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HowEdois revitalising agric



pies.~t pt.a! tn Edo State. It 1$ the.

pn!domlmmt oc:ttIpatJon of

... poop... The major ash crops a~ rubber. ax:oa and palm pro-

duce. In addition. it produces yams. C".aS63va; J"io!of ptantruns. guinea com. anc:J assorted fntjrs and \."l'getahles 1M state'. CIima~ ninfaU palleTi and soil l)'pe5&ustUn II wide :ang~ of ag_ob~

enterprues. ind~g: trop ... cal and temperate liortlcU.lture; in~d aquilculture; productionoCg:nuns..~ .... fi _ _ ..d""" lotting of livestock; t.hor-

ouclilired bm!ding. foretry ana ltv:! production of ~

~~~~:~;0i;~;:~~: th~ .... habllitallon of Eru'nu Nllula, S,'yuler Uhu; Food lond A~ri("II"n' valul!' ~~emand for higher ;;:;;::.;;;;_-:::,~ Setahwulo .nd Muh ........ d II.. Anlst"nl DI",(lo,-Cenu,,1. NIK~r .. Prison products, spurredby a __====_______________________ .~gn_·_'._I_'._~_I_._._"_._;._._._{/_"~._;_"_... __.________'"'"lOro"''_' S<JI.OtAON'' ' ' ' ' AoDEOlA'' ' 'i rapidly growing upper and ~

mllid/e daM', ana ecport OF"


Agric, education key to rapid development ~I OU:med~C1I. N I


IGER . SI.1b!Govenor

&lban i,ja Aliyu has ad::5rhf putilicand pnvale seeton; b: r~1CU5 a~bon on iIg.llC to cr.5ure raptd

development. A/~y;u stated thit wh.en the partid~ts of the: Senior EII«utive Cotme nu:nber 34 of the National huUtule for pOli~and Stral~ic SI1;IWei (Nl , Kuru. "151100 him al th!,! ovemml'nt House:. Minna..

f-le saxl: -whethtr we IJkto it Of' thisCDUllby, we must gobacktolllUiculturundedu. calion as tfit. foundation for OUT wealth and \le"e\opmenl "We are nch b~'ClIuse we Ideflbfied ~ iX,tential to be

B, Daniel Eut.,

rich and the potential

~ ag-

H!~i~~I~=~..:e a graduate Gtnnot construct a simple sentence WJoS unac~Ie

governor assun!d that the security chal\engesl'acing the state Would not (leter tum from roviding the dev~opmen needs iii the people:. "The development challenges we have> mtl';t not discourage UJI from providing the much needed development III our stalt':- he!lil.ld


He ~~ the people of the .WIte to WOJk co-operate, irrespective of their ethnic background and religious beliefs. !o surmount the!l!CUt1t} cha1!enges fadnsl: Ill. state.. " W e musl do everything p'ossibie to really surmount

ihe MCUrity challenges facmg us today," nesaid. A1iyu decribed poverty as ~ serious s«urity thaIle'tge that It.- FtdenJ Govern-

ment must IiI&Je. "So, we must all fight poverty; we mtl';t ensure thai we mechllnise agnculture and

,,:150 ensure : ; ' 5edoc" 15 wor




..00 k1'jDean.. The GES ...~.nme is an initiativ~ 0 (the 1en1 GoY •

emmenllAimed I ubsidising the cost of mao ilyirultural input. Ti}ani. who RICke tiuvugh a ~rnentatl~,rqf ee1lutant nnn., who !I thet"--wal·



From Olugbanga Adanlldn and Ad.bowa'-: Adtlnlke, Abula Jet. discIo5ed that the bendiciarie! would redeem the lupport Ihrough Iheir voumer cards. Hl'said;- -"The farmen that .... -v. L. _ _ ....... ;~te:red in the urarmeJS'da~in5OUtht!m .........., • .,.~.,. , "' _ _.-'-_" on will ~ '--""""~ ,.......... ceivetheirfertiliserandseeds commencing from April 30. ""The far~ will rec:dve the support through their voucher which wilf contain their nilmel and number. 1lleywiUreceivean alert thai thep~hasstarted in their kia.tion and thllt the fertiliser is now available in their ~a.. However, Tijanj sta~ thai

g. he

Ptab~ meal.. dairy and rlSh. Edo enjoys several advlll1·

stitute,. who led the team, said the members were in the state to under.;tudy diveJ5if'acalion or its economy and how it could assist in sustaining the lOdo-econonUc development 01 the country

rtscentn.1 kx::lItton.. ProximlIy to tmde routes. The gOnvu'a!mm,.n'nno'v,.utiPoPOn I'n",',.,n . ti m machinery, sophisticated plant and awaW breeding PT!'Srllmmes. O?er the YN-n. theproductionandexponsofagroproducts have Increased signifl.. canlly in response 10 growing lOcal deffiand 1hf! ttate is a source (er agricultul1ll products The farming community ~t:s a riii.W~ supply win partner for local and

~rour!le-isallabouthow ~

10 manage our avallable

to gh'e us.susta.lnabie developmenl.. .. he aid.


lie a150 GtIled for thedevelopmentofltteawicultwaJand JXl"'-''Crsect:onoltheeconomy, savingtha~arekey tosusta:n;.'-ble menl



internallonal customers. The

what we have under the GES platJorm. " If we can recollect, the commerciAl agricultural cred it scheme wnere large Kale farmers were given amounts of th~r request in Stilte dnven from Nlbillion to N4billion to sman scale (ATA) fatmef5. lhe5«'OOd window, lie said the medium ilnd which is Iar;ger than lhecomIargescae'dJIIJCl3 I ~--h avea b·'S- ..--l~lagncultureschemeis ""'~ d ger plalform thai makes rated un er the Nig;ra In· fund5 available for them. cenlive &lsed RIsk anng His words: ""This is the real· ~&ricultural Lending ity of the nl!'w agricultural (NIRSAL) pcqect or CBN inITans form ation agenda for tema1 use Of oT agriculture. This ,Is a fadli'" N450 billion, L , ... "-_ Nigeria,. Wrucn lUI now, as iII" 'J as 1he GES is concerned. it is which cutsacrtlMthe agricullMge~ sm.u holder farm- tunal sector. but mainly 10 eI"5-. The medium and large support Yft)' IargeKale fmn... scale f~ have windows,. erl, medium scale farmer. which are far bigger than and sma11 holders farmers. northern f<ll'lTleB would also redeem thell" GES lupport (rom April 25, 2012 aftef a meetins, with fertiliser companies m the region. The Minister, who described the initiative as a reality or the IYW Agricultural Transformation Agenda

sJobally. Edo remams an attradlve des:tinalion for investment. ThP gO\·emmenl is worki"" 10 malee sure the needs ril the asnculturalcomrnunities Is I!' gwen equal footing with the need~ or the environmenl ...... _ "~_,:,, 1"._" nrPnar • .ncgo~",",,,,,,,,,,,, an enablingerwitonment I orlJl\'QU.lCI' . --,--, .... --d ' I--ov. .y, bon to enable Edo farmers to remain among the mOlt productive and efficient P:riOlilry producers in the natioll.Ri:p,ln the0:10.out1__ ,., ~r ....... _...


z - .,.



'The economy ~ stabledue 10 very high economic 8nd 5trengttt. Tfieagricu1ture Sedor haj continues to grow ~th ill! fOCK!. and fibre proCluction. and Its cnntribution

reet resources to achieve various development objectives such u reciuctionll LIl poverty, hunger-..oo malnutrition. Highly productive fertilise.- have 6«n introd ...... This has assisted farmers &om widespreiKI use of rnadunes and 11-, lartte-sca1e exploitation of fami1a.nd . New opportunities are emerging fOr tJw, private sector 10 participate in ~grlbusine:ss , aJrO--processing, value addlbon and In linking farmen; 10 lhe mar· kets. There are aiM) ~rtu­ ruties ror seed. fertilfser and ~ protectian seMces su~ plr· . Up{IOrtW1ibes "'! large. po· vate Investment In agriCultural research and development are wekxJmed. There are evolving and in""etment opportunitiel arising from s gtO:"-inx ap'petite foi higher qUality foOO5tufis and desire to achieve supply RCUrily. As the population grows, ruoono incomesand an eXpandi;;g~dle dasI are creatin a multitude of food relal~ business opportunities. The government is 8Upport~ policy relonns to improve: the Investmenl climate; bt'lt'S~ts in market infnt.. Jltructure and services to enhance markel effiCiency; and capadty ~ 10 med encrgmg chIollenges 5uch as rood -saTely. !IiInitary and phyto-smJtary"standanh,and xoonotic dlseues.The

~errunenl is making efforts to link faun.JI 10 roads and


A critical step to achievt' 1M sector growtti,. and meet the changing deman,cis ~f the overall f'COnOmy, IS s unpilerna"lting a renewed rural de-veiopment st:ral~y, thllt builds on synergies m the agricultural, and non-facm sec-


Agricultlln! will remain the mainspv allhe population in the- ne. _ decade. Promoting mere rap id agricultural growth. is important as the gaveommenl Seek to lifting targe numbers 01 hoU!leholds abol.·e poverty. The government bas a plan fer puttin$ the s~te 'front· and-o:ntre in O\-erroming the food 5horIage and generating ~ economic prosperity By mvesling; in agri6.tlture" the state wants to stunulate the e:momy and address the food situation... The government is hidtllghting oPPOfl' tunltie in the smtl!.

g!:'~es ~~~~ £O~~ .~,~=?:"S~!::',as ", ,'I:,ood~!:~ E[,%~;~~~ n~s


hi ' ed liS 0 a a.3 warn at IP~ almg food prices could t 'r ten food

nation to overcome the increninglr pressing challe,:,g~ Ip~l:ng. food

r1,ugh the nor, Mr. AdejoK< Orelo Adefulire. al the infugun of II Farm Servia: Centre _~gos. He said risin ruoa prices are tikh~ .queeu on popu1alion air ft..iy struggling to buy ad ((IJ81e rooa. aemanding radi al reform of the roo4:system He said the food system must be overh,u ed if the

sis lhat1ed to riots in dtnen5 of countries around Ihe developin8- world. He Aid urgent sleps are needed 10 hol~ down costs and boosl a.sncultural productioo as fOod prices con· linue 10 rise.. To supJ;l0rt farmers. Fnhola laId Ihe governmenl has distnbuted vari.

~7Poke Deputy COy


~, Pro( Tifani Sandi. the 0in!d0r..Q:neriU of the....

d rtil ' Fanners to get f elSer, see s

ARMERS " the south are 10 redl'em their Growth Enhancement Support (GES) \ettiliser" and seids tiuvugh t te ~edromc wallet systeDt fruOl April 30, this~, ~ MUU5tef OfStaIt' {Of' AiETlc·.. lture 1¥14 Rural DevelopO"'m~-;;I, Alhn,·j Bukar ITJIUU,. has said Hed~~jnl !he Rag· offoftheGBS ramme In Ab~ I!ddin& the 5eeds


lion incn:ase. The stall' is supporting such efforts as it ~i­


th N32 ·ll"on at wor over L.".d ml L 40 per ~I SU....I y. .

w~~k~: ~hg::=t:,lt~

per cen 0 and hope to target 60 per cent

by 2050.

Commissioner foe-


and pole.nUal that canoe explort'd to meel the







~=-aro!n~fon:m::':."! ~pond.torWnsfoodp~ ~~~~::"~ bttJ~~%: peal of the 1J.X11 and 2008cn- by !aYln~ 10 ImprOVing the ov-enune-.uaw the need I ' tltnlng the til . I see qUllhty 10 ,boOsl .grf:. cultural p'rciductIOn. as well b!s~~farmers on the H P~ tha food _ ritye!f one or t~e car~ f th 100nni I progrnmmes ~ e r-:-n a,genda of hiS a~m.lnl.lltrak~on. Lagos, heAld, IS wor Ing not Only to feed Its POtblace, but also 10 ensure I

~rther broaden the .1I~nlion and service rencier"m to fllrme: ~establishing the fann. ~tre.. The Cenlff, hI!' said, wi.1I support the governments goarupu.ading training and capacity ~u,ldmJ of farmers to meet the challenges of ensuring fOCK!. security. 10

(~rlS ag~lcultu. raJ de~


Industry the potential or supply chllin, and how the statt'Gtnachleveutrongand 8USIainablefutwT..Newlech. nologies such as hybrid specil's 11~ ~ftl 10 be a rna ...... factor in food proch»e•__

· Gent AdaMf


THE NATION, 20 APRIL, 2012  

How Edo is revitalising agric

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