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Flood: Food crisis imminent in Adamawa, says Fed Govt


DAMAWA Stille, which WiU l't.'Ce(lt1y nv_sed by Rood. "de; on i"""in",1

food mm, Uieteral Govern· ment Ns said. The Fedual liJtry of Agriculture and R~QeYe10pmenl said follo'h ing e nDOd which affected almost of the state, thousands o f f rm& were confirm~ "'olnll !'ubmerged or washed a",ay T'he Federal . ector of AgrIculture, Or .~all. Hamman. said in Yoln, "'9 Adamilwa State capital : .. Af:C0l'ding to report reaching u.s rom our staff ilCJ'05S Ole stale I:-etween 30.000 and 50,000 b~ of maize, riO' and other IOCl'd crops were Ukely to be losJ to the nood In the 2012 h.nnv'8 fienon:' he

S iorin b, Dtmlel Ea'-t. Allfl!; Corre.pon~nl

laid. The director noted thai considering the large damages on the farmlands there was tikeJy' to be food crisill in the state If immediate action was not taken to address the situation. He said most of the farmers affected by the disaster WBe more preoccupied with how to' 5ilve Ihemselves and their families from the disaster than thinJdng of their (anI\!l. "Unless the federal and state governments a.ssist the farmers 1R time, if the situation was allowed to run out of hand , It could resull in possible food aisis and poverty among the fann-

en, .. he said. He advised the government to come up with a new agriculturaJ

insurance scheme ttiat would cover rural farmers to enable them get relief whenever there was any natural disaster of thill nature. On the rural Infrutructure damaged by the flood, he said the mlnlstry was still compiling report on it. According to reports. some vilJages in Borno have been hit by severe noodlng potentially lowering output this year. Heavy rainfall in the southern rart of the country could ,pel doom for farmers .15 the resultant noods are hindering the transportation 01 their products to Ihe markets. Trucks

used lor evacuating the products are stuck .15 a result of the noOOs. Also. the delay in evacuating harvested itetM to end users is raising CORCem5 about the quality ollhe products Ihat mlght serve iI.5 raw materials in production, mere especially with cassava lhat is being promoted for bread making. Torrential rainIaU could hurl rice, and sugar cane cr0r,' In the Deep Soulh, an .gricu tural expert fias said. The Programme Co-ordinator, Farmers 'Development Union (FADU). Victor OIowe, told The Nlllwn that strong wet weather was a£fecting farmers in Akwa Ibom and Cross River slates and that it is pOlsibile areas Ihat

Associa,tion donates N15m to fanners

Prices of fruits soar in Ahuja

!rription fa~ in the North. 0,'5

Board of

• Alhaji lsi Mo-

~ was 10 Government's AgrkwturaJ TransformationA..... I fie ~Iion • doing this to assiM farlnt!rS who do not



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an agreement with t we will ~ buy· in§: their Ollure. And as We buying their produce'iie'11 e deducting our ~. 'tilly till it is aJIll p~e, • the . n.m said. He tro t most fanners were i by Iadr. d IICXl!S5



10 cndit 10

d tF.eir businesses.

"Most Nt . \ (anned engAge in subsistence a '"D'Iing because they don't haw t.. capifitl roman"""'"",;..,~~,;""~p . ""D1ing. But With



do better "Most Nlgeri afford 10 buy a how do)'OL product for iliat will No n 10 imageor'Nr No aSked. Mrlh;man III Sokoeo and Miie 12 ma

Cameroon releases lITA improved cassava varieties



:t fal'Il'll'J'!j C3MOI 18 of rertillser; and d such farIner! 10 mlefcial purpose

proved c:a5AV' vanetl(':5 to Ilelp improve food security The varieties. which develOped through conventiona.l ~ bY the mterMtional JnstituteolTmpt-

Jicmote the ~

I nagricuJ~

News AS that hebendi lion's ~re "1 beile6tted )'$I" and I .un this year. \:eca lot year as not IjIYe me )'Hr, he snid. AbubUar st'<i the efforts of theassoci.ltion.ld urged other corporate bodi II' to emulate the ~ to rum . Jd insecurity in


the: oounlr) .

HE Cameroonian ~I hM released five new 1m·


til AmnIItun!' (UTA) and ..rtnen.,


TMS9'l/tB26. TMS96/1114,. TMS961 OOD.1MSrn.Ja:tSl,andlMSrnJrf.'Xj]. 1hey WeTe me.-d in YltOund~. Cam~roon capital. by .Ih.e Cameroonian Minister lor" ~ ~, Mr EsRmi ~ie1~ and U1e JWmanent Secretary, M5 EbeUe Etame Rebecxa. who ~W!d the MUU. ter of Research and Sdentilk Il1nOQHans.. With anetima1ed yield oI1:letw8..-n 20 and 35 tonne:! per~, !he hnproved varietie; fla~ Improved nu,nUonal qualities and are rich in caratenoldS. iron and zinc. ' PartneBthatworJ,;edin theVl:rieta I development Include the Programml! NallQn,1 dt' des R,cll1e5 et

Tubercules (PNDRn, the Institute of Agricultuml Retiearch for lkvelopment (IRAD). the Intem.honal Fund fot Agricultural Develop· men,t (IFAD1. non-governmental OrpniszltioM and Il)Cni fanneJ$ The nrietles will ~Ip close the yldd gaps, improve yield and abo


the Oirector-Gi!ner.. l, n1A. Dr

"'te'an~"lSanginga 'WId Sonf;1"gJ saia the ~ of the vmietie Woukf.hcl p lrnproYi!the for.. tunes of farmers who ~ on the

mr their Il\'elIhoods. Acmrding 10 him. IITA will con-


tinuelO~fannetsln<:amerooo by oIferifl$ improved vMietie and t«:hno1ogl(~:! tnal addn.'SS the constrain~ to d~elopmenl In tropical RoItions. Mmye!Wel the new Improo.·ed vanetie5 WoukI ~p CamerOon III takr .ad\..,.ofthe~~ol C& gva.He&bopraiSeijIITA·"~~tn

~ die varieties. GroWn by most ~ ~ i:5 OIled k ma;or!ltaples in c.meroon

thai is contributins to food security Il'lClwealthcreatian. The crop is ether boiled and eaten,; Ol"~ Ullo

IocIIl debc:acie551.11:h asA.IihnIIbtr.BIdun"'mII7llIr.8tJ~. rIIIrlIIX,grui.andNdn$~otIllu.

Thr: mol anp lw abo gained industrial irn~ with U!lelnetha-'

ooI~Rist!-QualityCassava RoW- In ~uction. and glu·

m:sesyrup DesPite


5tra1t'ldc mIe, the root

crop l! chalIen~"y poor ~Icb; ~and ~~8oil ret-tility and climate~.



helpec:t Carnen:JOnUln farmers

10 ~ ~ in the past d«ade. Farrneo who partiCIpated III the varietal relea:.t' proa'SS 'loved' the \·arieties for their IXIOklng qualities. .. !!I~ ~~ "d ~~vole••~


NJUUU ..... M...



vartetie .... ·is ~~Iion~~-'asl.,,~~~..~ ~U'




dlanneEs in Camen:Jon. "'We ae it. a new thwn for cas-

5On"llitnnen," hi! added.

How-to tackle livestock disease outbreak, by expert


disease III tackled, 11 is by nail tI data 011 al1lmal mov~t. a liteaock expert. Dr bud




has said.

A~. Ree:t of General Man. _ 5~t' AJl:ricuJtu~ and Rwal t. eJnent lrairung Institutl!(ARM11}. rin,saidtherarm animAl tnl:M!Iftettt data is esettiaI

HERE is some confusion in the prices of fruits in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as prices are increasing in spite of the decline in demand, the News Agency of Nige.ria (NAN) rqx>rt5. A market survey conducted in Abuja mowed that the demand for ITuits declined because of the rainy season. but the prices increaSed because of the rugh cost of transportation. The market. survey showed thai the prices of pineapple. water melon, bananas. oranges and pawpaw are up by betw~n II peT emt and 100 per cent .~~ A pineapple now sellS'"flli;· about N600 fOr a large sized 11.5 against N300, while water melon sells for between N400 and N500 as against N200 and NJOO, de-pending 011 the size. At the Mararaba Orange Market. where many Abuja residents shop. a bag of oranges increa54!d, from Nll ,OOO to N14,ooo, while pawpaw is now sold .t about N600, up from about N400. A bunCh of bananas now sells for N3,500 as against N2.000. Malam Usman Abubakar. a trader at the Mararilba Orange Market, attributed the increase to the high cost of transporting the items. Abubakar said though people had interest in buying the· fruits, they could not a(£ord them as a result of the high cost. Mr Suleiman Mahmud , an· other trader at the Kubwa Market, agreed WIth Abubakar aJld said the increase in prices was due to the high transport fares caused by scarcity of petrol. He added that farmers were also no longer interested in srowing some of the fruits. "'The C06t of traR5~rting these fruits ill high, lhe:rt!fore. we in· crease OUI prices, coupled with the security challenges In most parts of the North. Mr Mohammed Nura. another fruit lleller. decrIed the increase. saying he would only purchase little of the affected Items until the rainy season Wil5 over. He, however. IHud that though the business was profitable. he would not adVIce anybod y to venture into the busines! in the rainy season. He said : " Because of tne cold weather people are no longer interested in buy ing fruils . The rain is reallr, affect· ing us; sometimes we ose our capital due to low palronage and the perishabl e nature of fruils ."


T ""d='Ii'lJ;'i'~=

HE Perishilble Foodstuff Sellen ~w:iAtion of Ni-

l1\e IS$OCla Trustees hammed said

witnessed heavr, rainfall may have low crop y eld due to £requenl wetting and flooding during ripening time. Ae said farmers in the areas have had to deal with an extremely unsettled season, with rains famng more than double the average. The unpredictable weather condition means that farmers need to adapt accordingly and change their planting routines if they are to increase on crop yields. In nood-hil fields in Akwa lbom and Cross River State, he said rice planted in swamp areas could be submerged" He noted, however, that prospe:c;ts are also bright for fanners m the Southwest .

in the event 01 an outbrftlk $UCh as foot-and-mouth disetir.. He !lAid there WID a nt.'ed for programmes to train animal health He abo said the livestock Indus~,:!!c;td ensure foot-.. nd· mouth · (FMD) never occurs again. AdC}"emO stressed the need for a rommunicatimt systen that will pro-

vidr Despatch AJms, Wllnung.and NolificatlClll5 (01. WN) via email, voice message. Of" text ~ge to assist farmers and velt'rinMians to

monitor disease outblleaks.

Hesaid by llOtin~ in animal morutoring the authoriltes an not OI1ly jeopardising the agriculture

economy, butalJoputtmgthet-lth and welfare of IiYi!stoc:k risk.


Adeyemo 5i'lid the Federal Govemnw:nt 5hould make it mamlatOJY. fc. local health authorittea to recora animal health information. In the race of an outbre.llk of fOOI-andIDOUth dl5eaSe (FMO). he said such information would be vilal 111 helpmg to control the effects of the di5e~ on the industry and the economy.


Flood: Food crisis imminent in Adamawa, says Fed Govt