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Cross River votes N500m for youth empowerment HF Cro<>~ RIver Stolte go\'emmenl has "(lIed N';OO milllOO f(ll" 'outh!: mlPOWermenl rn-gramme T~e Manager of Microrinance and Enlt'rrri~ [)(>\"elormenl Agenc)'.Mr Ten-oce Ek-nu. di.sdoo;ed ttu5 lJ\ an mterv~w With reporl('B m CaJaoor. tI1C'state ~/"t;J.I. Ie said ~ stale go\"~mt'r11 in roIlaborahOIl with ~ Bank cIlndl.l5tne5 (001) made the N500 million aVallablf' 8:!1 loon to empowet" the youth U\ the arPa5 01 pnxnsIng lind manufactunng U1 the Slall" " W-(' II~ illrelld)' c.:ollming and rJ'OC'l"'i<;ing business pIam and l"f'YleWang them for 5U~ s-l to Wl"t' out the loom for them"


Asaba cultural festival to cost N20.5m ~'el(>r,""",1 Umon (ADIJ) ha,'t' bc.'m concluded ((0( theof the 2012 AsalM cultural fl"'>li\"al WIth II rlannf'li budget 0( N21.15 mllloon Thr V1(e r~denl Geof'fill of lht" unlOf1.Mr Anthm.,. FJ~y ... di!ick8ed ttus m .n intefV_' ""th ~ in A.-.aba. He said the ~ week cultUJ"illJ ~'ent. wtum would coot about N2lJ$ nullion. was ;\lmed a' boro-;tmg the talnOmy of the Asaba rummuruty II'i well as altr.lct tourist!'llo ~ the rich rultwal rrow_ of the pt'Of'lr Ereav" 'Jil,d that the fettl\'al, WilS the fourth OO'lbI.........ouId be held between Decem-




He "'lid thaI the fe<;hv;ll .... as scheduktJ fIX

th. hc>lidil, I.. mat>~ the "OIl!i..,ld, diluclll~ ol th. ('(Immurul\"" roth homr and Il'I the [JIa.."f'OI'1" to r.a1hl"ll'"'le" EfN\"a ~ Ih;ll Ihe f~II\";l1 woold ;ll"", ht-Ip p-ner"lte funJ.~ fOf Ihe dt>\"~t 01 the edu· calton ~t...r 0115 the unIOn "-d plans to floet a ~Nllr'~ for C'UlStanchnJ!; studenb 01 lhe u>mmUnlt\


U-wo monev coIkded must be used

lie furthn dlSdosro INI tM-e were plans 10 ma~ tht fetJva1 an annual or bi-mmual ~'Crlt 50thallt would foster uruly ~ thrptOpM!~ wuon's vier preKlent ~J that the first ~hhOll of thr feslIVal WM Ilt:Id In 197-1. while thr wmnd and lhird t'ditJOOS were held Ifl 1983 and 1994 re;pectively Ill' al!oo sud II would !ie"\'C' as an opportUnlly for tht indigt'f'ol'5 hoth ~ and abroad 10 conl!lantly ~ and inlernet WIth a view to furIllC!I"IIl8 tht Mveiormenl of Ihe commuruty EfN)"a 0I;jIjK! tNl the festJ\"al would fNtUR" leeIm~, dancing rompehhorl ilmong \"anous cullural J!;roup! from both Ihr oommumty and oulsldr" faStuon parac.k> as ""ell!\! ~'"" Ill' e'plamed thaI tM-e woold be a natKw\al n>lleybaIl romretltl'"lIl, ta~ ~ th,. A....agNof ~ v~J rumpftlOoo- and thai emIlicale of p;1rbdp..lhon ....C'Uld br awarded 10 all rartlClr--nts In lhe \"iln~ ,."enl"

IhIl'l' ('(In! areas in the stile on Cilf'k"1ty building fDr proa5l! Improvement, atU:5i5 10 cheap arid rd&abie finalltt and credit were S'\Crl out 81 Single dlgll Interest nlte

oFrom riAht; Quinn.n. Qualboe Chun:h Niseri ... SUI m.n of Iht annivel"$ilry, Bro Udvn~ Ufol; church Vic and Ol!:uon Udom Emmanuel durinS Ihe 50th anniv"


'350 hectares of cassava destroye


ilE Edo North coonI.lI\ollur of All Fanners A!isociation of Nigeria (AJ'AN). Alhaji Abdulahi Mohammed, has dis-

clO!Il'd tNl OVI'f 150 hectaTl."J of CiISI5a\". farm were dIl"stroyed by nrod in the l!tate Mohammed dl5l:losed thIS In iln interview With ne"W<;mcn Ul Auchi" Edo 5121te lie ",lid the n(ICd, which aff«led l:.tsalo East ;m,j Etsal.o Central I..ociIIII c;o.,·emmenl A,...~.." 01 Ill,. <;talf!, cau.'"'I'd serious dama~ 10 the rounnI "fl!'il:S whidl wert' ]o.n( for ~:row~ ~\"21, rice and yam"

Ed .. 1he farmer lamented th.lllllOSt 01 the CilS'\<lV. Lumland destro,",~d ~ the nrod Wall ~ al harvcsun~ stage 1lll' AI'AN coordlTloltClf called (Ill 'tale and Ft-deral Govt>JTImenlS 10 u'Sentl\' map 01.11 !ilral· q1;1t'S of amehoratmg Ihe suffermg l.f the I1f"

f'-'cted filI"lTlf'K Mo/ummed 5.ud thilt the oIffml!'d farml"J'li

Monarch canvasses role for traditional rulers

i lE l'alOlll"lOUnt ruler ol Badagry, AJlOIu" n1C'nU T0)'1" theALran d RadagT)" has an\"M5f'\I for the IncluSIOn of roles ,,[ IraoJl" lJ(W\a] rukToo 111 the (n"lSlItunon Ill' made ~ po5ihon dear dunng lhe publK ~1OI1 of thrronstJluuon R"YK'W ullhe &daN'" F~eral Con'lltuenq-. al the town hilll in I~dagry 1If' Qld whal the g,o\'emmcnt had J ...... was. rd"I«ttort of the waShes of the p«Jp1e NJoJ II w(oIJid go a IAlg WilV 10 maMo the consb· IUII(ll'I rcli«1 whill lhe pcoplr want II.' '<aId" "'Whal ~ h.l~ too.l)" IS an 01' .halloo thai th... f'I"OPa.. rftU}" want to cornet thfoIr m~kes .mJ em~ whal bind us togt'ther <;0 that the country can advaJ"lCll" We ~ aWilu" that the ronslilubOll has Men n::')" sUenl ilbout the role of uadltJooal rum; thIS IS an OpportUfllf) 10 lro" al the minter d1l!pa"""lonatel\" The moTIilrdJ bt41~ thai With sptOfic rok for nKhhonall"1llen Ul the consbtubon , f't'C'I'M!al Ihr gra.~ will be well guK!rd Ili whal IhPy dO and will e;upport the ~"dopmml of the rountr)" Par1iclpanb ill the en,,,t agreed tl~t kx;J.1 R""ernmenl autflnOmy ""it!! long OYer due and ['I\" Ihe o;aTllf' token" n,ectrd the ilulonon\\" for StIll' A~ and bellevrd that the ,""Ut'fn '<hookl retain Ill! pR"Sl'flI posilJon "



propoiSC.'d bu5mesi5 ~ E1erru o;aid lhilt the agency had mlen-"en«! in



~~~o!,~:})!~~ure Ihat


for the

HE A.ow.N


Eleml <;aid th.ll the 1tb'mC't had ......, far trained 2iO young graduilll!'<, lS peorle from each of tilt' 1'"I("ill government areas (Ill enterpnse de\"elormenl and faohbhon ,kill .. -the \TIeS we lraull'd we lL'"'I' them whenev('T we do OU1 PfOKram. rnn and lhey help us In trimung other! Too ""Th~ agency Wile; set up to el\CoulOlge the growth aild .w.~1 01 m)Cf(), 5mJ.1.1 and ful'dlum en~nses "We do a 101 of caraclty bUlldmg lrammg,. acces to credit. cheap and reliable Credit ;ui(l work 111 roIJabotatJon WIth b.lnb 10 make 50"' that ~~ we train get credit facillty from ban~

By Mu.a Odo.hlmokh.

They equally maintained thai Iht> country was

not 1lJ'f' for still' roI~ but ","anted iI satuabon when' the.> romml"~lonef" of pollee would br answerabk> to the go\"emor of the slale They held the view thai the creation of IM.:lagry Stale would hasten ~"dopmell and urged ihe gOH'mment 10 lackle the &dagry eKpTl'S.'iWa)" as a way of f05lenng co-operabon between Nlgerlll and Its nelghbounng slatr hnked by the rood ~ ,dler the ~ 1-100 Raf1..equa1 On.lbamiro. ~uly ~ Iluu!ill' Cormruttee on Women in Parliamenl, "'presenting 6ad..1gry FtderaI COOShtuency 00 the platbm of the ActIon Congl"l'S!i of Nlgenil (ACN) who hostoo the ~ lilld who1~er the Nigmao J"Iftlf'k> WMII thaI is whilt WIU br gIVen 10 them bytheH~


domR. and in \"Ie\V ol Our c:nodi"lhty. I thtnk the people lIhould .U(lW U5 to look at the l55ue5 di5pa.!liSaoniitcly and _ what wt' would C"OIN fOUt With. with the decision the ha\e made 10d"

orrum lert: Mooentor of thl!: I!:vent Prof. Bayo Okunadl!:, Hon and Alh.ji Akibu Animnahun during the rVl!:nt

Residents seek new state




By Jeremiah Oke

the last publK ~ on the C"tIMtlluhoo

Idt-a. a ymt.)(:tut>\-nnrnl of tl __ 11nu5t' and fiN of its lmd In the hisb)ry 01 NI' gena 1he'fIdlTCllt acrordlfl~ 10 H~ Awok>ye w,1I not br busnlf'SS as usual whei-e submls~JCn5 WIU not br unr ......llCrlIOO lie SilJd""1t IS not gOUlg 10 be bUSlrlC'<~ iI5 usual" TI\il1 ~ the m.son W(' h.w~. ~ns iI (OnuTllttee wllh a ~ thill will wnle the report NJoJ rorward 11.1 the ~ahOf\il1 As5emhIr wltlun ClOt ",eek..

the INdan Nl'rth Ft>d('Tal ConstdurncyThe ~>Ie demanded for hd.ln Stall' from the r.~t OyoStille" 1he public session Wall fad Itatoo b)" the member repretoe'TlIInl( I"bitd4llI North ~eraI Conslltuency Bon AbiooW"t Awoleye 1he VCrlut' was tilt' Cultural Centre, ~ ihe~"{I State CiI/"taL 1he reIIdenl5 e"(pWned thai t 1t' crt'Btll.... of lbadan Stale WIIS ~ 0\ erout', SilYll1g that the compo5lllon of tl1t' 11 local SO'·emmenl IIfea~ In Ib.ldan With pOJ'ulillOll n( O\"('f" 2...1 rrulhoos acconhng 10 111t' 1006 census IS nKIf"(' lhilt thf' L1tK"lfl of BaJ)'f'!ia " ~q;arawa. 0011 ~ates u~ the Nahotii1l As8embly 111 ~ht(' \ OIl the amendmenllo ensUR" the CTWIlion of the I"1t'\\ ~ate in the ongl1l11g amendment Awole)"e while a'~urlng the pe-ople of a pt'OJ'iMlnentt'l1 constitution thai will take rogtu.'<alla' of VieW .. " l'P~' demanch, 5Obnu..... 51"" and aspJrilhoru of 1M peurle (If lbadfln Nortl, Fedf.'l""<ll COf\Suluencvand Nlgen<\ iI5 a ",hoIe.r..gardle!i" of litelr ~\. ilgt' (lI'" J'l'IiIlCilI amliahoT\.'" '\<lId the roruhlullon WIll truly,..... fItott lilt: wi.sheo; of the pt'('PIt> Tlll' lawmaker Slid the purpose l1l the E"\er· O!ill' WiIS 10 81\e ~'f'I"}"OI1I" Ihe oprc>rtuflll," 10 r;:;"Tteu, theamendn1C'ntpf"Oa""" The ('\"rot InS to lion" A",nk,"e,1S IUl""Orm;l abnor" mah~ " to iKld" f('fI1(l'\"f'" and' J'fl'I""l'f" ;td. Juslmt'nt 10 tht' 1999 Con~tilutJort forct'fulh gin·n 10 u.s b," the milltan" He 'i.tld the lIou<;(' had rKI'I\"OO o\" .. r 2UO memorandil" wbml..<$fIflS from Jlil"OUf"S and m· di\"iduab on their '"1evo"~ about tJie nnstitutil.-.t wlOCh made the I louse t(l take the amendmt'flt proces..<.es 1("1 the various COflshtuencies 10 ('fI" sil .... gra..wuole; parllClpallon which he~bed


orrom lefl: The Akun of 8.11d.81")' and lion «,vi~w h~ld .1 B.IId.gry

HE OJ" for a ne'WSlale rented the air al Tl!\"iew


<1.\ ...... ekome



r-..:OVEl\.mER Ib, 2012

Council urges Mobil to compensate oil spill victims T h... 10

Igrri.ll, Suruiri"e, ugos, ElduS.m 8usey; Ch. irhuft"h Viu-Ch.llirm.lln, Du(:on Anirk.lln Ukp",n.ll Oth .nnivrrSollry of Qu. Iboe Church, Nigen. in

HE {"halnnan .If U,,-'1'IO 'tll·,I] t>o\'~rn· menl, ALw.llbom ~ale, Mr II .. n...,. NL.o: ~ "rpo.'dl~'I1 Mobil Pmduo:mg NI gl'na In urg'''flll~ I.""mpt' \'idlm, afr .... tt'l.l b\' Ib 011 ~pllis NLotolJ th .. n.")'(lrll'O III thenn, ALwa-llxlm State, thai the 1)11 ~plll had .uhl'~lr olflt.'\;h:·J the filohmg community Accordmg 10 111m, the ,"I ~pHl has ronlaml' oatt'd the .... aters and Idnu on the Atlanllc roa ... llm... 10 the iI!ohlllg ;.:ttlt'm<.'flb lit' wid Ihal fl ... h~rml.-'n III lhe are.l \.... re I,:om .. ~lIed to sU:.po.'fld rlshlng operationlo to 01\ old CoII,lchmg C'OI1lolmlnalLod liSh, .... hlCh nnlid I"""'-' 1M.!.IIlth h.uard 10 11ll.' Jlubh..: lie e)'plamed Ih,t till.' d~... elopmenl had d .... I... nora led Ihc,lnmg ronJlllort of the fls.h~r­ men, saymg 'the fishcnn .. n 0Irt" <'illhng for Immetholle reilef materlill ... 10 ul ... llIol1 ihell' plight "The enltre lbeno pooplt' ha;\'e b..'t-'rl In .. \'ery sober mood becoilluse tJw SOUin'" of their nl6lfLS of livehhood h.u been grosoly affected by tilt' 011 spill ·'OUr hshennen have SlOPped gomg to lhe sea bt.-..:ause Ihelr fishing Implemenls hilve been dillTaged 4Ild contammaled "'The lmpk-'ments art' now tlnYfe for flsh-

mg be<:albol' a (onlolmmollL'I1


ilo un",,' ... lor


'Tht: sri II ~J'(>nlant"llUlo; II 100L. lllo by surpnM' and Ihe w .. t~rs hav .. ~n pollul~ oInJ )"lU r4ll!ot-'t-' d h!oil n..... llng on the lour· f'-let' ("Of lhe .... al ..r ... NLo Wid Th~ Lhalnnan abo $aId thai I,... had appea]ai Itl lheo:ommumly'lo tradlhond] ru]"n, and ,,:.h. Ulg groups to m.lllltam the re,lC" Nl;"o s;ud thai ro. lobll hold .II ... surOK.! that" "'ouIJ de .. n up th ... lopill .nd O:Omp.. nWh> m ... mheD of the rommumt)

'Be security conscious' SUN Stall' Governor Raul Art.'gbtosola and his WIfe Sherlf,,1 h,l'e urged women. esptDilU)' WI\'es 0 1 pub".: utfK"C hoWers to be more ~ty OOI~. with • view to .:a.Ilowing them r"'y roles for tN· gcnJ of the sooety The Juo spol.e III Q.ogbo, the stoll<.' L"pItiU 011


oyed by flood' \\"ould f~ a \.'oe 01 pressure rupmg with losses b«:.Juse mo!tl of thdn borrowed mOney to fdtTl'l. li~, though rommended the role 50 far playoo b)' gO\t"rTUTIt!fl~, ul(hvKtuals and ofgafUsab0n5 ldenllfymg with the Oood \·!C1nns. called for olliJltknll donatwns fOf the \K1uns. ~Thr mo..t Important thmg I thmL these prork nen1 I....W ~ <I»lstancr foe them to go 0....:" to t~r fIOfTllitl bustneo.S, lS filf1T1IIlg TIlt'" 1M.''l't1 as>wstallCt' III form of fma~. £aim UlpUb and Iffipk'ffit'flb. 'If gon'mment can ..enou~)· C'Of"I"Ie to lhelr With tJ .... al1(.)\e Ii;,tc.od IIertlS,lhepeople will hot" ... :.umt:thang 10 hot..1 on 10 be.:ause the) h.a\ e ~ 50 much tf\.al the\ al~ want 10 glYe upOl,hf... ~Gowmmenl o:an m.1L~· Ihmw; ha;ppt'fl f~ bKaU!il" NO\'embef .tnd D..>a!mber are a good tlllW 1000pL.tnhllg~-a;."a\"a." tJ1eooo.....hnalori.aIJ M.'lhotmm..,1 .60 urg..'li I~ reler.l Go""""'" men I 10 relll\ Igorate Ib ilgncultur~ policy Impkmentallon_ eo.pec1dIly thou on cassava 11 ... SOI...l lholl g(\'\"enllTM.'nt ruh...""k'5 on 0I811o."ullurt' \\en' guod toul Ih.-y nWM oflt'Y\ ftllii.·..1 up un the pag..'5 of rwwsp.-tpt'~ 'If thi~ I\o.-'W rutK)' on C~W.ll flour 101' breaJ IS lu woO; out \\"...11 1N.'fI govenunenl mu~ noc onl" work WltJ, the faITnCl"$ but plan With them b "ell.~he aJdeJ.

Local govt promises better life


HE o.oLoro LocOlI Council Devl'lopm~tArea (LCDA),lrlugosSlale, has"'d Ib deternllnallon to Impro\'e ~ !>landarJ III hf.. of lis rbldt."f1ts ilnd m.lL.t-' them enlo" mON' dividends of democracy Tim, w.s dlso:lOSt><J by liS (halrman,llon -\deyen1l ()labll\JO. durmg lhE-' fm.1 Slumg of !oI.'Cl)f\d .!oe»1<ln uf lhoe lIunilegl50lallve nmn· ..·Ii .. !wmber, I'Il'ld al lilt-' rounul ch«lmber The iIolln 01 the meeting Wob 10 ~I plans on how to foillX lhe sliUldard of h\'lng and b.!lIer thi.' ""lfart! of I\-'S.ldt!llls in lhe area Oldbl"1O rema~ that OtoL.oro LCDA Wdlo lhe only {"()un....11 In the! St;l'" Ih.t relUfl1O.-'<11b ("1)u.-....,lIors. dtallTl\OUl and \'~ ,h.llnn.1Il durmg lhe laM el«tll,)n, H... .11ltr1buted th15 to the cunhal r.. laIlOn)hlp bt-tween the ,'hairman and 1M hiS workers He r«alll..-'J till' award glv~ to him by t~ h.f'\."UII\'eGo"erTIOI'of Lag06 Stolle. BabalunJe Fashol. la~1 ve.r for the 1>61 conshlu~ncy of )1'01'1 cenlre. dunng the Local Governmenl celebratll'" "'pealmg on hl!> plalll> for 1'\e'l<1 reolr.he wid hn, .dmmlSlrallon would concC!fltrale more on proVISion 01 Physicill Health Cenlre WI re), dll>lnbuuon.nd lI\~liIl1ahon of newl) pllrchase..i Irarblonners to the ..-anous commumllb wuhm Ihe LCDA ilnd Improvmg the ~1.Ir1I, !>IluallOn m lhe counol · Go\·enllnt'tll IS durgt'...l with !he responslbllll" of P"'toctmg hfe and properlll-'S of 1M Clllz~ns We are dUly bound lhal 10 ensure thaI 0111' J'I.'Of'le hine the bt$1 of lhe governmenl Ihc)' \'ulnl mto power," he sal..-r .-\150 ... ~almg. the Cuun..."11 uader, lion Sunday AJaYI :;al'" I~ modl'St iKhle\'eme-n1 "as made flOSslblt" bn-au5t-' of Ihe delernun.lIl11n of Ihe .lind hiS wnrLe~

the f1.lg-oif of a Ihree-da.y worL;.hup on·rnx.... (01. ~nly and Etlqut'lIt" for hornak' Pubh.. Off....~ Iioider.. ancJ \'Y'l\b oi St.ll... Fun.,IIon.-uI...... ~ wl)rL.!J~ Wb UI)}lru~ by the Oil..: ... 01 Wife of the C.ovemcw(;...n..mor Aregbe.ola !!.'lIId that """men .ar~ !oO Imp.lff,lnl In tarrung the ~nty dwlknge. wru...-t1 Iht, ~oJWllry U. t-':o.~ng l1le gO\'~mor filrthcr loilId liwi WI\'n of 1"'''' hl»;'a.l oUICE' koIders ;mJ thetr r.ol,ulOru> are m· ae~lngl)' bt-Ing targel~ for at>Juo:tlun, ,h cnmlfl,aij, wanl lO USo-' lhem M f1'O!nb oC ,-ont.... ! tn Ih",lf hUloband~ who the\' bt-'iI~ .. 'ed 011' •• w"'dlthy Ill' wk.l -'I~fort-' !to"'" dbgnmtW e!l-'ments honJ Illg... d~ to!.l~ a.hiUlfilge.,f the" Ul~ relSJ:' oj m;.....-unly In tJM.' rt>unln' In cau;.:..'0.11\1)' ha\ 0Cl0 IO~. It b 1\0..........,.,•..". thai w ... arm

=~~~I~tu~~I~~~\)'~~Pjn= t~~t~~ lo"'~ht

· From left: M r. Tunde Holdejo. ro. IDfCl:.O of Sofl AlIi.llnce .lind KrlHlurcq; linlilt'd, rfft'iving Ihr SpKi"'lilt'd 1'.IItinrr of Ihr Yr.llr Awud 2012 from Ihr ~nior Vife-rJfl'idt-'~I, l:.C o.IEA Alfo n... o J)j lolnni al Ihi. )r.llr'. Oude Mt:A 1';1I1ner AW.III'ds ce rem ony .III F.IIlf1T1onl lIote!, Dubai. Uniled Ar.llb Emiulr

··{lUr rrund~ .-...-'\-'\1 w txo la.I ..'n With r""-luhu., mfOl'nUiltJll th.1I Will futihcr ~"fIoihle ~ tLl b..mort" ~"l.Inty «Jnlo(IOU~ Mon' than ~n b.-1t,MY, nnw b Ih.! 11Int-' d\.:al we !\a\"'IO malo' mnr ... 5elbt' 01 tho: popular mantra--€'tem.1ll \·I~IIano.-", IS tJ .... pnu' uf IIbt'rf)',· ..... "oI.~1 Ar~~lla )tr.. ~~d lIlt." \ Igil/me", .. I WUflk'll. e>f'.·. .,aUy ... 1\ .... \)1 pUblK funnM. ..... r· 1eS. w<Xlld hdjl Itwm )upport tN.'Ir, .mJ er6Uft' dk•.:u\e ',,'no'ILe ddlh'n ~Ulg WOrfK'n,a"ru"todlolru.ui Ih., I'n~'I11 dllli d~....d.. re"" .)1 Ih.. fUlun:, Ill;' 'lolIJ INt 111.. "dmlnllotr,,"un I~ mor.. "hh~ III II!. ft.11O';(blbthllOi!:> 0/ ensunng loo..'} ui 11\ .... "1ll1 proper!le> ob ......11 ..... t'f"okl ... ·alm~ f")\ t"I1\- III Ih" ~tat~'

Council chief procures vehicles for police By Ahem Alawok!


GEGF. Loca] Go\'cmm ... nl Chollrman. H...... Jubr-ecl AbdulKaruem ~ p«'St'I'ltal wo 5(-'('Urlty palrol voilins 10 Ihe Area ComflW\di'r Ul d\a~e of the Iwo polICe wut Oop..-"fOU .md boL.oL.o. l'I'l!i, tht! "'"OUIlC11 duet Silld. was 0lC4Ilt 10 aill secunly of II .... L1..'IftlmWUIIb AbdulKMeem stressl'd die Ilt'\!'d for the poliCe to buJJe up on d'oelr n>SfXXb'btbh•.o;,. Oltng lhe R'Ct'Ilt armt!d robbery modent thai lool pia....... In the rounol b unfortuoale To nip comes III Ihe bu.1. he §alll,h,. gesture becomes Imperatlye Attonhog to lum.lhere 15 no rorrunuruty thai IS oime-fnoe t>ut It can be rerJUC"t"o.Iln tiM.' b;u-est mllllll,um I-Ie ildmllh!d that Agege III the past ha.:. been notoriOUS for O:rlmmdr 11:11\."' ...... and Irlbal dashes, but rahred drastlCOllly III I\'Cl'nI lime lie ~ ~'Ilts to ~ 5eC"Unly cou~..-.ous by mOnllormg t h"'Ir environment for any :iUSf'K'O~ dloll"ilCler or fTM.1\·emenl dlW I'I'Jl'OfI IInmediat ... ly 10 Ihe PotK"l"

l.E Chairman, Radagry Local Govemmen l Area Hon l1u!oltodc M<heS Dosu has urgl'tl YOUlhlo 10 ('mhrace harJwnrL. il.'o Ihe loUrot way to ~U(ce..Jo H ~ also adnsed them 10 be nlmmlUed 10 the Ideals (If their HI.' gave I~ iI.'o words of .ldvict-' 10 tht' graduating studenls of the Noble SLllllo .i\cqulSllon Cenll"l" In Badagry_ lie thanl..t'd theIr parenls for Ih"'Ir loupport dnd !.ponsorslup Th", council dla lr soud trammg III ~J,alls has become iI CarJilloll p~r.lml\ll' for hb admlllistrahon becawte of II!. polen tl al 10 addrt'S.) po\'erly and underdl'velormen t II .. admOnished Ihe matru.:-u lallng SIUdl'\lb to borrow d Il'af frolll tht-'Ir ;,enlor colleagues who approached lhelr studlOWllh il ll St.'nou~ncss. Dignit.ilnt.~ pn~'111 al the


Council trains youths in s kills ... n'lli Indud .. \·Ict"-C'h.-Hrmoln, lion [ilLdbeth Ped~tm Jo.:appo. Si.'Cretary 10 the tAxal Gon.'fTtfn.:nt Hon ~".lnll ~_ Ikllogun. Coon .. cd M,anag~. 1'1"I1l1.:" SuntLly Olu",*,I, IN.' 1...'gal Qffi..""",,", Mr 1 unde Agtx...lahwbl. Sur".-r\"Ilo()( fO( Women Allal~ and "o\ert)' AIl ... na lwn CWA I' AI. Ihm EhLa~th I un!'t-' L~ad~r of Ih~ Iioulol.', ,1.)1\ Dt.'m.wu Ablmbola Tal\vo, MajOrity l ...dd ... r of Iho: II0llSO', lion Methil Senapon, "1:~,'oal Ad\"l~'r on Geno>ral Mdtters, IllMl Ko\'oboltl ~I"""t.l\', SUpt"n.·bOl for [nnwnmenl lion "'U\1I11" /l. I(lSo;:S among olhers

Briefly GlUrch anniversary TI le waL.-long actn'illo hned up lor lhe 20th annlvn'Oary of Umty Chun:h of 010..1 "III b..ogin In No, ... mN.>r 11} with ('\dnti"" Ibm ill 3:00 p.m Other!. 1I'iCludt·. 1~lble :<rru\lar 00 We(int'">d"y, NO\"'mbPr 11 011 ;:Oil



It \viJI ..'"Un!mue (1ft rntia~' NI\\' ... mbo."r 2J wilh varieties Uk .. Coup, ..·.. Night, Youth Ses!oion, Good Woml'n 10 bt' anchor....:t by Pr\lvinciai Supcrillr Apo:.tlt-' Aklllm\llenu Salurday, Nov.,mber 24 will f~alu ...... \'isllalion to orph.tnage Immes where the church IS expeo.:kd to ilOO"I,' 10 Iht, hOlIl"~ Ttll' graod final~ come!> uP, on Sundll)' Novt'fJIber 2.'1 With lh;mL..~glvlng *nol'" ill lOll:!, Unity Church Streel. off Al.!npo.:luml Streel ill Ikosi-l<Jleri I CDA, LtgO\ at 10:00 am

1 · From IrEt: Vice-Ch.irm.n lion. Prdt'lin "''''ppo; li on. I)osu; M rs HuLo l.. Iiusiloor .. nd '-e.lldt'r of Ihr 1I0ul>e, li on Delll.llwu T.IIiwo


'350 hectares of cassava destroyed by flood'


'350 hectares of cassava destroyed by flood'