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NEWS Fed Govt: 2015 campaigners

~tyears of mainstream politics curse on Southwest'


HID decries killings in the North

From Aug_dne EhUuoya.

heM 01 per!IOt1S killed in the North.· MIt Awo lowo urged lhe YorulH 10 unite.. YUF Id up I ~man rommittee, huded by Rev. Bolanh Cbonigl.. to lJotI'Ve as itJinle1l«,-

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fur.- ChleEbmturIbNtope, SmmJr Femi o 1lJIJ'OURmll. (ormn USOI Stille Deputy

~~~~E:~~~~~~~~@~jG~.~.~.~m~.~'~~K.f~.~w:orOI" Bucknor-Ak..rrJe. and Dr. Tokunboh Awolowo-005unmu.


Chie Olu Bi5hop 80lJlnJc GbQnip.



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Wetftn ~ that the pmtheon of YOrut. politics, the Ia~ QUe(

AwoIoWo. reoiwd

that he would .hun mainstream politb iI,t _ found


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World Bank to boost agric with $900m From Olugbtnga Ad,nlkln, Abuj.


UE World Bank will II.lpport the Agncyltu r. ,I Tn1l5formatlon


GOvI!fT1mn'tI with MOO lnillion. the MiNlter of Agriculhire and RUflIl DevcfoPmmt.


Dr. Akmwunu



The mlJll5tcr cpok ~­ cby in Abu,. .1 • bnd'mg on the OUIltOmt of the ~~

duded Nlgm.. A~ltural FOf\lm in the Urutll!d StJ\f5. lie MkI $500 milllOl'l would ~ u~ for agriculture and the rftniIlning S4OOmillion III to 5Upport the irrigJItion 5)'$" I,m

Ade5IM aid -, met with the senior dJr«tOn of Work! Bank and IhI!o Country Duw;-

tor 01 Nigm.. They are ooted tNt Nigm. is diversifying its eanxny through 118ricultur~ and they have ~o support !,S in the

"The W=lda.~ 9 pressed its WIUmgneu and ~toC'CJl"lllder ...i5ing • f8CilJty of $CD) million tNl will COVf:T thr Igrkullunl value cham we aft working



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thij will be 111 the country in two wet'lts and they will finalise th.J,t." Adesu.. who revealed that the aper bank aDo showed Iflternt In J5lvmg ib support in developing st;t,ple crops


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try .dded h i ftutheo' attention would br giVft1 to ~. ('(JIl'W and lCIrghum prodU('bon.


THE NATION, 20 APRIL, 2012  

World Bank to boost agric with $900m

THE NATION, 20 APRIL, 2012  

World Bank to boost agric with $900m