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lHE GUARIlIAN, Monda~ ApriI30, 20Il

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now is not lust the dram.' but

Azazi, PDP spat shows govt's cluelessness, says ACN D)R the!' Acdon Q n.grl!S5 of C Nlgeria (ACN). t It" public

(,'leNlff br:tWren tt e National Security AdviSt'r Gen. An· drN' AuZI. and the Peoples Ikmocrallt: PMty ('01') (M'r the reill ca IR of

lhe Bolla H.-uam c isis Is an

indiGllkm of th" cluelessness of mr mlcr.1 C.ovt'mmenL Besides. lhe nillio ,ill leader of ACN.AsIWiJju Boa-nnubu, has said thai .my t.llk of .I lrdmform.llion ;t ;tnda in tht face of lhe ur-settled 15sues of conuptlol' and Insrrunty is bound to III! Exchanging \'le¥io; \Yuh lot S!: .. fford, oul1!.oIrg, Unltt'<1 SWts (U~) (ons il-Ge:nt~1 In Llgos. who p. Id him 01 fdmvel! visit. n mbu declared: ~ twin pl'obltms of corruption ;lnd fnS«1Jrity undermllte ilny .lttempt or ffilnsformation .is touted by tht gOftmlTlt'nt. A lot of things iI~ gOblg 't Tong. Our ship is dnfting oll"d the pe0ple in power iH"t I~l pily!ng enough attenOon lie said the grt It('Sl (h.allenge to NIgt"ri.1 s set"umy dod 10 Invr:stmeJ'LS was the Bow HdliJm brut He urged Ihegovemmcnt tl.t..lckle the BokoHdrdmdldll'nge In .I Sl.J~(IlfiItl1iUed in I...Jgos yeItl!!rtUy by I s Nilliolldl l'ubllcity Sttl't'tilr,~Alhiljll...Jl Mohammed. the "CN said thdt tile sh.lme t rough! on Nigeria by the puilic Spdl beI~n Azil.ZI.Jrid I Ie POPWilS

-not ~ much 111 theconlenLS of Ihelr Slillemelll:S, dISHlgenuous as they nwy seem, bul In the ract thill .I ruling party dnd a lOll polhk',1lilppolnlee of the centr.ll government it controls cO\llo be so ilnd uncoulh ~ril sefiOllS ndtJonal .security 15-



It added:'~ have saki II sev-


Wt ttte PDP and the government ItcontroLsac the cenu~ .Ill!' clueless. confUSf'd dnd lotally. inCil~ble of rlllHlng the ~ffaln oTthls nduon_ Is there any beUt'1 evidenC!! of Ihls clue1~fl6S L!ldn whal Nigerians d~ wlln6Sing now? Pit dot'S nOi mallei how muth Ihe !'resIdent trll!S to eng.Jge In tLtnwge conuol over the stalement CRdited to his NSA. or the evtr-so knl'o..'-Ierk and p(l9rlylhought-oul Il!'action of the sinking be:hemOlh call~ the PDP We reality is thai the NSI.'s shocking comments r-efiert the thinking In the hlgh~1 echelon of lhe fon.nhan ~mlnlstr.1tJonJ. th.u the crook~ politics 01 thl' POP Is behind lhe Boko Har.JOl crisis, dnd that it has esCdlated because a son of thl'South-Somh 15 slnlng In

""''''''~ 'V'llh thiS oedestrian dnaty-


sis the crisis that predates the /onalhdn ~minlsu-'llion Hat'ilnl ledder was killed extra-judicially during lhe Yar'Mua yeus, triggerIn/;! .I ....-ilve of


fact i§ In tht" sharing of lht" spoils of offict" and looting of lht" commo nW!'illlh. Aftt!

revenge dlLlCks Ihal haVi!' nowtsGJ"'t~), Is It ;lOywondenNI the PDP Fedelill G0vernment has been shooting trying to lKldc thecrlsiS1G1n a dISe~se Wt can't becornctlydlagn~ be IJIMIdged or

gorgtng It:sel[ the pa~wilh (he lauered umbrl!lIa as iI symbol then engages In



Actordlng 10 the p.1rty. with the PDP aM the government It conuols pulling In dlfTuent dlrectJoru, there Is little or no wrprise.iS !p why the welfare and securtty of Nlgenans have been pushed to the back·burner as k~ pia)': ers of the ru ling .Ili1rty arid Itte Jonathan administration ·opt to dance naked In the pu"hlk sqU.lf~_· '1he only uea the PDP and the govern ment see IiIce-fO.

chtst-beatlngas the only tru-

ly democraric party in the "Pray. of what use Is iI pa-:t)' thatmols i~r illwaysm tht" but has brought nothing bUi shame and dis. ~ce on a nation ami inflicted pain. hunger and bibliuJ suffering on iI people7 Now that it is dear to an that the PDP and its Froeral Government have no due to tht" su~rlal:iw


Il.1nm crisIS, an ~ honestly expect a resolution of the Crisis soon7 May God


help Nigeria." "CN saki.

Govs' bid to settle Okorocha, O~i rift fails joined Itte gcM'mon In 1M

From l.afrn:e Hjaku, Erugu A Neffon byga.'tmot"Softhe f'"lSoulh·East zone 10 settle the festmng rift betweenAbQ SGue'~ TbeOi::loll!' 0r11 and his Imocounterpart.,Roch.iS~ fJeroo a set-b.Kk ~

tudayas Okoroclli; shunnnl a pLlmied meeting to discuss t~d~iopmenL

For over lhrrc hours, from lOO P:Jll:.. the governors who

inchKkd Orjl, Sullivan Chime

(Enugu). Obl\ANmbr.l) and M.lltln ElecIl (Ebony!). Wdlted .11Government Hoose, Enu~. without Okorochil. MuCh 1ater when his Deput); M.JnIn Agbaso. amved anQ


mertlng. M merely WilS gki to haW' announced the in-

ability of his principal to



~~r Jefidlmost

Imfficdlatcly dnd the foor governors had to d lSCllSS 0ther ma.uers affecting the R-


1beGwrdiilngalhered thai the dls.Jgnement ~n them mfght IlOl be unconnected witil Ihe ~bhc ridkule OfJi faced r-ecmtJy In Ab.l during a service in liOnourofthe Jdu: DlmChukwuemeb Odu~ukwu where he WilS said to h3Ye been booed by lhe gathering and Okoroclla applauded

"'i' ",d o«u.«d



tlon led by ddeated-APC".A comdlda~ in the 2011 elettion, ~n ufomba and others as being I"l!Sponslble. HCPWeYU, abOul four hours of meeting. whkh ended .It about 5-10 p,m.. the chairman of the forum of Soutil-E.Ht governors. Obi, told anxious repol1ers that we only discussed scwril} bsues as It affects lherone il ud security wues are noc. meant 10 be discussed publidy.-




a detennlned dfon 10 Ieach the f(I()( of the ma.tter, 10 6pose .III those 11WO~ II- the )'I!<ITSofroL101 allegal thai President Goodluck JorYtIwl ~nd the Peoples Democr.llk r.1l)'(PDPl ~ shielding Ihe MIlllster of Pw'Oll!lIm Resources. Diez,lnl Allison-Maduekr WIth hfi" tealll In the Nigerian Niltlon.1lpwt)le:um Corporalion (NNPC)_ "We all' concei"ned tholt those: oil the helm of altunstillaClas~ cows. AlILSon-M.KIueke. with her leam in NNPC.. who presided ovet' Ihe acuVloes of the lodusuy while lhe rot Iaseed, is sull diidded by the president dnd the People's Democratic Paftl' It is the same attitude that m.untains some SitC:Il'd cows thai ignores some fundamenYi ~uestionS: Who al'!: these:b6te:f"KiarieslhdtNve turned OUI tobepapercompa' rues collecting billions of Nalfil dS su~klles wtthout actually lroponing fuel to the counoy~ We wanlto knowon what bOIsls they serum:! the licences uK! dUthorisatkmSdnd aned aWdf tht! people's commonwealth. Aa-ordlng to, there is wides~.Jd belief that the firms use;t tht! money for the IasI: ampaign season, dod

dnd I\IDiCUIwre..AlI that was Itfl In thoefr wake was empty ~ W)t phdr.ohnic fraud' aoo gal g;tntWin indebtedness in ihro Whc*ortheSoulh WesL - Except for Lilgos that beGme Itte beacon of nope with meteoric progressive drMlopmenl in the las! nyoearsof eMllln rule, the. presenl nadir 10 which th1: South 'Nest had hem plunged was pll"Clsely under the watch of t:he:5e poIltlGltI 'Il1dinsuumm', stripping bOIll' of .JJl tn" lences false claim ~I ~Ivt politics was de:ui-



well being of our poht}t 10 further confinn the Judi.:rousness of lhls claun, then: Is Indepelldt'ntiy vertfiable evid.!OCe that the gokIe:n '!'UIS of IUOWth and dnoeiopmenl 00 The conrrary wn"f: the yean: IN: prrgressives were In dla.rge of the South Wt5l-I952 - 59; 1979III ~nd 1999 2003." The pany noted WIth disgust that -Every ume dn)'thlng gOod CDnlIeS coIIecuvely to the: SOuth ~ b)' the: sheer runt of WI"

_. ....... ,



forttS within a~ al~ availdblt to be used by external forces detennined to amst de~Iopmenl In Coosequmtly. lhe febnle e:lTons by ttwO PDP reactionaries who .Ire hell-bern on dtslUrtJingthe rur~I peace ,md tr.lrlquillityWI $OTMofthe:scpa~rcompanjts is being en~ In the: South IoYere conduiLS 10 funnel funds Wesc Is ~lded omdill sleight of hand from I Centre ana is ~1I~luse.the~~~ .J.Irned .It dinlilCllng the Ie~ Icoows about this dod when he of ~me:nllnWestem Nigeknew It. This is flO( .I mallrr he rid dnd thus undermlnt lheir

This ~~Iy~~r;:t

ership and so f~ his party not been held toacmunl on 1M role of the soaIled subsidy bene:ficLar1cs in the POP campaigns in 20U presidential Glfllo palgr~s;

On tht Insecurity In the COUlltty. Alwx\e said "we have Reeved the S;td news of the bombings .II TbisDay he» quarters In Abu;" ;lnd KadUfld and the avoidable loss of lives undencon' the: Increasing volatility or our counay md wlnera.btlity of dlh=s 10 ~t­ taCk. We condc.'mn unreservedly the prrpetrators of the violen~ and the Il1Imhants of death while we sympathlsr with the ramliles of the victims. ~ hel~ that lhe resolutJon of whiltt"m" the problem Is should not be by VIolence, but by 1l'0JS0Iled negotldllon, root· ed In IUSlke, equity and /".alr-


We ;lppedl to aU Nigenans to be vigll.Jnt and provide Infomld don on dny suspldous mo-menl In lhelr Vidnlty to the:


TheACN ~I\egftI plot bythow il descri~ dS ll'olCtionilrles to


ed drvrlopment In the rtgion. • ACN al!e8~ that "all JJl.Jnne:rof subtmuge and opportunistic methods are being employed 10 achle:Ye this singubtr Objectt.or of ~bilising the regiOn for purely part:lgn poIitial metiYt5 and alsoas acover-upof the Fraud dod perpe:lfiI[~ bythelrdis ~ts and this is most tvidmt currenl developmena In Osun, Ogun and Ekltl stones. but ilbo bang promoted in other pins of the region.The ACN cautiont!d the ubour Polity (LP) In OndoState against vkIIe:naln theSldte,1hudoi the OCtober 20 ~Ip eleclions. -f'oIitlal Glmpaigru art ritlJdls of polllk:s and In ~ In the: VoOfId ,rt thty anonise:d dS nre:s 01 ~ WhIt the Labour Party under the leadership of O1usepm Mlmlko Iw done: In the fl!W months filS Inlo a historic uend of South West qulSlmg! who hilvr fal1e:noulof touch wilh tilt soul and sdnings fordec:ency In the:l;md: In ~ veiltd reference to • oo.ched memorial IecruI1! In honour or Adeba)O Adefaritl, iI fonnel' ~ of Dodo. Abode! said, ~ AprIl 20, !las come and gone. Let thb ~ th~ last. And Nlgeri.l should ~ put on notl~ til.J1 noamountol weaponry deployed ~nd thUl' get}' employed In Dodo WO!ili deter lIS (rom the or progress dnd cil.Jogr thorl WI: hiM embarked up!" In In-



undennlne: the: peace and SKUnty in the South Wtst.. The pilrtyQid: -Fore:ight yNrs. these rucdonary elemmtsOlherwlse known dS 'mai nstreafllo en hdd lhe South Weste.rn pm oIlh, rounoy by " " """,1M and juStified thdrlorclbletnt:ry Into our&~rnent houses by tile falsedalm thill joining t.hrtr pany In the emIR: is the most assui'1!d vrhklr: for deYdop- ll'ft'Slofthe~men! In our feIlIon. Alas. eight On illieg;tlion thill GoYemor yeandownthellne-2001-2011, R.lur Aregbe:soI.J of Osun was Ihe~nis~ofTlndnill­ 10 """" """"" do dices of dcvtlopment - mila- pio<tl", sai~ the ilCCUQUOIl ;u tIDstruCtUre, SKUrity. ed1JCil00n. founded dnd disturbing. HIt healthall'_ loounrtalls.nlon, upressed conndena In the employment gender eQlw.bty iead!'rship of AIl!'gbesoIL

Govt targets 4m bpd production capacity by 2020 BytltknAdlita It..T1GERlAlsasplringlogrow l .... lter crude: oil 1l'S!'rve5 to 40btInonbull'isalK!incre.ue production capaCity [0 four million barrels per day (bpd)

byM201·20n·I~·· of -roleum

till/I' I'll !1'!',lfl!1! r,r'~ll f/.{I

1111)1) r,

I / J / ' fill)' 111!'/'JfJl "dA



If.!!)!) L








soun:rs. [)ieunl AlisonMadueke. who disclosed this while deliveri ng a mmlOrla.1 Iecru~ on ~ StfilteglC 1m-

panance of NIgerw's Oil and Gas lndll5uytoGIobaISeamty dnd World Globa l Economy"dlltteHowardUnMf"slf): In \\'aShlngton DC. U01ted Slates .II the weekend. 5,1id Nigena a n slgnmCilntJyrontributetogiobaJolbupplyadditions and dtversific~tio"thereby illle:vl.Jling ttte challengt' of supply cOllcenlralion.

She also stilted tNI In tilt


(lNG)26MilltonTone:sPtrJ.n. num,(MTPA)CUffet1lGlJNCitJ with addltJonal 20 MIJ'A th rough the planned ~ ~. , . decLmd tb.a """ m n!S1n Nigeria's oIllndusuy h.Js tilt potential to al,leviate gloW! supply Issues if fully ~ oped.


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