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1HE GUARDIAN. Utursda)\ JUly 21. 2011

Landmark varsity will focus on agriculture, }'ear. ~id Ihe $<.:hool has com.. ~ e nced;t Strong collabora.. (Ion with some loe.. 1 f;lnners In Omu Ara~ In an effort aimed at lII<1klT\g sllch fann.. ers to develop from subsis.. tence level to l.ugeSCil le f~ml" Ing.Besides, thcsdannersare l!XJ)«ted to sro~ as a model to others til the country. AlreAdy, the university, premised o ~ agriculture has opened up Its man~tory 50 acres of demonstration fann 10lhe loc.llfanner.;;tSAneJlthi.. bltion and supply them trac10rs and other modem fAnn 10015 OIl affordable pricr'S. lite Naliona l Universities ~ommlsslon (NUC) as p;!n. of IlS requlremront for accredltA.. tion of agriculture faculty of a~y Nlger1an UnMJsittt;s ha~ stipulated that SUdl UIll\Trsl.. Iy must hA\'e.n least SO acres of land for teaching their~.. dents practical aspect of agoculture. At present the instirudon

Flam Ablachm Fnchnni. Inri" lA JORRIED by conLinuous VV decllne In the interest of many Nigcri~ns e mbraclng farmlnJl: as a profession, .1 uthonties of the newly established landmark University Omu Ma n in Irepodun local Gowommcnt Are.1 ofKw.1r.1 St.Jlro haveco nlo menctd moves to renew the interests towa rds maldngthe Ntion a food baskrol of /\frio. According to t he Vice Chanoello r of Ihe unh'trsl~ rro[ Mauhew OIA.Roliml Ajal1 at a press briefing held ~t t Ie CAmpus, jf nothing tan.. glille lVas done to reorientale Nigerians on Import~nce of IAmllng to human devt"lopment, the present generation of fanners may be the laS{ In the COUIllf)t Ajayi while disclosing to reporters some of the achle\'tments of the Institulion, which commenced its activities o n March 21 this

hAScom pitted Its first semesler CX<Iminarions In its uiS{· lng lh~ facilities. These a~. Colleges . of Business .. nd Soclar Sciences, ilgricultur.J1 Sdence and Engineerin g. Besides, the school will recel\'t Its second set of stu .. dents In Novrmbl-r this yt'ar wlth.1n extension of its disciplinros 10 such ;treas .1S M"rketing and Human Reso~rces, .md Industri.11 Relations. According 10 the Vice Chancellor, ·our univt'rsity Is designi ng a module for eJlttenston programme for the loeal community, I mean our hOSL We had visited Qlomu of Omu Aran (Oba Chiules Ibltoye) and the en ~re Olomu III Council telh ng them of our Intention to CJltlend om facilities to the local fa nners in the to\\l1. we: lVant 10 boost thro food SliPply here and allow othtrs to e mulate us.



VIoIOIIne.IIIf.~u.w-IIty. "'Dr!.bll... ~(..,..)obtrclhebrit"""~Ns04fict

How to reduce unemployment among varsity graduates, by Umo CONllNUED FROM PAGE 37

lAJHAT is the di.stlnction YV and relationship betw~n untmpioyment and unemployability: Tec!ln lca lly, u-:,em ploy" me n t III econom ics deals with the people who Are \vill .. Ing and able to work but cannot rind jobs. Althoug h, some lViII seck it for a long time and tht n, d ro p Out oT tlte labour lIl.ukel o r labour force. Unemployab ility deals wit h the ra n that o ne Is found unnt to work even th ough tltrore ,u e dis· plaYAble qualifications, In terms of technical skills,

communlcalion skills ,lIld even behaviou ral s kills needed til wo rk place. In other wo rds, the certili .. cates CAnnot be ddended by tht owntr. Unemployability alune is actually a big problem. It worsens unemployme nl bccAu~e naturally, one would ha\'e thought that If }'fIU hayt qualifkatlonsand there are jobs, you should move Into these jobs. But h ro re, IVro havt people com .. Ing out of schools with (IUalificati o ns , Including high schoolleavers with no teCh nical elhlcs_The~ is a

ch~i n reanlon ~nd t he prot>. le m is ci rcular. In your analysi.s. how Is that il problem In Nlgerla7 It Is becoming Intuaslngly A seri ous crisis btCOluse unem plOYAbility worsens the probltm of unemployment. If aile is found unemplOYA ble, it implies that tht person will SlilY for a long limt in un ro mploymtn l pool. And this is WhAI has ~en h~ppenlng for a long tlnte. logically, in 2005, the Nationa l Bureau of StAtisl iCS (NBS), revealed that unem .. ployment rate is ;about 12

percent which has been updated to 19 percent. Whron categori zed into segmt n t .. the yout hs, the aging among others. along t he tduCOltion .. allC1o'el, unemploymt nt COIle ha s bee n different. Unem ployment Jate sounds ve ry ilbstract and concepluil l because II dOr"sn'[ quite make sense to t he polic)' make rs, as lht}' don't ha ~'t' the feel of what the prob .. lems look IIkro. As an expert In thro fit ld, I feel that the dat~ tha t can make sense to polley makers would be tht ones collated from Imferent Ministries

With a heavy heart & gratitude to Almighty Allah for an exemplary life well spent, we announce the passing away of our dearly beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister, mother-in-law, friend, (onfidant &(are giver who passed away on Saturday t lth of June 20t 1at the age of 70 and has since been buried according to Islamic rites. 8th day fidau prayers took pla(e on June 18th 2011 at her residence in lagos

AGED 70 YEARS (A.k.a. Iya lie Gate) SHE'S SURVIVED BV:

Mr. lubril Sidick .. Hu sba nd Mrs. O!ayinka Oshutlloye Mrs. Olabisi Ganiyu Mrs. Rasnida l Aberejo

Mr. Olusegun Sitlick Lt . Col. T.T. Sidick Mr. Abayomi Sidick

Siste r, Grandchild ren, In-laws & Well wishers

FINA.!. ~U~Al RIlE & ENTERTAINMENT:_ _ _ _./ DATE: Saturday July llrd, 2011 VENUE: Triumph Academy.Opposite l agos State Water (orporation, off Agodo Market, Cele 8\Stop, Ikol un .. Egbe l agos State TIME :


(No Nigh t Party Please)


fo r the

call ed Adminis trative Data examination across tlte fed· and calculAted by th e ention and wltron you add Federill Ministry of ul? that to .1bout 600,000 Educatio n. This Is a more Nigerians thAI grildu~le realistic dilla ilnd if you lake from the tertiary, plus or a look ill it, we can say minus, you will have about a lmost authoritatively thai 4.5millio n, This has a lso been connrmed by tlt ro study ~ .5 million Nigerians e nter the la bour Force from tht Wt d id for Na tiona l Youth school system every year. Employme nl Anion rl,JIl From Primaryschoof,you {NYEM'} some yea r hack.' don't ha yt less Ihan 2 mil .. Summaril )" yea rl y, 4.5 mil .. llon: Secondary school, less Ilon l>eog'e enter the lAbour than I.Smillion. An ex~m:r.l' ma rke t. ut of Ihis, Ih ro econ· IS Ihro just conclu cd omy, consecutively, settles to Unified Trortlary abso rb just .lboUI 10 per cent, whICh is about 4S0,000 Matrlcul~ll o n Eumlnation (UT,ME). About the men· thousa nd. In fACt, when we tioned numbe r sat for t his eU lmated th e number of


Landmark varsity will focus on agriculture, says VC

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