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Airlines Cancel Flight Over Aviation Fuel Scarcity iI"

Il'iIvelkrs ~rc;1I Jlrolndal ~t various ~irporu across the na l lon, owing to scucity of ~mUon fu~l. otherwise known ~$ lET AI The sarclty bK~Jn~ notke~ble Frid.y lui Yottk.and hu continued un· 1...J\1NDREDSo(


~tNttd The sltu~uon nlddr It Impossible for ~lrllnH to let the commodity on

time <lnd when theytvtntwllydld, It ~



Scores Stranded Y~t~rd<ly,

<It the two dOf1l(j:(lc air· port t~nnhuls.p..ssengm hold.a hec· tic llm~ g~tdng Righu 01.11 of I,.;tgos .and Into l.Igos. foUny flighu were c.ancelled, Ing to alrllnH doing comblntd tlighu tocwhklfl coslof opmItkm$..

The Muru4 Mutwnllntd Airport l:{MMAl) wu rowdy. .as travellers sought to know whkh .aIrline wu






Acoupl~could not tr.tvel to JC.Jdun~ u their Arill: night Will! ancrlltd. Itft with no choler IXII fly to AbuJa .md complete the fo\Imty by rolod. Speaking to 11t~ GUdrdl.. n~lrrday. the Assistant st:crn~ry Ge nel'ill


of AlriineOptt;JtonoiNlgnw {AON). Muhilmmtd Tukur.linktd problem to shorugeor JET AI ilnd hlgn COSt of tile commodtf)t l\Jl!:ur noted lhilt the problt:m!TUflo t(Hled LUI week Fr1<by, Itilding to

rcschtdullng or flightS ~nd In wonl· use SCtl\.lrl os.uocelladon ofHighu. The iIIirllnr scribe hownn dKritd the ;utronomlc.. llncru~t of JET AI. describing II as ~ry CJ:pt'rulve (or



For ~ thcre seems to be no control over Ihe sp'r.tUng cost o f lhe commodlty.;u II contlnuts to rise.1most on .. monthly ~sls beciluse of dcngul.~llon In tM ilNtloR (ud IndUSl~

CurTl:mly. ilVinlon rud se:11J be(WffO Nlll ilnd N186 PCI' lIut:, d~

Controversy Trails PDP Ward Congress Fr.- u.zo- Nalpu,1MiIa

'T1tE PeoplH DemocTollic P,my l ( POP)wud conlrrss In Arumbra St1tr~rnbyQmeundacrilk:Hm

Wlth.a fKtton of thep.lnyded.ning theu.« 1II~~lily. The ch.alllT\.ln ofille w.atd congrns in thr Slate, SeNtor T...-\ Adudu, who led fouroth« mrmbers of the com· mitter to conduct lheex~rclse<lt Cosmil. UOld. ....wla.S<lld the uercb~ Is to th~ n<ltion~1 conven· tionol th~ poIrty.and urged mcmbtrs

NAMBRA bury th~lr dJffer~ncH <lnd work tow;mls .Khlmng succm Thr motion lJ) hold the congrrss movttl by lion. Vincent Obfot .nd seconded by lion. G.1brid On~nwtrr, who r~presenls ....y<lmdum consti lu~IICY In th~ I louse of t\sSC'mbl~ They nottd th~ (.etion r«og. nlsnJ by thr body of ,thr p.1rty is thr Benil Udrolor J.aetlon, (0

Solytng thry .alrr.ady tuve fonns for uk.and bu)'\ng. Hown'rt, unioNl p;tnyctwillT\.ln, Chl~f K~nnelh Em~.abyt, Ius declued I,hr .act,i on ~ nullfty. ~rzulnR tholl nothing Is twpprnlng In .anyol the wuds in the st.alr Spe~kJng 10 Thl' Gu~ ,df~n on t~le­ phon~ ~sl~rd~y. Em~~uyt wid: Anycongrrn to ~1K1 <lnotherset of uccutlve commlu", m~mlxrs of the ror in Anambra wh~n the I~nure of.a Si lting commltter In.augural~

on Octobrr lS, 1010 nOi r.JIplr~ IJ In contrmpl of the ludsmrnl oflhecoun In suil No UIi /4l/l0l0· H~ uld: Ihe coon ludgment decL.t r~ Ih.allhr ucculi~decl~ .and In.1lugurattd In Octotxr 2010 would be In office forfour run. their ~c­ lion is not only <I nuDiIy. but <In 11I~ pllty .nd .In .1I,ffronl to the entire Judici;tl sysl~m In Nlgrrl..." AS~t lh~ linN! of filling this repon. JWony members werr rel>otting to their vulous w.1lrds In pr~JWo'<ltlon for the congress.

Gwale, Kombocso Communities Articu late Needs In 2012 Budget



\....Kombouoknf councils In K.1Ino Sal~ round opportunity

reuntly to motke Input Inlo Ihr SUtr'S lOll budg&. AI. .a town ha.1I merling. fiKilitatrd by thr Rrsourt~ Ccnm for H"unwn R1ghu.and Ovk: Educ~Oon



rn.ade th~lr dellWonds known lOthr k.lnoSate ~of Assembly. Dr. Motwmmed Molruur Idris ollhe mem or Economics ~I the ~U~~Slklll

Is Import.1nt fOr peopko to hiM! iM&r Int~~ ~nd conemu lnc::h,Kkd in thr budga. "which Is the most imporunt lruuumenl in thr reduction ol ~ uld the Iirw:'oproml or socio«ooomk: infra-


structu~' II~




exdudrsthrlntrmu.mdconcrms or the oeook. ~ communjti~ Itsttd as nftd! mrd.6a1 CUt, rtNds ~nd IlWor·


Nigeria-Indian Team Rescue 80 With Eye Disorders

NDLEA Im pounds 4GI.IGkgOr Marijuana


."..EOgllll St.alr Co mm~nd 1 of the NatiolWol Drug l.Iw


.... Pd.OItIws.... BenObl_ ..... .,..~"""'SIt",.o,ubus.INnewi_\'aTW ...'

Discontinuity In Agric Initiatives To Blame For Hunger In Africa says Obasanjo r,.. a.t. CItIiI Gyt.,ft, of.IItoIumt

The prugr.lml"lle, hekl.a' the OIUKgUn rt'!sklent OIusqun Ob.asanjo Pm:kkntLIIl Ubracy (00f't) rOb.lSilnjo)'rSCffd.~y kkntlfird laCkof wis OIFnlktl bytheQnu-e rorllwrwn rontinultyol ~tuicul 'ulOll progr.unm~ ""'ril)'(0<5, by succmtve Armn Accorthng to Oi)oU;lnjo, "If ~ U~ not mponSlble ror h.Ulger 011 lhe contI- doing well In Icchnologr,.and indus tria, If we Glnooc go 10 I Ie moon, we Obu~nfo. whoSfM>ke in Abtokuy:. mWI be .al* to rerd our'WtYeS .as L.tll~mtd ttWol de~r itr lu rmlle bod Ahbns." ~nd rich Il~SOUln5, 1 ;.0 mllllonlJricans To buttras his poilU, C>b.asanto !-e<I~undmKl'll~ (oIn~ Uwl,u miliuryllrad ofSQI~, his I", ~e.1l&:.a FonIOI on "Ifdt Prxr1af .dmlnistr.ldon IntrOduced the Oprr.a. In RJ'fIen'18 fOOd ~f.'CUnty III A!1lGl" lion fftd thr N.a00n (OFN) ~h



ruc:cess story•••"Bul when Illy WCUSSOl" Seam~ Prot. Akin t.Ubogun;C-, QId"1t Glme In, 1Jl5(~iKI of continuing with th~ Is ~ notorIoUs (Kl !hoI1 as rcc~lIt1y u prog:r.ammr, he Introduced ~ l'reskSm- 1010, the conlinent SJXnt ~Imost S26b tbl Forcr, not for food p.-oductlon on food Imports. Sui).5; I'\frk~n but for food ImpocUtkMt." counlrirs, for Insun«, Imponrd <IS ObiuoInio told Ihe <ludlel"lCe how ~ much.lS lS mUllon tons of crruls,ln· mrmbtrol th~ saldT.lsk fofn .arr.1IlJtt<i eludin8 wh,;n Itrccdwns rood Hi from wllh.n t\merlan comp;tny 10 InlGte tlrw:klPtd countries of the world COlt of 5Om~ qu,mtltks or ricr 10 thr Notwlduundlng. t.he numberof chronlUot of Ssm, saying. -rhial Is how our tally und~moumhed people on the continenl Is said 10 Iww rism from m tuller, In hls..addrm. the Ow:lmwn of million 1111990-91 to some lSO million thl" Citr¥mllng !Ioitrd of Crntu lor Food bylO10:


EnforcememAgr:ncy(NDlEAI h.1Is Impounded 47 bigs 0 nwrijWfWo, W!'igning 46u6kg.concu!td In~ whi[~ lbhu truck l\lth tq!:1str.ltiOll number XC 6S9 KWL .... 40.~.1Ir~ dnver of the truck. Onyeknk Mondoly. ~ ~Iso oIrrested In conn«uon with the drugs.. In AbrobJ~ ~ doIy night follO'A1ng.a by mftnbers of 1M publk.ln 01 SUlrmem issued by the ru"'k Rd.Jllons OfflttfOl thr .agrncy. Mr. Squn foI.los:o. the SUte Comnwnder of thr Aslrney. t\lh~II Motwmm~ Motummrd, ....-hosPOke dur 1118 otlkYd oflhe eXhlbll <lnd twrack of the suspra ~t NDlEA Stilte lhiln liousing Esut~, VI· pbined the .arrrs:t illld seizure wn OloId~ posslblr dlK 10 Intrlllgence gilthering by thr comnwnd.. Hr Slid Iflilt the consign~nt w~s he..ading for Oyo SLlt~, Ixfor~ Jt wu Intercept~. Th~ COIllnw.nd~r ~p~~I~ fo r public SUPJ)Ort In the c.amp;tlgn ~8ilrnsl oKltvitics of crimlrwls. -GRENGA .... KlNf"£NWA