems 011 home Do not U5P the: et1lp!oyv's eqUlplllefll and tum" to do personal ltun~ ltk-e malona J"""ONI phone CIolh, usillg the ropv m.ilChine or resolvlf\~ your ~I rmbTnm on the rob- If )'Qu n!.' havlf\g troubte re50Ivmg per5ona1 problem!l. roumt'ling. .. upport grouP'" Of" emrloyee .assi5tance progr.unrne may bt>


• Create the Image Dress for the rob n~u want ne)'L • Be p.llent with yourself ilnd you r employn" 1t tabs time to get u..<;e(i to, ...... rn and like iI new job • Volun teer to p~ .iIInd committees if your work is complett'c:l .and your SUpervISOr approves

Ol u

It Ih~ ~~d COlUlultilln'BklnlConsult .. AUClicialu,


W~bsltr. www.iob~ .. KhbD ....m1D E-milll: DIUDvt n lun .JdiOO.~DDl

I tl O804l8UlJO i.SMS o..t,),


Why Nigeria needs more agric engineers

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