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NEWS Oyo inaugurates Rent Courts From Ok wuolu, I I HiM')

UM\it\RY dismissa l aw;a l~ allY membo.!r of the ~rnt Courts found wanllng iu C)'o St.lte,the~­ enunenl wuilOO yesterday af· ter inauguntlng the dtaarmen ;and meritberi of II tribunals. TherourlS tn lbadan.Dkbomoso, Ib" rapa SaL.l, Oyo, Iseytn and O keho ha"e 4 4 members dr,\WfI from the legal ~i56I01\, journalism ilfId other field.}. lna ugur,lhr,g the COUJ""b IfI Ius offia:, hta I' AI ~-Gen. e ral and COl:n",l~ioner lor '\.ISIaMr A.tebayuOjoca.lilod on the memi;lC'rli 10 mainLiin their inlq!.rily and disperuse Justice without bias. Adebar" Slid the Governor AbwJla Ajunobi plans to make the Rent C .. url" rderence pornts and Dl'odels In therountry. tle urged them to shun corruption, IfIdrie:n..;~ and medlocnly IfI the .tdCharge 01 their dulles.


Farmers march on Ondo Govt House UNDREDSlJl farmers from the Ore F;arm City, in ()(hgbo l..ocal Governmen t Are;a 01 Of\do StiI~ ~ve prousll'd thetr negl«c <U1d evICtion from the premJSeS. Armed with then luggilge i1l1d chan ting an ti-govern. ment slogilllS, the farmeno mainly youths, - took melr prott'St to the Aiagbak.a Governor' s Office, Akure, on Wednesday The wttlement. reacllvated by the li tilte governmeru, Ili ~ managed by the Wea.lth Creation Agency (WECAl, which lieI'Ved the (imnel"$ a qUit 1"1Oba!, acrusang them of beng redundant. But the fumer!l ;illeged thai the government tw not lept Its own Sldeof the barga.m and that the i'VlCtIon was to punIsh them for remmdi ng the


• Protest poor condition of living From L.k. Ak.r.clolu, "'kurt

govenunenl of the unfulfillr.d promllieS. They damled some lil'CWlty men guatdlflg the farm Wen! ~ gW\S to ~ them ou t 01 thar quarters. aJiq;Ul~ thai mill'ly of th em go t inJured whiie ~Ing. One of them, Mr. OIufemi Ai'yi. told Tht NIItlOtl, tha t all effmts made by the farmers 1OWsc:uss lhe~OlO'"fIt on the fann were in futili ty. According 10 AJay t, the fanners have bem kept in the dark by tlw ttWUlgement on how the farm was being run. He said. 1M gm'emment has been deceiVing Ihe o ll<tenry on the farm selllement. clamling tNlt It has I .....

VCli led ;a lot 01 funds In the growth of ;agriatlture. ""Though it promised 10 ft'move unemployed youths from the streets by Cfi!.l tmg JObs (Of !hem, we have bl.-m pu t In;a bush who:....-e there are no SOCial ameni!!es as claimed by the governor -rhr gO\-ernrnert1 J'!"OffilSed 10 empower us af ter six mOnlM III tho! bush but we have bet-n spendmlt ove!" ;a yeartn theOie FarmOty and we were only given just NtSO, 00l ilfter makmg fran... uc efforts. -rhr programme is planned m Sitch a way tha t the gov· ernment will make a finanoal mput into the three seclions Of poultry, ilrable and fishenr and we are e>.p«ted 10 male profil through sales..

- Bul, this particuLu project


msttrce, III the fl!Jlo?r)' secOOn where we have over 2000 rtshes, you ca.n'l bt.-lteve tha t tho:!ie fiShd; Will 001 ~ fed fOf" a month. know that there IS prospect in agncultures. Ir due process IS followed. 8eoIuse of tlus belief, we ha\"e st'I\t 16 T\.'Presentilt.ivd; to the gOVt!l"!\Of, who mel With him ilnd he pn:xm.-l 10 s...obsKhse the fann product' but till now, we are ye t to witness the fulfillment of thill promise. -Our gO\'eO"lor hob been reCtelvlll8~l!tiIIlawardson this part.icularp£O]i'Ct, clillmmg ihat over IJJfl g.ra.dUilIe5 were employed, whereas, ~'e are 286 young gOOuate5 a.nd



the mfonnauOfI we got and wtuch wO! ha\'e the fACt 15 Ihe lilale govemmen t budgded NJ billion for the four larm settleme\ts last yeM and N .. -4 billioll for thiS yea r I think the governor should explain theSe parUCular votes as passt.>d by the House 01 Assembly. -Qui plan5 III the fann have been unachievable becilU5e It 15 just lik~ l.ft>pmg tak-nts UI the bush ana o ur famil y members are ~pecling much from us, but we N\'e not been able to con tribute to the growth of OW" vanous famiWith the government ,,11pend wtudt 1SN9. lOlmonthiy lor graduales" WECA 's Manager Prince 8isi Adegoke could nOI be rNChed to react to the~­ tions liS he did nol pick IlI5 telephone calls.


proml5ed it Will be completed Wlltun the nexl 18 months. Accordutg to thedesign, the first phase wiU from on the u,SC6-Ibadan E.pressway and link Egbeda m ... lbWn-lfe .."....,..y. wtu1e the second will run from Egbedilto Akinyde Onimalu. The third phaH will run 'rom Akinye le Onimal u throudt Apala;md leoninate al Aldlapa. When completed. the rin.s rOiId will stimulale econonuc

K li vl lies on the liuburb5, reduce pressure on inl ra-c:uy roads ;and ease Ihe traffic pidns of travellers passing ihrough Ib.dan 10 otlli'I" slaU'S.. Ajimobi said iI committee woUld ~ be constihtted to liaise with the company 10 develop a rwdmap fOf" the 1m· plememntiltion of the Proil'ctI·le. how.!Yer, eJfp'1iuiIed" the litate deOded 10 bwld the mad in ~ bft2use 01 its k-sutth lUld the financial rt'SOI.IrCeS thai wiU be romrruned 10 It. Acmrding 10 the govemor, the PPP arrangement tw become ~ry for massive developmenl of inftastructur· aJ facilities. Wh ile com mendin g the

company for Its ~ to partnel" With hili' administration, he said lhat iI firm with the reqUired Intemalional exposure<U1dca~:.n htit-, will be oflmrnense I 10 the sta te. Mr. Narula said that his company has been involved In I?ro;ect implementation III ViltlOUS parts 01 Africa, pledg. ing the pr;paredness of the firm 10 collaborale' with the stale in the ~ oIlnfrastruc. iural dev~l1IC'fIt. Be sp«ifii:a.Uy mformed rJ

~~~v:'v:=~ lar c ltcu lar road In lndia, which .-cording to tum. has beoomC' a money sptnnel" for

D!~~Akoko. , a Senator repre-

senling Ondo North, was billed to rt'Cave over tOOl de£«un 10 the party.

From Dlmllt Ojo, "kure

~a.;M~by~BC~~ ty, Mr. SegunOdKli reads: "It has come to ou r notkt> that the l...a.bour Party (lJ» ikimin· islration has concl uded ar.. be disrupting


-We he£d)y call on ;all the security apparatWi 10 ensure the main tenancC' of peilCC' In tlw stille, tspecialJy with the comlflg governorship elKtion Ul the state." Odidi urged the lJ> and lIS leadrrs 10 refrain from ren~ up the polity becaU!ie 01 thetr desperation to to hold on 10 power.

TIle grou p bem(Wled the perpetration oJ violence in the state, urging the lcaderstup of the ACN lODe wary oJ the &ntics 01 the lJ> in ~ 10 proI«1 ttw life 01 its dtizenry. Thl"ff buses, belonging to Or. O lu Agunlo,re, anoiher ACN govemorVilp ~itilIlt. wen reca\tly vandali5ed by thugs suspected to be sponliOn!d by L.P kJyaUsts nearOwo. 1lw: ACN supporten, who were said 10 be IriIvelUn, to Usa fo r a political me-rtmg wert' a llilded by lhe hood"-

'"~ 8oroffice has promised 10

implement ACN's polk)' on the revitali.5a. lion 01 agnculI~ if ~ Into powB"_

He iIISI5UI1!d farmers of adC'qUilte protectt on, as w ell as lixal and inlemauonal semi-nars 10 expose: them 10 modem farming t«hnology.

m:~;~:: t:~~

Farmers in Akure, the Slale c.pital. According to Boroffice, who 15 the Chairman 01 the Senate Commit'"' on Sdence and Tec:hnoIor.y, agricul lure and the establisJUnmi cXindus-



m a

the stille'S potmlials lUre, he berated the

01 the critir:.aJ. sector by ttW present adminilitrAtion. R.c5ponding. the chot.innan

IIEEkuiStateGo\'ern· men t has i(vIuguraled a cus tomiM!<! Indigenous stiln(l a rcl meilSure (known as '" /lgo In local p;u:lance), for u"e by foodstuff sellers IfI II 11 markets acros5 the Slate. The m,-",' i!. il lmed at " t"ilndardi.!llfl"; the meibures betng used Ul the SUileen local govemm..'II1 all!as of lhe stile, and III check sharp ~­ tm amort! lood vendOrs.. lnaugur.:t&ng the: measure, Wife o f the :otate .s0vemor, EreJu Bilil F"yeml, stroesscd tha i the s tep was abo IfI ronfo rmn)' W Ihe polICy and



Aregbesola's wife stresses glrl-chlld education From AdI.soll "'"nlyl, O.og bo

the government. Narula said DSC Umited has the rfQUired OIpitaJ b;tse to handle the project..

Boroffice campaign group flays disruption of ACN rallies ISTURBED by the series 01 attacks and d~ rupltons 01 ral1ies 01"ganisotd by the Action Congress 01 Nigeriil (ACN) in OndoStloIr,. the Ali . 80r0(. flce Campaign 9rs~1i0fi (ABCO) yesterday called on security agutC1C5 10 510p the trend. ABCO, a political group withln thr ACN, condemned the reported disruption 01 a raUl' Org.rused Ul hMour of Prof. ~Y' BoroIfice. a pernonhiP aspuanL on Wednes-


dus try. As pin C>I efforts 10 en5Uno the availilbill ty 01 the new measul1' act056 the Slllte, the goyernm'~ ~Ife satd her pet progTall\lflC ' the Eklli lJe-\'eIopment Fvun dation (EOF), will buy 500J pte.."eS which be distributed fr'ee 10 the: tnd-

Oyo proposes ring road around Ibadan to ease traffic pro,ect would be- '-'OnIotrucled under iI Pubhc.. Pnva te Partners}up (P PP) ilttilIlgement,

Ekiti launches standard measure

01 the COiIUlior\, Agbomomy i M ichilel, Aid his mem o bers were not comlorl;abie with the present situation in the li late. He described as regrettabkIha.t Ondo. which was;a lead~ produrerol cas6ilva under Ihe adminis lTiltio n of Dr.

............ ....

"'-'" """ ega.teJ 10 the ~round.

AdJomoniyi la.rriented that no firmer roukI benefil hom the Nt billion credit facilities

... """'" ;;;~=~~: by """"" """"


HE 01 tho! Osun St4ite Governo., Mrs. Sherifat Areg besolil, hn urged parenlS to massively enioU thdr kmale du~ In

"""""'She- idenllfied the education 01 the girl-duld as paniKW 10 the IS6Ue of gender disp.nty. In her keynot~ address ;at Ihis year' s Internalional Women's 0.11 ~nni vt'fsary , ~"""'" by "" .,....." 01 w"omenAha.irsandSodal Development IfI Dliogbo, the lilate apilaL ~ fn;. ~ said tJW, bo!5l w;ay to liberate the girl-dtild's mind is 10 ensure that she is adequately equipped with qualitative ed· UCilUon 10 witlistand fulure chot.llenges. She t.ime:nk'd the: soaety large contrib...ued unmensely to the p roble m of Ihe girlchild arid must be part of the solution to it by ~allflg an enabling t5lvuonment fOl" her to excef educ:attona.lly, s0cially and econonum.lly.



THE NATION, 16 MARCH, 2012  

Farmers march on Ondo Govt House • Protest poor condition of living

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