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lITA chief canvasses redoubled efforts to save Africa

Women farmers to get Sm phones hom govt


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year, Dr Abnwumi Adem.., the Mmister 01 Asricultu~ and Rural Dn-dopm<nL -" """"'" m . _ Adesina made thr ~ while ~m

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01 Ni 'lCNAN) forum to ~ WIth the aNI dob-I marking of Octobet' 16 &5 ~Ofld Food l>iy lhr IT\iruJlIer atd the fi~ nullion phon" for Ihe women Would be SOI.Ifmd from the total 01 10 million cdl phone which farm· ~ wou1d '" ........... the ..,.ft1UIle1t in 2013. -


MFuse .nd foremo&I.. we ~ r;om,; to dUtribulie. lor neel )"NI'. IIJ nw:. UOfI mobile phona • And when ISlY Wl', k'tuaUy. the ~ 01 Conuriuniaotions T«h~'!t51 is taking tM leld In this.

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womrn. wtl.1 do five mtUion phonal lor women fAl"!ne'l'S 80 tNt we mak sure thai they get il " And tht.e phoneS _ not JUSt for inpub< It is INt we WNlI 10 gft ow rum folks 10 get nw'itd mahon, exlr:nsion information, hHlth mfOl'lNlllon, climate Warm.bon; all that tn local langwIges eboul


'Youth entrepreneurs key to economic recovery' lRECIOR-GENER.Al. cl the Sm.1I and Medium Enter· ..... 0.. of Nigeria (SME AN), Mh.ji

would help to Inspire and moblllSt: youths in the Federal Ca,Pltal TrrnlOfJ{fCJllo r-ortidp1lle lit 115-


nolOKift in agricullu~ and pr~ vide 1hrm with adequate support JoI!I'VH:ft with. view to boci.Hng


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Umar rMde the ~I while ~ • ' - " from the Sxitty 01 Youth in AgricuI~ (SYA) who him a rou~ Y1!ilt at ~ agency's ~I~ In Abupl. 'Jlw, pu~ 01 the VlSII. .a:ordillS to ttW SYA's Preldefll. Com~ &J..are OIMiunqi. was to ~k are" of collaboration with SMEOAN esPKblly in areas of t ... hnlul ana entrepreneurship for members of the orpnlyhon. .w such tnlininS

sustainable fOlJd produdion. IWI-

ployll\ft\t geflenlUon and wealth Cl'Ntion in Nigeria

In a m..ted devdoprnent. uMAR c:hund a ~tion 01 the NigerUn '\'outht Par~1 dunng a

trr-nte ... wt to him In Abut-. to rre- for the n1pid ~~I 01 s mall and meihum enterprises (SMEa) in thecountry with the of eradKlllhng and unemo'ovmml. adding tha tlYt was thr Onry way Nigeila could emerge




food production m Katsina