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Cllrbing influx of substandard furniture in Nigeria By RoseIiIIt DkI", • ,d SWalmn SaI4u "J1-IERE is hardly 1II:ty family In Ni~ rich Of J.poor. tiY( IIoe$ 00l nrrd a pitcr of fumiru~ ThIS ntcrSSity couPl!d with the mm population of Nigma has etablished the hugr ~tnd.lls inhmn! in the furr,l turt Ind~ WhIdiu how. ~r, estimated It' lte com:rlbudng a slgnificam ~liIgelDthe:Aoss Domestk: l\-odua (GIX'~ It is nolo1 gains;a;ling thoIt good qualJ!)' fumiruR depmds on the n.,OU't of Wood LmW"e and technok'8tes adopted to ~ the piea. H~r, the quest for abrlonn.1I profit by somt furniture manufactum-:s [n Ni~ "I<l may ha~ taken [ts toll on the national«Dnom} d.Jtmthcquantumamounto( ~Iost l ow

n :'mordecon.

~ of the plDJUCU ~ ~I~ imported from the A'il.ln CtJllJllI1es, while other all! pr0duced In<otmtIy t ro !ackaf technical kfiow.

hoVoI ltchnoiogyBal'.rnd prolltemng.. .

Despite ~(.l1TIr>a.ign against substandard producu by some goo,eu1mmt agmdes such ~ the Stand,jrd Orgomis;ld Xl of NlJtI!rb (so.~~ the in8ux of these productS n the marKet has compounded the "'<ISle'ln the !ys:em.. IndustryeXjJnto.fl!gaIded them as wastedueto the possibilitld of t'.«ess1Ye somdIngon p1rticu-

lu furniture ~ a~ a ~[Orchanging die prro.

uafnQumd) in !u rdt rorqUilI[)t Irked by IhlS sl1u.u:lon. the Dtrect:or Gmeral SUlndartl (S()N~ ( Of. joseph Odumodu, has asked Nigenilfis to SUpp'lfl·thewaragainst prollferadon


p. ocutts in the counny. He said sum a m)\ e w.tS necess.uvIO Checkmale substdndwl products. which Is greatly Impacted 011 rflgt' Ii.--.n econom): Odumodu h'3Wt' 'l('r, unW'l!ed • frtsh strategy Lilr· geted .111 Mfl'Uin i the sale .nd pn:x1uction of unwholesom~ an ;ubstandMd products In the Afurniture show room 0{ sub$Qnddrd ~_rious

~~ti.Jlt1e,whICh IslOcomeintoelft'Ctln thfl"t momhstimewill mlicr the resttsrrationof all COI1o sum~ producu (Ql npuLsory Tor aU manufactur· ers.of consum~ I "dum befo~ such can be dlSo pla)'td on sheMS fo~ sale throU$OOUI the country. Also. hesa..d the IlIwlqiscraooo regime 01 coosumer produrts" ould cquallyln\oM the Launch of produa Identilkation mafks 00 aU produm under the GIli!gOI y,mder ~ey,: Sldtlng rhatany produa withOUI I'roper identification marks would notbeolUo ..,dtobesoldinthecountry. The SON boss d1;c osed that the Introduction or the authentDtiO:llnark will further help to ~m the dde of ~Ie cr ',ubstandard productS in the coun~ which. hi, Slid. the a~ncy has bet-n tack· ling since hcumo:'on bo.ud Heregmt~ n il abililyofNl£erians toimbibe: the Imper.Pj\'es a/lll cuituft' orstmdardlsation, which. he said ....'i'I~{N-bleo(soMnga myriad of problems bclngt'.:pmenccd in the counayat the I moment An expel In 1;1.1 nituR' maldng. Mr. Solomon EmW Mo.<ldiogbu1.1escribed ~ menace as(OI1o stiruting waste an:1 lling ~ fumituft' Ind ustr)!. NW<1dIO}:bu, • vf LO 15 the director, Emillnks Umlrtd,noced th;.t;I>llger1ans have 1000roocenrrauooonquaht):th~:byleadingtowasteOf money and i1SSOdal ~ efI, :s.


He, thefl'fo~~ the nmt for ~U1ne pas. sion and aealMly in the industry. -l'!opIe should stopsubstirudon and !mltadon. What I see In the markn Issubsr:irulionand anyanythlngimltation Is usuallyof poorquaU~· he gjd Heurgejfurnituft'makm lo ~passlon ror W bUstras and adopt quality malerials that wouJd~lyrt'd ucewute(p"hysic:::illandmon-

eta l)'~ whlcha~as:soci.ued withinreriorproduas:. Nwadiogbewhowaskeenaboutthe'KkkAgolIst Waste camJ»lgn', emphasised. "we hoiYe to smp ~ in this CDUnb)l wt ha\~ tosr:opselling dettit to ourselws. What wt Iwve In the market tOlb y ts lNIlufacru~rsfaJdngwood prodUCUthrough fil10 Ishing. They we wrong wood for wrong fumlru~ In other to fT1iIXimlse proHL But I belieW' people should focw moR'ondeJtvmngvalue kx-money." He hinged thequalirychallengeon pooroperating environmt"luIn NIgeria, poor technolog)t low humancapadt)lunfavorablego'o'Cllmentpoiloes and poor~rsupply

He. theiefOR', ~ the l'«Ieral Govm1mem to furthercreateaR,OOd operadngerlVlfonment that would buoyqualily pnXiuakJns.and Instill nea:ssary measures to comb,J[ subsw1daJd products In the seaor. Making. pollcyst;atement In fl'lanon 10themel1o ace of sulHtandard products In the coun~ the

Mlnister of~e and Imtitmem. DI: Olusegun Aganga said he has fl'Cdved a presidential mck·

Ing to ensure a drastic ratuction in the CUrmll level of substandard pn:x1um iO"OSS thecounuy befOfl' the end or 200. ~p thm:f~ said that his minisuy ....wkI intensIJy the fight against subsQndard produru across the coun~ in line with illii Industrial RevoIutkln Plan anill.oa.l Patronage InldatlW'. He said. "the ~I admlnLsmtlon, led by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, attaches JIl?t Imporancr: lO thed~fopmmtof OlIr1oca1 Industries.. The main b.1nim to IIXl'"NStd productivityof ourloallndustrfes haW' betn idemlOed and wt a~ already wor\dng on them, And one of the arta.s that ~ bt'oen rdentlIied has to dowith sulMtandard productS. ' n fact. the pR'Sident ha.s a.slcm for a presenudon to be: made to him at the Economic Management by the Directors of Stamfards Organisation of Nigeria and the Consumer Protection Council on substandard pn:x1uct:s. Thl.SsOOws howseriouslythe president tilkes the Issue ofsubmndard goods.. ....esterdal'the mmlSlm Signed a performance conmct with Mr. Pl"tsldmt and one of my Kt"Y I'!:rformancelndlcalOrS(KPI)lstort'ducet~ 1M

of substandard products.KrOSS the counD}t And

within the next few ....ftb, I will be signing KPI contram with the (X;s of SON and ac on the lMuctlon of substandard pn:x1uas across the counny. •_ .l -My Urget: is. perhoip5. to miuce the level of substandard produculoaboutJO pc!'cent bythemd of nexryear. But lam going to ask them to possibly rt'ducetoltlOaboutlSpucerltSo.thlJls toassurt Nigemns that the ~mment Is taldn~ serious actlonagalrut the substandardpn:x1uas:. The mJnlJ{~nOl:ed that in addldon to rt'dudng the current level of subsundard produm, hiS mlnlsUy had.ilia embarked on pofides and programme! aimed <1t promoting the pattonage of rnad~n-Nigelia produru. He added thallhe inldatlYe\\ould help to boosl the pn:x1uctfvlly of loal industries, creatt: jobs and gmeratewealth forNigenans. ~ Qid. \Ye howe nude spirited efforts <1t the fftier.1i MiniStry of Trade and Investmenttopromot:ernepdtronageofMade4nNlgerl.:l products ;md services. ThlJ is \'CI}' Imporrant for a numhl!r of IN5OflS, local pauonage will enhance produttMty or our Industries and Small and Medium Selle Enterprises. This WID illCR'.tSe the con01bution of the manufacruring senor to the nauon's Gross Domesuc Product and.ilio ~ ate wtalth (orour people.·

lnvestr Ilent in agric R&D key to economic growth in Nigerta, Africa, says IFAD boss r

Br RoseR", Okm Nwanze.ilio supponed calls for Invesnnents 10 INCREASING .n te:Stmenu In agrlculrun l R'ju~nate.-esarch Instltutlo~ such as 1l!A--a [R&D) could bring posioooearilermadebyNlgt'riasformerPresldent the mum.·m<liudagriculnua IriIIlsfollTlation to blusegun,~jo. . NIgeria and Mrci ;IS a whole as wcll ;n help ~rdmg tohim.such tnvtStmmllli ....... ll howe ;a .dOres:s th .rtslrg~o()'OUthunem ployment posinYenici(kdowneffeaontheyouth5bywayof and lIS ane poverty, according to the generactng Imp'roved technologies that CCluld President of the Inlemadona.! Fund for attract)'Ollths 10.agrlcultuR' and also bulkl their IIgrtculnll.d j)f \, topment ( I FAD~ Dr. KaI\ilYO capadtleS In so~ both ~t and furu~ch.J.1Nwanu. Ien~ to food secunty. Sp!akmg ~ 1he Intemanonal Institute or Otlng rescardt studies., Nwanze said that {or Ttopkall\lpirultu't (IITA). lbadan, Nwanze said ~ry dollar in~ted In agrirulrural research, Mica and Indo..'CI Nigeria should not shy away returns on Investments weJl' about USSg In subfrom CDinmitting mOR'resoUm:s to a!f;cuJrur.i1 SahannAfrlca.. reseMCh and d I. if ."--. -In 2003, African governments made • commit· witness an ~ri2P:RevoI~~ want to ment to ~te at 10 percenl of national "AgriC le:sean:h lJ the mmemonr of d~1..... budgrts toagriculrure but not manyhaYe iICtUalIy the ellid tha deveI "'Y met: the wga. , \ ~ _ tCOllveYS opment Consequentht low Investments In <1grtcuJrure moot .,III! and we must 1m /!SC in It. he Solid placesAfricil in a'd position &hlnci its

J.mcard1 ~ liI!'idopmem

Asl<1n and Lltin Aqlerican counterparts In areas people in Mrica.. That is. f!Yf!ry dollar Invesred in

such u trri~tiol\ fmiliser usage, and advanced blo:mntrol R'SUrdt had sa~ one person In seedtechnoIogy.DespiLelts~rlannaturt.Afrka Africa. . spends billions of doUars Uch yur Importing Hesaidthe:bR'akthroughlnthe~ntrol pro­ fOod, induding45 pc!'cerll of its rice and 8S per gramme;also demonstrated the Imponance of

centofitswryeat:hesaid • agriC\lltural r~rch, sD'tSSing that eW':n the The lFAObosssaldlhatAfricacouldtumaround GreenR£volutlonlnAsl<1wa;s;l,proouctofagriC\l1Its 'forrunes' ror me better by piI)'Ulg more <1ttel1o rural research. oon toagricultw'e. The lFAO pR'Sldentsald that the~ng po~ "Our le.aders need to knawthis.lf wt om thinking laoon In AI:riGI. which In the ase of Nigeria ....... 11 of InYestinJ!in the furuR' of ourchi\drm. then wt double by 2050. demanded more attention to mwt thlnlc ':\griculture. The Impaa of Gross a~lrurt. Domesn( Procfua: {GOP) by agrtculrufl' In .my "ihis Is the only way to haYe regional stabilil}\ country 15 twice that or odier sectors; he (ohes<1ce,and development,- hesald explained. Hecomrnended IITA {or Its v.vrk on a~tur­ Nwanze. from Nigeria. who WiI5 ~ oC those - aI resurch, and pled~ IFAD's support ttl rejuvc!that led IITA's work 00 the blocontiol of a.5SIVol nating the ~rute. lIT},. Director General, Dr. mealvbu2ln Afi1ca In the urly 1980s said tha t the Nteranya Sangmga said tha t the ~ youth ~ Of the blO<QntIOl ~ was able to popuLatlon Is both an opponunrty ancra 'time saYe cassav.t-a stilple to mOfe than 200 million bomb' for AfrIca.. .


lnvestr Ilent in agric R&D key to economic growth in Nigerta, Africa, says IFAD boss


lnvestr Ilent in agric R&D key to economic growth in Nigerta, Africa, says IFAD boss