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· Sheltim;t

Bomo to boost rice production

i lE Bom(> 51:;11e gove-rnment has ~...d that II would import 500 M'-"" mill!; from

Thailand as part of efforts to boost nre production tn the slate Governor KashJrn Shettima, who disclo<ed lhi'5 in Maidllguriwhile inteT1lC1:ing with newer men. ~Id the mills would be distributed to f,nmer'S' ~hve ;t."5Oci.;ations 10 Improve Ihl' quality of local rice production In the slale. He said 1m- ~tatr goV('mmcnt had .signed an a&,.ree-menl fllT the supply uf !he nulls A dt'l~aliOfl of 8omo Stale government viSited Thililand reu-nlly II! part of /I nip to explore 1In-a'< of collabOration with different countnl"5 In tnelr 1'lrl'iIS of ~pedllh~hon "While in Thailtmd. _rNKlC orders for the

Cleric urges grassroots development

supply of 500 ria" mills I belle"',," <:('ITflE' of the items wtll ~mrl am,-mg In thE> ~tale In it very short whU ..;- Sm-Itima ~id The governor said that the government wa~ workingtoward« ~ Ihng up ffimHmgahon .sc:hemes In {'Itch of the 27 Tocal go\-emmeni area.. of the ~1.,le ~Domo has 1C>t5 (,f polmlilll ill agriculture; we lire Irym~ 10 hilrnC"5 Ih(";(' p<>ll'rIlial b, Cfellting mml· Irn~ilhon scnl'm~ 111 all Ihl' ""ocal gm'E'lTlm('llt areas HWe are al!Kl lookmg ill Ihe pos... lbihtle-: t>f Cft'ahng farm ~llemt"f1t .. aCfO"''' the stale to further nllm('!';6 OUf agriruUun' ['Otml1ol," he ~d

Shelbmil (,Jepl/lined Ihal IhE" obpectl\'e wa"

emment!; had l!Volvl" serious policy loward empowf'Ting the youlh..~ 10 enable lhem «Intnbule to thP nahorf" growlh. " " i.~ <I<Id tha i m,,"y 1(1caI governmt"flls do not havl" a "kill MtJllisltll;m ,,",Irl" (If ttll'lr own, wht!n- youths mn learn trad(' and VCK"ahom to Mome elln'pl'l"fll'u ..... MAs a result Of jobl~, mllny of the \"(>UtM h.we become armed mbber<. IftTOnsl" and ]X'-

To Cf("ill(' job.. fo r the Ict'mms unemployed

youlhs m 1M ~Ialt" HOu r gool L~ to rrovide Jobl'i fOf our leem' mg unemplo}'ed yt>UIM who are roommg Ihe ~ll"1"t"ts Without anylnmg to do H\VI' are al<;(! to'ing l(l fighl ("flcll'mir pO\ erty among our ~le which ha... rl'.lcht>d an alarming levl'I' he siud

· Kw.ln k w.l~

Emir w arns farmer:


IIF F.'mlt .(11 Ar!;lIngu 111 fhrni KeI*>l KrH" State. "IM,I S,'TTliIli" M, ...;<o na5 Wllmed famlt'r.I .and mule 1>11.·(,,1........ rn the t"IIUrate aK"lnst ilrtiO!'-" WI Will 11''''.1 tn any da..o;h III the arr'a Mf"I7I. whro ~po':l' "'llh IK"W"lJIl'Tl In Ar~u"J:lI <;aId \h(' eminle ...... M.lld oot n-nd1'fW' ,111\- d,hh i:>folw("l."I1 fannrr.l ~nd (""ul.. hfl"f'(If'1'" I>\f'! ~'"­ m~1 ~r~zm!l: ,m.l url!.~j tlv'm ,,, r'""I ..... I ,h.-" muluAI mtl'rl"'t~

!ihcal thugs ~ I thirU. the gON! govcmru-occ lour commiltee should challeilij,e lilt> ~tate gO\'emo~ on thl~ ImportMt lo;sue The clergy ...aid Ihal ITlIInl of Ihe glganhc rrOJecl~. biomg rul up by ~Iale g01:emmmls with conlrllct runnin~ inlo bllhons of nlllfil. mighl not benl'fit lhE' abU'll.... Ill" mailllallwd thai (\('\'l'Iopmt-'1l1 could oolv bI" aclllt"Ved m the IIt~ of peill;.Y. har· mony Ilnd orderhlll."S5 wh('n youth" Wen" nleflnIllgfully enga~ In rror:iool\'e \'mlu"""

U5HIN Local G,o..·enutlf'Jl1 ~al was " beet\h'(" of IK;\lvIIl~ IIl9I Fncby as r1!l'ildeni!' Ci'lme from faT and roear to ~. tht> free medtral scret."run~ and 1~1me11 of ililmenl" ~uch iI~ (en'leal Ci'lnct'r, diat>et~ lUSh Mood p~\m',mala.n .. II~ otller.. n.. mlh.ltl\'l" wa." I:'t'gamo;ed b\' Inc- C'(lIJIl("II In col· larora!tofl Wllh {\'omt"fl (:lett'" Impact Tho:> O'KlIlal chid. I-Ion. OI.mlJ\d.. B.,ooluncll' -\d.,.ilan. deo;cribed thel"l.-ml iI~ iInOIhcr gl;l!dt<n opportunit)' tlr dlvldM'ld~ Ilf d~ lind .. n ,Ul."W('l" 1(1 Ilw hr0lth challmgpo; of IhE' ~~ whIch hIS "dnunislration cannol dose liS eyes to. COflSldenng Ihe primary rlace the council plac:'f'5 ne"lth, he saId: "We nllve i'I-.sembled qualirled health personnel ~today 10 eum1I1e your nypcrtCMlon l!"Vel. diabetes, gcnet<ll hl"allh cundfll(.'f\!. III IfrTn$ 01 ma1.ani'l arid peral Ix>dy mct.,boll5m Aftf'T the examln.abon. nt'(:l!"'isary experl recommendation WIll be mllde, 1!'<p«'i"lIy for th~ Ihal will reqUIre more thorough examillllhon lind probably '<UI'w gt'fy al a high hosptlilL I rl' arpt'alt"d 10 evervon.. rre~nl 10 a\-.lU lhefn.o;elvt"';l.<; ftf the gre"l oproc'IftumlV 11'\ cnmr~res With gOod hiahh as the 00515 01 weallh Adt"pltan mentioned oIM health lnillallVe!' earllf"r OTAanised b)' lW; oomllllstralion where ""tl"-""-Ial pack!; "'TTe dl!ltnbuled 10 ('l{pectant molile ..... free p\'e sl a~ to de«erVing peorle aIll"I" thnM.lgh e'(,lfTUfl.,l1on and tesbn~ were carricd oul <uid free drug." to penple Ill' went further "Wl' alsO orgarused freeden·


tal 'U't"l'fling programme III roilaixmthon With Dental AMociation of Nigen.l, we gIVe adequale support to the dnv(" 10 imtdlCille polio III our 50Cicty thn...ugh regular ;md Rggn'liS1\'e unmu· nl7.lltion rl!'Sf'lmme '" He urged rres"ll"l WC>IT'IE'n to make u...... of Ihe f"cifill('<: al Omodlglxo l lelathear.. Cl'lllre whtm- 24 hAl ..... "'l'f'Vn t'I a\'"illlhie lind where

~~~~~~~Ifrl: ':::d~~!~:;;i.~~I~70u:h~:

I ll' added thi'll Iht'ft' al'e rnlTlilry health cell~ al Alvl". Ijf-<ha, 10;010 Rc\w. line. A",al... "'iwore resuil'll\!< om eniO\- Ihe mt"dKaI (;,ciltht'" ~kms f'arill!f. lhe Coordinator of Women GlObal Impact, Mrs OIuwayomi Welt, wged r.... idenls 10 follow up Whl"~er results [hat Ci'lffiI" oul of the V.lrlous lests or lrea.lmf'nts. She ~;"d Mushin council woWd t>e the first 1Tl Ihe country 10 enioy their p'<ltron.'gC. Women ClOOal Im~, founded by Bishop PI'1tC1! Okonkwo on lin' 60th birthday liS a 8'lt 10 women In gl'N'fil1 star1ed the pei'lCl'cam~lgn on June lO, 10 senslll.~ the Woml'f1 roJ~ on dang~ of ('('!Vical mllC'f'T. dill~cs lind all othcr al~a._

Utch IlClled that the response has t-n tn.·Il'lan\' "I"I"l"'I"-f' cast... 1,,1\'(' ~ I'll· tended 10 ~ ""id thfo f.-.under w~ moh"aled by her dl!'<ire If' rut "mile~ Oil thf' race-: of women In Ius doo;lI1g n.'miIrk.... the counal vice rn3; r· man, who c:k....ibiec as lhe 'iupervl"Of oIllt'alU" Mr F.mmaf'ucl 8amlr,boye, thanked all Ihllt worked togethl'T 10 make Ihe progr-amme iI sucre<:" He P.lrt1('l.llarll': thanked' the cMlrmen of !he vanou~ CDS or DN for their support 1l1('I'l(i0U!< as

- From right: Ch.lirm, n. Mos.ln-O kuno t.l I.oul Council Ol!'\'ellll'meni I\rf',' linn I\I-<io';,,,· Mde; h i~ cou nterp.l rt~ , t B ~d~gry and Cllkrr.Aglld.1 r""ncil~ linn lIu~'If'd .. I'.!"...- P ....... ~,,,I O mobo l.lnl r Akinyrmi-Obe .lI lhe Wo rl d Conferrnce of 'I.IIYOI"'. r.hl~bo. upll,.! of' 'l".~ .. ri.ll Guin u

Leadership aw ard for students


I lE flllill "tag(' nf the 2012 Ll'adl'fSh'r. Compellhon organlo;ed by Ihe Chief Whip' (.f Qyo Stale H ou~ of Assemb!I lIon_ AbllXlun Adlgun Hammed lor over 'i{) s«(Indary .;choots III Aklyel.. LOG" Go\'emmen! Are" of 0)'0 Stall' comes up lomorrow, the organi~ haVI!' <.:ud The c:ompchlion WIll kick off by IOllm al eouncil 5('U'I'Iariat in Ibadan. Ihe Oyo Stall!'

cll~~LAdl un di.';cll~ in ,1 chat with (lur Ihllt the comp('lilion W.l" orgam"'l"d 10 groom the future le"dl'~ III hI" ron.~hluency ;md II 15 1110;0 mime wllh 1m· proving Ihe roucahon pohey of Ihc I:l.lrrml admlmtral1cm III the ..Iille Ill' Solid th(' governor had charged all the pohllral office holders 1(1 wNk diligenlly It' dear the mt III the edurnhon "'I'ctor In his word" lift" IS 1I1]800ui C'£'mpt'tlll(ln, <;(l lhe young ('IO(T alo;o I'ced to compele_ <;(l a~ to mo\'(' to a higher IcveL We al'l(, wl"h tf' calch Ihe :O;«('>fldary .;chool "tudl'nl~ at thf' corre~pnn~enl


Church holds solution night

I • • •1.

T H E New Goo'" l;l('If}' Mllmlry ITNG<"'II WIll from 100.1), "Iart I'l Ihrl'l!"-da~' Vigil lag~ed Night!'; of the PmE'hl'ts, a~ part of It" monlnly dlVtne QulomilllC "ollllwn Illght at thl' churcn'" headqullrleM' OIl 1'1('11 712. Ikomdu Road, ~lil(' 11. Owude Olllnn. L1~(I'< It WIll ~Iilrl frnm ltrm . 1.;.m lodil)- ~Ild lumnrlTlw while Fnday'" rrogr.1mml' wllIl>t' ffl'm Ilpm till d~\vll Thi.~ mnnlh'" programrn(' Will feature gre~t IIll'TI of God such as Prorhet tfeTf>klolh Oladl'Jl; MUjldeen Ka~h; Akin Fa"aw("and G . 0 Oblwale aka ~'lnbo CC. who will minISter along Ihe host rrorhel and the ('.eneral (h'er _r Prophel Jl.deTllYl Matth("w On!. whill' E\'angehst Eslher Igtx-kele Will feature a~ lhe guest gospel artISte

By Jeremllh Ok!!

primE' IIg~ <;(, a~ to ImpWH" Iht' ..lall.I.u,] ,I i-duCi'lhon In the ~Iilt{''' The lawmll~t'T '"mf'lllf'\J the Il'mH,' , ...,,,11 hon (If educalloo ~tllnll:!rd III th,' "1.11" k-In'" C..o~·emor Allml*'1 ("iImf> ("tn 1'o<'tiI1t! ..... Vllll: th, <;tandard lerritth· d"......,hH'(t While ~J'M."akll'~ nn Ihl' all~p(1 am ... 1 ,~l I)". wlf(> ("tl Ihe "lair J:IlVl'm(l' Mr~ 1'1",."'" Ailmnbi. III'n "tiif(lIn ...a,d ,t .... ,,~ ,h ... 1>011''] wt.rk I,f thl" "rf"",ilh'n p.u" III II... ,."t, h dl'l'rt thl" IIl1mlu.n "I II... );I1\'{"rnl'f ArrnrllmR In hIm" Ih., w.>rT\iU1 IIH" ;lir.. ",II ,oK ,lbollt IrilH-IIf"t1 .1 I", [... of,,", ...nt' It" .'IT>!' Ih,' guu>rnnr·" Wlfl',"nli hMdh' m,·t hl'r .• 1 ,".. m,· Now tl\lIl'ihr hl'calll(' Ihf.o \\ III" "f th,. ~'''PTI'' 0;1", I'\,I~ It' rl'll(l('" hi..,. Ir"vclil'~ lH....1Il.... .Jlt' h," m;<on)' rrngr"mml'~ "hI' I" 1,,,,,,.. 1("<. (In"!" ,.,.-r. Iwo Wf'O['i<.." ~. huw, (lutd ~\H h~)fl ... · ITOll ,·1 lm~ l-,\·m WI"t"I. 1>1'1 '1u ...· II .. ~ wtll m ...... ' II h!1 w("('k.~ ~he iI~\ml('\1 "((I'" ,mt! tht·.,. Mhl .. t .. , h.,-1 tr;wf'h~ for t;:z 11m... I~ II Fit-I.. tn I.., It,,, ,I hng even' wt"f'k' 11(' {llwr1f'<1 "lIl'r bah Ihl"\· wer .. 1"lkm~a""ul h,l' I"" st"honlln~

abrnad IIhl" 211(1;' ("Ielllt'n wn(,11 peorll'

;11~re,:~;~f~l~i Ihl!' gt>vernnr Inr no rea ..... n Th,,1 w~" "'·h~· tn .. gtl\'l"rn,,·r louk ht"1 .. brnad iUld I" II bl'ld for !.'>nl' \n


lOur penple "1"l"t.1 to ch"ngl!' theIr rattem of

~:;;;I~'ttlt'ir " Ahmed


!\U\'EMBIR 7, 2012


K wankwaso inaugurates TB treament centre ill, 1 .......t .. r.1 t ...l\ernmerll Wllh K,InO t..)H·rn~>t\1 11.b Ill.lUi;Ur"h,·..! un uh.-.·mud.,m ~h.JII.[)rug ~I lu· ~_ -uit..u. 1.-.. C.,,,ln' m J....&nu, • ..loll .... m wt.J r1k" ~lo1h.'IIw:n1 """'" --.I by !l.t.Wun luili u IMnll)e. Ih., ()m~:lUr ut I'""", oanoJ l'ubtiL Ret..· '-..b Iu 11.0:' (jo\ ..~. Ul It - t ttw ..."O.' kJaldJ wlllun the preI!\IIia ul the 1nICJ.~ l1ue.s1o 1t.:~luJ (ll'>Ill

T "'1.1".


III .11)

... pt.·.... InK.1iIt Ih .. "" .. nl, Go" .. rnur RoIbi'u t..wriw-.. ...u.J tho, prq«1 ","'M tht' fin,t utlb lmJ Ul N.. ... them "I~ 0lrbIrud•.·,j by th.. h"i.ot".J MlIu..try .,j r1N.1th, W "'Jwppe.J b,.

cattle breeders Ilw l::nu.- ollw (..U.:.J on dbtnct -'" YIU.a~ t....b Iu "''Iblltt' f.umt.:n. qo. quad. h.w.~ "'" .... ...11.,. "''IbUn' thal.;.llUe it"-,,-,,JI.·no oU1! reffi""tno'd hum "'...:hnS tht,u he.-<h mh) fumt.n.h Ilwl

n':.''t~~r~tJbn:l-'ft ronlnbul..


t...v1o ~te (~ ...'flIIl1t'J11 ,",w.rt"'W.t3ol) wid lilt' 111.1--. 1'1", Iu fUlihn ...UJduwt .. dl..". 10 curb the 1N.'I"IiII.... 01 tubn· culo.b. wtu...-h Will> s till pr('v.lenl III 3l)rI1t' de\'cloplllg (Vwnne.. IndUd~ N igend Ik tNt M ...tmvw.tnollOO would "" \"*'1)" wllh Il\Ill."I1\.IbonoIJ ~· oe.. and udwr Improvmg the wdlbclnlS 01 reNdmt\l" th.. 1>Ci\k.

'fhco gOlietnOf wgar~ aI waft oI 10H to <'NoW't' 1I'" "''l.II''e Il\iIr\Itgement of Ihe luber· rub.b \'ft\~ ..-..J IQ Letp lhr: ~It.;al bdy III .11 lima. ._ ..~ Th.. t.hnl~lt'r of ~.lth , Q(~~hl QuLw,,- ~I..ct by Dr l~ )'"


.t ~t'\-'t.'f\1

,.-....I !iwWori,J 11t.ut.~

III Ib 2012 ...,-1 ~

Om, Tulx-

led ~ l,"91 M~II.



Nlg ... riol ""n ....lly

'Ban importation of second hand tyres'

h. Ul<" ~kwl oIfld ...'Un..lf\lK do.."IIeit)pmen1 01 the .. 1...1 l>ul ..... h i;rt:alP nt'\.-d.. tu ltvt' Ul Nmlt)f1\l ..-..J ,",uiJ .....y .. ~ IIu.. yt:oU." ~..uJ to ...... ..-..t tIw UIo.l..&WUn 1I>.,;..tJJ \.W\ peupk Ul II ... t'IIlll.l.. 10 be Pl.-II' ...10 W\."Wlty I»UD 1I00.i ~....lIr ~ .....~ loul. on !>tnUlKCD ... UVllll<llh..o~


Church holds convention

By Emmanuel Olade.u

TIIE_ b .. rgrt"O'll t hn~lloJ" ("ur~h 01 (. .... 1 Z2.S. ll.uroJu RoaJ. thvuloru. I ....",. ""IU ,... J..ot>r-..... her lIurJ ,\.W\\'''''Illtun Irum "iOYemb..t <j lu "unJ.Jy, ""-'H'fJlm II WIU' (EeU";),



-.J~lmnK ~.trrUJld.

Mhmk.,jb)' PoblOl' f"tullip 8.Ib.IuI.t. thr~ ht.-rd lit Ult' dlurch. l'oJl>l'" Lkil Thomp:.tlll ul I.!Hng W.I ...on Ulilinul •..J. Anlhorw_ I..tRo.b ",111 1TW\bk'l".,. (;uoI ~.I thr l'\CI\I p.,.,... Ibomf'l'Ul\. ,,"" b .d.J. o.,p....l<ll Ad" \-bod I" Uk' "n.~.knl. (~J..IIl .~~.UIllO ut Nigen.l It ANI. 1''''''lor Ayu Urlllol'J<llor, Hill' IIrmo.....t Iht.- p~r"lIInlll' 10 1,.. Noll..,. ..... ) lug ~ wuulJ be !hrre 10 pr..... I. n....,.,.l!I: .. ,>I


II.... pr.'l'tr.mlTlll' 1Lt1......t 1,'1 /\'"\,,mbo-I"" k.

1'I.i." . . "'I ...·f ''' .... 11\ IIU



• From ri~ht; Th .. Ac!irtl Uni! Comm.nde., Ft"du.lJ Ro..d_S.Iety COmmlQlon, Ot., Mr B~hiru Adt'y .. ml; ch.tnn.,n fll, Nrw Kom TRiru .rtd T,p~r O"'nt'n; A»OCI.,lion. MI AI.,o't"f; Cholinn.rt oe lhe .....od .. lion. M.)d owu Ad .. n iji; 'Iud of Admlnt5I.-.lion trRSO. 01.,

M. Godffre) O l"b" and "Ice chairm.rt t21 , 1I<1r AkHn Jlmoh .nd M n; T.iwo 8co110

1.011,· m)' I-'rlt' '''' lher !t1..... ll.l~1 nr~s. .... >J ... ,,..It~ I .. l>UI poIrty. tI ... A.It ..n l"uo &Ina. ••1 !'>.IIK,·r"l (Al Nt .nJ w .... Ihe ..1 .... 1.-.1 r, Ir.ot.'I.I"II~"", ,'Ilhe prop\" (olfl ...,Iy rew .. rd II

1..,.1 ,

u F""'f"




1<1 b

dOH I..


Church harvest ~I h .. )

"_I' l.lthubo. <"hurch, twwo. ''''l)f'uJu ht"id Ih .l1nUII) h.nI ..,,1 .nd btl".'" rl"Kr.mmr 1hr tun .... t I.U......t - llarve.;1 01 1.>1"Ult' V'''I Lslk .... - "'''''' mUlnJ wllh pump 1t.r ~-."'f\1 wall rell\&U\ ill ~..bko orw m In.. nunJ ....1 tIw fJ">PLr fIX .-..umriune h) ... .xnc.rho.- hoir., ..... t UlllU1UtI ...~ heolded by 11.1 ..... Rlt.a II1.oh w .. r ... e<J hrd~~ly 10 1l'IiIJ,.~ Ihe "" .... nl ·.l.lnJ ,,,,I II ... UlIRlqllll~ pUI • prol.,..Oft;I) toudt Il. Itw pn.I.I,ntl: "I rr~r.n"n.. ..nJ tw..z...r wi..,.. lhe- b .... hur .. lunlolU"-"'.l "·...tu.;.tu,, .. .tnJ Lnl",· 11\<111\" .f11o-I..., lor 'foul"=-.mJ ..Jull$" r1k" lI.tll..hkl" ......I 1.1\:0 dubio wher .. ~up­ l-'Ufkl~ "' ...·1 .. m.tJe hlWppurl UlII1r .Iub!. wuh Un&.>1b .Imounl ullllOl"lC"Y I>PkrtJ up the oml 0\1 Ihe: .• 11 lIt:ml> brought lor wi ...... wrr....11 t"''lIghl. CUo.Ilt....t food. iuch illi uKb. M'i-'&"f l>U\.Ip, IOUoI /frw...t n ...: WIUI cill\l:"n

o\11'k.-.n !ool.I..J With .1u..UI!oh wut! all t1lt'1"1: MI!t O"'uh. Ih.lnI.....J th... PoIIlI>h Pnbl. ~ ho\ugU!tulll" M...'lioll)"l.'du, hll> lV-prk'S1. R.!Y h luul~ AIUlS". CI"C lMllmolI"l. t.k AUglobl' ;)'11' !'I;km·A",wm NWiIlgwu .nJ IlII the pol'

fl,tll"n .. r .. Itll Ihell .. upport m m .. l.mlS th ..

~,I."'U1g \.W\ the ...... r ...non). PAl'" 8.t.b.tluI.t ~ 1t"'1 Uk ~'t' uf U..... ulO\MbUn I!t I.) tV-.. rtlv G.Jd f..)r HI!t unllln(hlllg gr.... e OVl'"r thr ..:hunil;tnd t.....r ~ III tilt' f'.bI ttm.-.:).-w.... .ddmg thaI rt-.emhton. .tnd guot.. would b.. k....t


~ge.. 01 "",)".11011 .1 1M Ih.-.....,·,loI~


Lawmaker builds markets Br "u •• Odo,hlmokh.


I 111'1"

dlollrl"l"W"l .,j Iht' ;b;oOlWUOI1. Mr Id ..... "

III ~It ~h n,I M1d 1lWIllk'Nno... of It ... . .... ft.J tht' tfi'\J...-tlt <Il"D.i.'Ill g, •· ...htnS Ul<" tiN""'" •• ' It.... 1.....1.

IAN'" h.H' bt.-yn ... onc:lu..! .. J by Ih.. II,........ ul ikplneflL;Ui"Q Jno!mber" k"prlL"M'rtlmg Ef'" Fedu.lll'n.. lIlllen.-y. 11"" L.,anr.. Mui..J,ll .. Odubvt.. , III unfold em· I"".- .. Ifll ...·nl ",n,j pU\"l~rl\' .. 1I~\'I"llOn rr",,""'lJ>b ",r II .. I"'-...... pl.. in Ih•.• '-OI""lllu



Ao.lo!rup3oUd tl1t' I ... t.tk1l1J~llh With .an)' ul theu mrmbtr.. \'Iou",J lfor IUoId ruI.-.. .nJ. n.~w..t.n.. A..teru, fu!her Wid "thr --......1IOn hoi.. U1m· priblthe dmt'D un..t..r the w,1hnolI.a 01 tht' ..'>'JOoIu.:.1 to.-mb.u-'" \.W\ ani} unr tnp f"'I"..itI~ ....

Poverty alleviation programme for constituents

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Emir warns farmers, cattle breeders

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